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GOST 16833-71 Kernel of walnut RUSS16373
GOST 16835-81 Filbert nut kernels RUSS16375
GOST 21715-76 Fresh quince RUSS16399
GOST 5531-70 Hazelnuts RUSS16507
GOST 21714-76 Fresh pears of early ripening RUSS16938
GOST 21832-76 Fresh apricots RUSS16941
GOST 21921-76 Fresh cherries RUSS16942
GOST 18077-72 Canned fruit sauces RUSS17349
GOST 21713-76 Fresh pears of late ripening terms RUSS17828
GOST 21920-76 Fresh large-fruited plums and cherry-plums RUSS18149
GOST 25896-83 Fresh table grapes RUSS18373
DSTU 2366-94 Fresh wine grape. Specifications. UKRA30814
DSTU 2438-94 (GOST 25896-94) Fresh table grapes. Specifications. UKRA30911
DSTU 2789-94 Fresh fruit. Terms and definitions. UKRA31268
DSTU 2905-94 (GOST 30287-95) Canned food. Diabetic jelly, preserves and jam. General specifications. UKRA31425
DSTU 3353-96 Canned food. Canned fruit. Technical specifications. UKRA32102
DSTU 3660-97 (GOST 30555-98) Canned fruit for dietetic nutrition. Specifications. UKRA32441
DSTU 4084-2001 Homogenized preserved food for children. Specifications. UKRA32871
DSTU 4641:2006 Canned food. Sauces of subtropical fruit cultures. General technical specifications. UKRA33522
DSTU 4642:2006 Canned food. Cottony jujube jam. Specifications. UKRA33523
DSTU 4722:2007 Fresh red and white currants. Specifications. UKRA33604
DSTU 4898:2007 Canned food. Pureed or crushed fruit. Specifications. UKRA33807
DSTU 4899:2007 Conserves. General specifications. UKRA33808
DSTU 4900:2007 Jams. General specifications. UKRA33809
DSTU 6090:2009 Concentrated semi-finished products. Fruit and vegetable flavours. Specifications. UKRA34104
DSTU 691:2004 Fresh bilberries. Specifications UKRA34115
DSTU 7022:2009 Fresh gooseberry. Specifications. UKRA34139
DSTU 7023:2009 Fresh quince. Specifications UKRA34140
DSTU 7024:2009 Fresh cornel UKRA34141
DSTU 7025:2009 Fresh peaches. Specifications UKRA34142
DSTU EEK OON DDP-03:2007 Inshell Hazelnuts - UNECE Standard DDP-03 Concerning the Marketing and Commercial Quality Control UKRA34565
DSTU GOST 31038:2008 (ISO 6664:1983) Bilberries and blueberries. Guide to cold storage (GOST 31038-2002 (ISO 6664:1983. IDT)) UKRA38340
DSTU ISO 1134:2006 Pears -- Cold storage UKRA39797
DSTU ISO 1212:2006 Apples -- Cold storage UKRA39909
DSTU ISO 2826:2008 Apricots -- Guide to cold storage UKRA40667
DSTU ISO 6479:2009 Shelled sweet kernels of apricots UKRA41335
DSTU ISO 6634:2004 Fruits, vegetables and derived products -- Determination of arsenic content -- Silver diethyldithiocarbamate spectrophotometric method UKRA41403
DSTU ISO 6636-2:2004 Fruits, vegetables and derived products -- Determination of zinc content -- Part 2: Atomic absorption spectrometric method UKRA41406
DSTU ISO 6662:2008 Plums -- Guide to cold storage UKRA41425
DSTU ISO 6665:2006 Strawberries -- Guide to cold storage UKRA41427
DSTU ISO 6755:2009 Dried sour cherries. Specification UKRA41454
DSTU ISO 7466-2001 Fruit and vegetable products -- Determination of 5-hydroxymethylfurfural (5-HMF) content UKRA41638
DSTU ISO 7703:2009 Dried peaches - Specification and test methods UKRA41670
DSTU ISO 7908:2009 Dried sweet cherries UKRA41720
DSTU ISO 7920:2009 Sweet cherries and sour cherries UKRA41722
DSTU ISO 873:2008 Peaches -- Guide to cold storage UKRA41872
RST USSR 1212-89 Tinned food. Apples in crushed cranberries with sugar. Specifications. UKRA43115
RST USSR 1215-84 Tinned food. Cherries in cherry juice. Cherry dessert. Specifications. UKRA43116
RST USSR 1251-89 Tinned food. Ukrainian assorted compotes. Specifications. UKRA43123
RST USSR 1594-86 Cut black-currant with sugar. Specifications. UKRA43233
RST USSR 1595-86 Special gypsum. Specifications. UKRA43234
RST USSR 1628-85 Preserves. Red-currant galeret. Specifications. UKRA43247
RST USSR 1656-91 Marmalade bars "vostok" and "sever". Specifications. UKRA43262
RST USSR 1723-86 Fresh black ashberries. Specifications. UKRA43298
RST USSR 1764-89 Ordinary fresh ashberries. Specifications. UKRA43322
RST USSR 1894-91 Fresh wild-growing apples. Specifications. UKRA43398
RST USSR 1940-83 Fresh cranberry. Specifications. UKRA43428
RST USSR 1953-89 Fresh grapes for juice production. Specifications. UKRA43434
RST USSR 1955-84 Fast-frozen fruit and berry mixtures. Specifications. UKRA43436
RST USSR 1984-88 Fresh sea buckthorn. Specifications. UKRA43461
RST USSR 1985-88 Fresh wild-growing raspberry. Specifications. UKRA43462
RST USSR 1989-88 Canned food. Products of water melon. Specifications. UKRA43466
RST USSR 267-83 Preserves. Wild strawberry puree with milk. Specifications UKRA43494
RST USSR 359-84 Fresh raspberry. Specifications UKRA43513
RST USSR 836-89 Preserves. Concentrated assorted compote made of dry fruits. Specifications UKRA43535
RST USSR 920-84 Preserves. Apricots in apricot pulp with sugar. Specifications UKRA43541
GOST 27522-87 Fruits. Nomenclature. Second list RUSS49690
GOST 27521-87 Fruits. Nomenclature. First list RUSS55185
GOST 21922-76 Fresh sweet cherries. Specifications RUSS56752
GOST 24433-80 Manually harvested fresh grapes for industrial wine production. Specifications RUSS61414
GOST 31852-2012 Decorticated stone pine nuts. Specifications RUSS63812
GOST 32286-2013 Plums for retail. Specifications RUSS69012
GOST 28346-89 Fresh table grapes. Cold storage RUSS75069
O'z DSt 2865:2014 Fry fruits mixture for stewed fruit/compote. General technical specifications. Superseded with 18-63:2008 UZBE77088
O'z DSt 638:2011 Fresh grapes, manually harvested, for industrial processing into raw wine materials UZBE78732
O'z DSt ISO 1134:2010 Pears. Cold storage UZBE79008
O'z DSt ISO 1212:2010 Apples. Guide to cold storage UZBE79011
O'z DSt ISO 2168:2011 Table grapes. Guidelines for cold storage UZBE79031
O'z DSt ISO 23393:2014 Pomegranate fruit. Technical specification and testing methods. UZBE79037
O'z DSt ISO 2826:2010 Apricots. Guidelines for Cold Storage UZBE79040
O'z DSt ISO 3631:2011 Citrus fruits. Guide to storage UZBE79041
O'z DSt ISO 6478:2014 Peanuts. Technical specifications UZBE79055
O'z DSt ISO 6662:2011 Plums. Guide to cold storage UZBE79065
O'z DSt ISO 7701:2011 Dried apples. Technical requirements and test methods UZBE79076
O'z DSt ISO 7702:2013 Dried Pears. Specification and test methods UZBE79077
O'z DSt ISO 7703:2013 Dried peaches. Specification and test methods UZBE79078
O'z DSt ISO 7908:2014 Dried cherries. Technical specifications UZBE79079
GOST 16833-2014 Walnut kernels. Specifications RUSS138389
GOST 32786-2014 Fresh table grapes. Specifications RUSS138723
GOST 32787-2014 Fresh apricots. Specifications RUSS138724
GOST 32811-2014 Inshell almond. Specifications RUSS138740
GOST 32857-2014 Sweet almond kernels. Specifications RUSS138779
GOST 32873-2014 Sweet chestnuts. Specifications RUSS138791
GOST 32874-2014 Inshell walnuts. Specifications RUSS138792
GOST 33309-2015 Fresh cranberries. Specifications RUSS139046
GOST 33485-2015 Fresh gooseberries. Specifications RUSS139184
GOST 6829-2015 Black currant fresh. Technical conditions RUSS139375
ST SEV 4908-84 Citrus Fruits, Fresh. Terms and Definitions RUSS143411
ST SEV 4303-83 Fresh pears RUSS169566
ST SEV 4304-83 Fresh Plums RUSS169567

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