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VTU MMMP 309-46 Cocoa with condensed malt milk and sugar RUSS222031
VTU MMMP 310-46 Coffee natural with condensed malt milk and sugar RUSS222032
VTU NKMMP 168-43 Condensed milk with sugar, sterilized RUSS222033
VTU NKMMP 178-43 Dry malt milk RUSS222034
VTU NKMMP 22 Fat-free condensed milk with sugar RUSS222035
VTU NKMMP 308-46 Condensed malt milk with sugar RUSS222037
VTU NKMMP 33 Cow low fat milk powder RUSS222038
VTU NKMMP 60 Whole and fat-free condensed milk, pasteurized RUSS222039
VTU NKMMP 64 Condensed cream with sugar RUSS222040
GN 4274-87 Supplement to the document "Temporary Hygienic Norms and Method for Determining the Histamine Content in Fish Products" RUSS222056
GOST 10.11-69 Jam of fruits and berries. Technical requirements for export products RUSS222081
GOST 10010-62 Canned meat. Chicken in its own juice RUSS222170
GOST 10013-62 Bagels with glazing RUSS222173
GOST 1009-41 Galette (food) RUSS222322
GOST 10199-62 Concentrated combined fodder designed for sheep RUSS222520
GOST 10199-70 Concentrated combined fodder designed for sheep RUSS222521
GOST 10385-63 Combined feed-concentrates for pond cyprinids fish RUSS222863
GOST 10385-76 Combined fodder designed for pond black-head minnows RUSS222864
GOST 10747-64 Mixed feed for fur-bearing animals RUSS223567
GOST 108-41 Cocoa powder RUSS223737
GOST 1084-2016 Herring and sardines from Pacific, spicy salted and pickled. Specification RUSS223739
GOST 108-59 Cocoa powder RUSS223760
GOST 10907-64 Canned meat and vegetables. Pasta with meat RUSS223855
GOST 11211-65 Canned meat and vegetables. Meat with potatoes RUSS224382
GOST 11285-65 Pancreatic glands of livestock and pigs, frozen for the production of insulin RUSS224508
GOST 11864-66 Canned meat and vegetables. Salsola with meat RUSS225583
GOST 12115-66 Buns, diet, with lecithin. Specification RUSS226177
GOST 1212-41 Semi-smoked sausages (Poltava, Krakow, Kiev, hunter's sausages, Ukrainian, Minsk, Polish) RUSS226189
GOST 1214-41 Pork in semi-carcasses RUSS226221
GOST 12186-66 Canned meat. Minced pork sausage RUSS226291
GOST 12315-66 Canned meat. Diet pate RUSS226448
GOST 12316-66 Canned meat. Pate dietary with brains RUSS226449
GOST 12317-66 Canned meat. Pate "Moscow". Specification RUSS226450
GOST 12318-66 Canned meat. Meat pate RUSS226451
GOST 12319-66 Canned meat. Liver pate RUSS226452
GOST 12424-66 Canned meat. Paste "prague" RUSS226603
GOST 12426-66 Canned meat. Pate amateur RUSS226604
GOST 12426-77 Canned meat. Pate amateur. Specification RUSS226605
GOST 12427-66 Tinned goods meat. Paste "estonian" RUSS226606
GOST 12574-2016 Granulated and refined sugar. Methods for determination of ash RUSS226783
GOST 12578-2016 Sugar cubes. Method for determining fines (fragments and crystals) RUSS226786
GOST 1288-41 Rendered edible animal fats RUSS227201
GOST 12926-67 Parathyroid glands (parotidiform) of frozen cattle RUSS227260
GOST 12927-67 Adrenal (perineum) glands of cattle and pigs, frozen RUSS227263
GOST 13102-67 Canned meat. Pork in white sauce RUSS227604
GOST 13272-67 Canned fish liver. Technical requirements RUSS227918
GOST 13299-67 Concentrated combined fodder designed for suckling-pigs RUSS227960
GOST 13456-68 Dried beetroot pressed, for export RUSS228180
GOST 13496.0-70 Combined animal feeding stuffs. Rules of selection of the average sample RUSS228229
GOST 13496.14-75 Combined animal feeding stuffs. Method of sand content determination RUSS228230
GOST 13496.15-2016 Feeding stuff, mixed feeding stuff and feeding stuff raw material. Methods for determining the mass fraction of raw fat RUSS228231
GOST 13496.15-75 Combined animal feeding stuffs. Methods for determining the raw fat content RUSS228232
GOST 13496.16-75 Combined animal feeding stuffs. Methods for determination of the content of raw ash and non-nitrogenous extractives RUSS228233
GOST 13496.1-68 Combined forage. Method for determination of table salt content RUSS228234
GOST 13496.1-74 Mixed feeding-stuffs. Method for determination of salt content RUSS228235
GOST 13496.2-70 Combined animal feeding stuffs. Method for the determination of "raw" fiber RUSS228237
GOST 13496.2-75 Mixed feeding-stuffs. Method for determination of crude fibre content RUSS228238
GOST 13496.3-70 Combined animal feeding stuffs. Methods of moisture determination RUSS228240
GOST 13496.4-70 Combined animal feeding stuffs. Methods for determining the content of "crude" protein RUSS228241
GOST 13496.4-74 Mixed feeding-stuffs. Methods for determining the content of crude protein RUSS228242
GOST 13496.7-71 Grain fodder, products of its processing, mixed fodder. Toxicity determination method RUSS228243
GOST 13496.7-87 Feed grain, grain by products, compound feeds. Methods for the determination of toxicity RUSS228244
GOST 13534-68 Meat and meat-vegetable cans. Canning, packing and labeling RUSS228316
GOST 13534-78 Canned meats, meats-vegetable. Packing and marking RUSS228317
GOST 13799-68 Canned food and canned fruits and vegetables. Canning, packing and labeling RUSS228729
GOST 1388-42 Beef and lamb corned meats RUSS228851
GOST 13914-68 Frozen thyroid glands of cattle and pigs RUSS228900
GOST 13936-68 Caramel, supplied for export. Specification RUSS228933
GOST 14120-69 Stolichny bread loaf RUSS229317
GOST 1426-42 Hams of pork RUSS229535
GOST 1427-42 Pork rolls RUSS229551
GOST 14698-69 Diet bakery products. Doctor's breads RUSS230218
GOST 14699-69 Buns for children RUSS230219
GOST 14720-69 Food peas and fodder. Requirements for state purchases RUSS230251
GOST 14721-69 Food peas, supplied to the trade network RUSS230252
GOST 14849-69 Macaroni foods. Methods of tests RUSS230401
GOST 14902-69 Dried quince RUSS230490
GOST 1509-42 Beef smoked sausage "Special order" RUSS230736
GOST 15170-70 Canned meat. Beef shredded RUSS230853
GOST 1570-42 Smoked pork products. Cream, brisket, American bacon, neck, sirloin RUSS231502
GOST 15842-83 Canned green peas. Specification RUSS231688
GOST 15951-70 Bun "Oktyabrenok" RUSS231897
GOST 1683-42 Vegetable Dried Mix RUSS233036
GOST 17206-71 Agar for microbiological investigations RUSS233435
GOST 1835-42 Dry sausages RUSS234675
GOST 18663-73 Fodder vitamin b12 RUSS235010
GOST 1906-46 Meat by-products. Tongues, brains, kidneys, liver. Specification RUSS235382
GOST 1923-42 Canned milk. Sterilized condensed canned milk RUSS235567
GOST 19235-73 Dietary bakery products. Bread salt-free with grain peel RUSS235569
GOST 1923-60 Canned milk. Sterilized condensed canned milk. Technical requirements RUSS235570
GOST 1935-42 Lamb meat in carcasses RUSS235671
GOST 20781-75 Buns "Kolobok" RUSS237179
GOST 22842-77 Mixed fodders-concentrates granulated for fattened horses. Specification RUSS239015
GOST 23231-2016 Cooked sausage products and cooked meat products. Method for determination of residual activity of acid phosphates RUSS239275
GOST 23454-2016 Milk. Methods for determination of the inhibitors RUSS239414
GOST 240-41 Margarine RUSS239790
GOST 24557-81 Bread buns. General specifications RUSS240059
GOST 25832-83 Dietic bakery products. General specifications RUSS240726
GOST 26024-83 Diet bakery products. Bread stones "Hercules". Specification RUSS240836
GOST 2623-55 Cold-smoked balyk products from salmon from the Far East RUSS240937

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