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GOST 26361-84 Flour. Method for determination of whiteness RUSS57957
DSTU ISO 14864:2009 Rice -- Evaluation of gelatinization time of kernels during cooking UKRA40181
DSTU ISO 15793:2009 Durum wheat semolinas -- Determination of the undersize fraction UKRA40277
DSTU ISO 2171:2009 Cereals, pulses and by-products -- Determination of ash yield by incineration UKRA40529
DSTU ISO 605:2007 Pulses -- Determination of impurities, size, foreign odours, insects, and species and variety -- Test methods UKRA41250
DSTU ISO 6322-1:2004 Storage of cereals and pulses -- Part 1: General recommendations for the keeping of cereals UKRA41309
DSTU ISO 6322-2:2004 Storage of cereals and pulses -- Part 2: Practical recommendations UKRA41310
DSTU ISO 6322-3:2004 Storage of cereals and pulses -- Part 3: Control of attack by pests UKRA41311
DSTU ISO 6478:2009 Peanuts; specification (ISO 6478:1990, IDT) UKRA41334
DSTU ISO 6639-1:2007 Cereals and pulses -- Determination of hidden insect infestation -- Part 1: General principles UKRA41411
DSTU ISO 6639-2:2007 Cereals and pulses -- Determination of hidden insect infestation -- Part 2: Sampling UKRA41412
DSTU ISO 6639-3:2007 Cereals and pulses -- Determination of hidden insect infestation -- Part 3: Reference method UKRA41413
DSTU ISO 6644:2008 Flowing cereals and milled cereal products. Automatic sampling by mechanical means UKRA41415
DSTU ISO 6646:2003 Rice -- Determination of the potential milling yield from paddy and from husked rice UKRA41417
DSTU ISO 6820:2004 Wheat flour and rye flour -- General guidance on the drafting of bread-making tests UKRA41467
DSTU ISO 7302:2003 Cereals and cereal products UKRA41614
DSTU ISO 7304:2005 Durum wheat semolinas and alimentary pasta UKRA41615
DSTU-ZT 4887:2007 Bakery products. Stick biscuits. General specifications UKRA43071
DSTU-ZT 4888:2007 The system of development and launching into production. Bakery, macaroni and bakery confectionery products. General provisions. UKRA43072
DSTU-ZT 4889:2007 Bread from rye flour and rye-and-wheat flour. General specifications. UKRA43073
DSTU-ZT 4890:2007 Bun goods. General specifications. UKRA43074
DSTU-ZT 4891:2007 Sweet bakery products. General specifications UKRA43075
DSTU-ZT 4892:2007 Bakery products for special dietetic nutrition. General specifications UKRA43076
RST USSR 1284-90 Kalathes. Specifications. UKRA43126
RST USSR 1347-85 Uzhgorodsky sticks. Specifications. UKRA43139
RST USSR 1349-90 Croissants. Specifications. UKRA43140
RST USSR 1351-81 Ukrainian cakes. Specifications. UKRA43141
STB 1007-96 Dietary and nutritional bakery products. General specifications BELA26553
STB 1009-96 Bread made of wheat flour. General specifications BELA26554
STB 1045-97 Bakery products and rich fermented goods. General specifications BELA26582
STB 1523-2005 Grain. Relative starch content determining method BELA26917
STB 1666-2006 Wheat flour. Specifications BELA27018
STB 1910-2008 Grain products. Composite mixtures. General specifications BELA27256
STB 1963-2009 Noodles. General specifications BELA27293
STB 2160-2011 Bakery products. Acceptance rules, sampling methods, methods for determining organoleptic indicators and weight BELA27378
STB 2203-2011 Barley grain. Specifications BELA27416
STB 2265-2014 Floury confectionery products dietary and enriched. General specifications BELA27449
STB 2278-2012 Bakery products. Packaging, transportation and storage BELA27458
STB 2324-2013 Oatmeal flakes "Extra". Specifications BELA27499
STB 2357-2014 Seabiscuits. General specifications BELA27524
STB 2376-2014 Biscuit rolls. General specifications BELA27538
STB 549-94 Biscuits. General specifications BELA27695
STB 639-95 Belarusian bread. General specifications BELA27729
STB 703-2003 Pies. General specifications BELA27762
STB 912-98 Bakery doughnuts. General specifications BELA27856
STB 922-94 Snack breakfasts. General specifications BELA27861
STB 926-98 Bakery products. Crackers. General specifications BELA27863
STB 927-2008 Baking sweets. General specifications BELA27864
STB 954-94 Food concentrates. Semi-finished bakery products. General specifications BELA27890
STB 961-2005 Cakes and pastries. General specifications BELA27897
STB 966-94 Oatmeal cookies. General specifications BELA27902
STB 985-95 Pies, donuts and donuts with filling. General specifications BELA27920
STB EN 15851-2012 Food products. Determination of aflatoxin B1 in foods based on cereals for infants and young children. High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) with purification on an immunoaffinity column and fluorescence detection BELA28551
STB GOST R 51412-2001 Wheat flour. Determination of crude gluten content by mechanical method BELA28969
STB GOST R 51414-2001 Wheat flour. Physical characteristic of the dough. Determination of water absorption and rheological properties using valorigraph BELA28971
STB GOST R 51415-2001 Wheat flour. Physical characteristic of the dough. Determination of rheological properties using alveograph BELA28972
STB ISO 11050-2001 Wheat flour and hard semolina. Method for determination of impurities of animal origin BELA29293
GOST 10847-74 Grain. Methods of determination of ash content RUSS55655
GOST 12307-66 Macaroni hard (durum) wheat flour RUSS16150
GOST 15113.6-77 Food concentrates. Methods for determination of sucrose RUSS63602
GOST 12183-66 Rye-wheat and wheat-rye whole meal for baking industry RUSS16349
GOST 24298-80 Bakery products. Rolls RUSS16416
GOST 14621-78 Biscuit rolls RUSS16917
GOST 31041-2002 Round-seeded peas for the use in fresh condition. Technical specifications. RUSS44385
GOST 31092-2002 Oil seeds. Determination of Ph of oils. RUSS44394
GOST 21948-76 Raw and pressed hop. Test methods RUSS61394
GOST 19327-84 Food concentrates. First and main lunch courses RUSS19719
GOST 10114-80 Bisquits. Method for determination of swelling in water RUSS47100
GOST 26312.6-84 Groats. Method for determination of acidity of oat-flakes RUSS47203
GOST 12096-76 Safflower. Industrial raw material. Specifications RUSS47424
GOST 12097-76 False flax. Industrial raw material. Specifications RUSS47613
GOST 26312.3-84 Groats. Method for determination of pest infestation RUSS47809
GOST 10843-76 Grain. Method of determination filmness RUSS48107
GOST 12098-76 Rape. Industrial raw material. Specifications RUSS48264
GOST 10844-74 Grain. Method of determination of acidity by the mash RUSS48269
GOST 26312.2-84 Groats. Methods for determination of organoleptic properties, cooking behaviour of buckwheat grouts and oat-flakes RUSS48386
GOST 12095-76 Sesame. Industrial raw material. Specifications RUSS48499
GOST 15113.4-77 Food concentrates. Methods for determination of moisture RUSS48550
GOST 15113.5-77 Food concentrates. Methods for determination of acidity RUSS48551
GOST 21946-76 Raw hop. Specifications RUSS48656
GOST 26312.5-84 Groats. Methods for ash content determination RUSS48718
GOST 3040-55 Grain. Methods for determination of quality RUSS48776
RST USSR 1415-81 Horolsky grains. Specifications. UKRA43159
RST USSR 1426-85 Bread with caraway. Specifications. UKRA43164
RST USSR 1429-81 Dietary rolls and buns. Specifications. UKRA43165
RST USSR 1466-90 Sponge-cakes. Specifications. UKRA43177
RST USSR 1571-83 Yeast dough baked pies. Specifications. UKRA43222
RST USSR 1589-80 Maize malt. Specifications. UKRA43230
RST USSR 1891-80 Kiyevsky bread. Specifications. UKRA43396
RST USSR 1928-83 Fried pies of yeasted dough with minced by-products. Specifications. UKRA43418
RST USSR 1929-83 Pastry of cookie, biscuit and yeasted dough. Specifications. UKRA43419
RST USSR 297-91 Fresh sweet maize (corn-cobs). Specifications UKRA43499
RST USSR 626-91 zakarpatsky bread. Specifications UKRA43529
GOST 20239-74 Flour, grouts and bran. Determination method of metallomagnetic admixture RUSS49536
DSTU GOST 28666.3:2009 Cereals and legumes. Determination of latent infection by insects. Part 3. Control method (GOST 28666.3-90 (ISO 6639-3-86), IDT) UKRA346237
DSTU GOST 29144:2009 Grain and grain products. Determination of humidity (basic control method) (GOST 29144-91 (ISO 711-85), IDT) UKRA346242
DSTU ISO 520:2015 Cereals and legumes. Determination of the mass of 1000 grains (ISO 520: 2010, IDT) UKRA347261
DSTU ISO 712:2015 Cereals and products from them. Determination of moisture content. control method UKRA347368
GOST 21947-76 Pressed hop. Specifications RUSS53742
GOST 5550-74 Buckwheat groats RUSS17206

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