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GOST 3595-74 Pure-bread dressed natural color karakul RUSS17441
RST USSR 1843-88 Custom-made selected fur for population. Specifications UKRA43370
GOST 8975-75 Artificial leather. Test methods for rubbing and adhesion strength of coating RUSS57224
GOST 33099-2014 Leather products. Method for determining the materials used RUSS373667
DSTU ISO 11641:2005 Leather -- Tests for colour fastness -- Colour fastness to perspiration UKRA39848
MNS 0543:1966 Determination of the character of the skin paint MONG212273
GOST 10322-71 Dressed mink skins RUSS17549
GOST 938.6-68 Leather. Method of determination of water soluble content RUSS49112
DSTU ISO 17075-1:2018 (ISO 17075-1:2017, IDT) Leather. Chemical determination of chromium (VI) in the skin. Part 1. Colorimetric method UKRA352067
GOST 938.28-77 Leather. Method of determination of hydrothermic stability RUSS46725
GOST 30835-2003 Leather. Method of test for colour fastness to perspiration RUSS58008
STB ISO 17226-1-2010 Leather. Formaldehyde determination. Part 1. High-performance liquid chromatography method BELA29494
GOST 17632-72 Dressed fur skins and coat sheepskins. Method for determination of shrinkage temperature RUSS47566
GOST 25451-82 Artificial and synthetic leather. Acceptance rules RUSS63467
GOST 12056-66 Dressed skins of lynx and wild cats RUSS16904
GOST 938.1-67 Leather. Method of determination of moisture content RUSS49092
MNS ISO 2589:2002 Measurement of shrinkage temperature MONG212071
GOST 11806-66 Dressed natural or dyed skins of fitch RUSS18103
GOST 20876-75 Artificial leather. Method of determination of low temperature test in dynamic state RUSS50425
MNS 5393:2004 Leather and fur goods. Treatment tunica mucosa of cow`s rumen for fancy MONG210572
GOST 11106-74 Dressed musk-rat skins RUSS16895
GOST 22944-78 Artificial leather and film materials. Method for the determination of water penetrability RUSS54563
DSTU 4412:2005 Leather shavings. Specifications. UKRA33267
GOST 938.13-70 Leather. Method of measuring of weight and linear sizes of samples RUSS47389
GOST 938.0-75 Leather. Rules of acceptance. Methods of sampling RUSS63458
GOST 11616-79 Dressed skins of marten, kidus and charsa RUSS17556
DSTU ISO 15703:2006 Leather -- Tests for colour fastness -- Colour fastness to mild washing UKRA40266
MNS 3276:1990 Leather. Determination of resistance to gran cracking MONG212438
DSTU 2341-94 Leather. Terms and definitions. UKRA30787
GOST 938.15-70 Leather. Method of measuring thickness of samples and thickness of leather in the standard point RUSS51577
DSTU ISO 17233:2007 Leather -- Physical and mechanical tests -- Determination of cold crack temperature of surface coatings UKRA40360
GOST 938.12-70 Leather. Method of preparing of samples for physical-mechanical testing RUSS48263
MNS ISO 5403-1:2016 Leather-A method of determining dynamic resistance to water MONG210407
DSTU 2726-94 (GOST 939-94) Upper leather. Specifications UKRA31197
GOST 938.20-71 Leather. Method of measurement of apparent density RUSS50256
MNS 3269:1990 Leather. Laboratory samples. Location and identification MONG212268
DSTU 4411:2005 Leather pieces and scraps. Specifications. UKRA33266
GOST 12608-85 Leather. Method of determination of magnesium salt content RUSS51128
MNS 3901:1986 Finished leather. Method of testing MONG212404
DSTU ISO 14268:2008 Leather -- Physical and mechanical tests -- Determination of water vapour permeability UKRA40127
GOST 316-75 Bottom leather. Determination of grade RUSS53038
MNS ISO 4044:2003 Preparation of chemical test samples MONG211942
DSTU 3115-95 Leather for garments. General specifications. UKRA31720
GOST 25937-83 Footwear materials. Method for determination of the specific volume and surface electrical resistivity RUSS208504
DSTU GOST 31280:2006 Furs and fur products. Harmful substances. Methods of detection and determination of free formaldehyde and washed out chrome (VI) and common chrome contents UKRA38365
GOST 938.26-75 Leather. Test method for strength of pin fixation RUSS48175
MNS 5597:2006 The leather processing industry. Determination of sulfide in the technological waste water MONG210905
GOST 13692-68 Dressed skins of wolf and jackal RUSS17570
GOST 337-84 Yuft upper leather. Determination of grade RUSS46332
MNS 3270:1990 Leather. Preparation of physical tests MONG213456
DSTU 4413:2005 Leather cutting. Specifications. UKRA33268
GOST 938.2-67 Leather. Method of determination of ash content RUSS52747
DSTU ISO 4045-2001 Leather -- Chemical tests -- Determination of pH UKRA40892
GOST 938.21-71 Leather. Method of determination of water penetration and water permeability under static conditions RUSS50605
MNS ISO 7875-2:2006 The leather processing industry determination of non-ionic surfactants in the technological waste water. Dragendorff reagent MONG211058
DSTU 3177-95 Leather. Nomenclature of quality indicators. UKRA31833
GOST 25691-83 Artificial and synthetic leather for clothing. Method of defining of dynamic and static friction factors RUSS50817
MNS 5301:2003 Leather. Dynamic water resistance test for leather MONG212575
DSTU ISO 11642-2001/GOST ISO 11642-2002 Leather -- Tests for colour fastness -- Colour fastness to water UKRA39849
GOST 20830-75 Artificial leather. Determination methods for moisture absorption and evaporation from one surface RUSS53603
MNS 5297:2003 Leather. Testing method for determination of moisture MONG213525
DSTU ISO 15700:2005 Leather -- Tests for colour fastness -- Colour fastness to water spotting UKRA40263
GOST 8977-74 Artificial leather and films. Methods for determination of flexibility, hardness and elasticity RUSS54801
MNS 3271:1990 Leather. Determination of apparent density MONG212274
DSTU ISO 17229:2009 Leather. Physical and mechanical tests. Determination of water vapour absorption (ISO 17229:2002, IDT) UKRA40359
MNS ISO 11640:2003 Color fastness to cycles of to-and-fro rubbing MONG211444
DSTU ISO 17236:2007 Leather -- Physical and mechanical tests -- Determination of extension set UKRA40362
GOST 21047-75 Technical leather. Determination of grade RUSS50676
MNS ISO 4047:2008 Chemical tests. Determination of sulphonate total ash and sulphonate water. insoluble ash MONG211941
DSTU 1844-92 Custom-made fur clothes. General specifications UKRA30424
GOST 938.11-69 Leather. Tensile strength test RUSS52452
MNS ISO 3377-1:2016 Leather. Physical and mechanical analysis. Determination of Crash Progress in the future MONG210566
DSTU ISO 3378:2005 Leather -- Physical and mechanical tests -- Determination of resistance to grain cracking and grain crack index UKRA40756
GOST 3717-84 Suede. Specifications RUSS53849
DSTU ISO 5404:2007 Leather -- Physical and mechanical tests -- Determination of flex resistance by flexometer method UKRA41109
GOST 938.30-78 Leather. Test methods for brittleness and fragility RUSS55717
MNS 3051:1981 Tests for color fatness-Color fastness to perspiration MONG213549
DSTU ISO 3380:2008 Leather -- Physical and mechanical tests -- Determination of shrinkage temperature up to 100 degrees C UKRA40757
GOST 17714-72 Dressed skins of small rodents. Specifications RUSS52203
GOST 32994-2014 Leather for upper shoes. Technical specifications RUSS355853
DSTU ISO 2589:2005 Leather -- Physical and mechanical tests -- Determination of thickness UKRA40618
MNS 5808:2007 Determination of Chromium (III) oxide content in the leather MONG210799
MNS ISO 17236:2016 Hides-Physics and mechanical analysis Residual elimination method MONG210567
DSTU ISO 5399-2001 Leather UKRA41106
GOST 938.16-70 Leather. Method of the determination of the ball bursting strength of leather and its grain RUSS55780
MNS 1614:1980 Leather of gloves goods MONG212510
GOST 938.19-71 Leather. Method of tear strength testing RUSS47309
MNS 81-2:2008 Chrome tanning sole leather. Technical requirement MONG212580
DSTU ISO 11646:2005 Leather -- Measurement of area UKRA39851
GOST 938.18-70 Leather. Method of determination of air penetration RUSS49311
MNS ISO 4045:2003 Determination of pH MONG211198
GOST 21481-76 Cross-bred dressed karakul RUSS17620
GOST 8971-78 Artificial leather, films and paperboard for shoes. Methods for the determination of hydroscopicity and moisture return RUSS50480
MNS 5651:2006 The leather processing industry. Determination of phenol in the technological waste water MONG215495
DSTU ISO 3377-1:2005 Leather -- Physical and mechanical tests -- Determination of tear load -- Part 1: Single edge tear UKRA40754
GOST 338-81 Chrome upper leather. Sorting RUSS53681
DSTU ISO 4048:2006 Leather -- Chemical tests -- Determination of matter soluble in dichloromethane and free fatty acid content UKRA40894
GOST 938.3-77 Leather. Method of determination of chrome content RUSS53945
MNS 0081-2:2008 Leather. Shoe netting. Technical requirements MONG212579
DSTU ISO 15701:2006 Leather -- Tests for colour fastness -- Colour fastness to migration into plasticized poly(vinyl chloride) UKRA40264

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