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GOST 16524-70 Fresh cornel RUSS15701
GOST 21405-75 Fresh small-fruited cherry-plums RUSS15807
GOST 17472-72 Cabbage leaves or sweet peppers, stuffed with meat and rice RUSS15984
GOST 4429-82 Lemons RUSS16010
GOST 7975-68 Fresh pumpkins RUSS16013
GOST 7586-71 Dried white head cabbage. RUSS16212
GOST 7588-71 Dried carrots RUSS16213
GOST 7589-71 Dried red beet RUSS16214
GOST 13031-67 Dried chicory for export RUSS16355
GOST 16525-70 Edible chestnut RUSS16370
GOST 16833-71 Kernel of walnut RUSS16373
GOST 16834-81 Hazelnuts RUSS16374
GOST 16835-81 Filbert nut kernels RUSS16375
GOST 21715-76 Fresh quince RUSS16399
GOST 5531-70 Hazelnuts RUSS16507
GOST 6828-89 Fresh strawberries RUSS16513
GOST 6830-89 Fresh gooseberries RUSS16514
GOST 7178-85 Fresh melons RUSS16518
GOST 16731-71 Dried white roots of parsleys, celery and parsnip RUSS16693
GOST 16830-71 Sweet almond nuts RUSS16694
GOST 16831-71 Kernel of sweet almond RUSS16695
GOST 16832-71 Walnuts RUSS16696
GOST 19215-73 Fresh cranberries RUSS16701
GOST 20144-74 Canned cucumbers RUSS16710
GOST 20450-75 Fresh cowberries RUSS16714
GOST 27573-87 Fresh pomegranates RUSS16756
GOST 7587-71 Dried onion RUSS16820
GOST 21714-76 Fresh pears of early ripening RUSS16938
GOST 21832-76 Fresh apricots RUSS16941
GOST 21921-76 Fresh cherries RUSS16942
GOST 6829-89 Fresh black currants RUSS16997
GOST 16270-70 Fruit and berry cultures RUSS17117
GOST 18077-72 Canned fruit sauces RUSS17349
GOST 18193-72 Citrus fruit juices RUSS17350
GOST 28502-90 Dried pome fruits RUSS17662
GOST 21713-76 Fresh pears of late ripening terms RUSS17828
GOST 6882-88 Dried grapes RUSS18030
GOST 6929-88 Fruit paste RUSS18031
GOST 18611-73 Sliced vegetables in tomato sauce RUSS18133
GOST 21122-75 Fresh late apples RUSS18145
GOST 21833-76 Fresh peaches RUSS18147
GOST 21920-76 Fresh large-fruited plums and cherry-plums RUSS18149
GOST 7694-71 Fruit and berry pickles RUSS18235
GOST 22371-77 Strained or crushed fruits and berries RUSS18354
GOST 25896-83 Fresh table grapes RUSS18373
GOST 657-79 Fruit and berry juices with sugar RUSS18415
GOST 7009-88 Jams RUSS18417
GOST 18078-72 Fruit and berry extracts RUSS18493
GOST 30306-95 Fruit stone and almond nut oil RUSS18644
GOST 7061-88 Preserves RUSS18659
GOST 28501-90 Dried stone fruits RUSS18764
GOST 656-79 Natural fruit and berry juices RUSS18787
GOST 29187-91 Quick-frozen fruits and berries RUSS19152
GOST 816-91 Stewed fruits RUSS19683
GOST 16440-89 Vegetable, vegetable and fruit and vegetable and meat canned baby food RUSS19826
GOST 15849-89 Canned fruits and berries RUSS19869
ST RK 1421-2005 Fruits and derived products. Fruit compotes. General specification KAZA22396
ST RK 1423-2005 Processed fruits and vegetables. Method for fat determination KAZA22398
ST RK 1472-2005 Fruit and berry juices. General specification KAZA22448
ST RK 2009-2010 Extracts of fruits and berries. Specification KAZA23273
ST RK 3.63-2010 State system of technical regulation of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Conformity assessment. Guidelines for compliance conformity of fruits, vegetables and products of its processing. Put into effect in substitution of ST RK 1.63-2006 KAZA23709
STB 1189-99 Dietary canned vegetables. General specifications BELA26710
STB 1190-99 Salted, pickled, pickled-salted, and marinated fruits and berries. General specifications BELA26711
STB 1191-99 Fruit jelly and jams. General specifications BELA26712
STB 2328-2013 Jams. General specifications BELA27501
STB 2356-2014 Fruit jelly. General specifications BELA27523
STB 27-2002 Canned food "Canned olives". Specifications BELA27560
STB 787-2003 Canned food "Mushrooms in vegetable oil". Specifications BELA27792
STB 990-95 Food concentrates. Powder sauces for cooking. General specifications BELA27922
STB GOST R 51122-2006 Fruit and vegetable juices. Potentiometric method for determination of formol index BELA28926
STB GOST R 51123-2007 Fruit and vegetable juices. Gravimetric method for determination of sulphates BELA28927
STB GOST R 51124-2006 Fruit and vegetable juices. Photometric method for determination of proline BELA28928
STB GOST R 51128-2006 Fruit and vegetable juices. Method for determination of D-isocitric acid BELA28929
STB GOST R 51129-2007 Fruit and vegetable juices. Method for determination of citric acid BELA28930
STB GOST R 51431-2006 Fruit and vegetable juices. Method for determination of relative density BELA28977
STB GOST R 51432-2006 Fruit and vegetable juices. Method for determination of ash BELA28978
STB GOST R 51434-2006 Fruit and vegetable juices. Method for determination of titrable acidity BELA28980
STB GOST R 51436-2006 Fruit and vegetable juices. Titrimetric method for determination of total alkalinity of ash BELA28982
STB GOST R 51437-2006 Fruit and vegetable juices. Gravimetric method for determination of mass fraction of dry substances by loss of mass while drying BELA28983
STB GOST R 51438-2006 Fruit and vegetable juices. Method for determination of nitrogen content according to Kjeldahl BELA28984
STB GOST R 51439-2006 Fruit and vegetable juices. Method for determination of chloride content using potentiometric titration BELA28985
STB GOST R 51441-2007 Fruit and vegetable juices. Enzymatic method for determination of acetic acid (acetate) content by spectrophotometry BELA28987
STB GOST R 51442-2006 Fruit and vegetable juices. Method for determination of pulp, removed by centrifugation BELA28988
STB GOST R 51443-2006 Fruit and vegetable juices. Method for determination of total carotenoids content and their fractional composition BELA28989
STB GOST R 51940-2007 Fruit and vegetable juices. Method for determination of D-apple acid BELA29042
STB ISO 17239-2007 Fruit, vegetables and products produced from these. Arsenic determination. Method of atomic absorption spectrometry with preliminary hydrides formation BELA29495
DSTU 1275-95 Canned food. Vegetable pate with mushrooms. Specifications UKRA30393
DSTU 1361-95 Canned food. Appetizer 'lubitelska'. Specifications UKRA30397
DSTU 1915-91 Fresh brussels sprouts. Specifications. UKRA30428
DSTU 1916-91 Fresh kohlrabi. Specifications. UKRA30429
DSTU 1919-91 Fresh estragon. Specifications. UKRA30430
DSTU 1920-91 Fresh horse radish leaves. Specifications. UKRA30431
DSTU 2074-92 Vegetable and fruit products. Terms and definitions. UKRA30485
DSTU 2117-93 Vegetable and fruit products. Method for determination of vitamin PP. UKRA30530
DSTU 2118-93 (GOST 17471-93) Tomato-sauces. Specifications UKRA30531
DSTU 2175-93 Vegetables. Terms and definitions. UKRA30584
DSTU 2176-93 Melons and gourds. Terms and definitions. UKRA30585
DSTU 2177-93 Root and tuber crops. Terms and definitions. UKRA30586
DSTU 2366-94 Fresh wine grape. Specifications. UKRA30814
DSTU 2438-94 (GOST 25896-94) Fresh table grapes. Specifications. UKRA30911

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