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GOST 21798-76 Packages filled transport. Method of conditioning for testing RUSS52620
GOST 5778-2000 Sorted scoured wool. Packing, labelling, transportation and storage RUSS53408
GOST 30802-2002 Cargo containers series 1. Technical requirements and test methods. Part 2. Isothermal containers RUSS286482
GOST EN 13432-2015 Packaging. Requirements for the use of packaging through composting and biodegradation. Calibration scheme and evaluation criteria for the distribution of packages by categories RUSS287035
GOST ISO 1496-1-96 Series freight containers 1. Part 1. General purpose general purpose containers. General technical requirements and test methods RUSS287228
GOST ISO 20848-1-2014 Packaging. Polymeric barrels. Part 1. Barrels with a removable lid (top) with a nominal capacity of 113.6 to 220 liters RUSS287266
GOST ISO 20848-2-2014 Packaging. Polymeric barrels. Part 2. Polymeric barrels with a fixed lid (top) with a nominal capacity of 208.2 and 220 l RUSS287267
GOST ISO 20848-3-2014 Packaging. Polymeric barrels. Part 3. Sealing systems for polymer drums with a nominal capacity of 113.6 to 220 liters RUSS287268
GOST ISO 23560-2015 Polypropylene fabric bags for bulk food packaging. Technical requirements RUSS287276
GOST ISO 3874-96 Series cargo containers 1. Loading, unloading and fastening RUSS287295
GOST ISO 668-96 Cargo containers series 1. Classification, dimensions and weight RUSS287326
GOST ISO 9727-2-2016 Cylindrical cork stoppers. Methods for determination of physical properties. Part 2. Determination of mass and apparent density for agglomerated cork stoppers RUSS287368
GOST ISO 9727-6-2016 Cylindrical cork stoppers. Methods for determination of physical properties. Part 6. Determination of liquid tightness RUSS287371
GOST 14861-91 Industrial packing. Types RUSS54799
GOST 20231-83 Freight containers. Terms and definitions RUSS54968
GOST 19822-88 Industrial container. Specifications RUSS55083
GOST 17527-86 Package. Terms and definitions RUSS65274
GOST 23170-78 Packing for products of engineering industry. General requirements. RUSS15937
GOST ISO/IEC Guide 41-2013 Packaging. Recommendations for addressing consumer needs RUSS58231
GOST 32686-2014 Bottles from polyethylene terephthalate for food liquids. General specifications RUSS68551
GOST 21391-84 Means for the palletization. Terms and definitions RUSS50423
GOST 21390-83 Container transport system. Terms and definitions RUSS51284
GOST 28528.1-90 Complete, filled transport packages. General rules for the compilation of performance test schedules. General principles RUSS54329
GOST 28528.2-90 Complete, filled transport packages. Requirements for the compilation of performance test schedules. Quantitative data RUSS63740
GOST R 57266-2016 Safes for storing drugs, psychotropic substances and their precursors. Requirements, classification and test methods RUSS288211
GOST R 57275-2016 Deposit boxes, blocks of deposit boxes and storage systems. Requirements, classification and test methods RUSS288239
GOST 24373-80 Making of metal cans for conserve. Terms and definitions RUSS71844
GOST 18338-73 Industrial packing and racks. Terms and definitions RUSS47716
GOST 30005-93 Glass containers. Terms and definitions of defects RUSS48770
GOST 28520-90 Packages filled transport. Low pressure test RUSS48743
GOST 32674-2014 Glass containers. Sizes. Control methods RUSS56159
GOST 20767-75 Wooden and wooden material boxes. Terms and definitions RUSS56205
GOST ISO 8317-93 Child-resistant packaging. Requirements and testing procedures for reclosable packages RUSS57311
GOST 19434-74 Cargo units, transport facilities and stores. Basic matching dimensions RUSS46021
GOST 26653-2015 Preparation of general cargoes for transportation. General requirements RUSS241120
GOST 30005-2016 Glass package. Defects of glass and glass products. Terms and definitions. Defects in goods RUSS242097
GOST 33549-2015 Containers-tanks with a vessel of composite materials. Requirements and test methods RUSS243038
GOST 33689-2015 Containers and contrails, autonomous, automatic, isothermal. Requirements and test methods RUSS243104
GOST 33746-2016 Returnable polymeric boxes. General specifications RUSS243144
GOST 33747-2016 Biodegradable packaging. General specifications RUSS243145
GOST 33748-2016 Aluminium cans of deep drawing with easy open end. General specifications RUSS243146
GOST 33756-2016 Plastic consumer packaging. General specifications RUSS243152
GOST 33757-2016 Flat wooden pallets. Specification RUSS243153
GOST 33759-2016 Instrument oil (MVP). General specifications RUSS243155
GOST 33772-2016 Bags of paper. General specifications RUSS243167
GOST 33781-2016 Consumer packaging made of cardboard, paper and combined materials. General specifications RUSS243179
GOST 33805-2016 Packing of glass for food vinegars and acids. General specifications RUSS243210
GOST 33810-2016 Metal barrels for food liquids. Specifications RUSS243216
GOST 33811-2016 Packing of glass for perfume and cosmetic products. General specifications RUSS243217
GOST 33837-2016 Polymeric packaging for food products. General specifications RUSS243246
GOST 9980.3-86 Paint materials. Packing RUSS65428
GOST 26653-90 Preparation of general cargoes for transportation. General requirements RUSS65733
GOST 15846-79 Products for transportation to the areas of the far north and remote regions RUSS20015
GOST 16299-78 Packaging. Terms and definitions RUSS20086
GOST 22752-84 Industrial packing made of plastic. Types RUSS49931
G-14540 Typical technological process of operation of railway stations for loading and draining oil cargoes and washing and steaming enterprises for cleaning and preparing tanks for the carriage of goods RUSS222044
GOST 13903-2016 Glass package. Methods of testing the thermal resistivity RUSS228877
GOST 15844-2014 Glass packaging for milk and dairy products. General specifications RUSS208380
GOST ISO 10718-2016 Cork stoppers. Method for enumeration of colony-forming living microorganisms capable of growth in an alcoholic medium RUSS260174
GOST ISO 22308-2016 Cork stoppers. Sensory analysis RUSS260237
GOST ISO 633-2016 Cork. Terms and definitions RUSS260271

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