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GOST 26971-86 Corn, grouts, flour, oatmeal for children's food. Method for determination of total acidity RUSS55175
GOST 13586.3-83 Grain. Acceptance rules and sampling methods RUSS55016
GOST 13586.6-93 Grain. Methods for determination of infested grain RUSS55017
GOST 30498-97 Cereals. Determination of falling number RUSS55227
GOST 31645-2012 Flour for baby's nutrition. Specifications RUSS55246
GOST 31672-2012 Foodstuffs. Method of electron paramagnetic resonance for detection of radiation-treated food containing cellulose RUSS55247
GOST 31700-2012 Grain and grain products. Method for determination of acid number of fat RUSS55250
GOST 32196-2013 Gluten-free macaroni products. Enzyme immunoassay method for determination of gluten RUSS55271
GOST 5312-90 Fresh green peas for conservation. Specifications RUSS55305
GOST 5668-68 Bread and bakery products. Methods for determination of fat content RUSS55309
GOST 5672-68 Bread and bakery products. Methods for determination of sugar content RUSS55310
GOST 10847-74 Grain. Methods of determination of ash content RUSS55655
GOST 12003-76 Dried fruits. Packing, marking, transport and storage RUSS55751
GOST EN 15851-2013 Foodstuffs. Determination of aflatoxin B1 in cereal based foods for infants and young children. HPLC method with immunoaffinity column clean-up and fluorescence detection RUSS62789
GOST ISO 5529-2013 Wheat. Determination of sedimentation index. Zelen's method RUSS62808
GOST 18077-72 Canned fruit sauces RUSS17349
GOST 18193-72 Citrus fruit juices RUSS17350
GOST 28674-90 Peas RUSS17426
GOST 6201-68 Shelled (hulled) peas RUSS17468
GOST 7066-77 Edible lentil RUSS17473
GOST 21713-76 Fresh pears of late ripening terms RUSS17828
GOST 22983-88 Millet RUSS17834
GOST 24557-89 Rich bakery products RUSS17841
GOST 24901-89 Cookies RUSS18164
GOST 10846-91 Grain and products of its processing. Method for determination of protein RUSS63390
GOST ISO 6646-2013 Rice. Determination of the potential milling yield from paddy and from husked rice RUSS63446
GOST 15113.6-77 Food concentrates. Methods for determination of sucrose RUSS63602
GOST 31748-2012 Foodstuffs. Determination of aflatoxin B1, and the total content of aflatoxins B1, B2, G1 and G2 in cereals, nuts and derived products. High-performance liquid chromatographic method RUSS63805
GOST 31823-2012 Kiwifruit for retail. Specifications RUSS63811
GOST 31852-2012 Decorticated stone pine nuts. Specifications RUSS63812
GOST 32587-2013 Grain and products of its processing, mixed feeds. Determination of ochratoxin A by high performance liquid chromatography RUSS72162
GOST 27494-87 Flour and bran. Methods for determination of ash content RUSS53590
GOST 4427-82 Oranges. Specifications RUSS53748
GOST 9404-88 Flour and bran. Method of moisture content determination RUSS53838
GOST 31646-2012 Cereals. Method for determination of scabby kernels content RUSS53929
GOST 7177-80 Fresh food water-melons. Specifications RUSS54012
GOST 32095-2013 The alcohol production and raw material for it producing. Method of ethyl alcohol determination RUSS54230
GOST 5698-51 Bread and bakers products. Methods for determination of salt mass fraction RUSS54271
GOST 30046-93 Cereals. Determination of bulk density, called ''mass per hectolitre'' (reference method) RUSS54257
GOST 32197-2013 Macaroni products. Methods for determining the colour and darkening on three coordinate colorimeter RUSS54315
GOST 10845-98 Cereals and cereal milled products. Method for determination of starch RUSS54456
GOST 15113.1-77 Food concentrates. Methods for determination of packing quality, net and volume weight, separate components mass fraction, particle size of certain types of product and milling grade RUSS54626
GOST 27839-2013 Wheat flour. Methods of determination quantity and quality of gluten RUSS66690
GOST 31805-2012 Products bakery from wheat flour. General specifications RUSS66743
GOST 31807-2012 Bakery products from rye flour and rye-and- wheat flour. General specifications RUSS66744
GOST 32124-2013 Ring-shaped rolls. General specifications RUSS66754
GOST 27558-87 Flour and bran. Methods for determination of colour, odour, taste and crunch RUSS46796
GOST 10114-80 Bisquits. Method for determination of swelling in water RUSS47100
GOST 13496.11-74 Grain. Method for determination of smut fungi spores content RUSS47154
GOST 22163-76 Rice. Method of determination of density RUSS47397
GOST 12096-76 Safflower. Industrial raw material. Specifications RUSS47424
GOST 12097-76 False flax. Industrial raw material. Specifications RUSS47613
GOST 27495-87 Flour. Method for determination of autolysis activity RUSS47650
GOST 11225-76 Grain. Method of determination of grain yield by shelling corn-cobs RUSS47711
GOST 20239-74 Flour, grouts and bran. Determination method of metallomagnetic admixture RUSS49536
GOST 32081-2013 Alcoholic products and raw materials for its production. Relative density method RUSS51333
GOST 10987-76 Grain. Methods of determination of vitreousness RUSS51468
GOST 15113.0-77 Food concentrates. Rules of acceptance, sampling and preparation of samples RUSS51528
GOST 28666.3-90 Cereals and pulses. Determination of hidden insect infestation. Part 3. Reference method RUSS51746
GOST 13586.1-68 Grain. Methods of determination quantity and quality of gluten in wheat RUSS56023
GOST 15113.7-77 Food concentrates. Methods for determination of salt RUSS56237
GOST 32115-2013 The alcohol production and raw material for it producing. Method for determination of free and total sulphurous acid RUSS56279
GOST 31463-2012 Macaroni durum wheat flour. Specifications RUSS56191
GOST 32114-2013 Alcoholic products and raw materials for its production. Methods for determining the mass concentration of titratable acids RUSS56324
GOST 5670-96 Bread, rolls and buns. Methods for determination of acidity RUSS56487
GOST 171-81 Pressed bakery yeast. Specifications RUSS56662
GOST 21922-76 Fresh sweet cherries. Specifications RUSS56752
GOST 29144-91 Cereals and cereal products. Determination of moisture content (basic reference method) RUSS56936
GOST 29177-91 Grain. Methods of determining of destruction grade of starch RUSS56938
GOST 30669-2000 Products of fruits and vegetables processing. Gas chromatographic method for determination of benzoic acid content RUSS56979
GOST ISO 9648-2013 Sorghum. Determination of trannin content RUSS57295
GOST ISO 5530-1-2013 Wheat flour. Physical characteristics of doughs. Part 1. Determination of water absorption and rheological properties using farinograf RUSS63970
GOST 32789-2014 Fresh mespilus. Specifications RUSS64490
GOST 32283-2013 Fresh cherry-plum. Specifications RUSS64640
GOST 26982-86 Bread liubitelskii RUSS15992
GOST 4429-82 Lemons RUSS16010
GOST 7170-66 Rye bran RUSS16012
GOST 9511-80 Puff bakery products RUSS16016
GOST 12306-66 Macaroni soft glassy wheat flour RUSS16149
GOST 12584-67 Nareznye long loaves preserved in alcohol for a long shelf life RUSS16152
GOST 26984-86 Stolichny bread RUSS16180
GOST 26986-86 Bread delicates RUSS16181
GOST 5531-70 Hazelnuts RUSS16507
GOST 6828-89 Fresh strawberries RUSS16513
GOST 6830-89 Fresh gooseberries RUSS16514
GOST 7022-97 Manna groats RUSS16516
GOST 7045-90 Rye baking flour RUSS16517
GOST 16270-70 Fruit and berry cultures RUSS17117
GOST 32684-2014 Semimanufactures. Canned fruit puree chemical preservatives. Specifications RUSS64612
GOST 32741-2014 Semifinished products. Fruit and vegetable fillings and podvarki. General specifications RUSS65044
GOST 2929-75 Oat flour RUSS16199
GOST 572-60 Polished millet groats RUSS16207
GOST 9903-61 Rye flat cake RUSS16224
GOST 31699-2012 Wheat and wheat flour. Determination of gluten content. Part 1. Manual method RUSS62065
GOST 14849-89 Macaroni foods. Acceptance rules and methods of quality determination RUSS62365
GOST 1750-86 Dried fruits. Acceptance rules, methods of testing RUSS62394
GOST 21405-75 Fresh small-fruited cherry-plums RUSS15807
GOST 29181-91 Fresh table grapes. Storage in controlled atmosphere refrigerating chambers RUSS62566
GOST 31712-2012 Jams. General specifications RUSS62629
GOST EN 15891-2013 Foodstuffs. Determination of deoxynivalenol in cereals, cereal products and cereal based foods for infants and young children. HPLC method with immunoaffinity column clean-up and UV detection RUSS71333

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