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GOST 13031-67 Dried chicory for export RUSS16355
DSTU 1451-96 Sime stone for sugar industry. Specifications UKRA30402
DSTU 2629-94 Cereal, by-products and waste. Terms and definitions. UKRA31113
DSTU 3747-98 Food common salt. Production. Terms and definitions. UKRA32531
DSTU 4112.39:2003 Wines and wine materials. Method for determination of allyl isothiocyanate. UKRA32935
DSTU 4349:2004 Animal and vegetable fats and oils UKRA33203
DSTU 4553:2006 Condensed milk whey. Specifications. UKRA33435
DSTU 4739:2007 Fish and other aquatic living resources and food products from them. Methods of sampling and sample preparation for microbiological analysis. Evaluation of the results of the analysis by the three-class system. UKRA33621
DSTU 4910:2008 Confectionery. Methods for determination of moisture and dry matter mass fractions. UKRA33821
DSTU 5072:2008 Sugar-containing material for alcohol production. Biological method for determination of sugar. UKRA33985
DSTU 7047:2009 Milk and dairy products. Determination of aflatoxin M1 content using liquid chromatography–mass spectrometry. UKRA34164
DSTU ENV 12014-4:2003 Foodstuffs - Determination of nitrate and/or nitrite content - Part 4: Ion- exchange chromatographic (IC) method for the determination of nitrate and nitrite content of meat products UKRA35900
DSTU ISO 22005:2009 Traceability in the feed and food chain -- General principles and basic requirements for system design and implementation UKRA40537
DSTU ISO 5521:2004 Fruits, vegetables and derived products -- Qualitative method for the detection of sulphur dioxide UKRA41141
DSTU ISO 6658:2005 Sensory analysis -- Methodology -- General guidance UKRA41423
RST USSR 1425-85 Natural half-finished food a la carte. Darnitsky cutlet. Specifications. UKRA43163
RST USSR 1993-89 Elements of in-store equipment. General specifications UKRA43470
GOST 27495-87 Flour. Method for determination of autolysis activity RUSS47650
GOST 8.432-81 State system for ensuring the uniformity of measurements. Grain and products of processing method of carrying out measurements of moisture on model vacuum thermal set RUSS57199
DSTU ISO 1854:2005 Whey cheese -- Determination of fat content -- Gravimetric method (Reference method) UKRA40423
DSTU 4886.16:2007 Edible salt. Determination of cobalt content. UKRA33785
GOST 16335-70 Beef casings, processed. Beef fatty ends RUSS74647
ST SEV 2575-80 Dairy and food industry equipment. Fittings and threaded connections of pipelines RUSS169457
GOST 108-76 Cocoa powder RUSS17552
DSTU 2284-93 Live fish. General specifications. UKRA30727
DSTU 3280-95 Fresh cauliflower. Technical specifications. UKRA31974
DSTU 4112.16:2003 Wines and wine materials. Method for determination of dihydroxysuccinic acid. UKRA32910
DSTU 4298:2004 Strong fruit and berry drinks. Specifications. UKRA33153
DSTU 4503:2005 Cottage cheese products. General specifications. UKRA33385
DSTU 4671:2006 Cooked, cooked-smoked and raw smoked products from beef and mutton. General specifications. UKRA33553
DSTU 4886.1:2007 Edible salt. Acceptance rules and samples selection. UKRA33778
DSTU 5021.2:2008 Soya. Identification of genetically modified organisms. Part 2. Method of identification of genetically modified organisms. UKRA33935
DSTU 7011:2009 Sunflower. Specifications. UKRA34128
DSTU EEK OON FFV-09:2007 Headed Cabbages - UN/ECE Standard FFV-09 Concerning the Marketing and Commercial Quality Control UKRA34582
DSTU ISO 12080-2:2009 Dried skimmed milk - Determination of vitamin A content - Part 2: Method using high-performance liquid chromatography UKRA39905
DSTU ISO 3976-2001 Definitions of living animals for slaughter -- Horses UKRA40873
DSTU ISO 6561:2004 Fruits, vegetables and derived products; Determination of cadmium content; Flameless atomic absorption spectrometric method UKRA41373
DSTU ISO 8070/IDF 119:2008 Milk and milk products -- Determination of calcium, sodium, potassium and magnesium contents -- Atomic absorption spectrometric method UKRA41741
RST USSR 1760-85 Meat of roes for export. Specifications. UKRA43320
RST USSR 942-85 Preserves. Assorted side dish. Specifications UKRA43545
GOST 14252-73 Wines and wine materials, spirit fruit-and-berry juices. Methods for determination of titrating acids RUSS51276
GOST 32288-2013 Inshell hazelnuts. Specifications RUSS68431
DSTU EN 1138:2009 Fruit and vegetable juices - Enzymatic determination of L-malic acid (L-malate) content - NADH spectrometric method UKRA34771
GOST 14944-69 Castor oil plant seeds (industrial raw product). Requirements for delivery RUSS74608
GOST 33492-2015 Fresh ceps. Specifications RUSS139191
ST SEV 823-77 Condensed milk with sugar. Determination of sucrose RUSS169668
GOST 11697-66 Boilers, stationary, for food. Types. Basic parameters and dimensions RUSS225295
GOST 18447-73 Poultry meat. Semi-finished products, culinary products, canned food, sausages. Terms and definitions RUSS234762
GOST 18256-85 Pork products, RUSS17602
DSTU 2422-94 Grain for supply and delivery. Terms and definitions. UKRA30870
DSTU 3303-96 (GOST 30361-96) Seeds of essential oil crops. Methods for determination of pest presence UKRA32024
DSTU 4112.22:2003 Wines and wine materials. Methods for determination of sorbic acid. UKRA32917
DSTU 4305:2004 Fruits, vegetables and derived products. Method for determination of carotin. UKRA33160
DSTU 2333:2008 Modified fats. Production and processing. Terms and definitions of concepts. UKRA30777
DSTU 4689:2006 Food stuffs. Methods for determination of benz(a)pyren mass fraction. UKRA33571
DSTU 4894:2007 Fish and fish products. Protometrical method for determination of histamine UKRA33803
DSTU 5040:2008 Non-fined and refined hydrogenated fat. Specifications. UKRA33953
DSTU 7022:2009 Fresh gooseberry. Specifications. UKRA34139
DSTU EEK OON FFV-21:2007 Leek. Supply plants and quality control UKRA34589
DSTU ISO 1444:2005 Meat and meat products -- Determination of free fat content UKRA40137
DSTU ISO 4134:2004 Meat and meat products -- Determination of L-(+)- glutamic acid content -- Reference method UKRA40905
DSTU ISO 6638-1:2007 Fruit and vegetable products -- Determination of formic acid content -- Part 1: Gravimetric method UKRA41409
DSTU ISO 927:2007 Spices and condiments -- Determination of extraneous matter and foreign matter content UKRA42002
RST USSR 1871-79 Elk meat in semi-carcasses and quarters. Specifications. UKRA43381
GOST 21536-76 Colden elder fruits RUSS45042
GOST 10856-64 Oil seeds. Methods of determination of moisture content RUSS53834
DSTU ISO 8196-2:2007 Milk -- Definition and evaluation of the overall accuracy of alternative methods of milk analysis -- Part 2: Calibration and quality control in the dairy laborator UKRA41766
DSTU 6064:2008 Canned milk. Sweetened condensed flavoured milk. Specifications. UKRA34078
GOST 15084-69 Processed sheep and goat intestines. Calibrated round casings RUSS74615
GOST 7177-2015 Fresh food watermelons. Specifications RUSS139384
GOST 30455-97 Products of fishery. Classification. Nomenclature of quality indices RUSS208590
GOST 11844-66 Vacuum apparatus for the sugar industry. Types. Basic parameters and dimensions RUSS225552
GOST 18518-73 Automatic machines for packing and packing of loose food products in paper and cardboard containers. Type, basic parameters and dimensions RUSS234844
GOST 9936-76 Tourists breakfast RUSS17234
DSTU 2208-93 Tea manufacturing. Terms and definitions. UKRA30645
DSTU 3007-95 Equipment for sugar production. Terms and definitions. UKRA31545
DSTU 4111.1-2002 Wheat flour -- Physical characteristics of dough -- Part 1: Determination of water absorption and rheological properties using a farinograph UKRA32899
DSTU 4274:2003 Canned milk products. Unskimmed condensed milk with sugar. Specifications. UKRA33128
DSTU 4487:2005 Mayonnaise. General specifications. UKRA33367
DSTU 4636:2006 Canned food. Winter vegetable mix. Specifications. UKRA33517
DSTU 4868:2007 Frozen fish. Specifications. UKRA33760
DSTU 5007:2008 Cocoa butter substitute. Method for determination of mass fraction of solid triglycerids. UKRA33921
DSTU 6050:2008 Animal and vegetable fats and oils. Method for determination of non-saponifying substances. UKRA34064
DSTU EEK OON DDP-10:2007 Decorticated and Decorticated Peeled Pistachio Nuts - UNECE Standard DF-10 Relating to the Marketing and Commercial Quality Control UKRA34564
DSTU ISO 10565:2003 Oilseeds -- Simultaneous determination of oil and water contents -- Method using pulsed nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometry UKRA39626
DSTU ISO 3728:2005 (IDF 70:2004) Ice-cream and milk ice -- Determination of total solids content (Reference method) UKRA40812
DSTU ISO 6478:2009 Peanuts; specification (ISO 6478:1990, IDT) UKRA41334
DSTU ISO 7922-2001 Leeks -- Guide to cold storage and refrigerated transport UKRA41723
RST USSR 1645-88 Poultry meat soupingredients (half-finished products). General specifications. UKRA43256
RST USSR 856-89 Vegetable powders made of spinach, green peas, vegetable marrows, tomatoes or concentrated tomato products. Specifications UKRA43538
GOST 28879-90 Spices and condiments. Determination of moisture by distillation method RUSS50340
GOST 24556-89 Products of fruits and vegetables processing. Methods for determination of vitamin C RUSS65316
DSTU EN 12875-2:2008 Mechanical dishwashing resistance of utensils - Part 2: Inspection of non-metallic articles UKRA34914
GOST 13461-68 Processed beef casings. Beef bungs RUSS74558
GOST 33485-2015 Fresh gooseberries. Specifications RUSS139184
ST SEV 4885-84 Wine distillate brandy. Methods for determining the total acidity RUSS169643
GOST 11117-75 Separators-milk cleaners RUSS224241
GOST 1803-47 Canned foods. Apricots (preserves). Specification RUSS234337
GOST 7444-65 Dry-cured and cold-smoked balyk products from inconnu and white salmon RUSS17216
DSTU 2175-93 Vegetables. Terms and definitions. UKRA30584

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