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GOST 32147-2013 Fruit desserts. General specifications RUSS59118
GOST R 52476-2005 Canned foods on vegetable base for nutrition of babies. Specifications RUSS68308
GOST R 53956-2010 Quick-frozen fruits. General specifications RUSS68341
GOST R 53967-2010 Desserts fruit. General specifications RUSS57638
GOST R 55463-2013 Sauerkraut Provencal. General specifications RUSS57736
GOST R 53118-2008 Jams. General specifications RUSS66930
GOST R 55465-2013 Frozen mushrooms. Specifications RUSS67453
GOST R 54050-2010 Natural canned foods. Green peas. Specifications RUSS60802
GOST R 54679-2011 Canned beans. Specifications RUSS60812
GOST R 53958-2010 Natural canned products. Sugar corn. Specifications RUSS61719
GOST 32217-2013 Canned food vegetable base for nutrition of babies. General specifications RUSS70430
GOST R 55485-2013 Fat products. Specifications RUSS70875
GOST R 54643-2011 Fresh ceps. General specifications RUSS59699
GOST R 55464-2013 Olives or black olives in brine. Specifications RUSS59772
GOST R 52182-2003 Canned food. Juice products. Vegetable, vegetable and fruit juices, nectars, juices beverages. Specifications RUSS68745
GOST R 54683-2011 Frozen vegetables and their mixes. General specifications RUSS68811
GOST 31713-2012 Canned foods. Cucumbers, vegetable morrows, bush pumpkins with greens in brine. Specifications RUSS65228
GOST R 52477-2005 Canned foods. Vegetable pickles. Specifications RUSS66198
GOST R 52475-2005 Canned food fruit base for nutrition of babies. Specifications RUSS66197
GOST R 54677-2011 Canned food. Vinegar pickled, salted and boiled mushrooms. General specifications RUSS66295
GOST 31712-2012 Jams. General specifications RUSS62629
GOST R 51074-97 Food products. Information for consumer. General requirements RUSS72712
GOST R 55625-2013 Sweet edible ice. Specifications RUSS72793
GOST R 55626-2013 Desserts sherbets whipped frozen. Specifications RUSS72896
GOST R 55624-2013 Desserts fruit, vegetable and fruit-and-vegetable frozen whipped. Specifications RUSS72940
GOST R 702.1.026-2022 Russian quality system. Oatmeal cookies. Consumer tests RUSS432676
GOST R 51551-2000 Protein-vitamin-mineral and amide-vitamin-mineral concentrates. Specifications RUSS55435
GOST R 53127-2008 Canned food. Cucumbers, vegetable marrows, bush pumpkins with greens in brine. General specifications RUSS63029
GOST R 53972-2010 Salted and fermented vegetables. General specifications RUSS63093
GOST R 51074-2003 Food products. Information for consumer. General requirements RUSS72217
GOST R 54648-2011 Canned foods. Tomatoes in brine. General specifications RUSS64259
GOST R 54678-2011 Concentrated tomato foods. General specifications RUSS64263
GOST R 52817-2007 Jams. General specifications RUSS64890

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