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GOST 30043-93 Wheat. Determination of sedimentation index. Zeleny test RUSS54862
GOST 27521-87 Fruits. Nomenclature. First list RUSS55185
GOST 30498-97 Cereals. Determination of falling number RUSS55227
GOST R 53776-2010 Refined deodorized palm oil for food industry. General specifications RUSS63077
GOST 28795-90 Wheat flour. Physical characteristics of dough. Determination of rheological properties using an alveograph RUSS63287
GOST 28560-90 Food products. Method for detection of bacteria of Proteus, Morganella, Providencia genera RUSS63307
GOST 6481-82 Balyk products of cold smoked and dried sturgeon fishes. Specifications RUSS63480
GOST 24583-81 Starch and starch products. Terms and definitions RUSS63691
GOST 28372-93 Fresh food potatoes. Guide to storage RUSS63738
GOST 31852-2012 Decorticated stone pine nuts. Specifications RUSS63812
GOST 31527-2012 Food processing machinery. Intermediate provers. Specifications RUSS72626
GOST 7698-93 Starch. Acceptance rules and methods of sampling RUSS73003
GOST 31526-2012 Food processing machinery. Circular saw machines. Specifications RUSS73072
GOST 31525-2012 Food processing machinery. Band saw machines. Specifications RUSS73227
GOST 17472-72 Cabbage leaves or sweet peppers, stuffed with meat and rice RUSS15984
GOST 7975-68 Fresh pumpkins RUSS16013
GOST 10.69-72 Fish and fish products RUSS16127
GOST 7586-71 Dried white head cabbage. RUSS16212
GOST 7588-71 Dried carrots RUSS16213
GOST 7589-71 Dried red beet RUSS16214
GOST 7697-82 Corn starch RUSS16215
GOST 25185-93 Ceramic ware in contact with food. Release of lead and cadmium. Method of test RUSS16292
GOST 12292-66 Canned fish garnished with vegetables RUSS16351
GOST 13031-67 Dried chicory for export RUSS16355
GOST 16833-71 Kernel of walnut RUSS16373
GOST 16835-81 Filbert nut kernels RUSS16375
GOST 5531-70 Hazelnuts RUSS16507
GOST 5575-76 Wines RUSS16508
GOST 1629-55 Granular salmon roe RUSS17118
GOST 31524-2012 Food processing machinery. Moulders. Specifications RUSS73279
GOST 21715-76 Fresh quince RUSS16399
GOST 1128-75 Refined cotton-seed oil RUSS16669
GOST 13918-88 Soviet champagne RUSS16685
GOST 16731-71 Dried white roots of parsleys, celery and parsnip RUSS16693
GOST 20144-74 Canned cucumbers RUSS16710
GOST 280-85 Canned fish RUSS16762
GOST 697-84 Canned meat "stewed pork" specifications RUSS16813
GOST 27494-87 Flour and bran. Methods for determination of ash content RUSS53590
GOST 13979.0-86 Oilcakes, oilmeals and powdered mustard seed cake. Acceptance rules and methods of sampling RUSS53794
GOST 8.480-82 State system for ensuring the uniformity of measurements. State verification schedule for means of measuring moisture of grain and grain products RUSS53828
GOST 10856-64 Oil seeds. Methods of determination of moisture content RUSS53834
GOST 7177-80 Fresh food water-melons. Specifications RUSS54012
GOST 13272-80 Canned fish liver. Specifications RUSS54725
GOST 12788-87 Beer. Methods for determination of acidity RUSS54068
GOST 14351-73 Wines and cognac spirits. Methods for determination of free and total sulphurous acid content RUSS54079
GOST 9793-74 Meat products. Methods for determination of moisture content RUSS54246
GOST 30046-93 Cereals. Determination of bulk density, called ''mass per hectolitre'' (reference method) RUSS54257
GOST 10981-64 Canned fish. Ragout of far-eastern salmon fishes in natural juice. Specifications RUSS54275
GOST 8056-79 Soybean solvent cake as food. Specifications RUSS54288
GOST 32009-2013 Meat and meat products. Spectrophotometric method for determination of total phosphorous content RUSS64510
GOST 27520-87 Fruits and vegetables. Morphological and terminology. Part 2 RUSS64535
GOST 27519-87 Fruits and vegetables. Morphological and structural terminology. Part 1 RUSS64623
GOST 31821-2012 Fresh aubergines for retail. Specifications RUSS64804
GOST 13458-68 Preserved raw casings intended for processing into finished product. Beef set RUSS74555
GOST 13459-68 Processed beef casings. Beef rounds RUSS74556
GOST 13460-68 Processed beef casings. Beef middles RUSS74557
GOST 13461-68 Processed beef casings. Beef bungs RUSS74558
GOST 14944-69 Castor oil plant seeds (industrial raw product). Requirements for delivery RUSS74608
GOST 15084-69 Processed sheep and goat intestines. Calibrated round casings RUSS74615
GOST 15810-80 Confectionary. Cakes. Specifications RUSS74622
GOST 16333-70 Beef casings, processed. Beef bladders RUSS74645
GOST 16335-70 Beef casings, processed. Beef fatty ends RUSS74647
GOST 16401-70 Preserved raw casings intended for processing into finished product. Pork set RUSS74650
GOST 16402-70 Processed pork casings. Pork rounds RUSS74651
GOST 16403-70 Beef intestines, treated. Bung membranes RUSS74652
GOST 16404-70 Beef intestines, treated. Large intestines RUSS74653
GOST 21230-75 Frozen sardines RUSS74818
GOST 6757-73 Castor oil technical RUSS43729
GOST 32008-2012 Meat and meat products. Determination of nitrogen content (Reference method) RUSS57051
GOST 8.432-81 State system for ensuring the uniformity of measurements. Grain and products of processing method of carrying out measurements of moisture on model vacuum thermal set RUSS57199
GOST 24556-89 Products of fruits and vegetables processing. Methods for determination of vitamin C RUSS65316
GOST 29305-92 Maise. Determination of moisture content (on milled grains and whole grains) RUSS65353
GOST 15082-69 Raw intestines, preserved, destined for processing into finished casings. Sheep and goat set RUSS74613
GOST 15083-69 Processed sheep and goat intestines. Round casings RUSS74614
GOST 12712-80 Vodkas and special vodkas RUSS17326
GOST 18077-72 Canned fruit sauces RUSS17349
GOST 18193-72 Citrus fruit juices RUSS17350
GOST 21607-76 Frozen sets for fish soups RUSS17367
GOST 7724-77 Meat. Hog carcasses and hog half carcasses RUSS17481
GOST 21713-76 Fresh pears of late ripening terms RUSS17828
GOST 25856-83 Canned fish with vegetables in bouillon, fillings, marinade and various sauces RUSS17844
GOST 16334-70 Beef casings, processed. Beef weasands RUSS74646
GOST 108-76 Cocoa powder RUSS17552
GOST 16080-70 Salted pacific salmon RUSS17589
GOST 17660-72 Frozen fish dressed by special methods RUSS17598
GOST 18192-72 Concentrated fruit and berry juices RUSS17601
GOST 18256-85 Pork products, RUSS17602
GOST 13865-68 Canned natural fish with addition of oil RUSS17808
GOST 813-88 Cold-smoked herring RUSS17878
GOST 8714-72 Fish and marine mammals edible oil RUSS17880
GOST 875-92 Pasta RUSS17882
GOST 24645-81 Frozen protein paste "ocean" RUSS17987
GOST 1084-88 Spiced-salted and marinated herring RUSS18100
GOST 18611-73 Sliced vegetables in tomato sauce RUSS18133
GOST 21920-76 Fresh large-fruited plums and cherry-plums RUSS18149
GOST 3343-89 Concentrated tomato products RUSS18204
GOST 25896-83 Fresh table grapes RUSS18373
GOST 25892-83 Natural grape juice RUSS18971
GOST 816-91 Stewed fruits RUSS19683
GOST 8050-85 Carbon dioxide, RUSS19778

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