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GOST 9937-79 Canned meat "meat in white sauce" RUSS16530
GOST 18255-85 Smoked and cooked pork products RUSS18127
DSTU 4436:2005 Cooked sausage, Paris sausages and meat loaves. General specifications. UKRA33292
RST USSR 1425-85 Natural half-finished food a la carte. Darnitsky cutlet. Specifications. UKRA43163
GOST R 51480-99 Meat and meat products. Determination of chloride content. Volhard method RUSS51526
GOST R 55482-2013 Meat and meat products. Method for determination of water-soluble vitamins RUSS59775
GOST 21237-75 Meat. Methods of bacteriological analysis RUSS69535
DSTU ENV 12014-4:2003 Foodstuffs - Determination of nitrate and/or nitrite content - Part 4: Ion- exchange chromatographic (IC) method for the determination of nitrate and nitrite content of meat products UKRA35900
MNS CAC GL 24:2014 General guidelines for use of the term -Halal‖ MONG210494
MNS 3002:2007 Traditional dried meat product ‖Borts‖. General technical requirements (Amended by 2013/53) MONG215524
DSTU 8085:2015 Raw materials and animal products. Determination of the residual amount of hormonal stimulants by thin layer chromatography UKRA342690
GOST 9166-59 Pasteurized lard in slices RUSS16219
ST RK GOST R 50848-2010 Requirements at raising and feeding of young cattle stock for meat to produce food products for children. Standard technological process. KAZA24390
DSTU 4532:2006 Semi-smoked sausages of poultry meat. General specifications. UKRA33414
RST USSR 1620-85 Meat of elk for export. Specifications. UKRA43242
GOST R 52529-2006 Meat and meat products. Method of electron paramagnetic resonance for indication of radiation-treated meat and meat products containing bones RUSS59503
GOST 2623-73 Balyk cold smoked products from pacific salmon and issykul trout. Specification RUSS66587
GOST 32308-2013 Meat and meat products. Gas-liquid chromatography method of determination of the content of chlorine organic pesticide RUSS138601
GOST 31110-2002 Meat and meat products. Spectrophotometric method for determining the mass fraction of total phosphorus RUSS208730
GOST 34046-2017 Semi-finished meat products natural. General specifications RUSS355883
GOST 10907-88 Macaroni products with meat RUSS17081
DSTU 4378:2005 Frozen oceanic fish. Specifications. UKRA33234
RST USSR 2013-91 Egg mixtures, white and yolk of an egg. Specifications. UKRA43487
GOST 9958-81 Sausage products and meat products. Methods of bacteriological analysis RUSS61569
GOST 779-55 Half and quarter beef carcasses RUSS16823
ST RK 1731-2007 Meat and meat products. Organoleptic method for determining quality indicators KAZA22721
DSTU 4739:2007 Fish and other aquatic living resources and food products from them. Methods of sampling and sample preparation for microbiological analysis. Evaluation of the results of the analysis by the three-class system. UKRA33621
RST USSR 1760-85 Meat of roes for export. Specifications. UKRA43320
GOST 9959-91 Meat products. General conditions of organoleptic assessment RUSS52455
GOST R 53458-2009 Turkey meat (carcasses and their parts). General specifications RUSS61697
GOST 13461-68 Processed beef casings. Beef bungs RUSS74558
GOST 8558.1-2015 Meat products. Methods for determination of nitrite RUSS139416
MNS 3514:1983 Horse meat cuts for export MONG213413
MNS 3748:1984 Meat and meat products. Method of determining free fat content (dispute resolution method) MONG215792
GOST 19341-2014 Canned fish liver with vegetable side dishes. Technical specifications RUSS355719
GOST 12318-91 Canned meat " meat paste " RUSS16352
DSTU 2217-93 (GOST 30130-94) Deoxyribonucleic acid from the thymus gland of young cattle. Specifications. UKRA30655
DSTU 7050:2009 Canned meat. Liver mash. General specifications. UKRA34167
GOST 7702.2.7-95 Poultry meat, edible offal, ready-to-cook products. Methods for detection of Proteus bacteria RUSS48153
GOST 29301-92 Meat and meat products. Determination of starch content RUSS60240
GOST R 52704-2006 Meat and vegetable preserves from poultry meat for babies nutrition. Specifications RUSS69682
GOST 33424-2015 Meat and meat products. Determination of magnesium by flame atomic absorption spectrometry RUSS139137
MNS 3085:1981 Testing method. Determination of heavy metals of canned meat products MONG212756
SanPiN Sanitary and hygienic requirements for the production of meat and meat products RUSS365943
GOST 8286-90 Canned meat "meat with cooked groats" RUSS17490
DSTU 4444:2005 Rabbit by-products. Specifications. UKRA33300
GOST 12512-67 Frozen beef, quarters for export. Specifications RUSS50673
GOST 31800-2012 Canned meat and vegetable products for children of early age feeding. Specifications RUSS62639
MNS 0429:1989 Canned meat products. Determination method of starch MONG211247
STB 988-2002 Meat. Pork in carcasses and half carcasses BELA354882
GOST 17707-72 Canned meat. Chopped bacon RUSS16698
ST RK 1334-2005 Smoked sausages. Technical conditions KAZA22314
DSTU 4671:2006 Cooked, cooked-smoked and raw smoked products from beef and mutton. General specifications. UKRA33553
RST USSR 1645-88 Poultry meat soupingredients (half-finished products). General specifications. UKRA43256
GOST R 51482-99 Meat and meat products. Spectrophotometric method for determination of total phosphorus content RUSS52094
GOST R 55481-2013 Meat and meat products. Qualitative method for detection of antibiotics residues and other antimicrobial chemotherapeutic agents RUSS60886
GOST R 52703-2006 Chicken meat. Trade descriptions RUSS72300
DSTU 5097:2008 Imitation surimi-based products. Specifications. UKRA34010
MNS ISO 2917:2000 Meat and meat products. Measurement of pH. Reference method MONG212023
MNS 0108:2007 Sausage products. General technical requirements (Amended by 2013/53) MONG215528
DSTU-N 7182:2010 Dairy and meat industry. Rules for the development, design and requirements for the content of technological instructions UKRA348081
GOST 12292-66 Canned fish garnished with vegetables RUSS16351
ST RK ISO 936-2009 Meat and meat products. Determination of ash substances total content KAZA25994
DSTU 4823.1:2007 Meat products. Organoleptic assessment of quality indicators. Part 1. Terms and definitions of concepts. UKRA33714
GOST 31102.2-2002 Meat and meat products. Potentiometric method for determining the mass fraction of chlorides RUSS44395
GOST R ISO 13720-2011 Meat and meat products. Enumeration of presumptive Pseudomonas spp. RUSS59885
GOST 32226-2013 Meat. Dressing of horse and young horse meat into cuts. Specifications RUSS67474
GOST 33319-2015 Meat and meat products. Method for determination of moisture content RUSS139056
O'z DSt 3083:2016 Meat semis. Specification. UZBE209647
GOST ECE/TRADE 326-2013 Beef. Carcases and cuts. Delivery and quality control requirements RUSS355933
GOST 17482-85 Pork products baked and fried RUSS17124
DSTU 4415:2005 Fish of the Azov, Black seas and inland water bodies of Ukraine. Biological and product nomenclature. UKRA33270
GOST 30545-99 Canned meat products for nutrition of babies. General specifications RUSS43655
GOST 31478-2012 Canned meat. Minced meat. Specifications RUSS62614
MNS ISO 2918:1984 Meat and meat products. Determination of nitrite content. (Reference method) MONG210620
GOST 3739-89 Pre-packed meat RUSS16980
ST RK GOST R 51448-2010 Meat and meat products. Methods of test samples preparation for microbiological examination KAZA24486
DSTU 4868:2007 Frozen fish. Specifications. UKRA33760
RST USSR 1871-79 Elk meat in semi-carcasses and quarters. Specifications. UKRA43381
GOST 18302-87 Dried abomasums of milk-fed lambs and kids and calves. Specifications RUSS55063
GOST R 52986-2008 Meat. Dressing of pork into cuts. Specifications RUSS63015
GOST 15084-69 Processed sheep and goat intestines. Calibrated round casings RUSS74615
GOST ISO 13493-2014 Meat and meat products. Method for determination of chloramphenicol (levomycetin) content using liquid chromatography RUSS139659
MNS 2458:1977 Meat. Packaged meat MONG213895
MNS 5815:2007 Measurement method for identifying the type of meat and animal deaths MONG220065
GOST UNECE/TRADE 308-2013 Mutton. Carcases and cuts. Supply Requirements and Quality Control RUSS356494
GOST 7990-56 Canned kidneys in tomato sauce RUSS16520
DSTU 4426:2005 Meat. Bulk beef. Specifications. UKRA33282
DSTU ISO 13681:2007 Meat and meat products - Enumeration of yeasts and molds - Colony-count technique UKRA40015
GOST 26188-84 Fruit and vegetable products, meat and meat-vegetable cans. Method for determination of pH RUSS48340
GOST R 53222-2008 Meat and meat products. Histological method of identification of plant carbohydrates additives RUSS60771
DSTU 3143-95 Poultry meat (carcass of chicken, duck, goose, turkey, guinea fowl). Technical specifications. UKRA31792
GOST 33425-2015 Meat and meat products. Determination of nickel, chromium and cobalt by electrothermal atomic absorption spectrometry RUSS139138
MNS 2577:1978 Fermented salami MONG213874
GOST 12296-66 Otdelny sausage meat RUSS16147
GOST 16594-85 Uncooked smoked pork products RUSS17817
DSTU ENV 12014-3:2003 Foodstuffs - Determination of nitrate and/or nitrite content - Part 3: Spectrometric determination of nitrate and nitrite content of meat products after enzymatic reduction of nitrate to nitrite UKRA35899
GOST 29299-92 Meat and meat products. Determination of nitrite content RUSS51552
GOST R 52601-2006 Meat. Dressing of beef into cuts. Specifications RUSS62982
MNS ISO 3100-1:2000 Meat and meat products. Sampling and preparation of test samples -Part 1: Sampling MONG211624

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