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GOST 9920-89 A.c. electrical installations for voltage from 3 to 750 kV. Creepage distance of external insulation RUSS15780
GOST 28023-89 Adhesive electric insulation tapes RUSS15823
GOST 30331.4-95 Electrical installations of buildings. Part 4. Protection for safety. Protection against thermal effects RUSS15909
GOST 30331.5-95 Electrical installations of buildings. Part 4. Protection for safety. Protection against overcurrent RUSS16073
GOST Occupation safety standards system. Safety requirements. Switching devices for voltages below 1000 v RUSS16080
GOST 12176-89 Cables, wires and cords. Check methods for flame propagation RUSS16126
GOST 21215-75 Electrical oxide insolating paper RUSS16397
GOST 26246.10-89 Thin epoxy-impregnated glass fabric copper -clad electrical insulating material for printed circuit boards, general purpose RUSS16431
GOST 26246.11-89 Epoxy-impregnated glass cloth foil-clad electrical insulating material of standardized combustibility for printed circuit boards. RUSS16432
GOST 28444-90 Portable toy lamps for children RUSS16460
GOST 28682-90 Portable lights for garden use RUSS16468
GOST 16372-93 Rotating electric machines. Limiting values of noise levels RUSS16568
GOST 10313-87 Cartridge clips and insertions for strengthening inherings on still picture cameras RUSS16663
GOST 27453-87 Light fixtures RUSS16754
GOST 28376-89 Compact disk RUSS16766
GOST 28668.1-91 Low-voltage switchgear and control gear assemblies. Part 2. Particular requirments for busbar trunking systems ( busways ) RUSS16851
GOST 9630-80 Three-phase asynchronous motors. General specifications. RUSS17060
GOST 17007-80 Disk diamond wheels RUSS17342
GOST 25030-81 Threadless contact terminals RUSS17391
GOST 25847-83 Radiographic films RUSS17396
GOST 28288-89 Light fixtures with built-in RUSS17420
GOST 28927-91 Synchronous machines using hydrogen as a coolant RUSS17429
GOST 20783-81 Metal trays for wiring RUSS17613
GOST 27900-88 Light fixtures RUSS17654
GOST 28243-89 Pyrometers. General technical requirements RUSS17658
GOST 29092-91 Cylindrical milling cutters RUSS17667
GOST 28066-89 Ssi liquid chamber meters RUSS17793
GOST 23469.0-81 Cable sleeves RUSS17985
GOST 23706-93 Direct action analog electrical RUSS17986
GOST 26246.4-89 General-purpose epoxy-impregnated cohesive fiberglass foil-clad insulating material RUSS17995
GOST 26246.5-89 Epoxy-impregnated glass cloth foil-clad electrical insulating material of stipulated combustibility for printed circuit boards. RUSS17996
GOST 26246.9-89 Epoxy-impregnated woven (non-woven) glass fabric foil-clad electrical insulating material of rated combustibility for printed circuit boards RUSS17998
GOST 28711-90 Tungsten filament lamps for domestic and similar general lighting purposes. Performance requirements RUSS18049
GOST 12450-82 Ac circuit breakers for the rated voltages from 110 to 750 kv RUSS18111
GOST 18390-73 Wire from palladium and its alloys RUSS18128
GOST 2456-82 Grinding bars RUSS18159
GOST 26415-85 Weak-current cords RUSS18169
GOST 29111-91 Lead-acid starter battery RUSS18193
GOST 7746-2001 Current transformers. General specifications RUSS18254
GOST 17692-89 Car radio receivers RUSS18332
GOST 18198-89 TV sets RUSS18334
GOST 26327-84 Silicon carbide grinding materials RUSS18376
GOST 25293-82 Coolers for air cooling systems of power semiconductor devices RUSS18432
GOST 9.301-86 Unified system of corrosion and ageing protection. Metal and non-metal inorganic coatings. General requirements RUSS18445
GOST 18389-73 Wire made of platinum and its alloys RUSS18495
GOST 25594-83 Honing diamond bars RUSS18514
GOST 26004-83 Diamond wheels with internal cutting edge RUSS18516
GOST 26367.3-93 Sealed nickel-cadmium prismatic rechargeable single cells RUSS18519
GOST 11289-80 Receiving television antennas RUSS18587
GOST 26367.2-93 Nickel-cadmium, sealed, disk accumulators RUSS18630
GOST 26692-93 Sealed prismatic RUSS18634
GOST 6746-75 Capacitance measures general specifications RUSS18658
GOST 16463-80 Solid carbide keyway cutters RUSS18716
GOST 19875-79 Self-recording quickly-responding electrical measuring instruments RUSS18729
GOST 23511-79 Industrial radio frequency interference generated by domestic electrical appliances used in residential buildings, or connected to domestic power sources RUSS18740
GOST 26154-84 Photographic enlargers RUSS18751
GOST 26367.1-93 Nickel-cadmium, sealed, cylinder accumulators RUSS18754
GOST 9305-93 Convex and concave form half-round milling cutters and corner rounding cutters RUSS18800
GOST 14254-96 Degrees of protection provided by enclosures (IP Code) RUSS18803
GOST 24719-81 Electric mining equipment, RUSS18865
GOST 26346-84 Lighting buses for the ac voltage up to 660 v RUSS18869
GOST 11013-81 Moving-coil oscillograph galvanometers RUSS18939
GOST 1232-82 Porcelain and glass pin-type insulators for voltage 1-35 kv RUSS18948
GOST 16962.1-89 Electrical articles. Test methods as to environments climatic factors resistance RUSS18991
GOST 26413.0-85 Power cords RUSS19049
GOST 9829-81 Light-beam oscillographs RUSS19071
GOST 23667-85 Non-Destructive Testing Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors Methods for Measuring the Main Parameters RUSS19095
GOST 11948-78 Instruments for measurement of wow rate, speed oscillation and extraneous amplitude modulation factors, and speed drift for sound recording and reproduction equipment RUSS19110
GOST 22483-77 Copper and aluminum conductors RUSS19223
GOST 22505-83 Man-made noise from television receivers and frequency modulated usw broadcast receivers RUSS19224
GOST 26339-84 Annular diamond drills RUSS19232
GOST 14965-80 Three-phase synchronous generators of power over 100 kw RUSS19289
GOST 15607-84 Baudot code start-stop apparatuses for alphabetic telegraphy RUSS19344
GOST 24754-81 General purpose mining electric equipment RUSS19355
GOST 28602.3-90 Flexible composite insulating materials RUSS19367
GOST 27955-88 Ultrasonic magnetostrictive transducers RUSS19415
GOST 28330-89 Asynchronous electrical machines with power from 1 to 400 kw inclusive. Motors RUSS19417
GOST 7192-89 Constant-speed electrical actuating mechanisms, ssi RUSS19432
GOST 6825-91 Tubular fluorescent lamps for general lighting service RUSS19448
GOST 21177-82 Industrial radio frequency noise RUSS19462
GOST 24371-80 Electronic photo-flashes for amateur photography RUSS19470
GOST 26272-84 Electronic-mechanical wrist and pocket watches RUSS19475
GOST 17493-80 Electric machine frequency converters with power rating 250 kw up RUSS19554
GOST 8799-90 Starters for tubular fluorescent lamps RUSS19573
GOST 10733-79 Mechanical wrist and pocket watches RUSS19588
GOST 23450-79 Industrial radio noise from industrial, science, medical and domestic high-frequency equipment standards and measuring methods RUSS19601
GOST 24855-81 Analog converters for measurement of current, voltage, power, frequency, resistance RUSS19603
GOST 25052-87 Ultrasonic therapy apparatuses RUSS19604
GOST 11206-77 Low-voltage magnetic contactors. General specifications RUSS19630
GOST 2679-93 Metal slitting and cutting-off saws RUSS19637
GOST 8490-77 X-ray tubes RUSS19643
GOST 21963-82 Cutoff wheels RUSS19702
GOST 23350-83 Electronic wrist and pocket watches RUSS19703
GOST 27540-87 Gas and inflammable vapors thermo-chemical alarms RUSS19728
GOST 7396.1-89 Plugs and socket-outlets for domestic and similar general use RUSS19732
GOST 25045-81 Electrical insulating materials RUSS19764
GOST 28375-89 Compact disc players RUSS19786
GOST 28712-90 Incandescent lamps for domestic and analogous general illuminations RUSS19787
GOST 28034-89 Electric insulating varnished fabrics RUSS19830
GOST 1983-89 Voltage transformers RUSS19852

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