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GOST R 51921-2002 Food products. Methods for detection and determination of Listeria monocytogenes bacteria RUSS55444
GOST R 52336-2005 Grained salmon caviar. Specifications RUSS55456
GOST 32200-2013 Product for reproduction. Sperm of rams. Specifications RUSS54773
GOST 25856-97 Canned fish with vegetables in bouillon, marinade and various sauces. Specifications RUSS55163
GOST 1629-97 Grain salmon caviar packed in barrels. Specifications RUSS55046
GOST 31795-2012 Fish, marine products and products of them. Method of determining the fraction of total mass of protein, fat, water, phosphorus, calcium and ash by the near-infra-red spectrometry RUSS55252
GOST 10981-97 Canned 'Ragout of Far-Eastern salmon fishes in natural juice'. Specifications RUSS55672
GOST 10119-97 Canned fish. Atlantic and Far-Eastern sardines in oil. Specifications RUSS55767
GOST 31789-2012 Fish, marine invertebrates and products of their processing. Quantitative determination of biogenic amines content by HPLC method RUSS64539
GOST 812-2013 Hot-smoked herrings. Specifications RUSS64547
GOST 19182-2014 Preserved from fish. Methods of buffer value determination RUSS64588
GOST 32772-2014 Klipfish. Specifications RUSS65002
GOST 12028-2014 Canned small herring fish in oil. Specifications RUSS64972
GOST R 55503-2013 Fish, non-fish objects and products from them. Determination of phosphorus compounds RUSS65126
GOST 31792-2012 Fish, marine invertebrates and products of their processing. Determination of dioxins and dioxin-like biphenyls content by GC-MS method RUSS73363
GOST 7636-85 Fish, marine mammals, invertebrates and products of their processing. Methods for analysis RUSS73755
GOST 10.69-72 Fish and fish products RUSS16127
GOST 13686-68 Fall chum salmon of "semuzhnyi" salting RUSS15980
GOST 10979-85 Fish preserves. Specially salted saury RUSS16335
GOST 12292-66 Canned fish garnished with vegetables RUSS16351
GOST 18056-88 Canned natural shrimps RUSS16382
GOST 20845-75 Frozen shrimps RUSS16395
GOST 10531-89 Fried fish in marinade RUSS17079
GOST 12028-86 Sardines in oil RUSS17095
GOST 18222-88 Sardines of spiced salting RUSS17130
GOST 18223-88 Mackerel and horse mackerel of spiced salting RUSS17131
GOST 11298-65 Cold-smoked salmon fish RUSS17083
GOST 13197-67 Cold-smoked balyk products of baltic salmon RUSS16679
GOST 19341-73 Canned fish RUSS16702
GOST 20056-97 Preserved specially salted oceanic fish RUSS16709
GOST 20919-75 Canned small crab in natural juice RUSS16717
GOST 26808-86 Canned fish and sea products. Methods for determination of dry matters RUSS53630
GOST 13272-80 Canned fish liver. Specifications RUSS54725
GOST 28914-91 Canned and preserved fish and sea products. Method of determination of aluminium RUSS54331
GOST 7442-2002 Grain sturgeon caviar. Specifications RUSS54378
GOST 32199-2013 Product for reproduction. Sperm of goats. Specifications RUSS54704
GOST 13197-2013 Cold-smoked balyk products of Baltic salmon. Specifications RUSS63386
GOST 32366-2013 Frozen fish. Specifications RUSS72251
GOST 26185-84 Seaweeds, sea-grasses and its processed products. Methods of physical and chemical analysis RUSS73045
GOST 12250-88 Canned fish with vegetables in oil RUSS17324
GOST 16676-71 Canned fish. Fish soup and chowder RUSS17340
GOST 20414-93 Frozen squid cuttle. Specifications RUSS17359
GOST 17661-72 Frozen tuna, sailfish, mackerel, RUSS17347
GOST 6065-97 Canned fried fish in oil RUSS17467
GOST 7452-97 Canned fish in natural juice RUSS17478
GOST 7455-78 Canned fish in jelly RUSS17479
GOST 23600-79 Food concentrates. Dry soups with fish and seafood RUSS17382
GOST 2623-97 Cold-smoked balyk products of far east salmons and issyk kul trout RUSS17398
GOST 29276-92 Canned fish for baby foods RUSS17432
GOST 812-88 Hot-smoked herring RUSS17488
GOST 1573-73 Salted screened roe RUSS17587
GOST 16080-70 Salted pacific salmon RUSS17589
GOST 18173-72 Granular salmon roe in tins RUSS17600
GOST 13865-68 Canned natural fish with addition of oil RUSS17808
GOST 1551-93 Dry-cured fish RUSS17811
GOST 16079-70 Salted whitefishes RUSS17814
GOST 813-88 Cold-smoked herring RUSS17878
GOST 8714-72 Fish and marine mammals edible oil RUSS17880
GOST 13356-84 Board boxes for products of fishery RUSS17957
GOST 7403-74 Crabs in natural juice RUSS18038
GOST 814-96 Chilled fish RUSS18041
GOST 20352-74 Salted delicatessen roe RUSS17979
GOST 24645-81 Frozen protein paste "ocean" RUSS17987
GOST 1084-88 Spiced-salted and marinated herring RUSS18100
GOST 11482-96 Cold smoked fish RUSS18101
GOST 6481-97 Cold-smoked and dry-cured balyk products of sturgeon RUSS18229
GOST 7454-90 Canned fish in oil (blanched, slightly dried or dry-cured) RUSS18233
GOST 3945-78 Fish preserves. Fish of spiced salting RUSS18206
GOST 1168-86 Frozen fish RUSS19022
GOST 31794-2012 Grained salmon caviar. Specifications RUSS57037
GOST 32005-2012 Frozen cooked mussel meat. Specifications RUSS57050
GOST R 50380-2005 Fish, non-fish objects and products from them. Terms and definitions RUSS57338
GOST 24896-2013 Live fish. Specifications RUSS58022
GOST 32222-2013 Product for reproduction. Semen. Methods of select sample RUSS58047
GOST 32342-2013 Salmons the pacific with spawning changes frozen. Specifications RUSS66525
GOST 17661-2013 Frozen mackerel, marline, swordfish, sailfish and tuna. Specifications RUSS67218
GOST 18223-2013 Mackerel and jack mackerel spice-salted. Specifications RUSS67219
GOST 32744-2014 Frozen small-ized fish. Specifications RUSS67558
GOST 12849-67 Hot smoked sardines. Specifications RUSS51705
GOST 12292-2000 Canned garnished fish with vegetables. Specifications RUSS52153
GOST 26664-85 Canned and preserved fish and sea products. Method for determination of organoleptic characteristics net mass and parts components fraction of total mass RUSS52313
GOST 27207-87 Canned and preserved fish and other sea products. Method for determination of common salt RUSS52316
GOST 10.46-71 Caviar of sturgeon fish canned. Technical requirements for export products RUSS222116
GOST 10.47-71 Pasteurized grain sturgeon caviar. Technical requirements for export products RUSS222118
GOST 10.50-71 Canned granular sturgeon caviar. Technical requirements for export products RUSS222121
GOST 10.63-72 Canned natural from Pacific salmon. Technical requirements for export products RUSS222134
GOST 10.75-74 Canned foods. Natural shrimps. Technical requirements for export products RUSS222147
GOST 10034-62 Canned fish. Saira in oil (blanched). Technical requirements RUSS222216
GOST 10035-62 Canned fish. Saury smoked in oil. Technical requirements RUSS222217
GOST 5545-50 Small-sized salted fish. Specification RUSS250301
GOST 5788-51 Canned fish natural from Far Eastern salmonids. Specification RUSS250738
GOST 5790-51 Canned fish, natural from sturgeon. Specification RUSS250741
GOST 5796-51 Zherekh, kutum, bream, carp, catfish, pike perch, barbel and pike, salted. Specification RUSS250751
GOST 5878-51 Mackerel Far Eastern salted. Specification RUSS250919
GOST 5879-51 Whitefish salted. Specification RUSS250920
GOST 5880-51 Perch of Balkhash and marinka salted. Specification RUSS250921
GOST 5977-51 Canned fish (such as sardines) in oil from Baltic herring, sprat, herring and anchovy. Specification RUSS251145
GOST 5978-51 Canned fish. Pate from sturgeon, salmon, whitefish and partial fish. Specification RUSS251146
GOST 280-85 Canned fish RUSS16762
GOST 28698-90 Small-sized salted fish RUSS16772

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