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GOST 12261-87 Afk additive RUSS16907
GOST 19651-74 Diammonium phosphate fodder RUSS18137
GOST 30354-96 Ring-shaped bakery products RUSS18396
GOST 8986-82 Technical-grade yellow phosphorus RUSS19436
ST RK 1106-2002 Milk products. Cream mousse. General specification KAZA22084
ST RK 34-2012 National flat cakes. Specification KAZA23754
ST RK 34-95 National flat cakes. Specification. In substitution of RST KazSSR 34-85, TU 8 KazSSR 8-89 KAZA23755
ST RK 463-2013 Products and semi-finished macaroni products for national dishes KAZA23801
ST RK 991-96 Dietary bakery products of Kazakhstani wheat flour. Specification KAZA23882
DSTU 2435:2007 Dry plums. Specifications. UKRA30883
DSTU 4544:2006 Hard laundry soap. Specifications. UKRA33426
DSTU 4836:2007 Ciders. General specifications. UKRA33728
DSTU 4837:2007 Fast-frozen fruit and berries. Specifications. UKRA33729
DSTU 6029:2008 Quick-frozen fruit and berry products (crushed and pureed). Specifications. UKRA34043
DSTU 6087:2009 Canned food. Fruit sauces. Specifications. UKRA34101
GOST 13076-86 Synthetic oil BНИИ НП 50-1-4ф. Specifications RUSS48509
GOST 16728-78 Oil ВНИИ НП-403. Specifications RUSS49375
GOST 23174-78 Auxiliary compounds for textiles. Fixing agent stable-2. Specifications RUSS51980
GOST 9255-76 Auxiliary compounds for textiles. Melanise. Specifications RUSS54474
GOST 194-80 Diphenylamine for industrial use. Specifications RUSS55080
GOST R 54630-2011 Fodder peas. Specifications RUSS55568
GOST 8980-75 Auxiliary compounds for textiles. Stearox-6. Specifications RUSS56128
GOST 2820-73 Strontium nitrate. Technical conditions RUSS56895
GOST 9970-74 Technical resorcin. Specifications RUSS57253
GOST 14361-78 Oil ФM-5,6 AП for refrigerating machines. Specifications RUSS58288
GOST 9442-76 Auxiliary compounds for textiles. Fastener ДЦM. Specifications RUSS60310
GOST 9548-74 Roofing petroleum bitumens. Specifications RUSS61051
GOST 13198-77 Technical acetoncyanohydrin. Specifications RUSS61141
GOST 15028-77 Alum aluminum-potassium technical. Technical conditions RUSS63600
GOST R 54078-2010 Feed wheat. Specifications RUSS64921
GOST R 54079-2010 Feed rye. Specifications RUSS64922
GOST 19710-83 Ethylene glycol. Specifications RUSS66641
GOST 9882-77 Auxiliary compounds for textiles. Sulfirol-8. Specifications RUSS68229
GOST 19347-2014 Copper sulfate. Technical conditions RUSS138401
GOST 33222-2015 White sugar. Specifications RUSS138982
GOST R 56631-2015 Products bakery from wheat bakery flour. General specifications RUSS140374
GOST R 56632-2015 Products bakery of low humidity. Solomka. General specifications RUSS140375
STO 70238424.27.100.021-2008 Gas industry: reception, preparation and supply of gas to thermal power plants. Delivery conditions. Standards and requirements RUSS170062
GOST 30561-2017 Beet molasses. Technical conditions RUSS286466
GOST 34152-2017 Feed concentrates for horses. General technical conditions RUSS286739
DSTU 3583:2015 Food salt. General technical conditions UKRA342043
DSTU 3924:2014 Chocolate. General technical conditions UKRA342073
DSTU 8001:2015 Cookies. General technical conditions UKRA342648
DSTU 8125:2015 Fruits, vegetables and their products, quick-frozen. Acceptance rules, sampling and sample preparation methods UKRA342708
GSTU 320.00149943.007-97 RT jet fuel. Technical conditions UKRA348709
GOST 34566-2019 Compound feeds for laboratory animals. Technical conditions RUSS375975
GOST 18848-2019 Vegetable oils. Organoleptic and physico-chemical indicators. Terms and Definitions RUSS376745
GOST 7066-2019 Food lentils. Technical specifications RUSS376886

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