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GOST 9792-73 Sausage products and products of pork, mutton, beef and meat of other kinds of slaughter animals and poultry. Acceptance rules and sampling methods RUSS55925
GOST 12600-67 Dry sausages for export. Specifications RUSS55879
GOST R 55479-2013 Meat and meat products. Method for determination of amino-ammonia nitrogen RUSS56020
GOST 9957-73 Sausage, pork, mutton and beef products. Methods for determination of sodium chloride RUSS56215
GOST 18423-73 Squids, canned in natural juice RUSS56296
GOST 32224-2013 Meat and meat products for child nutrition. Method for determination of bone particle size RUSS56481
GOST R ISO 13496-2013 Meat and meat products. Detection of colouring agents. Method using thin-layer chromatography RUSS65145
GOST 32307-2013 Meat and meat products. Determination of fat-soluble vitamins by high performance liquid chromatography RUSS65157
GOST 31780-2012 Cooked sausage from horse-flesh. Specifications RUSS65372
GOST R 52197-2003 Meat and meat products for baby food. Method for determination of bone particles dimensions RUSS65776
GOST 31498-2012 Cooked sausage products for child's nutrition. Specifications RUSS65991
GOST 31786-2012 Semi-smoked sausages from horse-flesh. Specifications RUSS66000
GOST 31802-2012 Cooked sausage products for children's food. General specifications RUSS66001
GOST 21230-75 Frozen sardines RUSS74818
GOST 13458-68 Preserved raw casings intended for processing into finished product. Beef set RUSS74555
GOST 13459-68 Processed beef casings. Beef rounds RUSS74556
GOST 13460-68 Processed beef casings. Beef middles RUSS74557
GOST 13461-68 Processed beef casings. Beef bungs RUSS74558
GOST 15084-69 Processed sheep and goat intestines. Calibrated round casings RUSS74615
GOST 16333-70 Beef casings, processed. Beef bladders RUSS74645
GOST 16335-70 Beef casings, processed. Beef fatty ends RUSS74647
GOST 16401-70 Preserved raw casings intended for processing into finished product. Pork set RUSS74650
GOST 16402-70 Processed pork casings. Pork rounds RUSS74651
GOST 16403-70 Beef intestines, treated. Bung membranes RUSS74652
GOST 16404-70 Beef intestines, treated. Large intestines RUSS74653
GOST 16405-70 Sheep intestines, treated. Sheep fat ends RUSS74654
GOST 16406-70 Sheep intestines, treated. Sheep bungs RUSS74655
GOST 17282-71 Treated horse intestines (small and ileac). Horse round intestines RUSS74691
GOST 17283-71 Preserved raw casings. Horse set. Specifications RUSS74692
GOST 17284-71 Hog casings, processed. Fat ends, salted RUSS74693
GOST 12929-67 Frozen testicles of mature bulls, rams and goats. Specifications RUSS53775
GOST 7269-79 Meat. Methods of sampling and organoleptic methods of freshnes test RUSS53931
GOST 15168-70 Canned meat. Juice packed liver. Specifications RUSS53981
GOST 12513-67 Frozen pork, halves for export. Specifications RUSS53993
GOST 10981-64 Canned fish. Ragout of far-eastern salmon fishes in natural juice. Specifications RUSS54275
GOST 13272-80 Canned fish liver. Specifications RUSS54725
GOST 9793-74 Meat products. Methods for determination of moisture content RUSS54246
GOST R 52986-2008 Meat. Dressing of pork into cuts. Specifications RUSS63015
GOST 31102.1-2002 Meat and meat products. Determination of the mass fraction of chlorides. Folgard Method RUSS63413
GOST 32738-2014 Freeze-dried beef. Specification RUSS63420
GOST 6481-82 Balyk products of cold smoked and dried sturgeon fishes. Specifications RUSS63480
GOST 25011-81 Meat and meat products. Methods of protein determination RUSS63531
GOST 31499-2012 Canned sausage meat. Specifications RUSS63785
GOST 31778-2012 Meat. Dressing of pork into cuts. Specifications RUSS63807
GOST 9167-76 Canned pasteurized smoked bacon in slices RUSS16015
GOST 10.69-72 Fish and fish products RUSS16127
GOST 12296-66 Otdelny sausage meat RUSS16147
GOST 12297-66 Sausage meat for “lubitelskaya” sausage RUSS16148
GOST 12425-66 Lvovskiy paste meat RUSS16151
GOST 4814-57 Frozen meat blocks RUSS16202
GOST 5283-91 Canned meat "boiled beef in own juice" RUSS16505
GOST 7990-56 Canned kidneys in tomato sauce RUSS16520
GOST 9937-79 Canned meat "meat in white sauce" RUSS16530
GOST 1629-55 Granular salmon roe RUSS17118
GOST 17482-85 Pork products baked and fried RUSS17124
GOST 31797-2012 Meat. Dressing of beef into cuts. Specifications RUSS63808
GOST 32125-2013 Canned meat in pieces. Stewed meat. Specifications RUSS63823
GOST 15082-69 Raw intestines, preserved, destined for processing into finished casings. Sheep and goat set RUSS74613
GOST 15083-69 Processed sheep and goat intestines. Round casings RUSS74614
GOST 16334-70 Beef casings, processed. Beef weasands RUSS74646
GOST 7987-79 Canned meat "goulash" RUSS16216
GOST 9166-59 Pasteurized lard in slices RUSS16219
GOST 10149-62 Fatty pork RUSS16324
GOST 12186-77 Pork sausage meat RUSS16350
GOST 12292-66 Canned fish garnished with vegetables RUSS16351
GOST R 51921-2002 Food products. Methods for detection and determination of Listeria monocytogenes bacteria RUSS55444
GOST 18302-87 Dried abomasums of milk-fed lambs and kids and calves. Specifications RUSS55063
GOST R 54346-2011 Meat and meat products. Method for determination of peroxide number RUSS55558
GOST R 55484-2013 Meat and meat products. Determination of sodium, potassium, magnesium and manganese by flame atomic absorption RUSS55595
GOST R 51198-98 Meat and meat products. Method for determination of L-(+)-glutamic acid content RUSS56102
GOST 31796-2012 Meat and meat products. Fast histological method of identification of composition structural components RUSS56107
GOST 16594-85 Uncooked smoked pork products RUSS17817
GOST R 51197-98 Meat and meat products. Method for determination of glucono-delta-lactone content RUSS55731
GOST R 50396.0-92 Poultry meat, edible offal, ready-to-cook products. Methods for sampling and preparing of microbiological examinations RUSS64010
GOST R ISO 6887-2-2013 Microbiology of food and animal feeding stuffs. Preparation of test samples, initial suspension and decimal dilutions for microbiological examination. Part 2. Specific rules for the preparation of meat and meat products RUSS64400
GOST 9794-74 Meat products. Methods for the determination of total phosphorus contents RUSS64488
GOST 32009-2013 Meat and meat products. Spectrophotometric method for determination of total phosphorous content RUSS64510
GOST 31080-2002 Meat and meat products. Methods of the determination of glucono-delta-lactone. RUSS65058
GOST R 52703-2006 Chicken meat. Trade descriptions RUSS72300
GOST 21607-76 Frozen sets for fish soups RUSS17367
GOST 7724-77 Meat. Hog carcasses and hog half carcasses RUSS17481
GOST 8286-90 Canned meat "meat with cooked groats" RUSS17490
GOST 16080-70 Salted pacific salmon RUSS17589
GOST 17660-72 Frozen fish dressed by special methods RUSS17598
GOST 18256-85 Pork products, RUSS17602
GOST 8687-65 Beans, peas or lentil with meat RUSS17732
GOST 13865-68 Canned natural fish with addition of oil RUSS17808
GOST 25856-83 Canned fish with vegetables in bouillon, fillings, marinade and various sauces RUSS17844
GOST 8714-72 Fish and marine mammals edible oil RUSS17880
GOST 24645-81 Frozen protein paste "ocean" RUSS17987
GOST 18255-85 Smoked and cooked pork products RUSS18127
GOST 16290-86 Cooked smoked sausages RUSS18489
GOST 18236-85 Cooked pork products RUSS18607
GOST 7447-84 Hot-smoked fish RUSS18662
GOST 16131-86 Dry sausages RUSS19119
GOST R 52529-2006 Meat and meat products. Method of electron paramagnetic resonance for indication of radiation-treated meat and meat products containing bones RUSS59503
GOST R 52674-2006 Frozen in blocks meat and meat by-products for production of baby nutrition foods. Specifications RUSS59514
GOST R 52428-2005 Products of meat industry. Classification RUSS59496
GOST R 53220-2008 Meat and meat products. Electrophoretic method of determination of soy proteins RUSS59549
GOST R 55482-2013 Meat and meat products. Method for determination of water-soluble vitamins RUSS59775

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