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OND 90 Guidelines for controlling sources of air pollution RUSS375039
RD 04-578-03 Regulations on the organization and monitoring of licensees' compliance with licensing requirements and conditions by type of activity, the licensing of which is within the competence of the Gosgortekhnadzor of Russia RUSS20230
GOST 34.401-90 Information technology. Set of standards for computer systems. Peripheral hardware for treffic computer systems. Types and requirements RUSS20554
OST 32.50-95 Designing, manufacturing, installation and testing of electrical equipment for the diesel-electric rolling stock. Technical requirements RUSS21374
GOST R 54505-2011 Functional safety. Risk management on railway transport RUSS21428
ST RK 1613-2006 Good laboratory practice. General provisions KAZA22593
ST RK 1767-2008 Mobile lifting platforms. Specification KAZA22757
ST RK 1845-2008 Railroad machinery. Microprocessor-based and relay-processor-based centralization. Specification KAZA22835
ST RK 34.014-2002 Information technology. Series of standards for automated systems. Automated systems. Terms and definitions KAZA23736
ST RK ECSS M-70A-2013 Space project management. Project integrated logistic administrating KAZA23989
ST RK GOST R 50776-2010 Alarm systems Part 1. General requirements Section 1. Code of practice KAZA24360
ST RK ISO 10007-2007 Quality management systems. Configuration management. Basic requirements KAZA24920
ST RK ISO 11893-2013 Space systems. Software management. Project organization KAZA25064
ST RK ISO 14971-2010 Medical equipment. Risk management using with respect to medical equipment KAZA25256
ST RK ISO 15544-2006 Oil and gas industry. Offshore production installations. Requirements and guidelines for emergency response KAZA25291
ST RK ISO 20252-2010 Market, public opinion poll, and social surveys. Glossary and service requirements KAZA25465
ST RK ISO 20993-2010 Biological evaluation of medical equipment. Guidelines on risk management process KAZA25492
ST RK ISO/IEC 13335-3-2008 Information technology. Security methods and tools. Management of the protection of information and communication technologies. Part 3. Guidelines for the management of information technology protection KAZA26053
ST RK ISO/IEC 13335-5-2008 Information Technology Security Methods and Tools Managing the Protection of Information and Communication Technologies Part 5 Network Security Management Guide KAZA26055
DSTU 2938-94 Information processing systems. Main concepts. Terms and definitions. UKRA31468
DSTU ISO 14001-97 Environment management systems. Composition and description of elements, guidelines on their use. UKRA40082
DSTU ISO/IEC 17011:2005 Conformity assessment -- General requirements for accreditation bodies accrediting conformity assessment bodies UKRA42189
GOST R 51725.10-2009 Catalogization of products for federal state needs. The order of products catalogization in accordance with requirement of agreements and contracts for products deliveries (purchase) RUSS50839
GOST R 55059-2012 Safety in emergencies. Emergency Risk Management. Terms and definitions RUSS54216
GOST R 51725.11-2009 Catalogization of products for federal state needs. The order of working-out, bringing into action and keeping the sections of the federal products catalogue for federal state needs RUSS55438
GOST R 51725.9-2009 Catalogization of products for federal state needs. The order of formation and management of general part of the federal products catalogue for federal state needs RUSS55440
GOST R 55268-2012 Organization management systems. Guidelines on management review RUSS55584
GOST R 55543-2013 System of national standards for quality of telecommunication services. Management of quality of communications services. General provisions RUSS57740
GOST R 51897-2002 Risk management. Terms and definitions RUSS58267
GOST R 51901.2-2005 Risk management. Dependability management systems RUSS59454
GOST R 54532-2011 Resources saving. Waste treatment. Waste classification and management in footwear manufacturing RUSS59681
GOST R ISO 10007-2007 Organization management. Guidelines for configuration management RUSS59853
GOST 8.612-2012 State system for ensuring the uniformity of measurements. Management and procedure of internal metrological surveillance of the enterprises with hazardous industrial objects RUSS60457
GOST R 27.001-2009 Dependability in technics. Dependability management system. Basic principles RUSS60728
GOST R 12.0.009-2009 Occupational safety standards system. Occupational safety and health management systems in small organizations. Requirements and recommendations for application RUSS61593
GOST R 51901.13-2005 Risk management. Fault tree analysis RUSS62931
GOST R 52999.2-2009 Cardiac valve prostheses. Part 2. Risk management RUSS63021
GOST R 8.645-2008 State system for ensuring the uniformity of measurements. Metrological support of geological study, use and protection of natural underground resources of the Russian Federation. General provisions RUSS63190
GOST R 51901.4-2005 Risk management. Application guidelines for projects RUSS64080
GOST R 52807-2007 Guidance for assessment of project management personnel competency RUSS64889
GOST R ISO/IEC 15459-4-2007 Automatic identification. International unique identifiers. Part 4. Unique identifiers of individual items for supply chain management RUSS65049
GOST R ISO/TR 10014-2005 Guidelines for managing the economics of quality RUSS65175
GOST R 53892-2010 Guidance for project manager competence assessment. Areas of competence and criteria of professional conformity RUSS65526
GOST R ISO 10015-2007 Enterprise management. Guidelines for training RUSS65570
GOST R ISO 10019-2007 Organization management. Guidelines for the selection of quality management system consultants and use of their services RUSS65571
GOST R ISO/IEC TO 9294-93 Information technology. Guidelines for the management of software documentation RUSS66488
GOST R 53733-2009 Quality management systems of organizations providing communication services. Requirements RUSS66954
GOST R 51901.14-2005 Risk management. Reliability block diagram method RUSS67804
GOST R 52600.2-2008 Protocol for patient's management. Complete adentia RUSS67816
GOST R 12.0.006-2002 Occupational safety standards system. General requirements on occupational health and safety management in organization system RUSS68246
GOST R 52549-2006 Quality and safety management system in manufacturing of electric equipment RUSS68312
GOST R 54145-2010 Risk management. Implementation guide for organizational security measures and risk assessment. General methodology RUSS68345
GOST R ISO 10001-2009 Quality management. Customer satisfaction. Guidelines for codes of conduct for organizations RUSS68381
GOST R ISO 23081-1-2008 System of standards on information, librarianship and publishing. Records management processes. Metadata for records. Part 1. Principles RUSS68396
GOST R 51901.10-2009 Risk management. Fire risk management in enterprise RUSS68733
GOST R 52806-2007 Project risk management. General RUSS68762
GOST R ISO 10002-2007 Organization management. Customer satisfaction. Guidelines for complaints handling in organizations RUSS68845
GOST R ISO 10005-2007 Enterprise management. Guidelines for quality plans RUSS68846
GOST R ISO/TR 10013-2007 Organization management. Guidelines for quality management system documentation RUSS68928
GOST R 51901.1-2002 Risk management. Risk analysis of technological systems RUSS69090
GOST R ISO 10012-2008 Enterprise management. Measurement management systems. Requirements for measurement processes and measuring equipment RUSS69110
GOST R 55622-2013 Complex security systems. Hydraulic gun carriage trunks with Remote control. General technical requirements RUSS69377
GOST R ISO 31000-2010 Risk management. Principles and guidelines RUSS69396
GOST R ISO 29990-2012 Learning services for non-formal education and training. Basic requirements for service providers RUSS69452
GOST R ISO 14004-98 Environmental management systems. General guidelines on principles systems and supporting techniques RUSS69741
GOST 28911-91 Lifts and service lifts. Control devices, signals and additional fittings RUSS69872
GOST R 54144-2010 Risk management. Implementation guide for organizational security measures and risk assessment. Incident identification RUSS70011
GOST R 43.0.7-2011 Informational ensuring of equipment and operational activity. Hybrid intellectualized man - information interaction. General principles RUSS70213
GOST R ISO 15531-1-2008 Industrial automation systems and integration. Industrial manufacturing management data. Part 1. General overview RUSS70226
GOST R 12.0.008-2009 Occupational safety standards system. Occupational safety and health management systems in organizations. Audit RUSS70362
GOST R 43.4.1-2011 Informational ensuring of equipment and operational activity. System «man-information» RUSS70571
GOST R ISO 9001-2008 Quality management systems. Requirements RUSS70637
GOST R 52600.6-2008 Protocol for patient's management. Pulmonary embolism prevention RUSS70787
GOST R 54141-2010 Risk management. Implementation guide for organizational security measures and risk assessment. Reference incidents scenarios RUSS70804
GOST R 50776-95 Alarm systems. Part 1. General requirements. Section 4. Code of practice RUSS70979
GOST R 52600.0-2006 Protocols for patient's management. General RUSS71051
GOST R 52600.4-2008 Protocol for patient's management. Iron deficiency anaemia RUSS71120
GOST R 53893-2010 Guidelines and requirements for integrated management systems RUSS71127
GOST R ISO 10014-2008 Enterprise management. Guidelines for realizing economic benefits in quality management system RUSS71141
GOST R ISO 9000-2008 Quality management systems. Fundamentals and vocabulary RUSS71150
GOST R ISO 10003-2009 Quality management. Customer satisfaction - Guidelines for dispute resolution external to organizations RUSS71295
GOST R ISO 14063-2007 Environmental management. Environmental communication. Guidelines and examples RUSS71583
GOST R 54142-2010 Risk management. Implementation guide for organizational security measures and risk assessment. Methodology for all-purpose event tree construction RUSS71815
GOST R 55691-2013 Transport information and control systems. Traffic impediment warning systems (TIWS). System requirements RUSS71867
GOST R 51901.12-2007 Risk management. Procedure for failure mode and effects analysis RUSS71911
GOST R 52867-2007 Management environmental. Life cycle assessment. Examples of application of GOST R ISO 14041 to goal and scope definition and inventory analyses RUSS72032
GOST R 12.0.007-2009 Occupational safety standards system. Labour protection management systems in organizations. Guidelines requirements on development, implementation, audit and improvement RUSS72127
GOST R ISO 14004-2007 Environmental management systems. General guidelines on principles, systems and support techniques RUSS72150
GOST R ISO/TU 22004-2008 Food safety management systems. Guidance on the application of ISO 22000:2005 RUSS72177
GOST R ISO 14044-2007 Environmental management. Life cycle assessment. Requirements and guidelines RUSS72237
GOST R 55834-2013 Resources saving. Requirements to documentation by production of products. Environmental police of organization RUSS72258
GOST R 52600.1-2008 Protocol for patient's management. Von Willebrand's disease RUSS72448
GOST R ISO 24512-2009 Activities relating to drinking water and wastewater services. Guidelines for the management of drinking water utilities and for the assessment of drinking water services RUSS72577
GOST R 51901.3-2007 Risk management. Guidelines for dependability management RUSS72638
GOST R 54433-2011 Renovable power engineering. Wind power plants. Maintenance safety requirements RUSS72645
GOST R ISO/TU 29001-2007 Enterprise management. Requirements for quality management systems of product and service supply organizations in petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industries RUSS72666
GOST R ISO 24511-2009 Activities relating to drinking water and wastewater services. Guidelines for the management of wastewater utilities and for the assessment of wastewater services RUSS72731
GOST ISO/IEC 17011-2009 Conformity assessment. General requirements for accreditation bodies. Accrediting conformity assessment bodies RUSS72750
GOST R 54906-2012 Complex security systems. Environmental security and ecological safety guaranteed design. General technical requirements RUSS72871
GOST R 55354-2012 Descriptive and normative requirement formats. Information system on indicators and requirements for risk management RUSS72986

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