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DSTU EN 13429:2008 Packaging. Reuse UKRA35050
DSTU 4614:2006 Veterinary immunobiological preparations. Marking. UKRA33495
GOST R ISO 8536-12-2021 Medical infusion devices. Part 12. Single-use return valves RUSS428388
DSTU EN 12248:2014 Timber for industrial packaging. Maximum deviations and recommended sizes (EN 12248: 1999, IDT) UKRA344182
GOST R 52683-2006 Medicine remedies for veterinary use. Packing, marking, transportation and storage RUSS66208
GOST R 53399-2009 Unwashed classed wool. Packing, labelling, transportation and storage RUSS54695
DSTU 6047:2008 Walnut oil. Specifications. UKRA34061
DSTU EN 13427:2008 Packaging - Requirements for the use of European Standards in the field of packaging and packaging waste UKRA35048
GOST 32030-2021 Wine. General specifications RUSS428228
GOST R 51074-2003 Food products. Information for consumer. General requirements RUSS72217
GOST 22046-2002 Furniture for educational institutions. General specifications RUSS72200
GOST 32098-2013 Vodkas and special vodkas, liqueur and vodka products. Packing, marking, transportation and storagе RUSS58202
GOST R 52790-2007 Glazed curds. General specifications RUSS67429
GOST R 59685-2021 Metal three-layer wall panels insulated with polyurethane foam. Technical specifications RUSS429635
DSTU ISO 13355:2006 Packaging -- Complete, filled transport packages and unit loads -- Vertical random vibration test UKRA39989
DSTU 6006:2008 Seeds of vegetable, melon and fodder roots. Packing, marking, transportation and storage. Specifications. UKRA34021
GOST 34428-2018 Photoluminescent evacuation systems. General specifications RUSS428666
DSTU 4462.3.02:2006 Nature protection. Waste treatment. Waste storage, marking and disposal. Rules for waste transportation. General metrological and technical requirements UKRA33321
DSTU 7963:2015 Food products. Sample preparation for microbiological analyzes UKRA342628
GOST 25388-2001 Chemical fibres. Packing, marking, transportation and storage RUSS58881
GOST R 59746-2021 Raw sausage products. Technical requirements RUSS428319
GOST 24717-2004 Refractories and refractory raw materials. Marking, packing, transportation and storage RUSS58865
GOST 15846-2002 Production for transportation to the areas of Far North and similar regions. Packing, marking, transportation and storage RUSS70169
GOST R 59905-2021 Self-drilling screws for steel construction. General specifications. RUSS429650
GOST R 51850-2001 Compound feed production. Acceptance rules. Packing, transportation and storage RUSS51655
GOST 6713-2021 Rolled structural steel for bridge construction. Technical specifications RUSS431909
GOST 2-2013 Ammonium nitrate. Specifications RUSS69257
GOST R 70006-2022 Welded steel T-beams with transversely corrugated wall for building structures. Technical conditions RUSS431818
GOST 24327-2006 Cord fabric. Packing, marking, transportation and storage RUSS51334
DSTU 4399:2005 Butter. Technical conditions UKRA33253
GOST 25852-2021 Electrical contact parts of noble metals and alloys on their basis. Technical specifications RUSS428548
GOST R 59878-2021 Voice-voicing apparatuses. Basic parameters and technical requirements RUSS428752
GOST ISO 2062-2014 Textiles. Yarns from package. Method of determination of single-end breaking force and elongation at break using constant rate of extension (CRE) tester RUSS139704
GOST R 52194-2003 Vodkas and special vodkas. Liqueur and vodka products. Packing, marking, transportation and storage RUSS57475
GOST R 59727-2021 Cold-rolled light-gage steel sheets and strips of electrical alloyed steel for medium frequencies. Technical specifications RUSS428262
GOST 34796-2021 Beer drinks. General specifications RUSS428718
GOST 2665-2021 Nickel sulphate technical. Technical requirements RUSS428435
GOST 5778-2000 Sorted scoured wool. Packing, labelling, transportation and storage RUSS53408

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