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GOST 4757-91 Ferrochrome technical requirements and shipment conditions RUSS18773
GOST 14907-88 Dictaphones RUSS19394
GOST 24863-87 Consumer audio tape recorders RUSS19636
GOST R 15.011-96 System of products development and launching into manufacture. Patent investigations. Procedure and scope RUSS20853
GOST 5289-88 Disk records. General specifications RUSS43703
GOST 12.4.156-75 Occupational safety standards system. Industrial filtering gas masks and respirators. Nephelometric method for determination of all-service canisters penetration coefficient of oil mist RUSS50654
GOST R 51725.10-2009 Catalogization of products for federal state needs. The order of products catalogization in accordance with requirement of agreements and contracts for products deliveries (purchase) RUSS50839
GOST 8.538-85 State system for ensuring the uniformity of measurements. State special standard and state verification schedule for means measuring radiant flux in the wavelength range of 0,5 - 1,6 um RUSS50846
GOST R 51725.9-2009 Catalogization of products for federal state needs. The order of formation and management of general part of the federal products catalogue for federal state needs RUSS55440
GOST R 53418-2009 Seals. Order of the inspection of seals in operating condition RUSS55510
GOST 4.360-85 Product-quality index system. Reprography. Micrography. Microfilm cameras. Index nomeclature RUSS55851
GOST 4.387-85 Product-quality index system. Synthetic materials for food-gear bottom. Index nomenclature RUSS57089
GOST R 52874-2007 Special workplace for invalids on sight. The order of development and support RUSS57530
GOST R 52884-2007 Social service of the population. The order and conditions of granting the social services to elderly age citizens and invalids RUSS57534
GOST R 54023-2010 Global navigation satellite system. Navigation dispatcher system for state motor roads maintenance control. Functions, structure and characteristics of geographic information support subsystem RUSS57644
GOST R 50779.23-2005 Statistical methods. Statistical interpretation of data. Comparison of two means in the case of paired observations RUSS57999
GOST 26775-85 Clearances of navigable for bridges spans in the inland waterways RUSS60259
GOST R 53568-2009 Non-destructive testing. Evaluation of third order elasticity modulus by ultrasound. General requirements RUSS61705
GOST R 55865-2013 Air transport. System of management safety of aviation activity. Collection tools flight information lights RUSS61779
GOST R 14.08-2005 Ecological management. Order of the inclusion of environmental aspects in production standards (ISO/IEC 64) RUSS62830
GOST R 52601-2006 Meat. Dressing of beef into cuts. Specifications RUSS62982
GOST R 52986-2008 Meat. Dressing of pork into cuts. Specifications RUSS63015
GOST R 54367-2011 Meat. Dressing of lamb and goat into cuts. Specifications RUSS63116
GOST 31778-2012 Meat. Dressing of pork into cuts. Specifications RUSS63807
GOST 31797-2012 Meat. Dressing of beef into cuts. Specifications RUSS63808
GOST R 51725.12-2009 Catalogization of products for federal state needs. The registration order for product researchers, manufacturers and suppliers of products for federal state needs RUSS64071
GOST R 54520-2011 Meat. Dressing of veal into cuts. Specifications RUSS64241
GOST R 52321-2005 Electricity metering equipment (а.с). Particular requirements. Part 11. Electromechanical meters for active energy (classes 0,5; 1 and 2) RUSS64871
GOST R 52323-2005 Electricity metering equipment (а.с.). Particular requirements. Part 22. Static meters for active energy classes (0,2S and 0,5S) RUSS64872
GOST 25549-90 Fuels, oils, greases and special fluids. Chimmotology list. Order of development and agreement RUSS65325
GOST 14233-84 Supply transformers for domestic radio equipment. General specifications RUSS65847
GOST 31819.11-2012 Electricity metering equipment (а.с). Particular requirements. Part 11. Electromechanical meters for active energy (classes 0,5; 1 and 2) RUSS66002
GOST 31819.22-2012 Electricity metering equipment (а.с.). Particular requirements. Part 22. Static meters for active energy classes (0,2S and 0,5S) RUSS66003
GOST R ISO/TS 10303-1043-2012 Industrial automation systems and integration. Product data representation and exchange. Part 1043. Application module. Work order RUSS66396
GOST 32243-2013 Meat. Dressing of venison into cuts. Specifications RUSS66557
GOST R EN 12952-1-2012 Water-tube boilers and auxiliary installations. Part 1. General. Wasserrohrkessel und Anlagenkomponenten. Teil 1. Allgemeine bestimmungen RUSS67053
GOST R 55866-2013 Air transport. System of management safety of aviation activity. The structure of procedures and methods of collecting and processing data lights and monitoring during exploitation RUSS67187
GOST 32226-2013 Meat. Dressing of horse and young horse meat into cuts. Specifications RUSS67474
GOST R ISO 21747-2010 Statistical methods. Process performance and capability statistics for measured quality characteristics RUSS70061
GOST 7.31-89 System of standards on information, librarianship and publishing. All-union sistem of interlibrary lending RUSS70470
GOST R 55830-2013 Resources saving. Best available techniques for applying the waste hierarchy RUSS71002
GOST R 52320-2005 Electricity metering equipment (а.с). General requirements. Tests and test conditions. Part 11. Meters for electric energy RUSS71274
GOST R 54570-2011 Steels. Assessing the degree of banding or orientation of microstructures RUSS71451
GOST 31818.11-2012 Electricity metering equipment (а.с). Particular General requirements. Tests and test conditions. Part 11. Meters for electric energy RUSS72015
GOST 9999-94 Direct acting recording electrical measuring instruments and their accessories RUSS73581
GOST R 56906-2016 Lean Production. Workspace Organization method (5S) RUSS287847
GOST R 56941-2016 Temperature recorders and thermometers for the transport, storage and distribution of chilled, frozen, deep-frozen/quick-frozen food and ice cream. Periodic verification RUSS287882
GOST R 56949-2016 Digital Broadcast Television. Home Local Digital Network. Basic parameters RUSS287890
GOST R 57996-2017 Polymer composites. Differential scanning calorimetry. Determination of activation energy, pre-exponential factor and reaction order RUSS288972
GOST R IEC 62087-4-2017 Audio, video and related equipment. Determination of power consumption. Part 4. Video recording equipment RUSS290218
GOST IEC 60094-2-2002 Measuring magnetic tapes for household tape recorders. Options. Technical requirements. Measurement methods RUSS356572
RD EO 0069-97 Rules for the organization of maintenance and repair of systems and equipment of nuclear power plants RUSS126502
RD EO 0295-2004 Maintenance and repair of systems and equipment of nuclear power plants. Executive documents repair work with the use of welding. Types and requirements for content and design RUSS126504
RD EO Quality provision program implementation check procedures for “Rosenergoatom Concern” JSC and companies that implement works and render services to operator. RUSS126506
RD EO Regulation for quality control of manufacture of equipment for atomic power stations RUSS126507
RD EO Coordination of specifications and decisions related to applying import products intended for use at nuclear power generating stations. Regulation. RUSS126511
RD EO Guidelines for acceptance inspections at manufacturing plants and entrance control at NPP of 1st, 2nd and 3rd security class equipment RUSS126512
RD EO The procedure for coordination and approval of quality assurance programs and quality guidelines RUSS126514
OST N 600-93 Industry building and technological standards for the installation of communication and broadcasting and television facilities and devices RUSS145758
RD BT 39-0147171-003-88 Requirements for installation of stationary sensors of gas alarms in industrial premises and outdoors areas of oil and gas industry facilities RUSS16848
RD 153-34.0-20.408-97 Acceptance Procedures for Overhead Electric Power Transmission Lines at Voltage of 0.38 kV with Self-Supporting Insulated Conductors RUSS142863
RD 52.18.599-98 Accreditation of laboratories (centers) for monitoring environmental pollution. Procedure for inspection control of the accredited laboratory (center) RUSS142871
RD 52.24.440-2006 Amount of mass concentrations of 4-7 nuclear polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in water. Method of measurement by fluorescent method using thin layer chromatography RUSS143000
RD 07-14-2001 Approval and Enactment of Ordinance for Issuance of Permits by the Federal Inspectorate of Russia for Nuclear and Radiation Safety for Activity Involving the Use of Nuclear Power by Workers at Radioactive Waste Disposal Sites (Special… RUSS143037
RD 009-01-96 Automatic Fire Protection Systems. Maintenance Requirements RUSS143091
RD 153-39.4-087-01 Automation and Telemetry Systems for Petroleum Trunk Pipelines. Basic Provisions RUSS143104
RD 153-34.1-20.602-2002 Basic Principles and Requirements for a Service Contract for Repair of Electric Power Generating Station Equipment RUSS143157
RD 153-34.0-08.102-98 Basic Principles for Controlling Production and Business Activity and Procedural Guidelines for Organization of Controller Systems RUSS143158
RD 34.35.120-90 Basic Principles for Development of Automated Process Control Systems for Substations at Voltage of 35-110 kV RUSS143160
RD 34.48.510-87 Basic Principles for the Automated Process Telephone System of the Minenergo USSR RUSS143161
RD 03-19-94 Basic Provisions for Preparation, Review, and Acceptance of Decisions on Revisions of Design, Engineering, Process, and Operating Documentation That May Influence Radiation and Nuclear Safety Assurance RUSS143163
RD 10-118-96 Basic Safety Requirements for Load Limiters for Electric Bridge and Gantry Cranes RUSS143176
RD 34.08.502-96 Basic Scientific and Technical Requirements for Development and Expansion of Automated Control Systems for District Electrical Networks RUSS143179
RD 45.370-2003 Broadcasting transmitters, Very High Frequency (VHF). General technical requirements RUSS143242
RD 03112194-1014-97 Buses. Installation of gas-cylinder equipment for operation on compressed natural gas (kng) on buses. Acceptance and release after installation. Testing of gas-fueled systems. Specifications. RUSS143286
RD 153-34.0-02.106-98 Calculation Method for Assessment of Wind Erosion and Dust Formation of Ash Dumps of Thermal Power Stations RUSS143298
RD 51-00158623-08-95 Categorization of industrial power consumers of natural gas facilities RUSS143346
RD 13-2-2-94 Certification of round timbers. Maintenance of quality and dispute free acceptance at contract conclusion on delivery RUSS143356
RD 13-2-1-94 Certification of timbers. Fytosanitory safety. General requirements RUSS143358
RD 34.10.108 Charts for Outfitting of Electrical Network Facilities Administered by Minenergo USSR with Tools, Aids, and Equipment, Accessories, Rigging Equipment, Hand Tools, and Instruments for Repair and Maintenance of Overhead Electric Power Transmission Lines at RUSS143370
PB 05-618-03 Coal Mine Safety Regulations RUSS143444
RDS 30-201-98 Code of practice of the projecting and placing of red lines in the cities and other settlements of the Russian Federation RUSS143449
RD 34.25.102-87 Cogeneration monobloc unit with turbine T-110/120-130 and drum boiler. Typical starting connection RUSS143458
RD 45.333-2002 Communication equipment implementing the function of flexible switch (Softswitch). Specifications RUSS143511
RD 45.079-99 Communication equipment the functions of combined node switching and service management platform SSCP of intelligent communication network. General technical requirements RUSS143512
RD 45.046-99 Communications equipment realising functions of speech information transfer on data transfer networks with IP protocol. Technical requirements RUSS143529
RD 153-39.0-064-00 Completion Time Standards for Geophysical Services in Horizontal Wells Drilled for Oil and Gas RUSS143552
RD 45.070-99 Compressor-alarm Installations for local networks. General technical requirements RUSS143570
RD 45.026-99 Control systems for maintenance of digital switching stations RUSS143688
RD 413160-02-01297858-03 Corrosion protection rules for stock-tank oil vessels and for dynamic and technological oil settling vessels RUSS143711
RD 34.09.207 Cost Standards for Fuel and Electric Power for Operation of Turbine Generator Units K-50-90, K-100-90 and K-200-130 LMZ in Revolving Reserve and Synchronous Condenser Modes RUSS143720
RD 50-363-82 D.C. measuring high-voltage dividers. Methods and means of verification RUSS143758
RD 34.03.502-91 Data Sheet for Sanitary Working Conditions in a Shop RUSS143761
RD 45.174-2001 Design and construction of management systems of communication networks of operators of interconnected network of the Russian Federation. Main provisions RUSS143778
RD 34.49.101-87 Design Guidelines for Fire Protection for Energy Facilities RUSS143809
PB 13-564-03 Design Requirements for Charging, Dispensing, and Mixing Equipment for Mechanization of Explosive Operations RUSS143855
RD 153-34.0-49.105-01 Design standards for automatic fire extinguishing systems of cable structures RUSS143859
RD 34.37.305.14-97 Determination of formaldehyde RUSS143892
RD EO 0052-00 Diesel generator sets for nuclear power plants. General specifications RUSS143925
RD 51-10-98 Dynamic Positioning Services for Gazprom OAO Vessels Used in Offshore Petroleum and Gas Exploration and Production Operations RUSS143985

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