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GOST 9713-95 Fancy bakery products RUSS16834
GOST 13657-68 Rye bread and mixed wheat-rye bread preserved in spirit for short-term storage RUSS16915
GOST 14621-78 Biscuit rolls RUSS16917
GOST 17109-88 Soybean RUSS16925
GOST 21714-76 Fresh pears of early ripening RUSS16938
GOST 21832-76 Fresh apricots RUSS16941
GOST 21921-76 Fresh cherries RUSS16942
GOST 27168-86 Flour for infant formula products RUSS16964
GOST 276-60 Wheat groats RUSS16967
GOST 28402-89 Bread crumbs RUSS16970
GOST 28808-90 Bread made from wheat flour RUSS16974
GOST 6829-89 Fresh black currants RUSS16997
GOST 28620-90 Bread buns. General specifications RUSS17182
GOST 28809-90 Rolls RUSS17187
GOST 3034-75 Oat groats RUSS17192
GOST 5550-74 Buckwheat groats RUSS17206
GOST 9846-88 Cracker-type bread RUSS17232
GOST ISO 6644-97 Cereals and milled cereal products. Automatic sampling by mechanical means RUSS59988
GOST 13586.5-93 Grain. Method of moisture content determination RUSS60187
GOST 32001-2012 The alcohol production and raw material for it producing. Method of volatile acids determination RUSS60253
GOST 26324-84 Canned fruit pulp. Sample desulphurization for organoleptic tests RUSS45514
GOST 31806-2012 Frozen and cooled prepared baking mixes. General specifications RUSS67741
GOST 31751-2012 Fried bread products. General specifications RUSS68190
GOST 31750-2012 Macaroni products. Methods of identification RUSS68642
GOST 28797-90 Wheat flour. Determination of dry gluten RUSS46038
GOST 27559-87 Flour and bran. Method for determination of pest infestation and filth test RUSS46440
GOST 26312.6-84 Groats. Method for determination of acidity of oat-flakes RUSS47203
RD 50-157-79 Methodological instructions. Electric moisture meter for grain and its products. Calibration techniques. RUSS126397
GOST 15850-2013 Food products. Determination of zearalenone in the products for baby food based on corn, barley, maize and wheat flour, polenta and products for cereal based food for infants and young children by HPLC method using immunoaffinity column purification of the extract and by fluorimetric detection RUSS208381
GOST 16830-2014 Sweet almond nuts in shell. Specifications. RUSS208391
GOST 24901-2014 Cookies. General specifications RUSS208481
GOST 25896-94 Fresh food grapes. Specifications. RUSS208502
GOST 28418-2002 Grain and products of its processing. Determination of ash content (total ash) RUSS208526
GOST 30708-2001 Fruit and juice with pulp and sugar for preventive nutrition. Specifications. RUSS208652
GOST 31090.1-2002 Wheat flour. Physical characteristics of dough. Determination of water absorption and rheological properties using a farinograph RUSS208722
GOST 31090.2-2002 Wheat flour. Physical characteristics of dough. Determination of rheological properties using Extensograph RUSS208723
GOST 31090.3-2002 Wheat flour. Physical characteristics of dough. Determination of water absorption and rheological properties using valorigraph RUSS208724
GOST 31090.4-2002 Wheat flour. Physical characteristics of dough. Determination of rheological properties using alveograph RUSS208725
GOST 31094-2002 Wheat flour. Determination of wet gluten content mechanized method RUSS208726
GOST 31095-2002 Product of wheat processing. Determination of acid value of fat RUSS208727
GOST 31347-2007 Dried pears. Specifications. RUSS208753
GOST ISO 7971-2-2002 Cereal grains. Method for determination of bulk density of grain, called "mass hectoliter" (working method) RUSS209290
GOST 27839-2013 Wheat flour. Methods of determination quantity and quality of gluten RUSS66690
GOST 31805-2012 Products bakery from wheat flour. General specifications RUSS66743
GOST 31807-2012 Bakery products from rye flour and rye-and- wheat flour. General specifications RUSS66744
GOST 30043-2002 Wheat. Determination of the index of sedimentation according to Zelen's method. RUSS44338
GOST 31037-2002 Strawberry Manual for storage in refrigerated storerooms RUSS44383
GOST 32124-2013 Ring-shaped rolls. General specifications RUSS66754
GOST 27669-88 Wheat bread flour. Method for experimental laboratory bread making RUSS67285
GOST 31039-2002 Table grape. Manual for storage in refrigerated storerooms RUSS44384
GOST 31041-2002 Round-seeded peas for the use in fresh condition. Technical specifications. RUSS44385
GOST 31092-2002 Oil seeds. Determination of Ph of oils. RUSS44394
GOST 31388-2009 Food products from soy beans. Technical specifications. RUSS44413
GOST 21536-76 Colden elder fruits RUSS45042
GOST 21537-76 Arorn oaken RUSS45126
GOST 32081-2013 Alcoholic products and raw materials for its production. Relative density method RUSS51333
GOST 31036-2002 Apricots. Manual for storage in refrigerated storerooms RUSS51869
GOST 10987-76 Grain. Methods of determination of vitreousness RUSS51468
GOST 15113.0-77 Food concentrates. Rules of acceptance, sampling and preparation of samples RUSS51528
GOST 28666.3-90 Cereals and pulses. Determination of hidden insect infestation. Part 3. Reference method RUSS51746
GOST 29143-91 Cereals and cereal products. Determination of moisture content (routine reference method) RUSS51800
GOST 12136-77 Grain. Method for the determination of extract of barley RUSS52053
GOST 13586.4-83 Grain. Methods for determination of infested grain and its damage RUSS52114
GOST 28666.2-90 Cereals and pulses. Determination of hidden insect infestation. Part 2. Sampling RUSS52339
GOST 27198-87 Fresh grapes. Methods for determination of mass concentration of sugars RUSS52792
GOST ISO 7304-94 Durum wheat semolinas and alimentary paste. Estimation of cooking quality of spaghetti by sensory analysis RUSS58170
GOST 31782-2012 Fresh grape of combine and hand harvesting for industrial processing. Specifications RUSS58244
GOST 10940-64 Grain. Methods of determination of type composition RUSS58293
GOST 28419-97 Grain. Method for determination of foreign matter and grain impurities content using analyser УI-EAS-M RUSS58597
GOST 26791-89 Milled cereal products. Packing, marking, transportation and storage RUSS58912
GOST 31673-2012 Animal feeding stuffs. Determination of zearalenone RUSS59067
GOST ISO 2170-97 Cereals and pulses. Sampling of milled products RUSS59324
GOST 16524-70 Fresh cornel RUSS15701
GOST 21405-75 Fresh small-fruited cherry-plums RUSS15807
GOST 31691-2012 Grain and products of its treatment, mixed feeds. Determination of zearalenone content using high-performance liquid chromatography RUSS59068
GOST 31743-2012 Macaroni products. General specifications RUSS59077
GOST 31788-2012 Unshelled pistachio nuts. Specifications RUSS59081
GOST 32147-2013 Fruit desserts. General specifications RUSS59118
GOST ISO 5530-2-2014 Wheat flour. Physical characteristics of doughs. Part 2. Determination of rheological properties using an extensograph RUSS70088
GOST 31044-2002 Fresh apples. Storage in controlled atmosphere. RUSS70474
GOST 27850-88 Food rye for export RUSS15818
GOST 7757-71 Oats for malting in alcohol manufacturing. Specifications RUSS49040
GOST 16991-71 Rye for malting RUSS49129
GOST 12094-76 Oil poppy. Industrial raw material. Specifications RUSS49142
GOST 22164-76 Rice and its products. Method of determination of physical caloricity RUSS49386
GOST 14943-95 Castor oil plant (industrial raw material). Requirements for state purchases and deliveries RUSS49537
GOST 27493-87 Flour and bran. Method for determination of acidity by beaten-up flour and water RUSS49846
GOST 5667-65 Bread and bakery products. Rules of acceptance, methods of sampling, methods for determination of organoleptic characteristics and mass RUSS49937
GOST ISO 12099-2017 Feed, grain and its products. Guide to the use of spectrometry in the near infrared region RUSS287198
GOST ISO 9526-2017 Fruits, vegetables and their products. Determination of iron content by flame atomic absorption spectrometry RUSS287364
GOST 29140-91 Wheat vitaminized flour, bread and baked products. Method for vitamin PP (nicotinic acid) determination RUSS60511
GOST 28472-90 Manually harvested fresh grapes for conservation. Requirements for state purchases and deliveries RUSS60650
GOST ISO 520-2014 Cereals and pulses. Determination of the mass of 1000 grains RUSS61260
GOST 21948-76 Raw and pressed hop. Test methods RUSS61394
GOST 24433-80 Manually harvested fresh grapes for industrial wine production. Specifications RUSS61414
GOST 26361-2013 Flour. Method for determination of whiteness RUSS61439
GOST 31855-2012 Cashen kernels. Specifications RUSS61497
GOST 816-91 Stewed fruits RUSS19683
GOST 19327-84 Food concentrates. First and main lunch courses RUSS19719
GOST 26312.4-84 Groats. Methods for determination of grain size, admixture content and sound kernels RUSS52649

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