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GOST 17111-88 Peanut RUSS16378
GOST 18056-88 Canned natural shrimps RUSS16382
GOST 1683-71 Dried vegetables RUSS16923
GOST 27166-86 Fresh onion for retail RUSS16963
GOST 11270-88 Bakery products. Solomka RUSS17082
GOST 7993-90 Canned meat products "tongues" RUSS17221
GOST 11041-88 Rossiyskiy cheese RUSS17314
GOST 6534-89 Chocolate RUSS17718
GOST 16594-85 Uncooked smoked pork products RUSS17817
GOST 6442-89 Marmalade. RUSS18028
GOST 18255-85 Smoked and cooked pork products RUSS18127
GOST 10131-93 Wooden boxes and boxes from timber-based materials for the food industry, agriculture, and matches RUSS19780
GOST 15849-89 Canned fruits and berries RUSS19869
GOST 26669-85 Food-stuffs and food additives. Preparation of samples for microbiological analyses RUSS21401
ST RK 1010-2008 Food products. Consumer information General requirements Put into effect in substitution of ST RK 1010-2002 KAZA21997
ST RK 1346-2005 Biological safety. Raw and food-stuffs. Method for the identification of genetically modified organisms (GMO) of plant origin KAZA22325
ST RK 1426-2005 Milled cereal products. Determination of far acidity KAZA22401
ST RK 1502-2006 Food products. Determination of benzo (a) pyrene in grain, smoked meat and fish products by TLC KAZA22478
ST RK 1505-2006 Food products. Determination of antibiotics by stripping voltammetry (levometsitin, tetracycline group) KAZA22481
ST RK 1509-2006 Radiation control. Food products sampling. General requirements KAZA22485
ST RK 1993-2010 Food products. Functional foods. Terms and definitions KAZA22986
ST RK 3.24-2010 Conformity assessment. Guidelines for compliance confirmation of biologically active food supplements. Put into effect in substitution of ST RK 1.24-2001 KAZA23668
ST RK 3.27-2002 State certification system of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Certification procedure for food industry and agricultural enterprises products. Put into effect in substitution of PR RK 51.1.16-96 KAZA23671
ST RK GOST R 51301-2005 Food products and food staples. Inversion voltampermetric methods of determination of toxic components (cadmium, lead, copper and zinc) - KAZA24452
ST RK GOST R 51447-2010 Meat and meat products. Sampling methods. KAZA24485
ST RK GOST R 51760-2003 Polymeric consumers packagings. General specification KAZA24527
ST RK GOST R 51921-2010 Food products. Methods of detection and determination of Listeria monocytogenes bacteria KAZA24544
ST RK GOST R 51962-2005 Food-stuffs and food raw materials. Anodic stripping volt-amper-metric method of arsenic concentration determination KAZA24550
ST RK GOST R 52723-2010 Foodstuffs and feeds. Rapid method of identification of raw composition (molecular) KAZA24628
ST RK GOST R 53400-2010 Microbiology of food and animal feeding stuffs. ClosTridium perfringens colony count method KAZA24674
ST RK GOST R ISO 11133-1-2010 Microbiology of food products and fodders for animals. Guidelines for preparation and manufacturing of culture media Part 1. General guidelines for provision of quality of preparation of cultural media in laboratories KAZA24735
ST RK GOST R ISO 7218-2010 Microbiology of food products and fodders for animals. General requirements and recommendations for microbiological studies KAZA24776
ST RK ISO 13722-2009 Meat and meat products. Brochothrix Thermosphacta bacteriological count. Colony-count technique KAZA25166
ST RK ISO 5506-2012 Products of soybeans. Determination of urease activity KAZA25757
ST RK ISO 658-2012 Oilseeds Determination of impurities content KAZA25832
ST RK ISO 8586-1-2005 Organoleptic test. General guidance for the selection, training and monitoring of assessors. Part 1. Selected assessors. KAZA25961
STB 1053-98 Radiation control. Sampling food. General requirements BELA26590
STB 1100-2007 Food products. Information to the consumer. General requirements BELA26666
STB 1470-2012 Management systems for food safety. Food safety management, based on hazard analysis and critical control points. General requirements BELA26893
STB 1517-2004 Plastic consumer packaging. General specifications BELA26914
STB EN 12463-2010 Equipment for foodstuffs processing. Filling machines and auxiliary equipment. Safety and Health Requirements BELA28144
STB EN 12855-2008 Equipment for foodstuffs processing. Cutters with rotating bowl. Safety and Health Requirements BELA28241
STB EN 13804-2012 Food products. Determination of trace elements. Performance criteria, general requirements and sample preparation BELA28379
STB EN 14082-2014 Food products. Determination of trace elements. Determination of lead, cadmium, zinc, copper, chromium and iron by atomic absorption spectrometry (AAS) after dry ashing BELA28414
STB EN 14663-2012 Food products. Determination of B6 vitamin (including its glycosylated forms) by high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) BELA28496
STB EN 1672-2-2008 Equipment for foodstuffs processing. Basic principles. Part 2. Hygiene requirements BELA28561
STB GOST R 51413-2001 Grain derivative products. Fat acidity test BELA28970
STB GOST R 51650-2001 Food products. Methods for determination of mass fraction of benzopyrene BELA29016
STB GOST R 51921-2011 Food products. Methods for the detection and determination of bacteria Listeria monocytogenes BELA29040
STB GOST R 52173-2005 Raw materials and food products. Method of identification of genetically modified sources (GMS) of plant origin BELA29047
STB GOST R 53601-2011 Food products, food raw materials. Method for determination of residual antibiotics content of tetracycline group using high performance liquid chromatography with mass spectrometric detector BELA29069
STB ISO/TS 22003-2009 Food products security management system. Requirements to authorities making audit and certification of food products security management systems BELA29986
STB P EN 1528-1-1996/2012 Food products with high fat content. Determination of pesticides and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB). Part 1. General provisions BELA30096
STB P EN 1528-2-1996/2012 Food products with high fat content. Determination of pesticides and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB). Part 2. Extraction of fat, pesticides and PCB and determination of fat content BELA30097
STB P EN 1528-3-1996/2012 Food products with high fat content. Determination of pesticides and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB). Part 3. Cleaning methods BELA30098
STB P EN 1528-4-1996/2012 Food products with high fat content. Determination of pesticides and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB). Part 4. Determination, verification methods, other provisions BELA30099
STB P ISO 16649-1-2001/2010 Food products and animal feed microbiology. Horizontal calculation method of beta-glucuronidase-positive Esсheriсhiа соli (E. coli). Part 1.Method for calculation of colonies in the conditions of 44 °С using membranes and 5-bromo-4-chloro-3-indolyl beta-D-glucuronide BELA30100
DSTU 4255:2003 Durum wheat flour and semolina - Determination of yellow pigment content UKRA33109
DSTU EEK OON FFV-16:2007 Fennel - UN/ECE Standard FFV-16 Concerning the Marketing and Commercial Quality Control UKRA34586
DSTU GOST 14252:2009 Wines and wine materials, spirit fruit-and-berry juices. Methods for determination of titrating acids UKRA36530
DSTU GOST 31262:2009 Food-stuffs and food raw materials. Anodic stripping voltammetric methods of toxic traces elements determination (cadmium, lead, copper and zinc) UKRA38359
DSTU ISO 11290-1:2003 Microbiology of food and animal feeding stuffs -- Horizontal method for the detection and enumeration of Listeria monocytogenes -- Part 1: Detection method UKRA39790
DSTU ISO 7002:2006 Agricultural food products -- Layout for a standard method of sampling from a lot UKRA41526
DSTU ISO 7562-2001 Potatoes. Guidelines for storage in a repository with artificial ventilation (ISO 7562: 1990, IDT) UKRA41662
DSTU ISO 7954:2006 Microbiology UKRA41729
GOST ISO 21570-2009 Food products Analysis method for the determination of genetically modified organisms and their derivatives. Quantitative methods, based on nucleic acid RUSS44597
GOST ISO 21571-2009 Food products Analysis method for the determination of genetically modified organisms and their derivatives. Extraction of nucleic acids RUSS44598
GOST 11761-66 Food products. Standard of weighing accuracy RUSS45288
GOST 6687.6-88 Soft drinks, syrups, kvasses and corn drinks. Stability determination process RUSS46392
GOST R 51461-99 Processed cheese products. Calculation of the content of added citrate emulsifying agents and acidifiers/pH-controlling agents, expressed as citric acid RUSS46802
GOST 26928-86 Food-stuffs. Method for determination of iron RUSS48725
GOST 26935-86 Canned food stuffs. Method for determination of tin RUSS48726
GOST 26832-86 Fresh potates for producing food products. Specifications RUSS49204
GOST 27930-88 Milk and milk products. Biological-calorimetric method for determination of the total bacteria number RUSS50482
GOST R 51479-99 Meat and meat products. Method for determination of moisture content RUSS50674
GOST R 51455-99 Yogurts. Potentiometric method for determination of titratable acidity RUSS50715
GOST 6687.7-88 Soft drinks and kvasses. Method for alcohol determination RUSS50842
GOST 12571-86 Sugar. Method of sucrose determination RUSS50966
GOST 30615-99 Food raw material and products. Methods of the determination of phosphorus. RUSS51117
GOST 27906-88 Liqueur-vodka products for export. General specifications RUSS51317
GOST 6687.3-87 Aerated soft prinks and fermented bread beverages. Method of determination of carbon dioxide RUSS51322
GOST R 51480-99 Meat and meat products. Determination of chloride content. Volhard method RUSS51526
GOST 5481-89 Vegetable oil. Methods for determination of insoluble impurities RUSS51763
GOST R 51411-99 Cereals and milled cereal products. Determination of total ash RUSS51991
GOST R 51482-99 Meat and meat products. Spectrophotometric method for determination of total phosphorus content RUSS52094
GOST 6687.8-87 Artificially mineralized waters. Methods for salts determination RUSS52398
GOST R 54068-2010 Canned fruits. Method for determination of synthetic colours еrythrosine and рhloxine B presence RUSS52548
GOST 27198-87 Fresh grapes. Methods for determination of mass concentration of sugars RUSS52792
GOST R 51472-99 Instant whole milk powder. Method for determination of white flecks number RUSS53096
GOST 26668-85 Food-stuff and food additives. Preparation of sampling for microbiological analyses RUSS53128
GOST 8756.18-70 Canned food products. Methods for determination of appearance, tightness of package and inner surface condition of metallic package RUSS54060
GOST R 55516-2013 Technology of the food’s products refrigeration. Terms and definitions RUSS54223
GOST 26884-86 Products sugar industry. Terms and definitions RUSS54285
GOST R 54017-2010 Foodstuffs. Method for strontium Sr-90 content determination RUSS54645
GOST R 54561-2011 Hygienic coatings of containers used for food products transportation and storage. General technical requirements RUSS54814
GOST R 54016-2010 Foodstuffs. Method for caesium Сs-137 content determination RUSS54863
GOST 32161-2013 Foodstuffs. Method for cesium Сs-137 content determination RUSS55268
GOST R 51481-99 Animal and vegetable fats and oils. Method for determination of oxidation stability (accelerated oxidation test) RUSS55431
GOST R 51484-99 Animal fats and vegetable oils. Method of determination of the composition of fatty acids in the 2-position in the triglyceride molecules RUSS55432
GOST R 51921-2002 Food products. Methods for detection and determination of Listeria monocytogenes bacteria RUSS55444

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