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GOST R 51455-99 Yogurts. Potentiometric method for determination of titratable acidity RUSS50715
GOST R ISO 8586-2-2008 Sensory analysis. General guidance for the selection, training and monitoring of assessors. Part 2. Expert sensory assessors RUSS57871
GOST R 52723-2007 Foodstuffs and feeds. Rapid method of identification of raw composition (molecular) RUSS67427
GOST 10444.5-85 Canned foods. Method for determination of thermophilic airobes and facultive anairobes RUSS74440
GOST 10263-62 Oatmeal flakes RUSS222637
GOST 12316-66 Canned meat. Pate dietary with brains RUSS226449
GOST 14138-69 Cognacs and cognac spirits. The method for determining the content of higher alcohols (fusel oils) RUSS229346
GOST 15113.7-69 Dry food concentrates. Methods for determination of moisture content RUSS230775
GOST 19182-73 Canned food products. Buffer Determination Method RUSS235523
GOST 25102-82 Milk. Methods for determination of the spores content of mesophilic anaerobic bacteria RUSS240346
GOST 3175-46 Essential coriander oil. Specification RUSS242550
GOST 3627-47 Milk products. Methods for determining the content of sodium chloride (table salt) RUSS243911
GOST 3973-47 Pies simple made from wheat flour of the highest or first grade RUSS244579
GOST 5.128-69 Chocolate. Range of products. Quality requirements for certified products RUSS247173
GOST 5.1884-73 Grape dessert wines of controlled origin. Requirements for the quality of certified products (KazSSR) RUSS247848
GOST 5.51-67 Canned fish. Sprats in oil. Quality requirements for certified products RUSS248691
GOST 5.951-71 Liqueurs, strong. Quality requirements for certified products RUSS249195
GOST 5501-50 Blackberry mackerel, mullet (sultanka) and mackerel salted. Specification RUSS250206
GOST 6034-51 Dextrin, acidic RUSS251349
GOST 68-40 Cotton mill cake RUSS252985
GOST 7620-55 Abomasal soft-ripened cheese RUSS254693
GOST 8558-62 Meat products. Methods for determining the content of nitrites and nitrates RUSS257040
GOST 975-63 Crystalline dextrose hydrate RUSS259512
STB Pr EN 14082-2014 Foodstuffs. Determination of trace elements. Determination of lead, cadmium, zinc, copper, iron and chromium by atomic absorption spectrometry (AAS) after dry ashing BELA261470
MUK 4.1.3206-14 Determination of residues of indoxacarb in green mass, corn grain and oil, in seeds and sunflower mass, in green mass and sugar beet roots by high performance liquid chromatography. Methodical instructions RUSS291636
ST RK 3.24-2010 Conformity assessment. Guidelines for compliance confirmation of biologically active food supplements. Put into effect in substitution of ST RK 1.24-2001 KAZA23668
GOST R 54068-2010 Canned fruits. Method for determination of synthetic colours еrythrosine and рhloxine B presence RUSS52548
GOST ISO 8588-2011 Organoleptic analysis. Methodology. Test 'A' - 'Non-A' RUSS59982
GOST R 52470-2005 Food products. Methods for identification and determination of artificial colours in alcoholic production RUSS69678
MNS 5755:2007 Livestock protein product. Technical requirements (Amended by 2013/53) MONG215310
GOST 11254-65 Rendered animal fats. Methods for determining the content of antioxidants RUSS224452
GOST 12543-67 Alcohol tinctures, supplied for export. Specification RUSS226742
GOST 14698-69 Diet bakery products. Doctor's breads RUSS230218
GOST 171-51 Pressed baking yeast RUSS233358
GOST 1939-73 Packed green baykh tea. Specification RUSS235691
GOST 27494-2016 Flour and bran. Methods for determination of ash content RUSS241407
GOST 33408-2015 Cognacs, brandy distillates, brandy. Determination of aldehydes, ethers and alcohols by gas chromatography RUSS242968
GOST 3739-56 Pre-packed meat RUSS244122
GOST 5.100-68 Dry sausages. Quality requirements for certified products RUSS246855
GOST 5.1549-72 Canned meat. Chicken in its own juice. Quality requirements for certified products RUSS247473
GOST 5.2278-75 Salted delicatessen roe. Quality requirements for certified products RUSS248298
GOST 5.592-70 Brandy and cognac. Requirements for the quality of certified products (GSSR) RUSS248777
GOST 5284-50 Canned meat. Young beef stew RUSS249788
GOST 5788-51 Canned fish natural from Far Eastern salmonids. Specification RUSS250738
GOST 6274-52 Canned fish. Mackerel Far Eastern in broth. Specification RUSS251835
GOST 7336-69 Dried apples RUSS254089
GOST 7993-60 Canned meat. Tongues RUSS255454
GOST 8756.15-70 Canned food products. Method for determination of total acidity RUSS257465
GOST 9958-74 Sausage products and meat products. Methods for bacteriological analysis RUSS259916
GOST 33682-2015 Foods. Determination of T-2 toxin by the chromatographic method RUSS286545
OST KZ SNK 5978/170 White and black mushrooms dry. Packaging, labeling and acceptance rules RUSS303711
STB GOST R 51650-2001 Food products. Methods for determination of mass fraction of benzopyrene BELA29016
GOST R 52814-2007 Food products. Method for the detection of Salmonella RUSS55481
GOST 6484-96 Stearine. Specifications RUSS63876
GOST ISO 11133-2-2011 Microbiology of food and animal feeding stuffs. Guidelines on preparation and production of culture media. Part 2. Practical guidelines on performance testing of culture media RUSS72093
GOST 10115-62 Corn starch, oxidized, dry RUSS222362
GOST 11839-66 Pituitary gland of large and small cattle and pigs. Methods of tests RUSS225545
GOST 12926-67 Parathyroid glands (parotidiform) of frozen cattle RUSS227260
GOST 1509-42 Beef smoked sausage "Special order" RUSS230736
GOST 1832-49 Dry food concentrates. Pureed bean soups. Specification RUSS234655
GOST 2078-55 Bread wheaten from a beaten flour RUSS237184
GOST 3052-45 Far Eastern hot smoked salmon RUSS242225
GOST 3483-46 Green brick tea RUSS243568
GOST 3901-47 Cumin essential oil. Specification RUSS244440
GOST 5.1203-72 Cakes with protein and fruit creams. Quality requirements for certified products RUSS247080
GOST 5.1809-73 Grape white dessert wines of controlled origin. Requirements for the quality of certified products (RSFSR) RUSS247766
GOST 5.38-67 Canned meat. Tourists breakfast. Quality requirements for certified products RUSS248541
GOST 5.835-71 Canned foods. Squids. Quality requirements for certified products RUSS249059
GOST 5480-55 Plant oils. Methods for the determination of soap RUSS250181
GOST 5902-58 Confectionery. Methods for determining the degree of grinding and the specific gravity of porous goods RUSS250974
GOST 6682-53 Bread kvass RUSS252635
GOST 7589-55 Dried red beet RUSS254632
GOST 8285-74 Rendered animal fats. Rules of acceptance and test methods RUSS256397
GOST 9404-60 Flour and bran. Methods of tests RUSS258744
GOST ISO 6667-2016 Green coffee. Determination of the percentage of coffee beans damaged by insects RUSS260280
MUK 4.1.3160-14 Measurement of mass concentrations of phthalates (dimethyl phthalate, diethyl phthalate, dibutyl phthalate, benzyl butyl phthalate, di (2-ethylhexyl) phthalate) in milk by high performance liquid chromatography RUSS291600
SanPiN 4228-85 Temporary hygienic standards for the content of N-nitrosamines in food RUSS305254
GOST 26832-86 Fresh potates for producing food products. Specifications RUSS49204
GOST 23453-90 Milk. Methods for determination of somatic cells quantity RUSS55831
GOST R 51196-2010 Dried milk. Determination of content of lactic acid and lactates RUSS64037
GOST R 51740-2001 Specifications for food products. General requirements for development and lay out RUSS72218
GOST 10147-62 Canned meat. Cutlets from pork RUSS222419
GOST 12134-66 Soviet champagne (Soviet sparkling) for export RUSS226206
GOST 13741-68 Cognacs. Technical requirements RUSS228646
GOST 15113.0-69 Dry food concentrates. Sampling RUSS230768
GOST 18447-73 Poultry meat. Semi-finished products, culinary products, canned food, sausages. Terms and definitions RUSS234762
GOST 23-57 Granulated and refined sugar. Rules of acceptance and test methods RUSS239517
GOST 3172-63 Rectified mint essential oil. Specification RUSS242543
GOST 3623-56 Milk and milk products. Methods for determination of pasteurization RUSS243904
GOST 3944-55 Anchovies and small herrings of spicy salting (cask) RUSS244529
GOST 5.127-70 Carbonate and cold boiled pork. Quality requirements for certified products RUSS247162
GOST 5.1816-73 Canned fish. Sturgeon, beluga, stellate sturgeon in tomato sauce. Quality requirements for certified products RUSS247773
GOST 5.41-67 Soviet champagne. Range of products. Specification. Quality requirements for certified products RUSS248573
GOST 5.863-71 Natural instant coffee. Quality requirements for certified products RUSS249091
GOST 5489-50 Vegetable oils. Method for determination of dichloroethane content RUSS250188
GOST 5904-58 Confectionery. Test sampling RUSS250981
GOST 6687.3-74 Non-alcoholic drinks, kvasses and syrups. Method for determination of carbon dioxide content RUSS252646
GOST 7595-55 Meat - beef. Cutting for retail trade RUSS254643
GOST 847-53 Cheese spreads RUSS256847
GOST 9678-61 Raw tobacco dust RUSS259330

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