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GOST 23170-78 Packing for products of engineering industry. General requirements. RUSS15937
GOST 15846-79 Products for transportation to the areas of the far north and remote regions RUSS20015
ST RK 1786-2008 Packaging. Energy recycling of used packages KAZA22774
ST RK EN 13429-2007 Resources saving. Packaging. Recycling requirements KAZA24149
GOST 19434-74 Cargo units, transport facilities and stores. Basic matching dimensions RUSS46021
GOST 28520-90 Packages filled transport. Low pressure test RUSS48743
GOST 22752-84 Industrial packing made of plastic. Types RUSS49931
GOST 21798-76 Packages filled transport. Method of conditioning for testing RUSS52620
GOST 28528.1-90 Complete, filled transport packages. General rules for the compilation of performance test schedules. General principles RUSS54329
GOST 14861-91 Industrial packing. Types RUSS54799
GOST 19822-88 Industrial container. Specifications RUSS55083
GOST 32674-2014 Glass containers. Sizes. Control methods RUSS56159
GOST ISO 8317-93 Child-resistant packaging. Requirements and testing procedures for reclosable packages RUSS57311
GOST ISO/IEC Guide 41-2013 Packaging. Recommendations for addressing consumer needs RUSS58231
GOST 28528.2-90 Complete, filled transport packages. Requirements for the compilation of performance test schedules. Quantitative data RUSS63740
GOST 26653-90 Preparation of general cargoes for transportation. General requirements RUSS65733
GOST 32686-2014 Bottles from polyethylene terephthalate for food liquids. General specifications RUSS68551
TR 2010/016/BY Consumer packaging. Safety. The main requirements BELA207336
GOST 15844-2014 Glass packaging for milk and dairy products. General specifications RUSS208380
GOST 13903-2016 Glass package. Methods of testing the thermal resistivity RUSS228877
GOST 26653-2015 Preparation of general cargoes for transportation. General requirements RUSS241120
GOST 30005-2016 Glass package. Defects of glass and glass products. Terms and definitions. Defects in goods RUSS242097
GOST 33746-2016 Returnable polymeric boxes. General specifications RUSS243144
GOST 33747-2016 Biodegradable packaging. General specifications RUSS243145
GOST 33748-2016 Aluminium cans of deep drawing with easy open end. General specifications RUSS243146
GOST 33756-2016 Plastic consumer packaging. General specifications RUSS243152
GOST 33772-2016 Bags of paper. General specifications RUSS243167
GOST 33781-2016 Consumer packaging made of cardboard, paper and combined materials. General specifications RUSS243179
GOST 33805-2016 Packing of glass for food vinegars and acids. General specifications RUSS243210
GOST 33810-2016 Metal barrels for food liquids. Specifications RUSS243216
GOST 33811-2016 Packing of glass for perfume and cosmetic products. General specifications RUSS243217
GOST 33837-2016 Polymeric packaging for food products. General specifications RUSS243246

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