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GOST 29301-92 Meat and meat products. Determination of starch content RUSS60240
GOST 7631-85 Fish and products made of fish, marine mammals and invertebrates. Reception rules. Methods for determination of organoleptic characteristics. Sampling methods for laboratory tests RUSS70207
GOST 7448-75 Salted fish RUSS70267
GOST 6756-57 Tugun', 'sosvinskaja' herring and lake herring of tierce spicy salting. Specifications RUSS50096
GOST 20056-74 Fish preserves. Oceanic fish specially salted. Specifications RUSS50856
GOST 6481-82 Balyk products of cold smoked and dried sturgeon fishes. Specifications RUSS63480
ST SEV 2680-80 Canned meat and meat and cereal. Method for determination of solid and liquid components and melted fat RUSS169461
GOST 6065-82 Canned fish. Fried-in-oil fish. Specifications RUSS62049
GOST 25856-83 Canned fish with vegetables in bouillon, fillings, marinade and various sauces RUSS17844
GOST 21607-76 Frozen sets for fish soups RUSS17367
GOST 16080-70 Salted pacific salmon RUSS17589
GOST 17660-72 Frozen fish dressed by special methods RUSS17598
GOST 13865-68 Canned natural fish with addition of oil RUSS17808
GOST 8714-72 Fish and marine mammals edible oil RUSS17880
GOST 24645-81 Frozen protein paste "ocean" RUSS17987
GOST 7447-84 Hot-smoked fish RUSS18662
GOST 23670-79 Cooked sausages, frankfurters and small sausages, meat loafs RUSS19837
GOST 13272-80 Canned fish liver. Specifications RUSS54725
GOST 10981-64 Canned fish. Ragout of far-eastern salmon fishes in natural juice. Specifications RUSS54275
GOST 9793-74 Meat products. Methods for determination of moisture content RUSS54246
GOST 32009-2013 Meat and meat products. Spectrophotometric method for determination of total phosphorous content RUSS64510
GOST 15082-69 Raw intestines, preserved, destined for processing into finished casings. Sheep and goat set RUSS74613
GOST 15083-69 Processed sheep and goat intestines. Round casings RUSS74614
GOST 16334-70 Beef casings, processed. Beef weasands RUSS74646
GOST 10.69-72 Fish and fish products RUSS16127
GOST 1629-55 Granular salmon roe RUSS17118
GOST 12292-66 Canned fish garnished with vegetables RUSS16351
GOST 20402-75 Stuffed boiled sausages RUSS16933
GOST 21311-75 Frozen sharks supplied for export RUSS16937
GOST 24896-81 Live fish RUSS16953
GOST 7445-66 Hot-smoked sturgeons RUSS16999
GOST 5284-84 Canned meat "stewed beef" RUSS17203
GOST 7368-79 Pressed sturgeon caviar RUSS17214
GOST 7444-65 Dry-cured and cold-smoked balyk products from inconnu and white salmon RUSS17216
GOST 9936-76 Tourists breakfast RUSS17234
GOST 25391-82 Broiler meat RUSS17163
GOST 814-61 Iced fish. Specifications RUSS43819
GOST 8558.1-78 Meat products. Methods for determination of nitrite RUSS52440
GOST 23041-78 Meat and meat products. Method for determination of oxyproline RUSS53333
ST SEV 4718-84 Meat and Meat Products. Terms and Definitions RUSS146558
GOST 9957-73 Sausage, pork, mutton and beef products. Methods for determination of sodium chloride RUSS56215
GOST 18423-73 Squids, canned in natural juice RUSS56296
GOST 21230-75 Frozen sardines RUSS74818
GOST 13458-68 Preserved raw casings intended for processing into finished product. Beef set RUSS74555
GOST 13459-68 Processed beef casings. Beef rounds RUSS74556
GOST 13460-68 Processed beef casings. Beef middles RUSS74557
GOST 13461-68 Processed beef casings. Beef bungs RUSS74558
GOST 15084-69 Processed sheep and goat intestines. Calibrated round casings RUSS74615
GOST 16333-70 Beef casings, processed. Beef bladders RUSS74645
GOST 16335-70 Beef casings, processed. Beef fatty ends RUSS74647
GOST 16401-70 Preserved raw casings intended for processing into finished product. Pork set RUSS74650
GOST 16402-70 Processed pork casings. Pork rounds RUSS74651
GOST 16403-70 Beef intestines, treated. Bung membranes RUSS74652
GOST 16404-70 Beef intestines, treated. Large intestines RUSS74653
GOST 16405-70 Sheep intestines, treated. Sheep fat ends RUSS74654
GOST 16406-70 Sheep intestines, treated. Sheep bungs RUSS74655
GOST 17282-71 Treated horse intestines (small and ileac). Horse round intestines RUSS74691
GOST 17283-71 Preserved raw casings. Horse set. Specifications RUSS74692
GOST 17284-71 Hog casings, processed. Fat ends, salted RUSS74693
GOST 17285-71 Hog casings, processed. Middles, salted RUSS74694
GOST 17286-71 Hog casings, processed. Hog bladders RUSS74695
GOST 29299-92 Meat and meat products. Determination of nitrite content RUSS51552
GOST 16081-70 Salted mackerel and horse mackerel. Specifications RUSS51910
GOST 10119-62 Canned fish. Atlantic sardines. Technical requirements RUSS52089
GOST 30455-97 Products of fishery. Classification. Nomenclature of quality indices RUSS208590
GOST 31081-2002 Meat and meat products. Method for determination of L - (+) - glutamic acid RUSS208720
GOST 31110-2002 Meat and meat products. Spectrophotometric method for determining the mass fraction of total phosphorus RUSS208730
GOST 20057-74 Frozen oceanic fish. Specifications RUSS67922
GOST 26188-84 Fruit and vegetable products, meat and meat-vegetable cans. Method for determination of pH RUSS48340
GOST 23481-79 Poultry meat. Method of histological analysis RUSS48672
GOST 29300-92 Meat and meat products. Determination of nitrate content RUSS48765
GOST 32008-2012 Meat and meat products. Determination of nitrogen content (Reference method) RUSS57051
GOST 2623-73 Balyk cold smoked products from pacific salmon and issykul trout. Specification RUSS66587
GOST 7595-79 Meat. Cutting of beef for retail trade RUSS47083
GOST 18170-72 Pearl paste. Specifications RUSS47409
GOST 32796-2014 Pork. Carcasses and cuts. Requirements for delivery and quality control RUSS242782
GOST 12292-93 Canned fish with vegetable side dishes. Technical specifications RUSS355706
GOST 18056-2014 Canned shrimp natural. Technical specifications RUSS355717
GOST 19341-2014 Canned fish liver with vegetable side dishes. Technical specifications RUSS355719
GOST 25856-2013 Canned fish in broth, pour, marinade or sauce. Technical specifications RUSS355734
GOST 30130-94 Deoxyribonucleic acid from the thymus of young cattle. Technical specifications RUSS355753
GOST 30469-98 Meat products. Methods for determining penetration by a cone and a needle indenter RUSS355777
GOST 31495-2012 Special beer. General specifications RUSS355838
GOST 34046-2017 Semi-finished meat products natural. General specifications RUSS355883
GOST ECE/TRADE 326-2013 Beef. Carcases and cuts. Delivery and quality control requirements RUSS355933
GOST UNECE STANDART EGG-1-2013 Inshell chicken eggs. Supply Requirements and Quality Control RUSS356493
GOST UNECE/TRADE 308-2013 Mutton. Carcases and cuts. Supply Requirements and Quality Control RUSS356494
GOST UNECE/TRADE 355-2013 Chicken meat Carcases and parts thereof. Supply Requirements and Quality Control RUSS356495
GOST 13271-67 Cold-smoked sardine RUSS60984
GOST 18158-72 Production of meat products. Terms and definitions RUSS61034
GOST 7452-80 Canned fish in natural juice. Specification RUSS61122
GOST 7449-64 Salted salmon. Specifications RUSS68999

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