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GOST R 52623.0-2006 Technologies of medical services. General RUSS67272
GOST R 52600.2-2008 Protocol for patient's management. Complete adentia RUSS67816
GOST R 52600.6-2008 Protocol for patient's management. Pulmonary embolism prevention RUSS70787
GOST R 52600.0-2006 Protocols for patient's management. General RUSS71051
GOST R 52600.4-2008 Protocol for patient's management. Iron deficiency anaemia RUSS71120
GOST R 52600.1-2008 Protocol for patient's management. Von Willebrand's disease RUSS72448
GOST R 52600.7-2008 Protocol for patient's management. Partial absence of teeth (Partial secondary adentia) RUSS73425
GOST R 53092-2008 Quality management systems. Guidelines for process improvements in health service organizations RUSS73658
GOST R 52600.3-2008 Protocol for patient's management. Hemophilia RUSS74141
GOST R 52600.5-2008 Protocol for patient's management. Stroke RUSS74205
GOST R 52887-2018 Services for children in organizations of rest and rehabilitation of health RUSS353992
SanPiN of 28.10.2013 # 107 Sanitary norms and rules "Sanitary and epidemiological requirements for healthcare organizations, the provision of medical services, including cosmetology, as well as for the organization and conduct of sanitary and anti-epidemic measures for the prevention of infectious diseases in healthcare organizations" RUSS366320
GOST R 58526-2019 Quality control of services to children in recreation and health organizations RUSS376030

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