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GOST 31788-2012 Unshelled pistachio nuts. Specifications RUSS59081
GOST R 52824-2007 Food additives. Sodium and potassium triphosphates E451. Specifications RUSS67824
GOST R 52823-2007 Food additives. Sodium phosphates E339. General specifications RUSS68320
GOST 24881-81 Cumin. Industrial raw material. Specifications RUSS48218
GOST 28876-90 Spices and condiments. Sampling RUSS48753
GOST 34146-2017 Food supplements. Methods of identification and determination of the mass fraction of the main dye of food coloring dye curcumin E100 RUSS286733
GOST ISO 973-2016 Spices. Pimento (allspice) [Pimenta dioica (L.) Merr.] whole or ground. Specification RUSS287373
GOST R 56201-2014 Functional food products. Methods for the determination of bifidogenic properties RUSS287684
GOST R 53039-2008 Food additives. Food potassium lactate E326. Specifications RUSS63024
GOST R 51865-2002 Macaroni products. General specifications RUSS64077
GOST R 51074-97 Food products. Information for consumer. General requirements RUSS72712
GOST 28880-90 Spices and condiments. Determination of filth RUSS52342
GOST R 52481-2005 Food colours. Terms and definitions RUSS57492
GOST R 55228-2012 Food additives. Method of the mass determining of citric acid and concomitant acids in production of citric acid RUSS57723
GOST 16280-2002 Food grade agar. Specifications RUSS57879
GOST R 52101-2003 Vinegars of food raw material. General specifications RUSS69988
GOST R 53045-2008 Food additives. Food acids and acidity regulators. Terms and definitions RUSS66927
GOST 32097-2013 Vinegars оf food raw material. General specifications RUSS67377
GOST R 53040-2008 Food additives. Anhydrous citric acid E330. Specifications RUSS67434
GOST 21536-76 Colden elder fruits RUSS45042
GOST 21537-76 Arorn oaken RUSS45126
GOST 908-2004 Citric acid monohydrate for use in foodstuffs. Specifications RUSS57231
GOST R 53083-2008 Food additives. Sodium polyphosphate E452(i). Specifications RUSS66226
GOST R 53969-2010 Food salts of citric acid (citrates). Method for determination of moisture mass fraction RUSS61305
GOST 490-2006 Lactic acid for use in foodstuffs. Specifications RUSS70542
GOST R 52177-2003 Food flavourings. General specifications RUSS70376
GOST 33406-2015 Alcoholic, nonalcoholic and juice products, flavoring additives. Determination of the content of synthetic dyes by high-performance liquid chromatography RUSS242965
GOST 33764-2016 Food additives. Sodium ascorbate Е301. Specification RUSS243158
GOST 33765-2016 Food additives. Potassium nitrate Е252. Specification RUSS243160
GOST 33766-2016 Food additives. Acid adipic E355. Specification RUSS243161
GOST 33767-2016 Food additives. Methods for identification and determination of the mass fraction of the main colorant in the food colorant Anthocyanins E163 RUSS243162
GOST 33769-2016 Table salt. Mercury measurement method for the mass fraction of the chlorine ion RUSS243164
GOST 33770-2016 Table salt. Sampling and preparation of samples. Determination of organoleptic properties RUSS243165
GOST 33771-2016 Table salt. Calculation method for determination (measurement) of the principal substance by saline composition RUSS243166
GOST 33773-2016 Food additives. Potassium polyphosphate E452 (ii). Specification RUSS243168
SanPiN 13-10 RB 2002 Sanitary rules and norms "Hygienic requirements for the quality and safety of food additives and their use" RUSS365895
SanPiN of 12.12.2012 # 195 Sanitary norms and rules "Requirements for food additives, flavorings and technological aids" RUSS366215
GOST R 52464-2005 Food flavour additives and food flavourings. Terms and definitions RUSS55462
GOST R 53119-2008 Food additives. Sodium lactate E325. Specifications RUSS64145
GOST R 52499-2005 Food additives. Terms and definitions RUSS64461
GOST 31227-2004 Food 5,5-aqueous tri-sodium citrate. Specifications RUSS64796
GOST 13031-67 Dried chicory for export RUSS16355
GOST 28877-90 Spices and condiments. Determination of foreign matters RUSS45974
GOST R 55973-2014 Food additives. Calcium chloride. Technical requirements RUSS68935
GOST R 53069-2008 Food additives. Potassium phosphates E340. General specifications RUSS69349
GOST 28879-90 Spices and condiments. Determination of moisture by distillation method RUSS50340
GN of 12.12.2012 # 195 Hygienic standard "Safety and harmlessness indicators for humans using food additives, flavors and technological aids" RUSS355654
GOST R 53216-2008 Unshelled pistachio nuts. Specifications RUSS61681
GOST R ISO 7540-2008 Ground powdery paprika. Specifications RUSS61841
GOST R 51074-2003 Food products. Information for consumer. General requirements RUSS72217
GOST 17081-78 Coriander. Raw materials. Requirements for purchases. Specifications RUSS46922
GOST 28878-90 Spices and condiments. Determination of total ash RUSS47427

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