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GOST 5631-79 Lacquer BT-577 and paint BT-177. Specifications RUSS16038
GOST 15140-78 Paintwork materials. Methods for determination of adhesion RUSS16538
GOST 10144-89 Enamels XB-124Specifications RUSS16649
GOST 12707-77 Wash primers. Specifications RUSS16846
GOST 21824-76 Enamels Xc-119 And Xc-119e Specifications RUSS17263
GOST 6465-76 Enamels PF-115. Specifications RUSS17760
GOST 25129-82 Primer GF-031. Specifications RUSS18368
GOST 8292-85 Oil and paste color paints RUSS18423
GOST 28196-89 Water-dispersion paints RUSS19236
GOST 11826-77 Oil and penta-oil paints for art RUSS19717
GOST 23343-78 Primer ГФ-0119. Specifications RUSS20343
GOST 19007-73 Paintwork materials. Method for determination of drying time and degree RUSS21396
GOST 23101-78 Silicon-organic thermostable enamel KO-58. Specifications RUSS44999
GOST 11279.3-83 Organic dyes. Testing method of colour fastness to adhesives and plastificators RUSS45367
GOST 11279.8-83 Organic dyes. Testing method of PVC film colours fastness to dry and wet rubbing RUSS45368
GOST 6732.5-89 Organic dyes, intermediates for dyes, auxiliary compounds for textiles. Transportation RUSS45706
GOST 11279.4-83 Organic dyes. Testing method of colour fastness to reagents RUSS45732
GOST 6732.1-89 Organic dyes, intermediates for dyes, auxiliary compounds for textiles. Acceptance RUSS46373
GOST 896-69 Paints and varnishes. Photoelectrical method for determination of gloss of coatings RUSS46407
GOST 27037-86 Paint materials. Method of determination of stability to temperature changes RUSS46445
GOST 27271-87 Paints and varnishes. Method for control of working life RUSS46735
GOST 6732.4-89 Organic dyes, intermediates for dyes, auxiliary compounds for textiles. Marking RUSS47261
GOST 9980.5-86 Paint materials. Transportation and storage RUSS47376
GOST 11279.6-83 Organic dyes. Testing method of dispersibility of pigments and lacquers for printing inks and polyvinylchloride RUSS47807
GOST 28513-90 Paints and varnishes. Method for determination of density RUSS48359
GOST 15907-70 Varnishes ПФ-170 and ПФ-171. Specifications RUSS48555
GOST 18299-72 Paintwork materials. Method for determination of tensile strength, relative elongation at tear and modulus of elasticity RUSS48586
GOST 29317-92 Paint and varnishes and their raw materials. Temperatures and humidifies for conditioning and testing RUSS48766
GOST 24892-81 Organic cationic dyes. Determinations of concentrations of shade RUSS49302
GOST 9980.1-86 Paint materials. Rules of acceptance RUSS49679
GOST 4765-73 Pain and lacquer materials. Method of determination impact resistance RUSS49840
GOST 6732.2-89 Organic dyes, intermediates for dyes, auxiliary compounds for textiles. Sampling methods RUSS49876
GOST 25118-82 Organic acid metalized (1:2) dyes. Determinations of concentration and shade RUSS50034
GOST 14243-78 Paintwork materials. Methods for formation of free films RUSS50133
GOST 22554-77 Organic dyestuffs. Chrome orange. Specifications RUSS50178
GOST 21513-76 Paint materials. Methods for determination of paint film. Water - and moisture absorptivity RUSS50352
GOST 23368-78 Organic dyes. Chrome yellow K. Specifications RUSS50656
GOST 25128-82 Organic cationic dyes. Test method of dyeability of fibrous materials RUSS50681
GOST 22849-77 Organic dyestuffs. Direct blue CB. Specifications RUSS50716
GOST 25119-82 Organic acid metalized (1:2) dyes. Test method of durability of fibrous materials RUSS50832
GOST 6806-73 Paint and lacquer materials. Method for determination of film elasticity in bending RUSS50840
GOST 13559-77 Organic dyestuffs. Chrome blue 2K. Specifications RUSS50904
GOST 6392-74 Organic dyes. Indigo. Specifications RUSS51061
GOST 24677-81 Organic dyestuffs. Vat brilliant green CП. Specifications RUSS51419
GOST 23257-78 Organic dyes. Kubosol grey C. Specifications RUSS51642
GOST 24235-80 Organic dyes. Acid blue K. Specifications RUSS51785
GOST 1347-77 Varnish БТ-783. Specifications RUSS51790
GOST 23798-79 Organic dyes. Disperse yellow fast 2K. Specifications RUSS51912
GOST 22568-77 Organic dyestuffs. Vat brilliant violet KП. Specifications RUSS51934
GOST 22569-77 Organic dyestuffs. Thioindigo red-brown ЖП. Specifications RUSS52006
GOST 7195-75 Organic dyes. Pigment red Ж. Specifications RUSS52035
GOST 11279.2-83 Organic dyes. Testing methods of colour fastness to light, light and weather RUSS52136
GOST 13278-77 Organic dyestuffs. The methods of comparative dyeing for natural leather RUSS52162
GOST 15030-78 Varnish KФ-965. Specifications RUSS52183
GOST 16302-79 Primer ФЛ-086. Specifications RUSS52188
GOST 31991.1-2012 Paint materials. Determination of volatile organic compound (VOC) content. Difference method RUSS52374
GOST 6586-77 Black paste (oil base) MA-015. Specifications RUSS52396
GOST 5233-89 Paint materials. Method for determination of coating hardness pendulum instrument RUSS52796
GOST 25366-82 Enamel ЭП-5116. Specifications RUSS52899
GOST 14178-78 Organic direct yellow dyestuffs CB-K. Specifications RUSS52951
GOST 14091-78 Organic dyestuffs. Chrome brilliant red 2C and chrome dark-blue. Specifications RUSS53028
GOST 23378-78 Organic dyes. Direct ruby CB-MУ. Specifications RUSS53362
GOST 10760-76 Electrical insulating varnish ВЛ-941. Specifications RUSS53804
GOST 27402-87 Vat dyes. Methods for determination of degree of dispersion RUSS53833
GOST 26023-83 Organic dye-stuffs. Direct orange light-fast 2Ж. Specifications RUSS53963
GOST 22363-77 Organic dyes. Direct pink CB-C. Specifications RUSS54256
GOST 6965-75 Organic dyestuffs. Method for the spectrophotometric test RUSS54261
GOST 19540-81 Organic dyestuffs. Vat golden yellow ЖXП and vat golden yellow KXП. Specifications RUSS54450
GOST 20428-75 Organic dye-stuffs. Direct red-violet CB-2KM. Specifications RUSS54526
GOST 21903-76 Paint materials. Methods of relative light-fastness determination RUSS54620
GOST 1338-78 Organic dye-stuffs. Orange lacquer. Specifications RUSS54778
GOST 11279.7-83 Organic dyes. Testing methods of colour fastness to temperature processing in different media RUSS54989
GOST 15972-79 Diazol orange O and diazol scarlet 2Ж. Specifications RUSS55043
GOST 19266-79 Paintwork materials. Methods of colour determination RUSS55076
GOST 19279-73 Polymer-cement paints RUSS55078
GOST 22369-77 Enamels ЭП-567. Specifications RUSS55119
GOST 23171-78 Enamel AK-512. Specifications RUSS55132
GOST 24595-81 Primer B-MЛ-0143. Specifications RUSS55146
GOST 25993-83 Disperse dyes. Test methods RUSS55165
GOST 29318-92 Paints and varnishes. Evaluation of compatibility of a product with a surface to be painted. Methods of test RUSS55217
GOST 9980.4-86 Paint materials. Marking RUSS55373
GOST 20482-75 Organic dyes. Direct yellow CB-3X. Specifications RUSS55679
GOST 23599-79 Enamels type ЭП-255 and ЭП-275. Specifications RUSS55755
GOST 22698-77 Organic dyestuffs. Basic violet K. Specifications RUSS55812
GOST 22553-77 Organic dyestuffs. Chrome bordeaux C. Specifications RUSS55817
GOST 8018-70 Electrical insulating impregnating varnish ГФ-95. Specifications RUSS55913
GOST 21812-76 Organic dyes. Direct blue CB-КУ. Specifications RUSS55997
GOST 8420-74 Paint and lacquer materials. Method for determination of relative viscosity RUSS56092
GOST 25718-83 Primers AK-069 and AK-070. Specifications RUSS56212
GOST 11263-80 Organic dye-stuffs. Direct blue СВ-ЗУ. Specifications RUSS56299
GOST 11279.5-83 Organic dyes. Testing method of migration fastness of pigments and lacquers RUSS56443
GOST 15943-80 Electrical insulating enamel ЭП-91. Specifications RUSS56467
GOST 20447-75 Organic dyes. Active brilliant blue KX. Specifications RUSS56486
GOST 13310-78 Organic dyestuffs. Test methods of dyestuffs for leather RUSS56588
GOST 14923-78 Enamels ПФ-223. Specifications RUSS56622
GOST 17537-72 Paint materials. Methods for the determination of the content of volatile and non-volatile matters, hard and film-forming materials RUSS56672
GOST 18335-83 Enamel НЦ-184. Specifications RUSS56686
GOST 20811-75 Paintwork materials. Methods for coating abrasion test RUSS56728
GOST 21810-76 Organic dyestuffs. Direct black 2C. Specifications RUSS56750
GOST 29319-92 Paints and varnishes. Visual comparison of the colour of paints RUSS56944

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