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GOST 28881-90 Dry bread sticks RUSS16777
GOST 17380-2001 Carbon and low-alloy steel butt-welding fittings. General specifications RUSS16860
GOST 10540-90 Knitted swimming ware RUSS16892
GOST 27636-95 Stone extraction and processing equipment RUSS17412
GOST 8517-90 Control devices for grinding RUSS17492
GOST 9378-93 Roughness comparison specimens RUSS17739
GOST 26242-90 Displacement transducers RUSS18167
GOST 13015-2003 Concrete and reinforced concrete products for construction. General technical requirements. Rules for acceptance, marking, transportation and storage RUSS18267
GOST 1654-86 General-purpose lathe chucks RUSS18327
GOST 18198-89 TV sets RUSS18334
GOST 18962-97 Vehicles, floor, trackless battery-powered RUSS18340
GOST 21804-94 Shut-Off Devices for Cylinders With Liquefied Hydrocarbon Gases With Pressure Up To 1.6 Mpa RUSS18350
GOST 28414-89 Cookery, confectionery and bakery fats RUSS18386
GOST 30248-97 Electric heaters using carbon fiber materials RUSS18395
GOST 21805-94 Pressure regulators for liquefied hydrocarbon gases at pressures up to 1.6 mPa. General specifications. RUSS18619
GOST 30407-96 Glass tableware and decorative articles RUSS18974
GOST 28408-89 Manual hoists and trolleys. General specifications RUSS19055
GOST 26698.1-93 Rigs for blast-holes drilling in open-cast mining works RUSS19143
GOST 30067-93 Universal single bucket full turning excavators RUSS19421
GOST 21021-85 Digital programmed control devices RUSS19516
GOST 28433-90 Retrievers RUSS19568
GOST 28434-90 Overhead travelling stacker cranes RUSS19608
GOST 7397.0-89 Switches for household and similar stationary electric devices RUSS20020
GOST R 51778-2001 Distribution boards for industrial and social buildings. General specifications RUSS20353
GOST R 52643-2006 High-strength screws and nuts washers for metal structures. General specifications RUSS20354
GOST R 52719-2007 Power transformers. General specifications RUSS20355
GOST 31402-2009 Brake cylinders for railway rolling stock. General specifications RUSS20550
GOST R 54334-2011 Current collectors of railways electric rolling stock. General specifications RUSS21004
GOST 22703-2012 Molded parts of coupler and automatic coupler devices of railway rolling stock. General specifications. RUSS21186
GOST 23279-2012 Welded reinforcing meshes for reinforced concrete structures and products. General specifications. RUSS21188
GOST 23118-2012 Building steel structures. General specifications RUSS21398
GOST 32668-2014 Safety relays, relay units and cabinets. General specifications RUSS21409
ST RK 1453-2005 Pre-stressed reinforced concrete bars for track switches. General specification KAZA22428
ST RK 2020-2010 Medical electronics hearing aids. General specification KAZA23283
ST RK 2157-2011 Turkey meat. Carcasses and their parts KAZA23426
ST RK GOST R 51690-2006 Cars of main railways with a gauge 1520 mm. General specification KAZA24514
ST RK GOST R 51692-2003 Boiled oils. General specification KAZA24516
ST RK GOST R 51697-2008 Aerosol household chemistry goods. General specification KAZA24520
ST RK GOST R 52702-2009 Chicken meat (carcasses of chickens, broiler-chickens and their parts). Specification KAZA24623
ST RK GOST R 53174-2009 Electric generating plants with diesel and gas internal combustion engines. General specification KAZA24659
ST RK GOST R 53175-2009 Electric generating plants with gasoline internal combustion engines. General specification KAZA24660
STB GOST R 51322.2.2-2003 Electric plug connectors for household and similar purpose. Part 2. Additional requirements to outlets for appliances and test methods BELA28953
DSTU 4512:2006 The national flag of Ukraine. General specifications. UKRA33394
DSTU 4615:2006 Trunk pipelines. Steel welded parts for PN up to 10 MPa. General specifications. UKRA33496
DSTU GOST 17380-2003 (ISO 3419-81) Carbon and low-alloy steel butt-welding fittings. General specifications UKRA36919
GOST 18273-89 Woollen sheet wadding stitched by canvas. General specifications RUSS48124
GOST 24379.0-2012 Foundation bolts. General specifications RUSS48685
GOST 25441-90 Glued lining cloths. General specifications RUSS49953
GOST R ISO 2702-93 Heat-treated steel tapping screws. General specifications RUSS50129
GOST R 52191-2003 Liqueurs. General specifications RUSS51640
GOST R 51777-2001 Cables for installations of submersible electric pumps. General specifications RUSS52760
GOST 17152-89 Steel hot-rolled shapes for cutting blades of earth-moving machines. General specifications RUSS53011
GOST 27590-2005 House-tube water-watered heat supply systems. General specifications RUSS54533
GOST 31460-2012 Cosmetic creams. General specifications RUSS55241
GOST 7190-2013 Liqueur-vodka products. General specifications RUSS55328
GOST R 52192-2003 Liqueur-vodka products. General specifications RUSS56277
GOST 30137-95 Horizontal jigging conveyers. General specifications RUSS56950
GOST 31089-2003 Household solvents (diluents) for paint coating materials. General specifications RUSS56992
GOST R 51322.2.2-99 Plugs and socket-outlets for household and similar purposes. Part 2. Particular requirements for socket-outlets for appliances and methods of tests RUSS57368
GOST R 51692-2000 Boiled oils. General specifications RUSS57404
GOST R 52558-2006 Carbonized wines and carbonized perl wines. General specifications RUSS57499
GOST 12712-2013 Vodkas and special vodkas. General specifications RUSS57900
GOST 32071-2013 Аlcohol production. Liqueurs. General specifications RUSS58075
GOST 30650-99 Canned poultry meat for baby hutrition. General specifications RUSS58108
GOST 28300-2010 Cardan shafts of traction drive of diesel locomotives and diesel trains. General specifications RUSS58938
GOST 30095-93 Polyester moulding materials (premixes). General specifications RUSS58964
GOST 31473-2012 Turkey meat (carcasses and their parts). General specifications RUSS59029
GOST 31649-2012 Decorative cosmetic stuffs on fatty and waxy basis. General specifications RUSS59057
GOST R 51322.2.6-99 Plugs and socket-outlets for household and similar purposes. Part 2-6. Particular requirements for switched socket-outlets with interlock for fixed electrical installations and methods of tests RUSS59404
GOST 17746-96 Sponge titanium. Specifications RUSS60338
GOST 30363-96 Egg products. General specifications RUSS60662
GOST R 53458-2009 Turkey meat (carcasses and their parts). General specifications RUSS61697
GOST R 53590-2009 Mayonnaises and mayonnaise sauces. General specifications RUSS61706
GOST R 55729-2013 Mining equipment. Hydraulic props for roof of supports. General specifications RUSS61774
GOST 30495-2006 Wood-protective means. General specifications RUSS61875
GOST 30988.2.2-2012 Plugs and socket-outlets for household similar purposes. Part 2-2. Particular requirements for socket-outlets for appliances and methods of tests RUSS62599
GOST 31761-2012 Мayonnaises and mayonnais sauces. General specifications RUSS62633
GOST 7247-2006 Paper and combined materials on the base of paper for automatic packaging of food, manufactured production and nonfood products. General specifications RUSS62730
GOST R 50918-96 Braille's displays. General specifications RUSS62863
GOST R 51748-2001 Metal frame yield supports. Arch support. General specifications RUSS62919
GOST R 52042-2003 Anchor supports. General specifications RUSS62941
GOST R 52664-2006 Welded pipe sheet piles. General specifications RUSS62985
GOST R 52702-2006 Chicken meat (carcasses of chickens, broiler-chickens and their parts). Specifications RUSS62991
GOST R 52989-2008 Sauces based on vegetable oils. General specifications RUSS63016
GOST R 53210-2008 Composite containers. General specifications RUSS63035
GOST R 53243-2008 Leather for furniture. General specifications RUSS63040
GOST 10393-94 Piston compressors for railway rolling stock. General technical specifications RUSS63414
GOST 31559-2012 Anchor supports. General pecifications RUSS63790
GOST 31560-2012 Metal frame yield supports. Arch support. General specifications RUSS63791
GOST 31692-2012 Shaving cosmetic products. General specifications RUSS63800
GOST R 50997-96 Mine's gyrocompass. General specification RUSS64030
GOST R 53471-2009 Synchronous three-phase generators of power above 100 kW. General specifications RUSS64161
GOST R 54468-2011 Flexible pipes with thermal insulation for district heating, hot and cold water networks. General specifications RUSS64235
GOST R 52493-2005 Services. Services of baths and shower-baths. General specifications RUSS64881
GOST 32389-2013 Boiled oils. General specifications RUSS64957
GOST R 50917-96 Braille's printers. General specifications RUSS65143
GOST R 52701-2006 Cosmetics for nails care and make-up. General specifications RUSS65502
GOST R 53638-2009 Reciprocating internal combustion engines. General specifications RUSS65519
GOST 8402-89 Cotton threads for embroidering knitting and darning. General specifications RUSS65668
GOST 12301-2006 Cartons of paperboard, paper and composite materials. General specifications RUSS65832

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