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GOST 7022-97 Manna groats RUSS16516
DSTU 5021.2:2008 Soya. Identification of genetically modified organisms. Part 2. Method of identification of genetically modified organisms. UKRA33935
GOST 22164-76 Rice and its products. Method of determination of physical caloricity RUSS49386
GOST 14849-89 Macaroni foods. Acceptance rules and methods of quality determination RUSS62365
GOST 7066-54 Edible lentil RUSS253539
GOST 9511-80 Puff bakery products RUSS16016
GOST 28809-90 Rolls RUSS17187
GOST 27670-88 Corn flour. Method for determination of fat RUSS48858
GOST 31806-2012 Frozen and cooled prepared baking mixes. General specifications RUSS67741
GOST 3352-63 Food and fodder peas RUSS243022
DSTU 7701:2015 Pea groats. Technical conditions UKRA342430
GOST 13657-68 Rye bread and mixed wheat-rye bread preserved in spirit for short-term storage RUSS16915
GOST 22163-76 Rice. Method of determination of density RUSS47397
GOST 15113.1-77 Food concentrates. Methods for determination of packing quality, net and volume weight, separate components mass fraction, particle size of certain types of product and milling grade RUSS54626
GOST 24508-80 Food concentrates. Packing, marking, transportation and storage RUSS65315
GOST 8758-67 Gram chick-pea. Requirements for state purchases and deliveries RUSS257484
GSTU 158.00389676.008-99 Eastern flour sweets. General technical conditions UKRA348566
GOST 8759-92 Sorghum requirements for state purchases and deliveries RUSS17496
GOST 27559-87 Flour and bran. Method for determination of pest infestation and filth test RUSS46440
GOST 10940-64 Grain. Methods of determination of type composition RUSS58293
GOST ISO 24557-2015 Legume and grain crops. Determination of moisture content. Method of air heat drying RUSS260245
DSTU-P 4117-2002 Grain and its products. Determination of quality indicators by infrared spectroscopy UKRA348385
GOST 27168-86 Flour for infant formula products RUSS16964
GOST 9353-90 Wheat RUSS18543
GOST 28666.1-90 Cereals and pulses. Determination of hidden insect infestation. Part 1. General principles RUSS50599
GOST 31751-2012 Fried bread products. General specifications RUSS68190
GOST 17109-71 Soybeans (industrial raw material). Requirements for state purchases RUSS233317
DSTU 7516:2014 Long-term storage bread preserved with alcohol. Technical conditions UKRA342317
GOST 7066-77 Edible lentil RUSS17473
GOST 27495-87 Flour. Method for determination of autolysis activity RUSS47650
GOST 10840-64 Grain. Methods of determination of the hectolitre weight RUSS50108
GOST 31749-2012 Instant (noodle) macaroni products. General specifications RUSS65998
DSTU 2418-94 Food concentrates. Sweet dishes. Kissel. Technical conditions UKRA341979
GOST 18271-72 Ground wheat grist RUSS16383
GOST 15810-96 Gingerbread confectionery RUSS17588
GOST 9404-88 Flour and bran. Method of moisture content determination RUSS53838
GOST ISO 5526-2015 Cereals, pulses and other food grains. Nomenclature RUSS139756
MU 3016-89 Guidelines for the determination of baileton in potatoes, cucumbers, tomatoes, apples, peaches, grapes, citrus fruits (lemons, oranges, tangerines), grain, green mass of plants, raw materials of medicinal crops, water and soil using gas-liquid and thin la RUSS291236
DSTU ISO 16002:2014 Grain cereals and legumes stored in granaries. Guidelines for determining the contamination of grain by living invertebrates using traps (ISO 16002: 2004, IDT) UKRA346873
GOST 3034-75 Oat groats RUSS17192
GOST 3040-55 Grain. Methods for determination of quality RUSS48776
GOST 13586.1-68 Grain. Methods of determination quantity and quality of gluten in wheat RUSS56023
GOST 15113.9-77 Food concentrates. Methods for determination of fat RUSS65851
DSTU 3139:2015 Brewing. Terms and Definitions UKRA342016
GOST 572-60 Polished millet groats RUSS16207
GOST 13634-90 Corn RUSS18113
GOST 10968-88 Grain. Methods for determination of germinating energy and germinating property RUSS53109
GOST 31748-2012 Foodstuffs. Determination of aflatoxin B1, and the total content of aflatoxins B1, B2, G1 and G2 in cereals, nuts and derived products. High-performance liquid chromatographic method RUSS63805
DSTU 4803:2013 Cakes and pastries. General technical conditions UKRA342137
GSTU 158.00389676.012-2002 Bakery products. Straw. General technical conditions UKRA348570
GOST 28620-90 Bread buns. General specifications RUSS17182
GOST 26312.3-84 Groats. Method for determination of pest infestation RUSS47809
GOST 15113.0-77 Food concentrates. Rules of acceptance, sampling and preparation of samples RUSS51528
GOST 13586.5-2015 Grain. Method of moisture content determination RUSS138364
GOST 2077-84 Rye bread, mixed rye-wheat bread and mixed wheat-rye bread RUSS17141
GOST 27558-87 Flour and bran. Methods for determination of colour, odour, taste and crunch RUSS46796
GOST 20239-74 Flour, grouts and bran. Determination method of metallomagnetic admixture RUSS49536
GOST ISO 5529-2013 Wheat. Determination of sedimentation index. Zelen's method RUSS62808
GOST 8758-58 Food and fodder Turkish peas RUSS257483
GOST 12584-67 Nareznye long loaves preserved in alcohol for a long shelf life RUSS16152
GOST 14033-96 Crackers (dry biscuits) RUSS17573
GOST 7757-71 Oats for malting in alcohol manufacturing. Specifications RUSS49040
GOST 14033-2015 Cracker. General specifications RUSS138369
GOST 5312-50 Green fresh peas for canning RUSS249842
DSTU 8672:2016 Food Beans. Technical conditions UKRA342944
GOST 14621-78 Biscuit rolls RUSS16917
GOST 10844-74 Grain. Method of determination of acidity by the mash RUSS48269
GOST 10847-74 Grain. Methods of determination of ash content RUSS55655
GOST ISO 7973-2013 Cereals and cereal products. Determination of the viscosity using an amylograph RUSS65792
GOST ISO 16002-2013 Cereals and legumes harvested. Guidelines for detecting invertebrate parasite contamination using traps RUSS260217
GOST 26982-86 Bread liubitelskii RUSS15992
GOST 8758-76 Gram chick-pea RUSS17881
GOST 12095-76 Sesame. Industrial raw material. Specifications RUSS48499
GOST 10846-91 Grain and products of its processing. Method for determination of protein RUSS63390
MUK 4.1.3274-15 Determination of residual amounts of azoxystrobin and its main metabolite Z-azoxystrobin in corn and corn oil by high performance liquid chromatography RUSS291663
GSTU 158.00389676.010-2000 System development and production of products. Bakery, pasta and flour confectionery UKRA348568
GOST 11270-88 Bakery products. Solomka RUSS17082
ST RK 2234-2012 Grain. Methods of determination quantity and quality of gluten in wheat KAZA23498
GOST 15113.3-77 Food concentrates. Methods for determination of organoleptic properties, preparedness of concentrates for using and evaluation of suspension dispersity RUSS51167
GOST 31752-2012 Products bakery in wrapping. Specifications RUSS69919
GOST 3352-46 Peas RUSS243020
DSTU 7694:2015 Mustard Seeds. Technical conditions UKRA342424
GOST 14176-69 Corn flour RUSS17577
GOST 10843-76 Grain. Method of determination filmness RUSS48107
GOST 5784-60 Barley groats. Specifications RUSS53323
GOST 31750-2012 Macaroni products. Methods of identification RUSS68642
DSTU 3768-98 Wheat. Technical conditions UKRA342058
GOST 24298-80 Bakery products. Rolls RUSS16416
GOST 27842-88 Wheat bread RUSS18759
GOST 10845-98 Cereals and cereal milled products. Method for determination of starch RUSS54456
GOST 28418-2002 Grain and products of its processing. Determination of ash content (total ash) RUSS208526
MU 5018-89 Methodological guidelines for the determination of clay residues (chlorsulfuron) in grain and straw of cereal crops, in seeds and pollen of long-flax by high performance liquid chromatography RUSS291353
DSTU ISO 5529:2014 Wheat. Determination of sedimentation index by the Green method (ISO 5529: 2007, IDT) UKRA347273
GOST 28674-90 Peas RUSS17426
GOST 14943-95 Castor oil plant (industrial raw material). Requirements for state purchases and deliveries RUSS49537
GOST 31463-2012 Macaroni durum wheat flour. Specifications RUSS56191
GOST 27669-88 Wheat bread flour. Method for experimental laboratory bread making RUSS67285
DSTU 8001:2015 Cookies. General technical conditions UKRA342648
GOST 9903-61 Rye flat cake RUSS16224
GOST 24901-89 Cookies RUSS18164

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