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GOST 17164-71 Dairy industry. Production of non-skimmed milk products. Terms and definitions RUSS61361
GOST R 52687-2006 Fermented-milk product, enriched with bifidum bifidobacteria. Specifications RUSS70382
GOST R 52253-2004 Butter and butter paste from cow milk. General specifications RUSS70587
GOST 10147-62 Canned meat. Cutlets from pork RUSS222419
GOST 10148-62 Canned meat. Pork brisket in sweet sauce. Pork brisket in tomato sauce RUSS222420
GOST 10382-63 Lactic acid dry products RUSS222858
GOST 1045-41 Technical animal fat RUSS223006
GOST 10574-63 Sausage products and canned meat. Method for determination of starch content RUSS223232
GOST 10574-73 Sausage products and canned minced meat. Method for determination of starch content RUSS223233
GOST 10907-64 Canned meat and vegetables. Pasta with meat RUSS223855
GOST 10970-64 Milk cow dry fat-free. Technical requirements RUSS223962
GOST 10970-74 Cow low fat milk powder RUSS223963
GOST 11041-64 Rossiyskiy cheese. Technical requirements RUSS224087
GOST 11211-65 Canned meat and vegetables. Meat with potatoes RUSS224382
GOST 11254-65 Rendered animal fats. Methods for determining the content of antioxidants RUSS224452
GOST 11254-81 Rendered animal fats. Methods for determining antioxidants RUSS224453
GOST 11285-65 Pancreatic glands of livestock and pigs, frozen for the production of insulin RUSS224508
GOST 11436-65 Canned meat and vegetables. Pea puree with ham or tongue RUSS224890
GOST 114-41 Yogurt cake RUSS224898
GOST 115-41 Cheese, soft, salted RUSS225049
GOST 11548-65 Milk whole condensed with sugar for export. Specification RUSS225067
GOST 116-41 Farmer cheese’s mass RUSS225211
GOST 117-41 Yogurt cream RUSS225413
GOST 11811-66 Canned dairy products in metal and cardboard-metal containers. Packing and marking RUSS225499
GOST 11837-66 Pituitary glands of cattle and pigs, dehydrated with acetone RUSS225542
GOST 11838-66 Pituitary gland of large and small cattle and pigs, frozen RUSS225544
GOST 11839-66 Pituitary gland of large and small cattle and pigs. Methods of tests RUSS225545
GOST 118-41 Yogurt snacks RUSS225547
GOST 11864-66 Canned meat and vegetables. Salsola with meat RUSS225583
GOST 11865-66 Canned meat. Meat of chicken in sour cream sauce RUSS225585
GOST 11922-66 Canned meat. Meat of chickens in jelly RUSS225664
GOST 11923-66 Canned meat and vegetables. Goose meat with buckwheat porridge RUSS225665
GOST 11924-66 Canned meat and vegetables. Goose meat with cabbage RUSS225667
GOST 31710-2012 Milk and mik-based products. Detection of themrmoneuclease produced by coagulase-positive staphylococci RUSS55251
GOST R 53668-2009 Ayran. Specifications RUSS55525
GOST R 53504-2009 Cottage cheese. Specifications RUSS55514
GOST R 53506-2009 Acidophilus milk. Specifications RUSS55516
GOST R 52617-2006 Glass containers for milk and milk products. Specifications RUSS66203
GOST R 52686-2006 Chesses. General specifications RUSS66209
GOST R 53421-2009 Salted cheeses. Specifications RUSS66238
GOST R 53513-2009 Buttermilk and drinks on its base. Specifications RUSS66244
GOST ISO 6092-2015 Powdered milk. Determination of titratable acidity (Practical method) RUSS209230
GOST 2164-43 Cutlets of minced meat (semi-finished) RUSS238011
GOST 23042-78 Meat and meat products. Method for determination of fat RUSS239168
GOST 23231-78 Sausages and cooked meat products. Method for analyzing the efficiency of heat treatment RUSS239276
GOST 23453-79 Milk. Method for determining the impurity of abnormal milk in a collective RUSS239413
GOST 23454-2016 Milk. Methods for determination of the inhibitors RUSS239414
GOST 25102-82 Milk. Methods for determination of the spores content of mesophilic anaerobic bacteria RUSS240346
GOST 25179-82 Milk. Colorimetric method of protein determination RUSS240379
GOST 2518-44 Smoked meat. Lamb and beef RUSS240380
GOST 25768-83 Bone meal for forage. Specification RUSS240701
GOST 26888-86 Milk and dairy products. Method for the determination of yeast and mold mushrooms RUSS241191
GOST 2828-45 Cheese made from sheep's milk, southern sheep cheese and aragac sheep cheese RUSS241620
GOST 2858-55 Egg powder RUSS241703
GOST 2858-69 Egg powder RUSS241704
GOST 2903-45 Canned milk. Condensed whole milk with sugar RUSS241797
GOST 2903-55 Condensed whole milk with sugar RUSS241798
GOST 30347-2016 Milk and milk product. Methods for determination of staphylococcus aureus RUSS242181
GOST 3136-46 Sour clotted milk RUSS242455
GOST 3136-56 Sour clotted milk RUSS242456
GOST 3137-46 Acidophiles and acidophilic milk RUSS242458
GOST 3324-46 Boiled sausage. Specification RUSS242923
GOST 33920-2016 Food caseinate. Specification RUSS243313
GOST 33921-2016 Canned milk. Condensed sweetened cooked milk. Specifications RUSS243314
GOST 33922-2016 Canned milk. Dry cream. Specifications RUSS243315
GOST 33923-2016 Canned compound sweetened condensed milk. Specifications RUSS243316
GOST R 52996-2008 Milk and milk products. Determination of alkaline phosphatase activity. Part 1. Fluorimetric method for milk and milk products RUSS57547
GOST 30349-96 Fruits, vegetables and derived products. Methods for determination of organochlorine pesticide residues RUSS67723
GOST R 52357-2005 Milk and milk-containing products. Technological instruction. General requirements for lay out, development and composition RUSS68302
VTU NKMMP 168-43 Condensed milk with sugar, sterilized RUSS222033
VTU NKMMP 178-43 Dry malt milk RUSS222034
VTU NKMMP 22 Fat-free condensed milk with sugar RUSS222035
VTU NKMMP 308-46 Condensed malt milk with sugar RUSS222037
VTU NKMMP 33 Cow low fat milk powder RUSS222038
VTU NKMMP 60 Whole and fat-free condensed milk, pasteurized RUSS222039
VTU NKMMP 64 Condensed cream with sugar RUSS222040
GOST 10.18-70 Hard rennet cheeses. Technical requirements for export products RUSS222088
GOST 10.78-74 Meat. Beef in the form of a cut "pistol", supplied for export. Technical requirements RUSS222149
GOST 10.80-74 Meat. Beef, veined, frozen in blocks, supplied for export. Technical requirements RUSS222150
GOST 10009-62 Canned meat. Jellied pork RUSS222169
GOST 10010-62 Canned meat. Chicken in its own juice RUSS222170
GOST 10011-62 Canned meat. Goose fillet in jelly RUSS222171
GOST 5540-50 Cream of cow milk. Specification RUSS250290
GOST 5540-55 Cream of cow milk. Specification RUSS250291
GOST 5867-51 Milk and dairy products. Methods for determination of fat content RUSS250899
GOST 5867-69 Milk and dairy products. Methods for determination of fat content RUSS250900
GOST 608-56 Canned meat. Chicken fillet in jelly RUSS251450
GOST 608-77 Canned meat. Chicken meat in jelly. Specification RUSS251456
GOST 6484-53 Stearin, technical RUSS252226
GOST 6801-53 Creamy drink with sugar, pasteurized RUSS252911
GOST 6822-54 Chocolate butter RUSS252952
GOST 6922-54 Canned meat. Minced meat and sausage RUSS253150
GOST 697-55 Canned meat. Stewed pork RUSS253302
GOST 697-56 Canned meat. Stewed pork RUSS253305
GOST 698-55 Canned meat. Stewed lamb RUSS253324
GOST 698-56 Canned meat. Stewed lamb RUSS253326
GOST 718-41 Canned milk. Cocoa with condensed milk and sugar RUSS253773
GOST 718-54 Canned milk. Cocoa with condensed milk and sugar RUSS253775
GOST 719-41 Canned milk. Natural coffee with condensed milk and sugar RUSS253791
GOST 719-54 Canned milk. Natural coffee with condensed milk and sugar RUSS253794

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