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GOST 21904-76 Concentrated mixed fodder for breed mares RUSS15986
GOST 22842-88 Concentrated mixed fodder for fattened horses RUSS15987
GOST 28255-89 Concentrated mixed fodder for raising and fattening of young meat horses RUSS15998
GOST 28256-89 Concentrated mixed fodder for milch mares RUSS15999
GOST 28824-90 Complete granular mixed fodders for rabbits RUSS16007
GOST 10385-88 Combined fodder designed for pond black-head minnows RUSS16129
GOST 28078-89 Mixed fodder grits RUSS16188
GOST 9265-72 Concentrated mixed fodder for working horses RUSS16221
GOST 10417-88 Field beans RUSS16328
GOST 10419-88 Peavine RUSS16330
GOST 11321-89 Lupine fodder RUSS16337
GOST 22834-87 Granulated combined fodder RUSS16405
GOST 23635-90 Enzyme aminosubtilin г3x preparation RUSS16408
GOST 23636-90 Protosubtilin г3x enzyme preparation RUSS16409
GOST 28460-90 Mixed fodder for fowl RUSS16461
GOST 11203-65 Sesame cake RUSS16668
GOST 22841-77 Concentrated granular mixed fodder for trained and sport horses RUSS16726
GOST 23637-90 Haylage RUSS16729
GOST 27978-88 Green fodder RUSS16760
GOST 28736-90 Fodder root crops RUSS16774
GOST 9267-68 Concentrated mixed fodder for pigs RUSS16833
GOST 11049-64 Corn extraction cake RUSS16894
GOST 11202-65 Rapeseed oil cake RUSS16896
GOST 26502-85 Protein-vitamin and amido-vitamin additives RUSS16960
GOST 13299-71 Concentrated combined fodder designed for suckling-pigs RUSS17103
GOST 13797-84 Vitamin meal of tree verdure RUSS17107
GOST 23513-79 Fodder pellets and granules RUSS17152
GOST 28672-90 Barley RUSS17183
GOST 10974-95 Linseed cake RUSS17312
GOST 11201-65 Peanut oil cake RUSS17315
GOST 11694-66 Hemp-seed oil cake RUSS17317
GOST 23638-90 Silage from green plants RUSS17383
GOST 27547-87 Microgranular fodder vitamin e (?-tocopherol acetate) RUSS17410
GOST 4808-87 Hay RUSS17450
GOST 8057-95 Edible soybean cake RUSS17487
GOST 10386-72 Concentrated combined fodders designed for rabbits and nutrias RUSS17550
GOST 16955-71 Combined fodder designed for control fattening of pigs RUSS17593
GOST 21055-96 Full-ration mixed fodder for bacon feeding of pigs RUSS17616
GOST 27149-95 Feed soybean cake RUSS17651
GOST 28409-89 Microgranular fodder vitamin a (retinol acetate) RUSS17661
GOST 80-96 Sunflower-seed oil cake RUSS17730
GOST 9268-90 Concentrated mixed feed for cattle RUSS17738
GOST 12220-96 Feed toasted soybean extraction cake RUSS17802
GOST 17536-82 Feeding meal of animal origin RUSS17821
GOST 18221-72 Poultry full-ration mixed fodder RUSS17822
GOST 23462-95 Production of mixed fodder industry RUSS17836
GOST 606-75 Cottonseed solvent cake RUSS17867
GOST 8758-76 Gram chick-pea RUSS17881
GOST 10199-81 Concentrated combined fodder designed for sheep RUSS17942
GOST 18691-88 Artificially dried grass fodder RUSS17974
GOST 19651-74 Diammonium phosphate fodder RUSS18137
GOST 23999-80 Fodder calcium phosphate RUSS18154
GOST 28189-89 Bone intermediate product RUSS18180
GOST 8056-96 Food soybean extraction cake RUSS18240
GOST 11246-96 Sunflower extraction cake RUSS18300
GOST 17256-71 Hemp-seed extraction cake RUSS18492
GOST 18663-78 Fodder vitamin b12 RUSS18608
GOST 11048-95 Rape cake RUSS18701
GOST 17290-71 Castor oil plants feed meal RUSS18850
GOST 20083-74 Fodder yeast RUSS18960
GOST 30257-95 Toasted rapeseed extraction cake RUSS18973
GOST 23423-89 Fodder methionine RUSS19228
GOST 2081-92 Carbamide RUSS19461
GOST 24230-80 Vegetable feeds. Methods for determination of digestibility in vitro RUSS53655
GOST 13496.0-80 Mixed feeding-stuffs. Methods of sampling of average sample RUSS53676
GOST 13979.9-69 Oilcakes and oilmeals. Measurement of urease activity RUSS53789
GOST 13979.0-86 Oilcakes, oilmeals and powdered mustard seed cake. Acceptance rules and methods of sampling RUSS53794
GOST 13496.14-87 Mixed fodder, raw mixed fodder, fodder. Method for determination of ash insoluble in hydrochloric acid RUSS53806
GOST 10747-70 Mixed feed. For fur-bearing animals RUSS53850
GOST 13496.12-98 Mixed fodder, raw mixed fodder. Method for determination of total oxidity RUSS54082
GOST 28901-91 Animal feeding stuffs. Determination of calcium content. Atomic absorption spectrometric method RUSS54090
GOST 26180-84 Fodder. Determination of ammonia nitrogen content and actual acidity RUSS54689
GOST 24596.9-81 Feed phosphates. Methods for determination of lead RUSS54922
GOST 26142-84 Enzyme preparation. Packing, marking, transportation and storage RUSS55168
GOST 27548-97 Vegetable feeds. Methods for determination of moisture content RUSS55186
GOST 28612-90 Fodder methionine. Atomic-absorption method for determination of mercury RUSS55198
GOST 31484-2012 Mixed feeds, protein-vitamin-mineral concentrates, рremixes. Methods for determination of metallomagnetic impurity RUSS55242
GOST 26573.3-85 Premixes. Method for determination of particle size RUSS44906
GOST 24596.5-81 Feed phosphates. Method for pH determination of solution or suspension RUSS45207
GOST 20264.0-74 Enzyme preparations. Rules of acceptance and methods of sampling RUSS46099
GOST 13496.13-75 Mixed feeds. Methods for determination of smell, infestation by cereal parasites RUSS46580
GOST 24596.0-81 Feed phosphates. General requirements to methods of analysis RUSS46591
GOST 13496.8-72 Mixed feeds. Methods for the determination of size of crushed particle and the content of uncrushed seed of cultured and wild plants RUSS47067
GOST 13496.5-70 Mixed feed. The method of determination of ergot RUSS47076
GOST 13979.1-68 Oilcakes, oilmeals and powdered mustard seed cake. Methods for determination of water and volatile substance content RUSS47721
GOST 13496.10-74 Combined forage. Method for the determination of smut fungi spores content RUSS47923
GOST 13979.5-68 Oilcakes, oilmeals and powdered mustard seed cake. Determination of metal impurities RUSS48121
GOST 28254-89 Mixed feeds, raw material. Methods for determination of volume mass and natural slope angle RUSS48341
GOST 13496.6-71 Mixed feed. Method of detachment of fungi RUSS48513
GOST 13979.3-68 Oilcakes oil-meals. Methods of determination of soluble proteins RUSS48523
GOST 24596.7-81 Feed phosphates. Methods for determination of fluorine RUSS48689
GOST 28075-89 Vegetable fodder. Method for the determination of crude protein splitting RUSS48737
GOST 28497-90 Granular mixed feeds, granular raw material. Methods of crumbling properties determination RUSS48742
GOST 24596.4-81 Feed phosphates. Methods for determination of calcium RUSS48960
GOST 13979.8-69 Oilcakes and oilmeals. Methods of determination for free and combined hydrogen cyanide RUSS49030
GOST 24596.3-81 Feed phosphates. Methods for determination of nitrogen RUSS49038
GOST 13979.4-68 Oilcakes, oilmeals and powdered mustard seed cake. Determination of color, odor, dark impurities and small particles of oilcake RUSS49224
GOST 28074-89 Vegetable fodder. Method for the determination of crude protein solubility RUSS49253
GOST 13979.6-69 Oilcakes, oilmeals and powdered mustard seed cake. Determination of ash content RUSS49284
GOST 24596.6-81 Feed phosphates. Methods for determination of water RUSS49578

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