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GOST 27172-86 Spectrometric modules and devices for detecting ionizing radiations RUSS16182
GOST 27173-86 Spectrometric units and devices for detection of ionizing radiation RUSS19606
ST RK ISO /ASTM 51900-2013 Guide for dosimetry in radiation research on food and agricultural products KAZA24915
STB GOST R 12.4.203-2001 Occupational safety standards system. Hands protective equipment. Gloves for hands protection against ionizing radiation and radioactive substances. General technical requirements and test methods BELA28853
DSTU ISO 8194-2001 Radiation protection -- Clothing for protection against radioactive contamination -- Design, selection, testing and use UKRA41764
GOST R ISO/ASTM 51431-2012 Practice for dosimetry in electron beam and X-ray (bremsstrahlung) irradiation facilities for food processing RUSS44240
GOST R ISO/ASTM 51900-2013 Guide for dosimetry in radiation research on food and agricultural products RUSS44241
GOST R ISO 21482-2009 Ionizing-radiation warning. Supplementary symbol RUSS50253
GOST R 51745-2001 Radiographic intensifying screens for medical use. Dimensions RUSS53657
GOST R 51919-2002 Radionuclide ionizing radiation sealed sources. Leakage test methods RUSS59456
GOST 31315-2006 Electronic sealing devices. General technical requirements RUSS60911
GOST R 52259-2004 Electronic sealing devices. General technical requirements RUSS61879
GOST 23077-78 The ionizing radiation scintillation detectors. Terms, definitions and literal symbols RUSS62450
GOST R IEC 61859-2001 Radiotherapy treatment rooms. General safety requirements RUSS65241
GOST 12.4.217-2001 Occupational safety standards system. Personal protection equipment against radioactive substances and ionizing radiation. Requirements and test methods RUSS66611
GOST 31315-2013 Electronic sealing devices. General technical requirement RUSS67257
GOST R 52241-2004 Radionuclide ionizing radiation sealed sources. Durability classes and test methods RUSS68749
GOST R ISO/ASTM 51204-2012 Practice for dosimetry in gamma irradiation facilities for food processing RUSS72415
GOST R IEC/TO 60788-2009 Medical electrical equipment. Glossary RUSS74361
GOST R IEC 60050-881-2008 International electrotechnical vocabulary. Chapter 881. Radiology and radiological physics RUSS74370
SP 2.6.003-03 Radiation Safety Standards (NRB-99) RUSS84026
SP Handling of mineral raw materials and materials with a high content of natural radionuclides RUSS84027
SP Basic Sanitary Rules for Radiation Safety RUSS84029
SP Radiation safety of X-ray inspection. RUSS84031
SP Hygienic requirements for design, equipment and operation of radon laboratories, departments of radon therapy. RUSS84032
SP ORO 2002 Sanitary rules for radioactive waste handling (SPORO- 2002). To replace SPORO-85 RUSS84150
GOST 33339-2015 Radiation processing of food products. General specifications RUSS139076
GOST 33340-2015 Irradiated foodstuffs. General considerations RUSS139077
GOST ISO 14470-2014 Food irradiation. Requirements for the development, validation and routine control of the process of irradiation using ionizing radiation for the treatment of food RUSS139666
NP-038-11 General provisions to ensure the safety of radiation sources RUSS144851
NP-014-2000 Regulations for Investigation and Documenting of Violations in the Industrial Use of Radiation Sources and Radioactive Substances RUSS149271
RMG 78-2005 State system for ensuring the uniformity of measurements. Ionizing radiation emissions and their measurement. Terms and definitions RUSS150401
RD 50-454-84 Guidelines. Introduction and application of GOST 8.417-81 "GSI. Units of physical quantities" in the field of ionizing radiation RUSS165614
SanPiN Ensuring radiation safety of JSC TVEL enterprises RUSS167707
GOST 31315-2015 Electronic sealing devices. General specifications RUSS208752
NP-038-16 Federal rules and regulations in the field of the use of atomic energy. General provisions for ensuring the safety of radiation sources. RUSS220942
GOST 16950-71 Products of radiation protection equipment. Terms and definitions RUSS233135
GOST 33606-2015 Electronic sealing devices. The system of control of the equipment of wagons with removable parts. General principles RUSS243061
GOST 33820-2016 Fresh and frozen meat. Guidance on irradiation for destruction of parasites, pathogenic and other microorganisms RUSS243226
GOST 33825-2016 Packaged meat products. Guidance on irradiation for destruction of parasites, pathogenic and other microorganisms RUSS243232
GN Basic control levels, smooth releases and smooth actions regarding radioactive contamination of the objects of the exclusion zone RUSS286226
GN Allowable levels of 137Cs and 90Sr radionuclides in food and drinking water. State hygiene regulations RUSS286227
GN 6.6.1-120-2005 Hygienic standard of specific activity of radionuclides (137) Cs and (90) Sr in wood and wood products RUSS286228
GOST 34155-2017 Guidelines for dosimetry in the study of the effects of radiation on food and agricultural products RUSS286742
GOST 34156-2017 Guidelines for dosimetry in the processing of food products by gamma radiation RUSS286743
GOST 34157-2017 Guidelines for dosimetry in the processing of food by electron beams and x-ray (bremsstrahlung) radiation RUSS286744
MI 1798-87 Guidelines. State system for ensuring uniformity of measurements. Alpha spectrometers with semiconductor detectors. Method of verification RUSS290687
MR Optimization of Patient Radiation Protection in Interventional Radiology RUSS290939
MR Monitoring compliance with radiation-hygienic parameters in construction. guidelines RUSS290975
MU Volumetric activity of radionuclides in the air at workplaces. Requirements for determining the average annual activity volume RUSS291170
SanPiN Sanitary rules and standards "Hygienic requirements for the use of closed radionuclide sources of ionizing radiation during geophysical work on boreholes" RUSS305205
SP 1136-73 Sanitary rules for working with closed radioisotope sources of ionizing radiation during radiometric testing of borehole sections RUSS305475
SP 1171-74 Sanitary regulations on radioisotope flaw detection RUSS305478
SP 1946-78 Sanitary rules for the device and operation of radioisotope devices RUSS305485
SP 2191-80 Sanitary regulations during X-ray inspection RUSS305498
SP 2780-80 Sanitary rules for work during medical X-ray examinations RUSS305502
SP 2813-83 Rules and norms for the use of open radiopharmaceuticals for diagnostic purposes RUSS305504
SP 4240a-86 Sanitary rules for work with downhole neutron generators RUSS305559
SP 5193-90 Regulations on the institution’s radiation safety service (typical) RUSS305562
ST SEV 237-75 Products of radiation-protective equipment. Lead hatch protective blocks and with ball joint. Technical conditions RUSS305670
DGN 25-97 List of substances, products, production processes, domestic and natural factors, carcinogenic to humans UKRA341818
DSanPiN 6.6.3-150-2007 Hygienic requirements for the design and operation of x-ray rooms and x-ray procedures UKRA341887
DSEPiN 6.6.1.-079/211.3.9-001-02 State sanitary and environmental rules and standards for radiation safety during operations with scrap metal UKRA341896
DSP 6.074.120-01 Basic sanitary rules for the radiation protection of Ukraine UKRA341923
DSTU ISO 28218:2013 Radiation Protection. Criteria for conducting radiobiological analysis (ISO 28218: 2010, IDT) UKRA347076
I 7.05.527 Calculation and accounting of an individual effective patient dose from radionuclide diagnostic procedures. departmental instruction UKRA348854
MV Radiation-hygienic regulation of work at the facilities of the liquidated Pridneprovsk chemical plant (PCP). guidelines UKRA348919
MV The procedure for determining the permissible levels of discharges and emissions of Ukrainian NPPs (Radiation hygiene regulations and groups). State guidelines UKRA348920
NRBU-97/D-2000 Standards of radiation safety of Ukraine UKRA350516
OSP-72/87 Basic sanitary rules for working with radioactive substances and other sources of ionizing radiation RUSS374772
GOST 8.664-2019 State system for ensuring the uniformity of measurements. Food products. Radiation processing of food products. Dosimetry requirements RUSS376957
RMG 144-2019 State system for ensuring the uniformity of measurements. Ensuring the uniformity of measurements of the absorbed dose of ionizing radiation during radiation processing of food products. General requirements RUSS377084

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