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GOST 11955-82 Road petroleum liquid bitumen. Specifications RUSS15884
GOST 380-94 Normal quality carbon steel RUSS16311
GOST 1412-85 Flakish graphite cast iron RUSS16363
GOST 7293-85 Cast iron with globular graphite for foundry RUSS16816
GOST 21743-76 Aviation oils RUSS16939
GOST 28394-89 Vermicular graphite iron for castings grades RUSS16969
GOST 4759-91 Ferromolybdenum RUSS16987
GOST 1585-85 Bearing cast iron for molding RUSS17114
GOST 24588-81 Blanks of modified wood RUSS17157
GOST 6501-82 Pulp sulphite unbleached of coniferous wood RUSS17208
GOST 6659-83 Water-resistant upholstery cardboard RUSS17210
GOST 8581-78 Motor oil for automobile and tractor RUSS17493
GOST 11208-82 Unbleached sulfate (coniferous) wood chemical pulp RUSS17554
GOST 11539-83 Bakelite resin plywood RUSS17555
GOST 11269-76 Universal rolled plates and wide strips made of special purpose structural high-grade Alloy steel RUSS17950
GOST 7657-84 Charcoal RUSS18039
GOST 7823-82 Pipe tobacco RUSS18539
GOST 8803-89 Round finer wire made of precision alloys with high electrical resistivity for resistive elements RUSS18666
GOST 9972-74 Petroleum turbine oils with additives RUSS18668
GOST 10200-83 Electrode coal-tar pitch RUSS18697
GOST 25263-82 Calcium hypochlorite is neutral. Technical conditions RUSS18747
GOST 13302-77 Petroleum acids RUSS19027
GOST 3916.2-96 General purpose plywood with coniferous veneer RUSS19058
GOST 8072-77 Cured raw tobacco RUSS19066
GOST 23178-78 High-temperature fluoroborate and boride halogenide fluxes for soldering RUSS19135
GOST 6323-79 Polyvinyl chloride insulated cables RUSS19248
GOST 7885-86 Industrial carbon for production of rubber RUSS19252
GOST 4543-71 Structural alloyed steel RUSS19322
GOST 21427.4-78 Cold-rolled steel electrical anisotropic strip RUSS19463
GOST 16306-80 Granulated double RUSS19513
GOST 17515-72 Hookup plastic insulated wires RUSS19594
GOST 9808-84 Pigmentary titanium dioxide RUSS19646
GOST 13345-85 Tin-plate and black plate RUSS19759
GOST 12337-84 Motor oils for diesel engines RUSS19884
GOST 18410-73 Paper insulated power RUSS19933
GOST 10160-75 Magnetically soft precision alloys RUSS19987
GOST 380-2005 Common quality carbon steel. Grades RUSS20560
GOST 4784-97 Aluminium and wrought aluminium alloys. Grades RUSS20945
GOST 6713-91 Low-alloyed structural rolled stock for bridge building. Specifications RUSS20952
SP 64.13330.2011 Wooden structures. RUSS21060
GOST 535-2005 Common quality carbon steel bar and shaped sections. General specifications RUSS21416
ST RK 1050-2011 Zinc in pigs. Specification. Put into effect in substitution of ST RK 1050-2002 KAZA22036
ST RK GOST R 52465-2010 Table sunflower oil. General specification. Put into effect in substitution of ST RK 1427-2005 KAZA24596
DSTU GOST 1535:2007 Copper rods. Specifications UKRA36641
DSTU GOST 617:2007 General-purpose copper and brass tubes of round section. Specifications UKRA38481
DSTU GOST 6835:2004 Gold and gold base alloys. Marks UKRA38495
GOST 31921-2012 Solders for capillary soldering of fittings of copper and copper alloys for connecting the pipelines systems. Grades RUSS43665
GOST 4752-2012 Cylinder copper wire. Specifications RUSS43696
GOST R 50425-92 Cast copper-zinc alloys (brass). Grades RUSS44195
GOST 23137-78 Copper-zinc solders. Grades RUSS44853
GOST 26468-85 Wrought columbium alloys. Grades RUSS45515
GOST 13462-79 Palladium and palladium alloys. Trade-marks RUSS46493
GOST 13498-79 Platinum and platinum alloys. Trade-marks RUSS47819
GOST 8011-74 The Caucasus coals for pulverized burning. Specifications RUSS48053
GOST 14957-76 Strained magnesium alloys. Grades RUSS48089
GOST 7478-75 Cell graphite Specifications RUSS48291
GOST 21234-75 Ground talc for ceramic industry. Specifications RUSS48647
GOST 14113-78 Aluminium antifriction alloys. Grades RUSS49179
GOST 23912-79 Alley of copper-beryllium. Specifications RUSS49368
GOST 14837-79 Platinum in powder. Technical requirements RUSS50430
GOST 12869-77 Electrical insulating synthetic fluid octol. Specifications RUSS50438
GOST 4421-73 Fluorite concentrate for welding materials. Specifications RUSS50499
GOST 12343-79 Ruthenium in powder. Specifications RUSS50675
GOST 10274-79 Graphite for production of electrocarbon products. Specifications RUSS50792
GOST 12342-81 Rhodium in powder. Specifications RUSS50875
GOST 19284-79 Microtalc for varnish and paint and pencil industry. Specifications RUSS50891
GOST 21286-82 Concentrated kaolin for pottery. Specifications RUSS50937
GOST 16099-80 Niobium in ingots. Specifications RUSS51011
GOST 16100-79 Niobium bricks. Technical requirements RUSS51138
GOST 14327-82 Crushed muscovite mica for electrodes. Specifications RUSS51517
GOST 13451-77 Feldspar and quartzfeldapar raw material for glass industry. Specifications RUSS51803
GOST 4784-74 Wrought aluminium and aluminium alloys. Grades RUSS51891
GOST 18187-72 Solvents of РЭ type for electrocoating. Specifications RUSS51933
GOST 9854-81 Quartzite’s crystalline for the production of silica products. Specifications RUSS52088
GOST 295-98 Aluminium for deoxidation, manufacture of ferroalloys and aluminothermy. Specifications RUSS52348
GOST 30620-98 Aluminium piston alloys. Specifications RUSS52357
GOST 6835-2002 Gold and gold base alloys. Marks RUSS52401
GOST R 51393-99 Corrosion-resistant steel cold rolled sheets and decks cold-shaped sections for carriage building. Specifications RUSS52493
GOST 11311-76 Coal phenol. Specifications RUSS52797
GOST R 52955-2008 Solders for capillary soldering of fittings from copper and copper alloys for connecting the pipelines systems. Grades RUSS52820
GOST 2856-79 Casting magnesium alloys. Grades RUSS52958
GOST 14836-82 Palladium in powder. Specifications RUSS52974
GOST 12338-81 Iridium in powder. Specifications RUSS52989
GOST 6457-66 Oils МК-8. Specifications RUSS53123
GOST 25140-93 Zinc alloys for casting. Grades RUSS53243
GOST R 50426-92 Zinc alloys for casting. Grades RUSS53409
GOST 22861-93 Lead of high purity. Specifications RUSS53498
GOST 15519-70 Technical agate and chalcedony. Specifications RUSS53611
GOST 5017-2006 Wrought tin bronzes. Grades RUSS53670
GOST 19807-91 Wrought titanium and titanium alloys. Grades RUSS53928
GOST 859-2014 Copper. Grades RUSS54102
GOST 4832-95 Foundry pig iron. Specifications RUSS54371
GOST 17809-72 Casting hard magnetic materials. Marks RUSS54678
GOST 3910-75 Refractory silica products for brickwork of glassmaking furnaces. Specifications RUSS55287
GOST R 52802-2007 Pelletized nickel-base superalloys. Grades RUSS55480
GOST 15819-85 Oils РМ and РМЦ. Specifications RUSS55794
GOST 15635-70 Refractory fire-clay products for hot-metal transfer ladles lining. Specifications RUSS55834
GOST 14940-96 Bleached sulphate pulp made of deciduous (aspen) wood. Specifications RUSS56623
GOST 16398-81 Calenderer vinyl plastic film. Specifications RUSS56640
GOST 5338-80 Refractory silica plasticized mortars. Specifications RUSS57120

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