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GOST R EN 12857-2010 Foodstuffs. Determination of cyclamate. High performance liquid chromatographic method RUSS64342
GOST 28467-90 Products of fruits and vegetables processing. Method for determination of benzoic acid content RUSS51665
GOST R 54347-2011 Processed fruits and vegetables. Qualitative test method for identification of starch presence in tomato products RUSS51772
GOST 26671-2014 Processed fruit and vegetables, canned meat and cereal. Preparation of samples for laboratory analysis RUSS208515
GOST 13799-2016 Canned fruit, vegetable and mushroom produce. Packing, marking, transportation and storage RUSS228728
GOST R 52052-2003 Processed fruits and vegetables. Method for determination of mass portions of sorbic and benzoic acids using high performance liquid chromatography RUSS62943
GOST ISO 2173-2013 Fruit and vegetable products. Refractometric method for determination of soluble solids content RUSS59316
GOST 29270-95 Fruit and vegetable products. Methods for determination of nitrates RUSS68613
GOST ISO 750-2013 Fruit and vegetable products. Determination of titratable acidity RUSS52466
GOST ISO 5519-2019 Fruits, vegetables and their processed products. Determination of sorbic acid content by spectrophotometric method RUSS376168
GOST ISO 6558-2-2019 Fruits, vegetables and their processed products. Determination of carotene content by spectrophotometric method RUSS376742
GOST 34570-2019 Fruits, vegetables and their processed products. Potentiometric method for the determination of nitrates RUSS376763
GOST 8756.21-89 Products of fruit and vegetable processing. Methods for determination of fat RUSS61560

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