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GOST R 53674-2009 Pipeline valves. Nomenclature of characteristics. Check-lists for design and order RUSS20997
GOST R 53672-2009 Pipeline valves. General safety requirements RUSS21426
GOST R 52715-2007 Vacuum equipment. Pipeline fittings. Mounting dimensions RUSS49128
GOST 28291-89 Stop valves for thermal power-stations. Types and main parameters RUSS52731
GOST 4666-75 Valves. Marking and distinctive painting RUSS55827
GOST R 55508-2013 Pipeline valves. Technique of the experimental definitions hydraulic and cavitation characteristics RUSS71581
GOST R 55509-2013 Pipeline valves. Metals used in pipeline valves production. Basic requirements for choice of materials RUSS73456
GOST R 56005-2014 Pipeline valves. Reliability and safety practice for engineering and production by quality function deployment applying RUSS73804
GOST R 56001-2014 Pipeline valves for objects of gas industry. General specifications RUSS74103
GOST 12.2.063-2015 Pipeline valves. General safety requirements RUSS138280
GOST 13547-2015 Pipeline valves. Butterfly wicket valves. General specifications RUSS228337
GOST 33423-2015 Pipeline valves. Swing and lift check valves. General specifications RUSS242974
GOST 34029-2016 Pipeline accessories. Check fittings for main oil pipelines and oil product pipelines. General specifications RUSS243378
GOST 4666-2015 Pipeline accessories. Requirements for marking RUSS246165
GOST 9653-74 Indicators of the liquid level at Pd up to 4 MPa (40 kgf / cm2). Specification RUSS259285
OST 24.125.170-01 Details and prefabricated units of supports, hangers, ties for lens compensators and drives for remote control of pipe fittings in thermal and nuclear power plants. General Specifications. RUSS103627
PNST 166-2016 Safety class 4 pipeline valves for technological systems of nuclear stations. General technical requirements RUSS303965

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