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GOST 9167-76 Canned pasteurized smoked bacon in slices RUSS16015
GOST 10008-62 Boiled pork in its own juices RUSS16128
GOST 12296-66 Otdelny sausage meat RUSS16147
GOST 12297-66 Sausage meat for “lubitelskaya” sausage RUSS16148
GOST 12425-66 Lvovskiy paste meat RUSS16151
GOST 4814-57 Frozen meat blocks RUSS16202
GOST 7987-79 Canned meat "goulash" RUSS16216
GOST 9166-59 Pasteurized lard in slices RUSS16219
GOST 10149-62 Fatty pork RUSS16324
GOST 12186-77 Pork sausage meat RUSS16350
GOST 12318-91 Canned meat " meat paste " RUSS16352
GOST 12319-77 Canned meat. Liver pate RUSS16353
GOST 12424-77 Paste "prague" RUSS16354
GOST 15169-70 Canned food meat "serdtse" RUSS16364
GOST 5283-91 Canned meat "boiled beef in own juice" RUSS16505
GOST 7990-56 Canned kidneys in tomato sauce RUSS16520
GOST 9937-79 Canned meat "meat in white sauce" RUSS16530
GOST 15170-91 Canned meat "chopped beef" RUSS16688
GOST 17707-72 Canned meat. Chopped bacon RUSS16698
GOST 1935-55 Mutton and goat meat in carcasses RUSS16703
GOST 608-93 Canned meat "poultry meat in jelly" RUSS16806
GOST 697-84 Canned meat "stewed pork" specifications RUSS16813
GOST 779-55 Half and quarter beef carcasses RUSS16823
GOST 12187-66 Sausage meat from chopped ham RUSS16906
GOST 12427-77 Tinned goods meat. Paste "estonian" RUSS16908
GOST 16867-71 Veal in carcasses and semi-carcasses RUSS16924
GOST 20402-75 Stuffed boiled sausages RUSS16933
GOST 3739-89 Pre-packed meat RUSS16980
GOST 10907-88 Macaroni products with meat RUSS17081
GOST 17482-85 Pork products baked and fried RUSS17124
GOST 27095-86 Meat. Horse meat and foal meat in half carcasses and quarter carcasses RUSS17171
GOST 27747-88 Rabbit meat RUSS17173
GOST 5284-84 Canned meat "stewed beef" RUSS17203
GOST 7993-90 Canned meat products "tongues" RUSS17221
GOST 9163-90 Canned meat and meat and vegetable products "sausages" RUSS17227
GOST 9936-76 Tourists breakfast RUSS17234
GOST 7724-77 Meat. Hog carcasses and hog half carcasses RUSS17481
GOST 8286-90 Canned meat "meat with cooked groats" RUSS17490
GOST 18256-85 Pork products, RUSS17602
GOST 8687-65 Beans, peas or lentil with meat RUSS17732
GOST 16594-85 Uncooked smoked pork products RUSS17817
GOST 18255-85 Smoked and cooked pork products RUSS18127
GOST 16290-86 Cooked smoked sausages RUSS18489
GOST 18236-85 Cooked pork products RUSS18607
GOST 16131-86 Dry sausages RUSS19119
GOST 16351-86 Semi -smoked sausages RUSS19290
GOST 23670-79 Cooked sausages, frankfurters and small sausages, meat loafs RUSS19837
ST RK 1334-2005 Smoked sausages. Technical conditions KAZA22314
ST RK 1469-2005 Ready vacuum packaged meat products. Specification KAZA22445
ST RK 1728-2007 Meat and meat products. Packaging, labeling, transportation and storage KAZA22718
ST RK 1729-2007 Meat and meat products. Acceptance Rules and Test Methods KAZA22719
ST RK 1731-2007 Meat and meat products. Organoleptic method for determining quality indicators KAZA22721
ST RK 2321-2013 Meat products in jelly. Specification KAZA23585
ST RK 296-97 Patties with meat and liver stuffing. Technical conditions KAZA23654
ST RK 3.68-2006 State system of technical regulation of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Procedure of meat and meat products compliance confirmation compliance confirmation KAZA23714
ST RK EEK OON 355-2012 Chicken meat. Carcasses and their parts. Requirements at supplying and quality control KAZA24023
ST RK GOST R 50453-2009 Meat and meat products. Determination of nitrogen content (reference method) KAZA24310
ST RK GOST R 51447-2010 Meat and meat products. Sampling methods. KAZA24485
ST RK GOST R 51448-2010 Meat and meat products. Methods of test samples preparation for microbiological examination KAZA24486
ST RK GOST R 51921-2010 Food products. Methods of detection and determination of Listeria monocytogenes bacteria KAZA24544
ST RK GOST R 52480-2007 Meat and meat products. Accelerated histological method for determination of content structural components KAZA24598
ST RK GOST R 53514-2011 Meat and meat products. Immune method of determination of animal (pork, beef, mutton) proteins KAZA24677
ST RK ISO 13493-2007 Meat and meat products. Method for determination of chloramphenicol (chloramphenicol) content by means of liquid chroniatography KAZA25129
ST RK ISO 13720-2009 Meat and meat products. Calculation of pseudomonade types KAZA25164
ST RK ISO 13720-2013 Meat and meat products. Calculation of presumptive types KAZA25165
ST RK ISO 13722-2009 Meat and meat products. Brochothrix Thermosphacta bacteriological count. Colony-count technique KAZA25166
ST RK ISO 13965-2009 Meat and meat products. Determination of starch and glucose. The method of tenderization using enzyme preparations KAZA25192
ST RK ISO 15141-2-2012 Food products. Determination of content of ochratoxin A in grain and grain products. Part 1. The high-resolution liquid chromatography method with bicarbonate purification KAZA25264
ST RK ISO 2917-2009 Meat and meat products. Determination of pH Control method. 10 KAZA25613
ST RK ISO 5553-2012 Meat and meat products. Detection of polyphosphates KAZA25760
ST RK ISO 936-2009 Meat and meat products. Determination of ash substances total content KAZA25994
DSTU 4823.2:2007 Meat products. Organoleptic evaluation of quality indicators. Part 2. General requirements UKRA33715
DSTU EEK OON ECE/AGRI/135:2007 Porcine Carcasses and Cuts - UN/ECE Standard UKRA34571
GOST 30545-99 Canned meat products for nutrition of babies. General specifications RUSS43655
GOST 31027-2002 Meat and meat products. Determination of nitrogen content (arbitration method) RUSS44382
GOST 31102.2-2002 Meat and meat products. Potentiometric method for determining the mass fraction of chlorides RUSS44395
GOST 31109-2002 Animal and vegetables oils. Method of the determination of oxidation stability (method of accelerated oxidation). RUSS44398
GOST 31199-2003 Meat and meat products. Determination of Salmonellas (referee method) RUSS44403
GOST 7596-81 Meat. Cutting of mutton and goat for retail trade RUSS45783
GOST 23219-78 Meat. Veal carcass cutting for retail trade RUSS46091
GOST 7597-55 Pork meat. Cutting for retail trade RUSS46156
GOST 7595-79 Meat. Cutting of beef for retail trade RUSS47083
GOST 12314-66 Canned meat 'arctika' pasty. Specifications RUSS47173
GOST 16677-71 Frozen cattle brain. Specifications RUSS47615
GOST 7991-77 Canned meat. Chicken ragout in jelly. Specifications RUSS47966
GOST 13534-89 Meat and meat-vegetable cans. Packing, marking and transportation RUSS48516
GOST 23042-86 Meat and meat products. Methods of fat determination RUSS48666
GOST 29300-92 Meat and meat products. Determination of nitrate content RUSS48765
GOST 19343-73 Frozen pigs' stomachs. Specifications RUSS48818
GOST 11837-75 Dried hypothises of cattle; sheep, goats and pigs. Specifications RUSS48933
GOST 19342-73 Frozen liver of cattle and pigs. Specifications RUSS49116
GOST 16679-71 Frozen ovaries of cattle, sheep, goats and pigs. Specifications RUSS49132
GOST 11838-75 Frozen hypothises of cattle, sheep, goats and pigs. Specifications RUSS49182
GOST 13914-78 Frozen thyroid glands of cattle and pigs. Specifications RUSS49262
GOST 9165-59 Canned meat. Ham RUSS49382
GOST 10.76-74 Meat. Horse-flesh for export. Technical requirements RUSS49611
GOST 12927-77 Cattle and hog adrenal glands, frozen. Specifications RUSS49677
GOST 12928-67 Cattle and pig spinal cord, frozen. Specifications RUSS49929
GOST 21192-75 Frozen goitre glands. Specifications RUSS50336
GOST 9935-76 Canned pig in jelly. Specifications RUSS50453

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