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GOST 7442-79 Canned granular sturgeon caviar RUSS16998
GOST 32157-2013 Canned fish. Method for determination of oil deposit fraction of total mass RUSS52687
GOST R 54414-2011 Fish and products from it. Species identification of fish by electrophoresis with sodium dodecyl sulphate in polyacrylamide gel method RUSS66284
GOST 282-41 Far eastern salmon, salted: chum, pink salmon, red (sockeye salmon), coho, sima, chinook, char, kunja RUSS241607
GOST 5.2278-75 Salted delicatessen roe. Quality requirements for certified products RUSS248298
GOST 6274-52 Canned fish. Mackerel Far Eastern in broth. Specification RUSS251835
GOST 21311-75 Frozen sharks supplied for export RUSS16937
GOST 32200-2013 Product for reproduction. Sperm of rams. Specifications RUSS54773
GOST 10034-62 Canned fish. Saira in oil (blanched). Technical requirements RUSS222216
GOST 1874-47 Frozen fish of the sturgeon family. Specification RUSS235101
GOST 5.1103-71 Balyk from asp cold smoked. Quality requirements for certified products RUSS246966
GOST 5.529-70 Canned fish. Herring fried in tomato sauce. Quality requirements for certified products RUSS248706
GOST 7447-55 Hot-smoked fish RUSS254354
GOST 815-55 Salted herring RUSS256093
GOST 6730-75 Dried sea grass. Specifications RUSS49603
GOST 18223-2013 Mackerel and jack mackerel spice-salted. Specifications RUSS67219
GOST 280-55 Canned fish. Sprats in oil. Specification RUSS241574
GOST 5.2245-74 Pasteurized grain sturgeon caviar. Quality requirements for certified products RUSS248258
GOST 5880-51 Perch of Balkhash and marinka salted. Specification RUSS250921
DSTU 7994:2015 Nurseries of marine fish. General requirements for the aging process under controlled conditions UKRA342643
GOST 6052-79 Pasteurized granular sturgeon caviar RUSS16996
GOST 26808-86 Canned fish and sea products. Methods for determination of dry matters RUSS53630
GOST 1084-55 Herring Spicy and Pickled (in cask) RUSS223745
GOST 280-63 Canned fish. Sprats in oil. Technical requirements RUSS241576
GOST 5878-51 Mackerel Far Eastern salted. Specification RUSS250919
GOST ISO 12877-2016 Traceability of fish products. Requirements for information in the chains of distribution of products from farmed fish RUSS260194
GOST 1551-93 Dry-cured fish RUSS17811
GOST 20414-93 Frozen squid cuttle. Specifications RUSS17359
GOST 1573-2011 Fish salted screened caviar. Specifications RUSS58728
GOST 1924-42 White salmon and nelma salted (backs and chests) RUSS235573
GOST 5.1816-73 Canned fish. Sturgeon, beluga, stellate sturgeon in tomato sauce. Quality requirements for certified products RUSS247773
GOST 5501-50 Blackberry mackerel, mullet (sultanka) and mackerel salted. Specification RUSS250206
NAOP 4.0.00-4.01-93 Occupational Health and Safety Management System in Fisheries and Fisheries UKRA349342
GOST 814-96 Chilled fish RUSS18041
MNS CAC 76:1999 Fruits and derived products. Codex standard for quick frozen bilberries MONG212173
GOST 17258-71 Fish, marine mammals, invertebrates, algae and products of their processing. Methods for determination of calcium content RUSS233498
GOST 33804-2016 Canned mussels, natural and in oil. Specification RUSS243208
GOST 5.2255-75 Products of cold-smoked balyk from nelma. Quality requirements for certified products RUSS248270
GOST 6947-54 Canned fish. Pate from liver of cod fish. Specification RUSS253250
GOST 7631-55 Fish, fish products and marine mammal products. Rules for acceptance and sampling RUSS254722
GOST 16978-89 Canned fish in tomato sauce RUSS18719
GOST 13197-2013 Cold-smoked balyk products of Baltic salmon. Specifications RUSS63386
GOST 2116-58 Fish meal of marine mammals for fodder RUSS237596
GOST 5.1705-72 Caviar of sturgeon fish canned. Quality requirements for certified products RUSS247647
GOST 5.835-76 Canned foods. Squids. Quality requirements for certified products RUSS249060
GOST 813-55 Cold-smoked herring RUSS256046
GOST 280-85 Canned fish RUSS16762
GOST 20352-74 Salted delicatessen roe RUSS17979
GOST R 55503-2013 Fish, non-fish objects and products from them. Determination of phosphorus compounds RUSS65126
GOST 1934-51 Canned fish. Fish in tomato sauce. Specification RUSS235660
GOST 5.2080-73 Preserves of squid in various sauces and fillings. Quality requirements for certified products RUSS248079
GOST 7442-55 Canned granular sturgeon caviar RUSS254346
GOST 23600-79 Food concentrates. Dry soups with fish and seafood RUSS17382
GOST 27082-89 Canned and preserved fish and other sea products. Method for determination of total acidity RUSS50960
GOST 3948-90 Frozen fish fillets RUSS17198
GOST 25856-97 Canned fish with vegetables in bouillon, marinade and various sauces. Specifications RUSS55163
GOST 32801-2014 Canned chopped fish, minced and fricassee. Specifications RUSS68006
GOST 282-55 Salted pacific salmon RUSS241614
GOST 5.2316-77 Frozen fish fillets. Quality requirements for certified products RUSS248341
GOST 7368-55 Pressed sturgeon caviar RUSS254150
GOST 812-88 Hot-smoked herring RUSS17488
GOST 26829-86 Canned and preserved fish. Methods of fat determination RUSS56863
GOST 1368-55 Fish of all types of processing. Dimensions and weight RUSS228564
GOST 2050-43 "Fish biscuits" (hot-dried fish fillet) RUSS236873
GOST 5.1558-72 Canned fish. Tuna in oil (blanched). Quality requirements for certified products RUSS247483
GOST 5.627-70 Canned granular sturgeon caviar. Quality requirements for certified products RUSS248820
GOST 7454-55 Canned fish. Sardines in oil (except sardine-ivasi) and fish in oil. Specification RUSS254368
GOST R 57191-2016 Canned fish with vegetables in oil. Specifications RUSS288131
GOST 1304-76 Fish and marine mammals fats for industrial use. Specifications RUSS49905
GOST 7630-96 Fish, marine mammals, marine invertebrates, algae and products of their processing. Labelling and packing RUSS69600
GOST 3948-55 Frozen fish fillets RUSS244537
GOST 5.2296-75 Dry-cured fish. Quality requirements for certified products RUSS248317
GOST 6706-53 Balyk semi-finished products salted from sturgeon RUSS252736
DSTU EN 60335-2-86:2014 Household appliances and similar electrical appliances. Security. Part 2-86. Additional requirements for electrical devices for fishing (EN 60335-2-86: 2003 EN 60335-2-86: 2003/A1: 2005, IDT) UKRA345392
GOST 10531-89 Fried fish in marinade RUSS17079
GOST 18423-97 Canned squids and cuttle in natural juice. Specifications RUSS56153
GOST 1168-68 Frozen fish RUSS225281
GOST 3946-47 Semi-canned fish. Marinated herring. Specification RUSS244533
GOST 6213-52 Canned fish. Fish cutlets in tomato sauce. Specification RUSS251687
DSanPiN 197-2003 State sanitary rules and regulations for enterprises and vessels that produce products from fish and other aquatic living resources UKRA341852
GOST 1084-88 Spiced-salted and marinated herring RUSS18100
GOST 7444-65 Dry-cured and cold-smoked balyk products from inconnu and white salmon RUSS17216
GOST R 52336-2005 Grained salmon caviar. Specifications RUSS55456
GOST 7403-2015 Canned of crab natural. Specifications RUSS139391
GOST 3944-55 Anchovies and small herrings of spicy salting (cask) RUSS244529
GOST 5.835-71 Canned foods. Squids. Quality requirements for certified products RUSS249059
GOST 7453-55 Preserves from dressed fish. Specification RUSS254364
GOST 24645-81 Frozen protein paste "ocean" RUSS17987
GOST 32772-2014 Klipfish. Specifications RUSS65002
GOST 1573-47 Salted salmon caviar. Specification RUSS231540
GOST 26645-81 Frozen protein paste "ocean". Specification RUSS241117
GOST 5.2161-74 Canned fish with vegetables. Fish or fish products with vegetable garnishes in tomato sauce. Quality requirements for certified products RUSS248169
GOST 5977-51 Canned fish (such as sardines) in oil from Baltic herring, sprat, herring and anchovy. Specification RUSS251145
GOST 7455-63 Canned fish. Fish in jelly. Technical requirements RUSS254372
GOST 12250-88 Canned fish with vegetables in oil RUSS17324
GOST 20056-2013 Preserves of oceanic fish in special brine. Specifications RUSS58795
GOST 10531-63 Canned fish. Fish fried in marinade. Technical requirements RUSS223149
GOST 5.1004-76 Canned fish products. Specially salted herring. Quality requirements for certified products RUSS246852
GOST 5.335-70 Canned fish. Baltic Sardines in oil. Quality requirements for certified products RUSS248483
GOST 7456-55 Canned fish. Liver of trout. Specification RUSS254374

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