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ST RK 452-2002 Natural drinking mineral waters, table healing and healing waters. General specification. Put into effect in substitution of ST RK 452-94 KAZA23799
ST RK GOST R 52700-2010 Natural low alcoholic drinks. General specification KAZA24622
ST RK GOST R 52844-2009 Alcohol-free tonic beverages. General specification KAZA24637
ST RK GOST R 52845-2010 Tonic drinks with low quantity of alcohol. General specification KAZA24638
GOST R 51156-2005 Wine cocktails. General specifications RUSS52485
GOST 6687.0-86 Non-alcoholic industry products. Rules for acceptance and sampling methods RUSS54406
GOST R 52700-2006 Drinks with low quantity of alcohol. General specifications RUSS57513
GOST R 52844-2007 Alcohol-free tonic beverages. General specifications RUSS57527
GOST R 52845-2007 Tonic drinks with low quantity of alcohol. General specifications RUSS59527
GOST R 54316-2011 Drinking natural mineral waters. General specifications RUSS72758
GOST 28188-2014 Non-alcoholic drinks. General specifications RUSS138543
GOST 31820-2015 Ciders. General specifications RUSS138574
GOST R 58010-2017 Poirй traditional. Spectifications RUSS288986
GOST R 58011-2017 Ciders traditional. Spectifications RUSS288987
GOST R 52700-2018 Low-alcohol beverages. General specifications RUSS353989
GOST R 54316-2020 Mineral natural drinking water. General specifications RUSS379804
GOST R 58851-2020 Traditional fruit ciders. Specifications RUSS380154
GOST R 52700-2021 Low alcohol drinks. General specifications RUSS428570
GOST 34793-2021 Low alcohol drinks. General specifications RUSS428673

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