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GOST 26987-86 White bread from wheat flour of the premium, first and second grades. RUSS16437
GOST 24557-89 Rich bakery products RUSS17841
GOST 15113.4-77 Food concentrates. Methods for determination of moisture RUSS48550
GOST 31036-2002 Apricots. Manual for storage in refrigerated storerooms RUSS51869
GOST 31699-2012 Wheat and wheat flour. Determination of gluten content. Part 1. Manual method RUSS62065
GOST 31090.1-2002 Wheat flour. Physical characteristics of dough. Determination of water absorption and rheological properties using a farinograph RUSS208722
GOST 18271-72 Ground wheat grist RUSS16383
GOST 28809-90 Rolls RUSS17187
GOST 10114-80 Bisquits. Method for determination of swelling in water RUSS47100
GOST ISO 9648-2013 Sorghum. Determination of trannin content RUSS57295
GOST 14033-2015 Cracker. General specifications RUSS138369
GOST 14621-78 Biscuit rolls RUSS16917
ST RK ISO 5223-2006 Test sieves for cereals. Specification KAZA25748
GOST 27676-88 Cereals and cereal milled products. Method for determination of falling number RUSS50709
GOST 24433-80 Manually harvested fresh grapes for industrial wine production. Specifications RUSS61414
GOST 33954-2016 Red and white fresh currants. Specification RUSS243344
GOST 16835-81 Filbert nut kernels RUSS16375
GOST 6882-88 Dried grapes RUSS18030
GOST 30043-2002 Wheat. Determination of the index of sedimentation according to Zelen's method. RUSS44338
GOST 13586.6-93 Grain. Methods for determination of infested grain RUSS55017
GOST 31748-2012 Foodstuffs. Determination of aflatoxin B1, and the total content of aflatoxins B1, B2, G1 and G2 in cereals, nuts and derived products. High-performance liquid chromatographic method RUSS63805
GOST 16832-71 Walnuts RUSS16696
GOST 28620-90 Bread buns. General specifications RUSS17182
GOST 18078-72 Fruit and berry extracts RUSS18493
GOST 21094-75 Bread and bakery products. Method for determination of moisture RUSS48277
GOST 12136-77 Grain. Method for the determination of extract of barley RUSS52053
GOST 30710-2001 Fruits, vegetables and derived products. Methods for determination of phosphororganic pesticides RUSS65975
GOST 27850-88 Food rye for export RUSS15818
GOST 13031-67 Dried chicory for export RUSS16355
GOST 6292-93 Rice groats RUSS17716
GOST 10843-76 Grain. Method of determination filmness RUSS48107
GOST 31038-2002 Blueberry and bog whortleberry Manual for storage in refrigerated storerooms RUSS51194
GOST 28472-90 Manually harvested fresh grapes for conservation. Requirements for state purchases and deliveries RUSS60650
GOST 31750-2012 Macaroni products. Methods of identification RUSS68642
GOST 9511-80 Puff bakery products RUSS16016
GOST 21714-76 Fresh pears of early ripening RUSS16938
GOST 31388-2009 Food products from soy beans. Technical specifications. RUSS44413
GOST 10845-98 Cereals and cereal milled products. Method for determination of starch RUSS54456
GOST 31712-2012 Jams. General specifications RUSS62629
GOST 27573-87 Fresh pomegranates RUSS16756
GOST 21713-76 Fresh pears of late ripening terms RUSS17828
GOST 27493-87 Flour and bran. Method for determination of acidity by beaten-up flour and water RUSS49846
GOST ISO 7304-94 Durum wheat semolinas and alimentary paste. Estimation of cooking quality of spaghetti by sensory analysis RUSS58170
GOST 27669-88 Wheat bread flour. Method for experimental laboratory bread making RUSS67285
GOST 9903-61 Rye flat cake RUSS16224
GOST 28502-90 Dried pome fruits RUSS17662
GOST 28501-90 Dried stone fruits RUSS18764
GOST 32095-2013 The alcohol production and raw material for it producing. Method of ethyl alcohol determination RUSS54230
GOST 10940-64 Grain. Methods of determination of type composition RUSS58293
GOST 5531-70 Hazelnuts RUSS16507
GOST 27168-86 Flour for infant formula products RUSS16964
GOST 14031-68 Wafers RUSS18318
GOST 21537-76 Arorn oaken RUSS45126
GOST 15113.3-77 Food concentrates. Methods for determination of organoleptic properties, preparedness of concentrates for using and evaluation of suspension dispersity RUSS51167
GOST 27572-87 Fresh apples for processing. Specifications RUSS58280
GOST 31090.3-2002 Wheat flour. Physical characteristics of dough. Determination of water absorption and rheological properties using valorigraph RUSS208724
GOST 7045-90 Rye baking flour RUSS16517
GOST 12094-76 Oil poppy. Industrial raw material. Specifications RUSS49142
GOST 21832-76 Fresh apricots RUSS16941
GOST 25832-89 Dietic bakery products RUSS19474
GOST 16991-71 Rye for malting RUSS49129
GOST 4427-82 Oranges. Specifications RUSS53748
GOST ISO 5529-2013 Wheat. Determination of sedimentation index. Zelen's method RUSS62808
GOST 33823-2016 Quick-frozen fruits. General specifications RUSS243229
GOST 19215-73 Fresh cranberries RUSS16701
GOST 15810-96 Gingerbread confectionery RUSS17588
GOST 26312.6-84 Groats. Method for determination of acidity of oat-flakes RUSS47203
GOST 31691-2012 Grain and products of its treatment, mixed feeds. Determination of zearalenone content using high-performance liquid chromatography RUSS59068
GOST 33882-2016 Fresh mangoes. Specifications RUSS243290
GOST 3034-75 Oat groats RUSS17192
GOST 22163-76 Rice. Method of determination of density RUSS47397
GOST 15113.1-77 Food concentrates. Methods for determination of packing quality, net and volume weight, separate components mass fraction, particle size of certain types of product and milling grade RUSS54626
GOST 31823-2012 Kiwifruit for retail. Specifications RUSS63811
GOST ISO 9526-2017 Fruits, vegetables and their products. Determination of iron content by flame atomic absorption spectrometry RUSS287364
GOST 16830-71 Sweet almond nuts RUSS16694
GOST 21833-76 Fresh peaches RUSS18147
GOST 27559-87 Flour and bran. Method for determination of pest infestation and filth test RUSS46440
GOST 5670-96 Bread, rolls and buns. Methods for determination of acidity RUSS56487
GOST 31044-2002 Fresh apples. Storage in controlled atmosphere. RUSS70474
GOST 28807-90 Rye and mixed rye-wheat bread RUSS16775
GOST 18193-72 Citrus fruit juices RUSS17350
GOST 816-91 Stewed fruits RUSS19683
GOST 22162-76 Rice. Method of determination of micro hardness RUSS48659
GOST 31672-2012 Foodstuffs. Method of electron paramagnetic resonance for detection of radiation-treated food containing cellulose RUSS55247
GOST 31751-2012 Fried bread products. General specifications RUSS68190
GOST 2929-75 Oat flour RUSS16199
GOST 18488-73 Sweet dishes RUSS17971
GOST 29143-91 Cereals and cereal products. Determination of moisture content (routine reference method) RUSS51800
GOST 7022-97 Manna groats RUSS16516
GOST 21122-75 Fresh late apples RUSS18145
GOST 26312.5-84 Groats. Methods for ash content determination RUSS48718
GOST 5784-60 Barley groats. Specifications RUSS53323
GOST 14849-89 Macaroni foods. Acceptance rules and methods of quality determination RUSS62365
GOST 31094-2002 Wheat flour. Determination of wet gluten content mechanized method RUSS208726
GOST 24298-80 Bakery products. Rolls RUSS16416
GOST 14033-96 Crackers (dry biscuits) RUSS17573
GOST 13496.11-74 Grain. Method for determination of smut fungi spores content RUSS47154
GOST 31673-2012 Animal feeding stuffs. Determination of zearalenone RUSS59067
GOST 28418-2002 Grain and products of its processing. Determination of ash content (total ash) RUSS208526
GOST 16270-70 Fruit and berry cultures RUSS17117

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