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GOST 10459-87 Base paper for gummed tape RUSS16331
GOST 9421-80 Flat container pasteboard RUSS16525
GOST 8273-75 Packing paper RUSS16828
GOST 8828-89 Base paper and two-layer waterproof packaging paper RUSS16830
GOST 1760-86 Greaseproof paper RUSS16928
GOST 515-77 Bitumized and tarred packaging paper RUSS16990
GOST 5541-76 Corking means RUSS17205
GOST 9569-79 Paraffin paper RUSS17229
GOST 1341-97 Vegetable parchment RUSS17329
GOST 7933-89 Cardboard for the retail containers RUSS17483
GOST 2228-81 Paper for bags RUSS17624
GOST 7247-90 Automatic food packaging paper RUSS17727
GOST 16295-93 Anticorrosion paper RUSS19740
ST RK 1785-2008 Packaging. Optimization of packing waste power-producing usage. Using as secondary material resources. KAZA22773
ST RK 1867-2008 Packaging. Using as secondary material resources. Report of requirements for substances and materials to prevent ling-time limitation of using as secondary material resources KAZA22857
ST RK 226-2000 Labels, collar labels and tags printed by means of offset, typographic or template methods. Specification KAZA23526
ST RK GOST R 52703-2009 Chicken meat. Trade descriptions KAZA24624
GOST 21214-75 Means of packaging. Straps for lumber packages from steel band RUSS47666
GOST 18679-73 Ears for sealing. Design and dimensions RUSS49738
GOST 25439-82 Packing materials. Method for determining waterproofness in hydrostatic pressure RUSS49772
GOST 20683-75 End compression test of container board RUSS49963
GOST 18678-73 Sealing cups. Design and dimensions RUSS51012
GOST 6290-74 Wrapping double-ply paper for packing cigarettes. Specifications RUSS51034
GOST R ISO 10106-2009 Cork stoppers. Determination of global migration RUSS51601
GOST 9347-74 Board for gaskets and gaskets cut of it. Specifications RUSS51727
GOST 15158-78 Paper and board with protective coating for packaging of goods and production of spare parts utilized in tropics. Specifications RUSS56625
GOST 32179-2013 Closure products. General on security, marking and acceptance rules RUSS62656
GOST 5541-2002 Cork means of closing. General specifications RUSS62702
GOST 25930-83 Plastic covers for cylindrical connectors. Specifications RUSS67931
GOST R 53670-2009 Turkey meat (carcases and parts). Trade description RUSS72034
GOST 31472-2012 Turkey meat (carcases and parts). Trade description RUSS72488
GOST R 54357-2011 Duck meat (carcases and their parts). Trade descriptions RUSS72995
GOST 18677-73 Seals. Design and dimensions RUSS208427
GOST ISO 633-2016 Cork. Terms and definitions RUSS260271
GOST 34158-2017 Goose slaughtering products. Trade descriptions RUSS286745
DSTU 8164:2015 Veterinary preparations. Good manufacturing practice UKRA342724
DSTU 8256:2015 Packaging for food quail eggs. Technical conditions UKRA342773
DSTU EN 12246:2014 Timber for pallets and packaging. Quality classification (EN 12246: 1999, IDT) UKRA344181
DSTU EN 13437:2012 Packaging and recycling of material. Criteria for recycling methods. Recycling processes and flow patterns (EN 13437: 2003, IDT) UKRA344471
DSTU EN 13440:2012 Packaging. Coefficient of recycling (recycling). Definition and calculation method (EN 13440: 2003, IDT) UKRA344473
DSTU EN 14045:2012 Packaging. Evaluation of the decomposition of packaging materials in practically oriented tests under certain conditions of composting (EN 14045: 2003, IDT) UKRA344595

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