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GOST 10060.0-95 Methods for the determination of frost-resistance. General requirements RUSS15917
GOST 27334-87 Thrusters garage RUSS15995
GOST 17479.3-85 Identification numbers of petroleum products RUSS16159
GOST 27420-87 Synthetic materials for bottom stock parts of footwear RUSS16447
GOST 22859-77 Hydraulic auto hoisters RUSS16586
GOST 26332-84 Medical endoscopes RUSS16740
GOST 6799-2005 Glass articles for furniture. Specifications RUSS17042
GOST 23558-94 Crushed stone-gravel-sandy mixtures, and soils treated by inorganic binders for road and airfield construction. Specifications RUSS17267
GOST 26899-86 Chassis dynamometers for determining of parameters of traction and speed characteristics and fuel efficiency of motor vehicles and wheeled tractors under operating conditions RUSS17405
GOST 18517-84 Garage compressors RUSS17603
GOST 6657-77 Post paper RUSS17719
GOST 6915-89 Instruments for measuring blood pressure within the cardiovascular system RUSS17720
GOST 7237-82 Welding converters RUSS18036
GOST 398-96 Carbon steel tires for broad gauge railroads and subway rolling-stock RUSS18207
GOST 26831-86 Medical ultrasonic diagnostic RUSS18378
GOST 29057-91 Costumes mens for protection against a not toxic dust RUSS18390
GOST 29058-91 Women’s suits for protection against nontoxic dust RUSS18526
GOST 28703-90 Automatic and semi-automatic instruments for indirect measurement of arterial pressure RUSS18766
GOST 28904-91 Control systems of an electric filter RUSS19056
GOST 22407-85 Synchronous explicit-pole generators of general purpose RUSS19222
GOST 23496-89 Medical endoscopes RUSS19229
GOST R 50030.5.1-2005 Low-voltage switchgear and controlgear. Part 5. Control circuit devices and switching elements. Section 1. Electromechanical control circuit devices RUSS19273
GOST 19687-89 Devices for heart bioelectric potentials measurement. RUSS19349
GOST 27570.11-88 Safety of household and similar electrical appliances RUSS19412
GOST 25995-83 Electrodes for bioelectric potential measurements RUSS19563
GOST 27072-86 Diagnostic acoustic generators of signals. Audiometers RUSS19727
GOST 23647-87 Lifting appliances for self-loading vehicles. Types, basic parameters RUSS20090
GOST 10060.4-95 Concretes. Structure-mechanical rapid method for the determination of frost-resistance RUSS20410
GOST 26656-85 Technical diagnostics. Testability. General requirements RUSS20519
GOST 27518-87 Diagnostics of items. General reguirements RUSS20525
GOST R 52122-2003 Technical diagnostics. Mainline locomotives. On-board diagnostic systems. General requirements RUSS20619
GOST R 51317.4.2-2010 Electromagnetic compatibility of technical equipment. Electrostatic discharge immunity. Requirements and test methods. RUSS21224
GOST R 52942-2008 Railway applications. Axles. Product requirements. RUSS21235
GOST 361-85 Lampholders. General technical condditions RUSS43675
GOST 4752-2012 Cylinder copper wire. Specifications RUSS43696
GOST R 50396.6-92 Poultry meat, edible offal, ready-to-cook products. Methods for detection and quantity determination of sulphite-reducing anaerobes RUSS44188
GOST R IEC 61675-1-2002 Radionuclide imaging devices. Characteristics and test conditions. Part 1. Positron emission tomographs RUSS44271
GOST ISO 14602-2002 Inactive surgical implants for osteosynthesis Technical requirements RUSS44587
GOST ISO 14630-2002 Inactive surgical implants General technical requirements RUSS44588
GOST 26796-85 Bags for international post dispatch. General specifications RUSS45864
GOST 26393-84 Polyethylene. Method for determination of extractable substances content by diethyl ether RUSS47005
GOST 19140-94 Horizontal two-pillar welding turners. Types, basic parameters and dimensions RUSS47946
GOST 28095-89 Automates for sale of post cards envelopes and post-stamps. General technical requirements RUSS48032
GOST R ISO 13405-1-2001 Prosthetics and orthotics. Classification and description of prosthetic components. Part 1. Classification of prosthetic components RUSS48344
GOST 21073.1-75 Non-ferrous metals. Determination of grain size by comparison with microstructure scale RUSS48882
GOST R ISO 7207-2-2005 Implants for surgery. Components for partial and total knee joint prostheses. Part 2. Articulating surfaces made of metal, ceramic and plastics materials RUSS48951
GOST R ISO 5832-12-2009 Implants for surgery. Metallic materials. Part 12. Wrought cobalt-chromium-molybdenum alloy RUSS49308
GOST 26285-84 Technical diagnostics. Tractors. Unified devices of conjunction with diagnosis means. General technical requirements RUSS49400
GOST 26655-85 Technical diagnostics. Diagnostics of motor vehicles, tractors, construction and road machines. Pick-ups. General technical requirements RUSS49631
GOST R ISO 5832-6-2010 Implants for surgery. Metallic materials Part 6. Wrought cobalt-nickel-chromium-molybdenum alloy RUSS49730
GOST R 51661.1-2000 Peat for compost preparation. Specifications RUSS49812
GOST R ISO 5832-7-2009 Implants for surgery. Metallic materials. Part 7. Forgeable and cold-formed cobalt-chromium-nickel-molybdenum-iron alloy RUSS49987
GOST 28642-90 Half-automatic installations for sorting of sendings. General specifications RUSS50003
GOST 24263-80 Medical apparatus. Information symbols on the endoscopes and their functional elements. Forms and dimensions. Technical requirements RUSS50095
GOST R ISO 5832-5-2010 Implants for surgery. Metallic materials. Part 5. Wrought cobalt-nickel-chromium-tungsten-nickel alloy RUSS50215
GOST R ISO 5832-8-2010 Implants for surgery. Metallic materials. Part 8. Wrought cobalt-nickel-chromium-molybdenum-tungsten-iron alloy RUSS50232
GOST 28109-89 Cancelling machines. General specification RUSS50371
GOST 3674-74 Chrome leather for artificial limbs and parts of musical instruments. Specifications RUSS50538
GOST 13904-2005 Glass containers. Methods of testing the resistance to internal hydrostatic pressure RUSS50589
GOST R ISO 10328-6-98 Prosthetics. Structural testing of lower-limb prostheses. Part 6. Loading parameters of supplementary structural tests RUSS50813
GOST 13808-79 Rubber. Method for the determination of low temperature resistance according to elastic rebound after compression RUSS50826
GOST R ISO 7206-1-2005 Implants for surgery. Partial and total hip joint prostheses. Part 1. Classification and designation of dimensions RUSS50833
GOST R ISO 10328-4-98 Prosthetics. Structural testing of lower-limb prostheses. Part 4. Loading parameters of principal structural tests RUSS51036
GOST R ISO 14243-2-2012 Implants for surgery. Wear of total knee-joint prostheses. Part 2. Methods of measurement RUSS51155
GOST R ISO/IEC 17050-2-2009 Conformity assessment. Supplier's declaration of conformity. Part 2. Supporting documentation RUSS51280
GOST R ISO 7207-1-2005 Implants for surgery. Femoral and tibial components for partial and total knee joint prostheses. Part 1. Classification, definition and designation of dimensions RUSS51369
GOST R ISO 8549-3-2011 Prosthetics and orthotics. Vocabulary. Part 3. Terms relating to external orthoses RUSS51421
GOST 31623-2012 XK62M6L alloy cast rods for artificial joints. Specifications RUSS51428
GOST R ISO 8549-2-2013 Prosthetics and orthotics. Vocabulary. Part 2. Terms relating to external limb prostheses and wearers of these prostheses RUSS51442
GOST 31616-2012 Annuloplasty rings. Technical requirements and test methods RUSS51564
GOST R 50970-96 Traffic control devices. Guide posts. General specification. Application rules RUSS51982
GOST R ISO 12985-2-2014 Carbonaceous materials used in the production of aluminium. Baked anodes and cathode blocks. Part 2. Determination of apparent density and of open porosity using hydrostatic method RUSS52051
GOST 10444.2-94 Food products. Methods for detection and quantity determination of Staphylococcus aureus RUSS52123
GOST 24925-81 Technical diagnostics. Tractors. Diagnosis adaptability. General technical requirements RUSS52286
GOST 26132-84 Petroleum and pitch cokes. Microstructure evaluation method RUSS52305
GOST 32448-2013 Global navigation satellite system. Civil navigation receiver equipment for launchers, space tugs and space vehicles. Technical requirements RUSS52378
GOST R 51895-2002 Cold blade weapon for bearing with the kazak uniform and national costumes of the peoples of the Russian Federation. General technical requirements. Test methods RUSS52509
GOST R 53382-2009 Multiple units. General requirements for the ability to use the devices for diagnostics RUSS52529
GOST R 53514-2009 Meat and meat products. Immune method of determination of animal (pork, beef, mutton) proteins RUSS52532
GOST R 53734.4.3-2010 Electrostatics. Part 4-3. Test methods for specific applications. Footwear RUSS52539
GOST R ISO 7206-2-2005 Implants for surgery. Partial and total hip joint prostheses. Part 2. Articulating surfaces made of metallic, ceramic and plastics materials RUSS52590
GOST 5012-82 All wool and blended fabrics. Method for determination of dimensional lineal change after wetting RUSS52666
GOST R 55416-2013 Nanotechnologies. Part 1. Core terms and definitions RUSS52707
GOST R ISO 10328-7-98 Prosthetics. Structural testing of lower-limb prostheses. Part 7. Test submission document RUSS53077
GOST 23434-79 Technical diagnosis. Diagnosis means. Carburettor engine ignition system. General technical requirements RUSS53132
GOST 12967-67 Cellular rubber. Method for the determination of cold-resistance coefficient RUSS53203
GOST 4.160-85 Product-quality index system. Muscle force measuring apparatus (mechanical). Nominclature of indices RUSS53228
GOST R ISO 10328-1-98 Prosthetics. Structural testing of lower-limb prostheses. Part 1. Test configurations RUSS53493
GOST 2846-82 All-wool and half-woollen formal fabrics. Standards of colour fastness and methods for determination RUSS53535
GOST R 51553-99 Textiles. Determination of resistance to water penetration. Hydrostatic pressure test RUSS53645
GOST 31621-2012 Implants for surgery. Тotal joint replacement. Determination of durability of friction unit’s work of hip endoprostheses by a method of torque estimation RUSS53664
GOST 16185-82 Plastics. Method for determining of electrostatic properties RUSS53766
GOST 30877-2003 Textiles. Machine-made floor coverings and carpets. Safety characteristics and methods for determination of them RUSS53858
GOST 25738-83 Technical diagnostics. Symbols used on diagnosis means for petrol engines and electrical equipment of motor vehicles RUSS53922
GOST 28641-90 Pack binding machines. General specifications RUSS53949
GOST R 53868-2010 Units of lower-limb prostheses for children. Technical requirements and test methods RUSS53964
GOST 25645.119-84 Wave radiations in magnetosphere. Spatial time and spectral responses RUSS54070
GOST R 54163-2010 Glass and glass products. Test method for resistance to climatic exposure. Frost resistance test method RUSS54164
GOST 26603-85 Nonwoven textile sheets (backing) of fibres for thermal-sown-insulating linoleum. Bio stability determination method RUSS54461
GOST R 52640-2006 Implants for surgery. Total joint replacement. Determination of durability of friction unit's work of hip endoprostheses by method of torque estimation RUSS54567

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