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GOST 11371-78 Washers. Specifications RUSS15626
GOST 27454-87 Household electric dishwashers. Performance characteristics and basic dimensions RUSS15688
GOST 3618-82 Stationary steam turbines for turbo generators. Type and basic parameters RUSS15765
GOST 27240-87 Stationary steam and gas turbine plants. Types and basic parameters RUSS15776
GOST 12221-79 Apparatus for plasma-arc cutting RUSS15798
GOST 27857-88 Pipes for irrigators RUSS15819
GOST 6031-81 Mud pumps. Basic parameters RUSS15834
GOST 13846-89 Gush and injection well equipment. Standard schemes, basic parameters and technical requirements for construction RUSS15864
GOST 11955-82 Road petroleum liquid bitumen. Specifications RUSS15884
GOST 5534-79 Floating cranes. Specifications RUSS15910
GOST 25938-90 Luffing-jib slewing deck-mounted cranes. General specifications RUSS15913
GOST R 22.0.06-95 Safety in emergencies. The sources of natural emergencies. Injuring factors. Nomenclature of parameters of injuring influences RUSS15933
GOST 17299-78 Technical ethyl alcohol. Specifications RUSS15962
GOST R 22.0.07-95 Safety in emergencies. The sources of technogenic emergencies. Classification and enumeration of casualty factors and its parameters RUSS15969
GOST 22988.0-78 Gas-discharge counters RUSS15988
GOST 27270-87 Electric loaders and fork-lift trucks for the operations in containers and boxcars RUSS15993
GOST 27334-87 Thrusters garage RUSS15995
GOST 28534-90 Trolley for meat processing industry RUSS16004
GOST 28535-90 Drafting machines RUSS16005
GOST 22445-88 Check valves. Basic parameters RUSS16035
GOST 27477-87 Non-return check valves. Basic parameters RUSS16055
GOST 6000-88 Condensate centrifugal pumps. Parameters and dimensions RUSS16075
GOST 9698-86 Gate valves. Main parameters RUSS16088
GOST 27172-86 Spectrometric modules and devices for detecting ionizing radiations RUSS16182
GOST 27442-87 Shoe shaping, molding and lasting equipment RUSS16186
GOST 7169-66 Wheat pran. Specifications RUSS16210
GOST 12532-88 Direct-acting safety valves. Main parameters RUSS16319
GOST 12011-76 Rectifying columns RUSS16348
GOST 15876-90 Gauges for products made from wood and wooden materials RUSS16365
GOST 15892-70 Steel zinc-coated bind wire for aerial communication lines RUSS16366
GOST 20917-87 Aircraft containers RUSS16396
GOST 23643-79 Therapeutical intracavity radioisotope devices for contact radiation therapy RUSS16411
GOST 23739-85 Transfer arms for chemical and electrochemical surface treatment and coating lines key parameters and dimensions RUSS16413
GOST 25706-83 Magnifiers RUSS16423
GOST 26557-85 Data transmission signals entering in the communication channels. Energetic parameters RUSS16433
GOST 27443-87 Skinning machines RUSS16448
GOST 27444-87 Leather rolling machines RUSS16449
GOST 27641-88 Machines for the measuring of the length of textile web RUSS16450
GOST 28599-90 Heading machines having cutter RUSS16466
GOST 28600-90 Coal shearers RUSS16467
GOST 9500-84 Portable standard dynamometers RUSS16527
GOST 23120-78 Steel flights of steps, stair landings and railings. Specifications RUSS16549
GOST 6727-80 Cold-drawn low-carbon steel wire for reinforced concrete. Specifications RUSS16599
GOST 9018-89 Fuel dispensing pumps. General specifications RUSS16639
GOST 25736-83 Rubber hoses for vehicle pneumatic brakes RUSS16733
GOST 27134-86 Drying apparatuses RUSS16748
GOST 27291-87 Footwear tousling machines RUSS16751
GOST 27292-87 Footwear edge-trimming machines RUSS16752
GOST 27954-88 Video monitors of electronic personal computers types, key parameters and general technical requirements RUSS16759
GOST 28376-89 Compact disk RUSS16766
GOST 7524-89 Steel grinding balls for the ball mills RUSS16819
GOST 11049-64 Corn extraction cake RUSS16894
GOST 13054-80 Generators for tractors and self-propelled agricultural machinery RUSS16913
GOST 14710-78 Petroleum toluene RUSS16918
GOST 25007-81 Data transmission interface with communication channel transmission frequency separation system. Basic parameters at the interface RUSS16954
GOST 7936-76 Thickened clock oil PS-4 RUSS17002
GOST 8771-76 Petroleum bitumen for filling accumulator mastics RUSS17006
GOST 8240-97 Hot-rolled steel channels. Assortment RUSS17043
GOST 11875-88 Heat exchangers with general purpose rotary drums. Coolers RUSS17089
GOST 12.2.010-75 Occupational safety standards system. Pneumatic Hand Machines. General safety requirements RUSS17090
GOST 16165-80 Transistor ultrasonic oscillators for technological plants RUSS17116
GOST 28556-90 Outboard engines RUSS17180
GOST 3822-79 Bimetallic steel-copper wire RUSS17196
GOST 6803-72 Dress peltries of half silvery, platinum, white and silver foxes RUSS17211
GOST 13815-82 Fire foam sprinklers and drenchers RUSS17331
GOST 16135-70 Steel wire for calculating devices RUSS17336
GOST 20414-93 Frozen squid cuttle. Specifications RUSS17359
GOST 23551-79 Wood raw material for manufacture of compressed wood RUSS17381
GOST 23866-87 Single-seated, double-seated and cellular RUSS17384
GOST 9031-75 Reference hardness standards RUSS17497
GOST 22246-84 Auxiliary and emergency marine diesel-generators RUSS17538
GOST 13515-91 Boxes of container flat glued cardboard for butter and margarine RUSS17568
GOST 14110-97 Reusable semi rigid slings RUSS17574
GOST 14630-80 Fire water sprinklers and drenchers RUSS17580
GOST 14963-78 Doped steel spring wire RUSS17582
GOST 18517-84 Garage compressors RUSS17603
GOST 21324-83 Pneumatic check valves RUSS17619
GOST 26114-84 Flaw detectors on the basis of charged particle accelerators RUSS17638
GOST 3619-89 Stationary steam boilers RUSS17678
GOST 4938-78 Drilling rotors and for oil and gas wells repair. Basis parameters and dimensions. RUSS17685
GOST 5777-84 Potassium permanganate technical. Technical conditions RUSS17713
GOST 8740-85 Linerboard RUSS17734
GOST 10598-82 Air-water coolers for diesels and gas engines with supercharging RUSS17755
GOST 16370-80 Medium frequency electrical installations and devices of induction heating RUSS17816
GOST 19113-84 Pine common rosin RUSS17823
GOST 2903-78 Condensed whole milk with sugar RUSS17856
GOST 7048-81 Binoculars RUSS17871
GOST 7277-77 Drawing paper RUSS17872
GOST 7480-73 Polygraphic wire RUSS17874
GOST 8339-84 Oil pressure installations for hydraulic turbines RUSS17879
GOST 9231-80 Twin-shaft blenders of paddle type RUSS17884
GOST 9570-84 Box and post pallets RUSS17886
GOST 10751-85 Conducting cable paper RUSS17947
GOST 13356-84 Board boxes for products of fishery RUSS17957
GOST 13479-82 Cardboard and combined cans RUSS17958
GOST 13837-79 General purpose dynamometers RUSS17960
GOST 14037-79 Footwear with textile top, with rubber soles and platforms molded on the top RUSS17962
GOST 18689-81 Capacitors for electro thermal installations with frequencies of 0.5 - 10.0 kHz RUSS17973
GOST 19716-81 Automatic pneumatic rapier looms RUSS17977
GOST 7237-82 Welding converters RUSS18036

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