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GOST 7170-66 Rye bran RUSS16012
GOST 9511-80 Puff bakery products RUSS16016
GOST 12306-66 Macaroni soft glassy wheat flour RUSS16149
GOST 9906-61 Khlyebyets (bread) (No Suggestions) RUSS16225
GOST 9712-61 High-caloric buns RUSS16529
GOST 13197-67 Cold-smoked balyk products of baltic salmon RUSS16679
GOST 28807-90 Rye and mixed rye-wheat bread RUSS16775
GOST 5311-50 Karelan bread RUSS16801
GOST 9713-95 Fancy bakery products RUSS16834
GOST 28808-90 Bread made from wheat flour RUSS16974
GOST 8989-73 Hempseed oil RUSS17007
GOST 20546-85 Oceanic fish of spiced salting RUSS17139
GOST 28620-90 Bread buns. General specifications RUSS17182
GOST 28809-90 Rolls RUSS17187
GOST 9846-88 Cracker-type bread RUSS17232
GOST 20414-93 Frozen squid cuttle. Specifications RUSS17359
GOST 9831-61 Packed rich tea-bread RUSS17501
GOST 18173-72 Granular salmon roe in tins RUSS17600
GOST 4495-87 Whole dry milk RUSS17683
GOST 24557-89 Rich bakery products RUSS17841
GOST 20352-74 Salted delicatessen roe RUSS17979
GOST 30317-95 Rusk bakery products RUSS18014
GOST 6929-88 Fruit paste RUSS18031
GOST 30354-96 Ring-shaped bakery products RUSS18396
GOST 18316-95 First course lunch dishes RUSS19035
GOST 28546-90 Toilet soap RUSS19419
GOST 13273-88 Drinking medicinal and medicinal and table waters RUSS19591
ST RK 1239-2004 Ready-to-use mustard. Specification. In substitution of RST KazSSR 752-88 KAZA22226
ST RK 1307-2004 Milk and milk products. Dietary cheese spread. Specification KAZA22287
ST RK 1392-2005 Canned dinner. Specification KAZA22367
ST RK 2207-2012 Juices for child nutrition. Specification KAZA23471
ST RK 2209-2012 White coated tin plates for cans production. Specification KAZA23473
ST RK GOST R 51355-2010 Vodkas and special vodkas. General specification KAZA24474
ST RK GOST R 52175-2010 Ice cream. General specification. Put into effect in substitution of ST RK 1066-2001 KAZA24575
ST RK GOST R 52674-2010 Meat and meat by-products frozen in blocks for production of baby nutrition foods. Specification KAZA24618
STB 1467-2004 Ice-cream. General specifications BELA26889
DSTU 1052:2005 Food mustard. Specifications UKRA30387
DSTU 2435:2007 Dry plums. Specifications. UKRA30883
DSTU 2717:2006 Food concentrates. Aromatic spices for the first and second courses. General specifications. UKRA31187
DSTU 281-95 Conserves. Delicate sauces. General specifications UKRA31308
DSTU 4221:2003 Rectified ethanol. Specifications. UKRA33070
DSTU 4437:2005 Chopped meat and meat and vegetable semi-finished products. Specifications. UKRA33293
DSTU 4560:2006 Mayonnaise. Acceptance rules and test methods. UKRA33442
DSTU 4561:2006 Salad sauces. Specifications. UKRA33443
DSTU 4562:2006 Coconut oil. Technical delivery conditions. UKRA33444
DSTU 4598:2006 Mustard oil Specifications. UKRA33479
DSTU 4608:2006 Potato chips and snacks. General specifications. UKRA33489
DSTU 4650:2006 Rectified ethanol. Specifications. UKRA33531
DSTU 4668:2006 Cooked, cooked-smoked, baked-smoked, baked, fried and raw smoked products from pork. General specifications. UKRA33550
DSTU 4764:2007 Cosmetic scrub. General specifications. UKRA33646
DSTU 4836:2007 Ciders. General specifications. UKRA33728
DSTU 4837:2007 Fast-frozen fruit and berries. Specifications. UKRA33729
DSTU 4842:2007 Ground mustard. Specifications. UKRA33734
DSTU 4848:2007 Confectionery semi-finished products. Nut and nut-chocolate pastes. General specifications. UKRA33740
DSTU 4849:2007 Instant coffee drinks. General specifications. UKRA33741
DSTU 5065:2008 Olive oil. Technical delivery conditions. For the first time UKRA33978
DSTU 6029:2008 Quick-frozen fruit and berry products (crushed and pureed). Specifications. UKRA34043
DSTU 6036:2008 Fruit and berry wines. General specifications. UKRA34050
DSTU 6072:2009 Jam. General specifications. UKRA34086
DSTU 6087:2009 Canned food. Fruit sauces. Specifications. UKRA34101
DSTU 7174:2010 Packaged black Baikhovi tea. Specifications. UKRA34286
GOST 27907-88 Vodkas for export. General specifications RUSS51262
GOST R 52482-2005 Food common salt. Sampling and sample preparation. Determination of organoleptic properties RUSS54236
GOST 31923-2012 Extraction bees wax. Specifications RUSS54410
GOST 31412-2010 Seaweeds, sea grasses and products of their processing. Methods of identification of sensory and physical characteristics RUSS57002
GOST 8756.1-79 Canned food products. Methods for determination of organoleptic characteristics, net mass or volume and components fraction of total mass RUSS57219
GOST R 51355-99 Vodkas and special vodkas. Specifications RUSS57371
GOST 12712-2013 Vodkas and special vodkas. General specifications RUSS57900
GOST R 52000-2010 Macaroni products. Terms and definitions RUSS59464
GOST 20264.1-89 Enzyme preparations. Methods for the determination of organoleptic, physico-chemical and microbiological points RUSS61384
GOST 7631-2008 Fish, non-fish objects and products from them. Methods of sensory and physical characteristics identification RUSS61549
GOST R 52378-2005 Instant (noodle) macaroni products. General specifications RUSS62972
GOST R 52098-2003 Extraction bees wax. Specifications RUSS63286
GOST R 52000-2002 Macaroni products. Terms and definitions RUSS64084
GOST R 52405-2005 Dry children's foods. Porridges. General specifications RUSS64109
GOST R 53396-2009 White sugar. Specifications RUSS64155
GOST 30004.1-93 Mayonnaises. General specifications RUSS64789
GOST 31895-2012 White sugar. Specifications RUSS64807
GOST R 54079-2010 Feed rye. Specifications RUSS64922
GOST R 50903-96 Canned food. Vegetable sauces. Specifications RUSS65177
GOST 31749-2012 Instant (noodle) macaroni products. General specifications RUSS65998
GOST 31964-2012 Macaroni products. Acceptance rules and methods of quality determination RUSS66008
GOST R 52377-2005 Macaroni products. Acceptance rules and methods of quality determination RUSS66188
GOST 30004.2-93 Mayonnaises. Sampling rules and test methods RUSS67722
GOST R 51135-98 Liqueur-vodka products. Acceptance rules and test methods RUSS69329
GOST 32035-2013 Vodkas and special vodkas. Acceptance rules and test methods RUSS69925
GOST R 52472-2005 Vodkas and special vodkas. Acceptance rules and test methods RUSS69991
GOST 5363-93 Vodka. Acceptance rules and test methods RUSS70200
GOST 5964-93 Ethanol. Acceptance rules and test methods RUSS70202
GOST 490-2006 Lactic acid for use in foodstuffs. Specifications RUSS70542
GOST R 51331-99 Yoghurts. General specifications RUSS70581
GOST R 52473-2005 Ethanol from food raw material. Acceptance rules and test methods RUSS70591
GOST 32080-2013 Liqueur-vodka products. Acceptance rules and test methods RUSS71243
GOST R 51135-2010 Liqueur-vodka products. Acceptance rules and test methods RUSS72027
GOST R 52175-2003 Milk ice, ice-cream and plombir. Specifications RUSS72029
GOST 33222-2015 White sugar. Specifications RUSS138982
GOST 9959-2015 Meat and meat products. General conditions of organoleptical assessment RUSS139437
GOST 33741-2015 Meat and meat-containing canned foods. Methods for determination of organoleptic characteristics, the net weight and the mass fraction of component parts RUSS208921
GOST 33770-2016 Table salt. Sampling and preparation of samples. Determination of organoleptic properties RUSS243165
GOST 33884-2016 Sugar beet. Specifications RUSS243292

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