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GOST 6722-75 Filter technical board RUSS16208
GOST 597-73 Drawing paper RUSS16511
GOST 6861-73 Colored writing paper RUSS16515
GOST 19493-74 Paper alkali-proof for zinc-mercury cells RUSS17134
GOST 24311-80 Cardboard for radio zondes RUSS17155
GOST 6659-83 Water-resistant upholstery cardboard RUSS17210
GOST 876-73 Cartridge paper RUSS17225
GOST 9569-79 Paraffin paper RUSS17229
GOST 7625-86 Label paper RUSS17480
GOST 10751-85 Conducting cable paper RUSS17947
GOST 25013-81 Electrochemical impulse paper RUSS17990
GOST 25089-81 Printing paper for multivolume publications RUSS17992
GOST 6749-86 Wall paper RUSS18029
GOST 9168-80 Intaglio printing paper RUSS18045
GOST 10127-75 Moisture-proof base paper for abrasive materials RUSS18582
GOST 23779-95 Asbestos paper RUSS18742
GOST 7376-89 Corrugated paperboard RUSS18791
GOST 7377-85 Paper for corrugation RUSS18792
DSTU EN 1230-1:2006 Paper and board intended for contact with foodstuffs. Sensory analysis. Odor UKRA34836
GOST 29314-92 Paper. Untrimmed stock sizes for the ISO-A series. ISO primary range RUSS45466
GOST 12524-78 Paper. Method of determination of free chlorum RUSS46657
GOST 26893-86 Filter paper for qualitative and quantitative analyses. Method for the determination of wet bursting strength RUSS50013
GOST 6290-74 Wrapping double-ply paper for packing cigarettes. Specifications RUSS51034
GOST 7584-89 Laboratory filter paper. Methods for determination of filtering and separating capacity RUSS51768
GOST R ISO 10716-2000 Paper and board. Determination of alkali reserve RUSS51829
GOST 3479-85 Tissue paper. Specifications RUSS52717
GOST 10711-74 Paper and board. Method for the determination of ring destruction force under compression. (Ring Crush Test) RUSS53593
GOST 20363-88 Transparent drawing paper. Specifications RUSS53614
GOST 9780-78 Bookbinding material. Method of determination for light fastness RUSS53672
GOST 9568-80 Pulp and paper. Method for determination of mass percentage of calcium RUSS55368
GOST 20358-78 Air-filtering paper. Specifications RUSS55684
GOST 12783-91 Paper. Method for determining the electrical resistance coefficient RUSS55743
GOST R 55083-2012 Paper. Determination of surface strength. Wax rods pick method RUSS56019
GOST 13525.3-97 Pulp and paper. Method for determination of tearing resistance (Elmendorf method) RUSS56594
GOST 15158-78 Paper and board with protective coating for packaging of goods and production of spare parts utilized in tropics. Specifications RUSS56625
GOST 18462-77 Pulp, paper and cardboard. Methods for determination of fraction of total mass of iron RUSS56689
GOST 8047-93 Paper and board. Acceptance rules. Sampling to determine average quality RUSS59250
GOST 12605-97 Paper and cardboard. Method for determination of surface water absorption at one-sided wetting (Cobb method) RUSS60154
GOST 7.50-2002 System of standards on information, librarianship and publishing. Document conservation. General requirements RUSS60703
GOST R ISO 9895-2013 Paper and board. Compressive strength. Short-span test RUSS60875
GOST 8047-2001 Paper and board. Sampling to determine average quality RUSS62010
GOST 11945-78 Vulcanized fibre tubes. Specifications RUSS62303
GOST 7247-2006 Paper and combined materials on the base of paper for automatic packaging of food, manufactured production and nonfood products. General specifications RUSS62730
GOST 9186-76 Cardboard for footwear and details made of the same. Rules of acceptance and test methods RUSS63405
GOST 489-88 Carbon paper. Specifications RUSS63862
GOST 334-73 Scale-coordinate paper. Specifications RUSS65388
GOST 32546-2013 Paper and board. Sampling to determine average quality RUSS67296
GOST 30180.2-99 Paper cellulosic for electrical purposes. Part 2. Methods of test RUSS68617
GOST 32096-2013 Packaging paperboard for food products. General specifications RUSS68649
GOST 14613-83 Fibreboard. Specifications RUSS69887
GOST 7500-85 Paper and cardboard. Methods of determination of fibrous composition RUSS72080
GOST 13525.3-78 Fibre semimanufactures and paper. Method for determination of tear resistance RUSS74564
GOST 33118-2014 Combined materials on basis of aluminium foil. Specifications RUSS138935
GOST 13199-94 Fibrous semi-finished goods, paper and cardboard. Method of determining the mass of the products for the area of 1 m¤ RUSS208347
GOST 1760-2014 Vellum. Specifications. RUSS208410
GOST 10.24-70 Paper for newspapers. Requirements for products to be exported RUSS222094
GOST 10015-62 Gummed paper for decalcomania RUSS222176
GOST 10015-75 Gummed paper for decalcomania RUSS222177
MNS ISO 5633:2000 Paper and board. Determination of resistance to water penetration MONG214221
MNS 3963:2014 Correspondence envelopes. Designation and sizes. Technical requirement MONG213778
MNS ISO 5636-1:2000 Paper and board. Determination of air permeability (medium range) Part 1: General method MONG213647
MNS 0130:1982 Paper and cardboard. Determination of moisture MONG213646
MNS 4273:1995 Paper for cosmetic purposes. Toilet-paper. Specification MONG213460
GOST 10459-63 Base paper for gummed tape RUSS223017
GOST 10459-72 Base paper for gummed tape RUSS223018
GOST 10751-64 Semiconductor cable paper RUSS223582
GOST 10751-74 Paper, semiconducting, for cables RUSS223583
GOST 10751-80 Semiconductor cable paper. Specification RUSS223584
MNS 3343:1982 Paper and cardboard. Sampling MONG213243
MNS 2153:1983 Secondary raw materials. Garbage paper. General requirements MONG213226
MNS 0319:1988 Test methods of paper for newspaper MONG213025
GOST 1111-41 Transparent drawing paper RUSS224229
GOST 1111-53 Transparent drawing paper RUSS224232
GOST 1111-61 Transparent drawing paper RUSS224235
GOST 11205-65 Base paper of high-strength for grinding sandpaper RUSS224376
GOST 1130-52 Paper for match boxes. Specifications RUSS224537
GOST 11836-66 Poster paper RUSS225540
MNS ISO 536:1999 Paper and board. Method of determination weight per MONG212862
MNS 1103:1989 General sizes of papers and cardboards for press- printing and documents MONG212372
GOST 12026-66 Filter paper for laboratory application RUSS226027
GOST 12050-66 School copybook paper RUSS226063
GOST 12051-66 Cover paper for school copybooks RUSS226064
GOST 12057-66 Paper. Methods for determination of linear deformation RUSS226074
GOST 12057-76 Paper. Methods for determining linear deformation after treatment with water and solutions RUSS226075
GOST 12064-66 Illustration paper RUSS226085
GOST 12064-76 Illustration paper. Specification RUSS226086
MNS 5261:2003 Tissue paper. Technical requirement MONG212243
MNS 4728:1999 Paper and board. Method for Concord liner test MONG212120
MNS 1985:1974 Paper and cardboard. Test methods. Determination of ash MONG211196
GOST 9582-96 Paper and cardboard. Method for determination of resistance to bending RUSS208965
GOST 12783-67 Paper. Method for determining the permeability coefficient RUSS227046
GOST 12783-77 Paper. Method for determining the permeability coefficient RUSS227047
GOST 12785-67 Paper for electrolytic capacitors RUSS227051
GOST 12785-77 Paper for electric capacitors. Specification RUSS227052
GOST 12795-67 Paper. Method for determining smoothness RUSS227067
GOST 12795-78 Paper and board. Method for determining smoothness RUSS227068
GOST 13199-67 Paper. Methods for determining the weight of 1 m2, thickness and bulk density RUSS227744
GOST 13346-67 Paper and board. Method for determination of lead content RUSS228025
GOST 1339-41 Map paper RUSS228088
GOST 1339-54 Map paper RUSS228092

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