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GOST 23866-87 Single-seated, double-seated and cellular RUSS17384
GOST 12586.1-83 Reinforced-concrete hydraulically forged pressure culverts. Design. RUSS19806
DSTU 2308-93 Strength calculation and testing. Method for determination of thermal coefficient of linear expansion of composite materials in three mutually orthogonal directions. UKRA30752
DSTU 2823-94 Durability of products. Friction, wear and lubrication. Terms and definitions. UKRA31313
DSTU 3524-97 (GOST 27.205-97) Industrial product reliability. Engineering estimate of complex systems reliability including equipment, software and operating personnel. General provisions. UKRA32292
DSTU 3942-2000 (GOST 27.506-2000) Industrial product reliability. Test plans to control mean time between failures (to failure). Part 2. Diffusion distribution. UKRA32724
DSTU EN 28662-3-2001 Hand-held portable power tools - Measurement of vibrations at the handle - Part 3: Rock drills and rotary hammers (ISO 8662-3:1992) UKRA35407
DSTU GOST 10339:2008 Countersunk non-falling-out screws, product grade B. Design and dimensions UKRA36025
DSTU GOST 11429:2008 Blacksmith's hand and hammer tools. Two-sided axes. Design and dimensions UKRA36125
DSTU GOST 12466:2008 Shackles with thread holes. Design and sizes UKRA36236
DSTU GOST 13042:2008 Arbors with longitudinal key and tapes claw-ended shank for end cutters. Design and dimensions UKRA36311
DSTU GOST 13219.6:2008 Low cups with cup seal for diameters from 100 till 400 mm of pillow blocks. Construction and dimensions UKRA36411
DSTU GOST 13791:2008 Tapered adapters 7:24 with end slot for cutters arbors. Design and dimensions UKRA36479
DSTU GOST 14802:2008 Rivets (high precision). Hole diameters for rivets, unset head dimensions and length selection UKRA36568
DSTU GOST 16064:2008 Flange union tees asymmetric sealing for tube connections on internal cone. Construction and dimensions UKRA36718
DSTU GOST 16668:2008 Liner plates for punches with holders with four mounting holes. Construction and dimensions UKRA36843
DSTU GOST 17679:2008 Light yokes for pipe-line and cable fixing. Design and dimensions UKRA36947
DSTU GOST 18743:2008 Mushroom-shaped stops. Design and dimensions UKRA37022
DSTU GOST 18816:2008 Handling threaded dowel. Design and dimensions UKRA37086
DSTU GOST 21142:2008 Roller mechanisms for strip feeding, width from 200 to 560 mm. Basic and coupling dimensions UKRA37547
DSTU GOST 22041:2008 Studs with threaded end of 2, 5d. Product grade A. Construction and dimensions UKRA37654
GOST 5762-74 Pipeline industrial valves. Gate valves PN £ 250. General specifications RUSS16598
GOST 27584-88 Electric overhead travelling cranes and gantry cranes. General specifications RUSS19413
DSTU 2293-99 Occupational safety standards system. Terms and definitions UKRA30738
DSTU 2807-94 Metal-working and woodworking equipment. General safety requirements and testing methods. UKRA31295
DSTU 3423-96 Bevel gears. Errors and tolerances. Terms and definitions. UKRA32192
DSTU 3908-99 (GOST 30677-2000) Circular grinding machines. Shields. Types and main dimensions UKRA32692
DSTU EN 1870-8:2008 Safety of woodworking machines. Circular sawing machines. Part 8. Single blade edging circular rip sawing machines with power driven saw unit and manual loading and/or unloading UKRA35350
DSTU EN ISO 8662-14-2001 Hand-held portable power tools - Measurement of vibrations at the handle - Part 14: Stone-working tools and needle scalers (ISO 8662-14:1996) UKRA35882
DSTU GOST 11422:2008 Blacksmith's hand and hammer tools. V-expansion tools. Design and dimensions UKRA36118
DSTU GOST 12213:2008 Holding devices. Locating pins. Design UKRA36211
DSTU GOST 12956:2008 Left ribs for machine retaining devices. Design and dimensions UKRA36293
DSTU GOST 13219.10:2008 High cups with cup seal for diameters from 110 till 400 mm of pillow blocks. Construction and dimensions UKRA36400
DSTU GOST 13787:2008 Arbors with tapered shank and longitudinal key without lug for shall cutters. Design and dimensions UKRA36475
DSTU GOST 14741:2008 Four armed handles. Design UKRA36561
DSTU GOST 16057:2008 Sealing flange union elbows with slope angle 135° for tube connections on internal cone. Construction and dimensions UKRA36711
DSTU GOST 16657:2008 Holders with keyway. Construction and dimensions UKRA36836
DSTU GOST 17669:2008 Blanks of inserts of units for changeable sheet stamping cutting dies. Construction and dimensions UKRA36943
DSTU GOST 18719:2008 Guide posts with shoulders for changeable sheet stamping dies. Construction and dimensions UKRA37011
DSTU GOST 18807:2008 Stepped stops. Design and dimensions UKRA37079
DSTU GOST 20226:2008 Rolling bearings. Shoulders for bearing mounting. Dimensions UKRA37465
DSTU GOST 22034:2008 Studs with threaded end of 1, 25d. Product grade B. Construction and dimensions UKRA37647
DSTU GOST 23211:2008 Units of versatile compound dies for clipping and piercing of round in plan vien die fordinds on crank presses. Design and dimensions UKRA37765
GOST 27331-87 Fire engineering. Cassification of fires RUSS15719
GOST 20900-75 Copper and brass rectangular waveguide tubes RUSS18345
DSTU 2132-93 (GOST 20742-93) Chain couplings. Parameters and dimensions UKRA30545
DSTU 2593-94 (GOST 19140-94) Horizontal two-pillar welding turners. Types, basic parameters and dimensions UKRA31077
DSTU 3261.11-95 (GOST 22974.11-96) Melted welding fluxes. Methods of calcium fluoride determination UKRA31938
DSTU 3761.4-98 Welding and similar processes. Part 4. Soldering and tin plating. Terms and definitions UKRA32549
DSTU EN 1106:2005 Manually operated taps for gas burning appliances UKRA34757
DSTU EN 547-3-2001 Safety of machinery. Human body measurements. Anthropometric data UKRA35650
DSTU GOST 11396:2008 Blacksmith's hand and hammer tools. Metal tool handles. Design and dimensions UKRA36093
DSTU GOST 12.2.091:2004 (MEK 61010-1-90) Safety requirements for indicating and recording electrical measuring instruments and their accessories UKRA36168
DSTU GOST 12820:2008 Steel plane welded flanges for Pnom from 0, 1 to 2, 5 MPa (from 1to 25 kgf/sq sm). Design and dimensions UKRA36268
DSTU GOST 13125:2008 Rear post press tool sets for cold plastic working dies. Construction and dimensions UKRA36368
DSTU GOST 13463:2008 Tab lock washers. Design and dimensions UKRA36450
DSTU GOST 13970:2008 Screwed elbows for tube connections on external cone. Construction and dimensions UKRA36511
DSTU GOST 1560:2008 Screw ties for machine retaining devices. Design UKRA36679
DSTU GOST 16625:2008 Round punches diameter from 24 mm to 52 mm. Construction and dimensions UKRA36811
DSTU GOST 17186:2008 Turret lathe collets with rib and inclined hole. Design and dimensions UKRA36904
DSTU GOST 18260:2008 Thrust centers with screwed-off nut and cone 1:10 and 1:7. Design and dimensions UKRA36986
DSTU GOST 18779:2008 Four-support cross-bars. Design and dimensions UKRA37054
DSTU GOST 19753:2008 Conical metal gasket joint gate end part. Design and dimensions UKRA37304
DSTU GOST 21859:2008 Threaded pipeline connections. Union passage elbows. Construction UKRA37622
DSTU GOST 22805:2008 Assembly units and pipeline parts. Flanged inserting T-branches for Pnom 9, 81-98, 1 MPa (100-1000 kgf/sm sq). Construction and dimensions UKRA37722
DSTU GOST 24134:2008 Pipe-line fastening parts. Double-seat cramps. Design and dimensions UKRA37854
GOST 27477-87 Non-return check valves. Basic parameters RUSS16055
GOST 28343-89 Flanged steel ball valves RUSS18384
DSTU 2262-93 Springs. Terms and definitions. UKRA30702
DSTU 2611-94 Pipeline valves for general industrial purposes. Terms and definitions. UKRA31095
DSTU 3261.7-95 (GOST 22974.7-96) Melted welding fluxes. Method of phosphorus determination UKRA31956
DSTU 3767-98 Ball valves for the rated pressure from 25 up to 50 MPa. General specifications. UKRA32556
DSTU EN 12067-2:2008 Gas/air ratio controls for gas burners and gas burning appliances - Part 2: Electronic types UKRA34796
DSTU EN 792-6:2004 Hand-held non-electric power tools - Safety requirements - Part 6: Assembly power tools for threaded fasteners UKRA35775
DSTU GOST 11404:2008 Blacksmith's hand and hammer tools. Round top swages. Design and dimensions UKRA36100
DSTU GOST 12194:2008 Holding devices. Adjusting prisms. Design UKRA36193
DSTU GOST 12938:2008 Moveable bent gripper for machine retaining devices. Design and dimensions UKRA36275
DSTU GOST 13157:2008 Cone bushes for indexes of machine retaining devices. Design and dimensions UKRA36375
DSTU GOST 13767:2008 Cylindrical helical compression (tension) springs of I class and of 2 category made of round steel. Main parameters of coils UKRA36461
DSTU GOST 14672:2008 Sheet stamping dies. Die sets with diagonally positioned guide ball assemblies. Design and dimensions UKRA36536
DSTU GOST 15864:2008 Guide bushes for sheet stamping dies. Construction and dimensions UKRA36686
DSTU GOST 16635:2008 Elongated oblong punches. Construction and dimensions UKRA36818
DSTU GOST 17474:2008 Raised countersunk head screws, product grades A and B. Design and dimensions UKRA36929
DSTU GOST 18439:2008 Notched straight-side center arbors with press fit of jobs. Design and dimensions UKRA36997
DSTU GOST 18787:2008 Splined stepped screws. Design and dimensions UKRA37061
DSTU GOST 20190:2008 Reduce-type flange elbows for tube connections on external cone. Construction and dimensions UKRA37454
DSTU GOST 21883:2008 Sheet stamping dies. Die sets with intermediate plate with axial positioned guide sliding assemblies. Design and dimensions UKRA37629
DSTU GOST 22812:2008 Assembly units and pipeline parts. Pockets for resistance thermometers and thermocouple thermometers for Pnom 9, 81-98, 1 MPa (100-1000 kgf/sm sq). Construction and dimensions UKRA37729
DSTU GOST 24190:2008 UKRA37865
GOST 27443-87 Skinning machines RUSS16448
GOST 31.111.42-83 Parts and subunits of modular work tools for metal-cutting machines RUSS18645
DSTU 2278-93 Mechanical couplings. Terms and definitions. UKRA30720
DSTU 2742-94 (GOST 5006-94) Toothed clutches. Specifications UKRA31213
DSTU 3289-95 (GOST 30370-96) Aggregate complexes of engineering means for automatic control systems. Reliability. General requirements. UKRA31988
DSTU 3809-98 Compressors. Terms and definitions. UKRA32599
DSTU EN 1854:2006 Pressure sensing devices for gas burners and gas burning appliances UKRA35339
DSTU EN 842-2001 Safety of machinery - Visual danger signals - General requirements, design and testing UKRA35800
DSTU GOST 11415:2008 Blacksmith's hand and hammer tools. Round punches. Design and dimensions UKRA36111
DSTU GOST 12201:2008 Holding devices. Quick detachable bolts for slots of machines. Design UKRA36200
DSTU GOST 12949:2008 Boxes for machine retaining devices. Design and dimensions UKRA36286

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