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GOST Occupation safety standards system. Semiconductor converters of electric energy. Safety requirements RUSS15625
GOST 12.2.058-81 Requirements for color of crane components dangerous in exploitation RUSS15635
GOST 12.1.045-84 Occupational safety standards system. Electrostatic fields. Tolerance levels and methods of control at working places RUSS15642
GOST 12.4.125-83 Safety equipment for collective protection of personnel against exposure of mechanical factors RUSS15656
GOST 12.0.003-74 Dangerous and harmful production effects. Classification RUSS15703
GOST Straightening machines RUSS15793
GOST Cabinets for switchgear and control gear and unitized transformer substations RUSS15794
GOST 12.2.061-81 Occupational safety standards system. Industrial equipment. General safety requirements to working places RUSS15795
GOST Occupational safety standard system. Electrotechnical devices for voltage more than 1 000 v RUSS15841
GOST Occupational safety standards system. Installations, generators and induction heaters for electrothermics, ultrasonic installations and generators. Safety requirements RUSS15975
GOST 12.2.036-78 Press moulds for mechanical-rubber articles RUSS15976
GOST 12.1.008-76 Occupational safety standards system. Biological safety. General requirements RUSS16032
GOST 12.3.038-85 Occupational safety standards system. Construction. Works on thermal instulation of equipment and pipe lines. Safety requirements RUSS16045
GOST 12.0.002-80 Occupational safety standards system. Terms and definitions RUSS16050
GOST Occupation safety standards system. Rotating electric machines. Safety requirements RUSS16095
GOST 12.3.002-75 Occupational safety standards system. Manufacturing processes. General safety requirements RUSS16097
GOST 12.2.016-81 Occupational safety standards system. Gas compressing equipment. General safety requirements RUSS16103
GOST 12.3.035-84 Construction. Painting. Safety requirements RUSS16124
GOST 12.0.001-82 Occupational safety standards system. Basic rules RUSS16137
GOST Electric light bulbs RUSS16138
GOST Cabinets for switchgear and control gear and unitized transformer substations RUSS16139
GOST Hammers RUSS16140
GOST 12.2.022-80 Conveyers. RUSS16141
GOST 12.2.062-81 Occupational safety standards system. Industrial equipment. Safety protectors RUSS16142
GOST 12.2.114-86 Screw presses RUSS16143
GOST 12.2.115-86 Occupational safety standards system. Blowout preventer equipment. Safety requirements RUSS16144
GOST 12.2.116-86 Three and four roll plate bending machines RUSS16145
GOST Cables and cable fittings. Safety requirements RUSS16275
GOST 12.3.009-76 Occupational safety standards system. Loading and unloading works General safety requirements RUSS16279
GOST Chemical current sources RUSS16299
GOST 12.4.021-75 Ventilation systems. General requirements RUSS16315
GOST 12.2.071-90 Container cranes RUSS16341
GOST 12.2.101-84 Pneumatic drives RUSS16342
GOST 12.2.117-88 Hydraulic presses RUSS16343
GOST 12.0.004-90 Organization of training for labor safety. General rules RUSS16574
GOST 12.2.085-82 Vessels working under pressure. Safety valves. Safety requirements RUSS16579
GOST 12.2.132-93 Occupational safety standards system. Oil Extraction Wellhead Equipment. General Safety Requirements RUSS16580
GOST 12.2.063-81 Occupational safety standards system. Industrial pipeline valves. General safety requirements RUSS16656
GOST Devices for electric welding and plasma treatment RUSS16670
GOST 12.2.064-81 Occupational safety standards system. Controls of industrial equipment. General safety requirements RUSS16672
GOST 12.2.110-85 Air piston stationary general-purpose compressors RUSS16673
GOST 12.3.020-80 Occupational safety standards system. Transporting process of loads in all fields of national economy. General requirements safety RUSS16882
GOST 12.2.003-91 Industrial equipment. General safety requirements RUSS16887
GOST 12.2.086-83 Positive displacement hydraulic drives and lubrication systems RUSS16901
GOST 12.2.125-91 On-land cable equipment RUSS16902
GOST 12.2.131-92 Forging machines RUSS16903
GOST 12.2.088-83 Standards system of labor safety. Ground equipment for well repair and realization. Safety general requirements RUSS17048
GOST 12.2.010-75 Occupational safety standards system. Pneumatic Hand Machines. General safety requirements RUSS17090
GOST 12.2.104-84 Mechanized logging equipment RUSS17091
GOST 12.2.118-88 Shears RUSS17092
GOST Occupation safety standards system Electrical equipment. General safety requirements RUSS17242
GOST 12.2.060-81 Acetylene pipelines RUSS17320
GOST 12.2.092-94 Occupational safety standards system electromechanical and electrical heating equipment for the catering industry RUSS17321
GOST 12.2.113-86 Crank presses RUSS17322
GOST 12.2.138-97 Industrial sewing machines RUSS17323
GOST 12.2.044-80 Occupational safety standards system. Machines and equipment for oil transportation. Safety requirements RUSS17559
GOST 12.3.005-75 Painting works RUSS17561
GOST 12.2.008-75 Equipment and facilities for gas-flame treatment of metals and thermal RUSS17952
GOST 12.2.011-75 Construction and road machines RUSS17953
GOST 12.2.123-90 Textile machinery RUSS17954
GOST 12.3.003-86 Occupational safety standards system Electric welding works. Safety requirements RUSS18264
GOST 12.2.029-88 Machine tool attachments RUSS18306
GOST 12.2.111-85 Mounted and trailed agricultural machines RUSS18307
GOST 12.3.028-82 Processes of treatment materials by abrasive and borazon tools RUSS18591
GOST 12.4.040-78 Industrial equipment controls RUSS18707
GOST 12.2.054-81 Acetylene installations RUSS18836
GOST 12.2.120-88 Cabs and operators workplaces of tractors, building-road machines, single-axle prime movers, quarry dump trucks and powered agricultural machines RUSS18837
GOST 12.2.040-79 Positive-displacement hydraulic drives and lubricating systems. General safety requirements for construction RUSS18941
GOST 12.2.124-90 The food industry equipment RUSS19023
GOST 12.2.049-80 Occupational safety standards system. Industrial equipment. General ergonomic requirements RUSS19111
GOST Acetylene installations RUSS19112
GOST 12.2.109-89 Sheet presswork press tools RUSS19113
GOST 12.3.027-92 Foundry work RUSS19114
GOST 12.3.008-75 Production of metallic and non-metallic inorganic coatings RUSS19282
GOST 12.2.045-94 The equipment for production of rubber-technical products RUSS19548
GOST 12.2.025-76 Medical equipment. Electrical safety RUSS19590
GOST 12.2.019-86 Agricultural tractors and self-propelled machines RUSS19665
GOST 12.2.052-81 Occupational safety standards system. Equipment working with gaseous oxygen. General safety requirements RUSS19666
GOST 12.4.026-76 Signal colors and safety signs RUSS19667
GOST 12.2.042-91 Occupational safety standards system. Machines and technological equipment for livestock raising and forage production. RUSS19690
GOST 12.2.091-94 Safety requirements for indicating and registering electrical measuring instruments and accessories to them RUSS19718
GOST Foundry processing equipment RUSS19900
GOST 12.2.102-89 Machines and equipment for timber logging and floating, forestry tractors RUSS19971
GOST Electrical hand-held tools RUSS20012
GOST 12.2.006-87 Safety of the electronic mains-connected and similar devices intended for everyday and similar general-purpose use RUSS20035
RD 03-294-99 Regulations on the registration of objects in the state register of hazardous production facilities and maintaining the state register RUSS20229
RD 13-02-2006 The procedure for the examination of industrial safety plans for the localization and liquidation of emergencies at explosive, flammable and chemically hazardous production facilities and the requirements for processing the conclusion of this examination RUSS20242
GOST Occupation safety standards system. Power transformers and reactors. Safety requirements RUSS20417
GOST 12.3.019-80 Occupational safety standards system. Electrical tests and measurements. General safety requirements RUSS20418
GOST 12.4.059-89 Occupational safety standards system. Construction. Protective inventory safeguards. General specifications RUSS20801
STB 1526-2005 Occupational safety standards system. Polygraphic and typographic manufacturing. Safety requirements. General provisions BELA26920
STB 1533-2005 Occupational safety standards system. Graphic trade. Printing processes. Safety requirements. Main provisions BELA26925
STB 1541-2005 Occupational safety standards system. Graphic trade. Bookbinding and finishing processes. Safety requirements. Main provisions BELA26930
STB 1568-2005 Occupational safety standards system. Printing equipment. Safety requirements and test methods BELA26944
STB 1668-2006 Occupational safety standards system. Graphic trade. Typographic processes. Safety requirements. Main provisions BELA27020
STB 18001-2009 Labour safety management systems. Requirements BELA27168
GOST 28507-99 Special with upper from leather for the protection from mechanical effects. Technical specifications. RUSS44333
GOST 31210-2003 Facilities for data displaying of individual use. General ergonomic and safety standards. RUSS44404
GOST 12.2.038-84 Occupational safety standards system. Web teleprinters. Permissible levels of noise characteristics and its control methods RUSS45632
GOST Occupational safety standards system. Agricultural tractors and vehicles. A method of determination the cab insulation RUSS46500

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