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GOST 12133-86 Dressed nutria skins RUSS16905
GOST 938.26-75 Leather. Test method for strength of pin fixation RUSS48175
GOST 28461-90 Artificial leather for garments. General specifications RUSS56499
MNS ISO 4047:2008 Chemical tests. Determination of sulphonate total ash and sulphonate water. insoluble ash MONG211941
GOST 13692-68 Dressed skins of wolf and jackal RUSS17570
GOST 9210-77 Fur skins and packer pelts, dressing and coloured. Determination of colour resistance to fraction RUSS47636
GOST R 52957-2008 Dressed fur and sheepskins. Mechanical test methods RUSS63012
MNS 2297:1976 Education is the chemistry of dairy farms MONG218272
GOST 11615-77 Dressed skins of marmot and marmot-tarbagan RUSS17951
GOST 10656-63 Sole leather. Method for the determination of abrasive resistance in wet state RUSS50416
GOST 22900-78 Artificial leather and films. Methods for determination of water vapour permeability and moisture absorption RUSS60478
NAOP 1.7.30-3.03-77 Sectoral standards of artificial lighting for enterprises of the felting-felt area UKRA349191
GOST 22829-77 Fur skins and fur-coat dressed sheepskin. Method of determination of pH of aqueous extraction RUSS47629
GOST 938.3-77 Leather. Method of determination of chrome content RUSS53945
MNS 3051:1981 Tests for color fatness-Color fastness to perspiration MONG213549
GOST 938.9-69 Leather. Method of determination the thickness of finish film RUSS45912
GOST R 53018-2008 Dressed fur and sheepskins. Method of determining the untied fatty substances mass fraction RUSS51335
GOST 25451-82 Artificial and synthetic leather. Acceptance rules RUSS63467
GOST 11111-81 Dressed kid skins RUSS16667
GOST 13315-88 Mole skins dressed. Specification RUSS48406
GOST R 53014-2008 Dressed fur and sheepskins. Methods of determining the aluminium mass fraction RUSS60456
MNS ISO 2589:2002 Measurement of shrinkage temperature MONG212071
MNS 2679:1979 Determination of apparent density MONG218523
GOST 11355-82 Dressed raccoon skins RUSS16897
GOST 17318-71 Artificial leather. Method of measuring of thermal sticking RUSS51202
GOST 938.16-70 Leather. Method of the determination of the ball bursting strength of leather and its grain RUSS55780
MNS 5393:2004 Leather and fur goods. Treatment tunica mucosa of cow`s rumen for fancy MONG210572
GOST 3595-74 Pure-bread dressed natural color karakul RUSS17441
GOST 1903-78 Bottom leather. Shoulders and bellies. Specifications RUSS51226
GOST 938.5-68 Leather. Method of determination of the content of substances extracted with organic solvents RUSS61297
MNS 2681:1979 Leather. Determination of swollen MONG218525
GOST 26343-84 Leather. Method for determination of effective area RUSS45849
GOST 29316-92 Lining artificial leather. Method for determination of resistance to rubbing RUSS51966
GOST ISO 3378-2014 Leather. Determination of resistance to cracking of the surface layer, and the flexural strength index of the surface layer RUSS209180
GOST R ISO 26082-1-2014 Leather. Physical and mechanical test methods for the determination of soiling. Part 1. Rubbing (Martindale) method RUSS289481
GOST 13868-74 Chrome upper leather. Method for determination of the flexing resistance of finish RUSS46695
GOST 938.2-67 Leather. Method of determination of ash content RUSS52747
GOST 26666.4-96 Artificial knitted fur. Method for determination of wetting resistance during operation RUSS208514
GOST 6803-72 Dress peltries of half silvery, platinum, white and silver foxes RUSS17211
GOST 10642-63 Sole leather. Method for determination of abrasive resistance in air-dry state RUSS48465
GOST 17316-71 Artificial leather. Measuring method of tearing load and elongation of break RUSS56217
MNS 2687:1979 Leather- Determination tearing load MONG218531
GOST 17073-71 Artificial leather. Methods for the determination of thickness and mass of 1 sq m RUSS50038
GOST ISO 20433-2011 Leather. Method of determination of colour fastness to crocking RUSS52896
MNS 5298:2003 The method for determining fat content of leather MONG212400
GOST 11597-77 House cat dressed pelts RUSS17085
GOST 12608-85 Leather. Method of determination of magnesium salt content RUSS51128
GOST 19878-2014 Furs, fur and sheepskin articles. Marking, packing, transportation, storage RUSS138403
MNS 5297:2003 Leather. Testing method for determination of moisture MONG213525
GOST R 57171-2016 Undressed blue fox skins. Specifications RUSS288111
GOST 938.17-70 Leather. Method of the determination of the vapour penetration RUSS47549
GOST 26436-85 Artificial leather for technical purpose. Determination of grade RUSS53699
GOST 7065-81 Nitroartificial leather-T for shoes. Specifications RUSS61255
GOST 11809-82 Sea animal dressed peltries RUSS16898
GOST 938.13-70 Leather. Method of measuring of weight and linear sizes of samples RUSS47389
GOST 938.25-73 Leather. Method for determination of welding temperature RUSS56381
MNS ISO 4045:2003 Determination of pH MONG211198
GOST 11616-79 Dressed skins of marten, kidus and charsa RUSS17556
GOST 337-84 Yuft upper leather. Determination of grade RUSS46332
GOST R 54591-2011 Leather and fur. Method of chromium (VI) content determination RUSS57914
MNS 5651:2006 The leather processing industry. Determination of phenol in the technological waste water MONG215495
GOST 21184-75 Lamb dressed skins RUSS17617
GOST 17317-88 Artificial leather. Method for determination of interlayer bonding strength RUSS49403
GOST ISO 17226-1-2011 Leather. Determination of formaldehyde content. Part 1. Method using liquid chromatography RUSS60469
GOST R 57019-2016 Artificial leather upholstery. General specifications RUSS287959
GOST 938.23-71 Leather. Method of determination of chlorides content RUSS47012
GOST 3673-69 Tawed. Specifications RUSS53460
MNS ISO 7875-2:2006 The leather processing industry determination of non-ionic surfactants in the technological waste water. Dragendorff reagent MONG211058
GOST 10231-77 Dressed krimmer lamb RUSS17943
GOST 25691-83 Artificial and synthetic leather for clothing. Method of defining of dynamic and static friction factors RUSS50817
GOST 1904-81 Leather for saddlery. Specifications RUSS61077
GOST R ISO 20433-2014 Leather. Tests for colour fastness. Method for determination of colour fastness to rubbing RUSS289430
GOST 15592-76 Leather for products intended for areas with tropical climate. General specifications RUSS47084
GOST 1023-91 Leather. Marking, packing, transportation and storage RUSS56511
MNS ISO 4684:2008 Chemical tests. Determination of volatile matter MONG211518
MNS 2676:1979 Laboratory samples. location and identification MONG218520
GOST 10522-73 Jahobab dressed skins RUSS16665
GOST 20876-75 Artificial leather. Method of determination of low temperature test in dynamic state RUSS50425
GOST 10596-77 Skins of hare white and hare grey dressed. Specifications RUSS54978
GOST 26707-85 Special army cloth underlined with fur. Specifications RUSS73589
GOST 13713-82 Dressed skins of wolverene RUSS16916
GOST 938.18-70 Leather. Method of determination of air penetration RUSS49311
GOST 8975-75 Artificial leather. Test methods for rubbing and adhesion strength of coating RUSS57224
MNS 3272:1990 Leather. Laboratory samples-Number of items for a gross sample MONG212934
GOST 1875-83 Leathers for garments and headgear RUSS17605
GOST 9182-75 Leather for welts. Specifications RUSS49826
GOST ISO 17226-2-2011 Leather. Chemical determination of formaldehyde content. Part 2. Method using colorimetric analysis RUSS63547
MNS 2677:1979 Determination of absorption of water MONG218521
GOST 938.31-78 Leather. Test methods of upper, layer separation RUSS44825
GOST 938.15-70 Leather. Method of measuring thickness of samples and thickness of leather in the standard point RUSS51577
GOST 11287-76 Fur vests. General specifications RUSS65824
OSP-72/87 Basic sanitary rules for working with radioactive substances and other sources of ionizing radiation RUSS374772
GOST 17631-72 Dressed fur skins and coat sheepskins. Method for determination of ash mass percentage in skin tissue RUSS47827
GOST 8979-75 Artificial leather and films. Determination methods of resistance to heat and light stability RUSS54781
GOST R 56284-2014 Artificial leather. Measuring method of tearing load and elongation of break RUSS287755
GOST 17632-72 Dressed fur skins and coat sheepskins. Method for determination of shrinkage temperature RUSS47566
GOST 938.14-70 Leather. Method of conditioning RUSS51885
GOST ISO 11642-2002 Leather. Test method for color fastness to water RUSS209117
GOST 14781-69 Dressed skins of red fox, cross fox, silver-red fox and kitt fox RUSS16686
GOST 938.1-67 Leather. Method of determination of moisture content RUSS49092

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