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GOST 7657-84 Charcoal RUSS18039
GOST 7823-82 Pipe tobacco RUSS18539
GOST 22220-76 Cables, wires and cords. Methods for determination of PVC insulation and sheaths resistance to cracking and deformation at elevated temperature RUSS20492
GOST 22648-77 Plastics. Methods for determination of hygienic characteristics RUSS20495
GOST 19920.3-74 Stereo regular butadiene synthetic rubbers. Method for determination of solubility RUSS45669
GOST 4333-87 Petroleum products. Methods for determination of flash and ignition points in open crucible RUSS48793
GOST 20869-75 Rigid cellular plastics. Method for determination of water absorption RUSS49018
GOST 2917-76 Oils and additives. Method of test for corrosion influence on metals RUSS48758
GOST 2891-78 Rubber for shoes bottom. Method for determination of pulling out pin resistance RUSS47793
GOST 20996.6-82 Selenium. Method of iron determination RUSS47790
GOST 18986.15-75 Reference diodes. Method of measuring stabilization voltage RUSS47784
GOST 14340.1-74 Enameled round wires. Method for measurement of wires diameters RUSS47781
GOST 11225-76 Grain. Method of determination of grain yield by shelling corn-cobs RUSS47711
GOST 24769-81 Porcelain ware. Method of transparency determination RUSS46734
GOST 2667-82 Light petroleum products. Method for determination of colour RUSS46671
GOST 19920.18-74 Stereo regular butadiene synthetic rubbers. Method for determination of cold flow RUSS46632
GOST 14048.2-78 Zinc concentrates. Method for determination of iron RUSS51767
GOST 9717.1-82 Copper. Method of spectral analysis of metal standard specimens with photoelectrical registration of spectrum RUSS51777
GOST 30415-96 Steel. Non-destructive testing of mechanical properties and microstructure of steel products by magnetic method RUSS21402
GOST 16274.0-77 Bismuth. General requirements for methods of analysis RUSS51842
GOST 9717.2-82 Copper. Method of spectral analysis of metal standard specimens with photographic registration of spectrum RUSS52454
GOST 5012-82 All wool and blended fabrics. Method for determination of dimensional lineal change after wetting RUSS52666
GOST 32157-2013 Canned fish. Method for determination of oil deposit fraction of total mass RUSS52687
GOST 8136-85 Active aluminum oxide RUSS18898
GOST 3714-79 Cured raw cigar tobacco RUSS18527
GOST 3122-67 Diesel fuel Method for determination of cetane index RUSS18063
GOST 2222-95 Technical methanol. Specifications RUSS17514
GOST 13037-84 Veterinary Vaseline RUSS17101
GOST 16483.37-88 Wood. Method for determination shrinkage RUSS50023
GOST 13047.5-81 Nickel. Method for the determination of phosphorus RUSS49997
GOST 5855-78 Reagents. N,N-dimethylanyline. Specifications RUSS54642
GOST 20485-75 Soldering and brazing. Method for determining the filling of the clearance by the solder RUSS49984
GOST 12697.2-77 Aluminium. Methods for determination of magnesium RUSS54667
GOST 22519.4-77 Thallium. Method for the determination of sulphur RUSS48880
GOST 13144-79 Graphite. Methods for the determination of specific surface RUSS54810
GOST 12697.3-77 Aluminium. Methods for determination of manganese RUSS55658
GOST 27670-88 Corn flour. Method for determination of fat RUSS48858
GOST 21119.5-75 Organic dyestuffs and inorganic pigments. Method for determination of density RUSS48846
GOST 14090-68 Fur skins. Method for the determination of the resistance of haircover to rubbing RUSS48844
GOST 16274.4-77 Bismuth. Method for determination of lead content RUSS48830
GOST 29300-92 Meat and meat products. Determination of nitrate content RUSS48765
GOST 23363-90 Texturized synthetic threads. Method for determination of crispiness indices RUSS50024
GOST 17631-72 Dressed fur skins and coat sheepskins. Method for determination of ash mass percentage in skin tissue RUSS47827
GOST 17073-71 Artificial leather. Methods for the determination of thickness and mass of 1 sq m RUSS50038
GOST 16483.11-72 Wood. Method for determination of conventional ultimate strength in compression perpendicular to grain RUSS50048
GOST 14363.5-71 Rayon pulp. Method for determination of short fibre content RUSS50070
GOST 11884.3-78 Tungsten concentrate. Method of determination of silicon dioxide RUSS50078
GOST 13310-78 Organic dyestuffs. Test methods of dyestuffs for leather RUSS56588
GOST 21523.7-87 Modified wood. Method for determination of modulus of elasticity in static bending RUSS50083
GOST 14048.14-80 Zinc concentrates. Method for the determination of aluminium oxide RUSS51049
GOST 19251.1-79 Zinc. Method of iron determination RUSS51058
GOST 18610-82 Wood. Method of field testing for resistance to putrefaction RUSS51827
GOST 13151.7-82 Ferromolybdenum. Methods for determination of copper RUSS52702
GOST 5861-79 Reagents. Cobalt (II) acetate, 4-aqueous. Specifications RUSS57127
GOST 1293.6-78 Antimonous lead alloys. Method for the determination of sodium RUSS54632
GOST R 54017-2010 Foodstuffs. Method for strontium Sr-90 content determination RUSS54645
GOST 21876.4-76 Ferromanganese. Method for the determination of silicon RUSS54728
GOST 2819-84 Photographic materials. Method for determination of resolution RUSS55663
GOST 32163-2013 Foodstuffs. Method for strontium Sr-90 content determination RUSS55667
GOST 25771-83 Paraffin and ceresines. Method of penetration test by needle RUSS55673
GOST 13270-85 Vulcanized rubber. Method for determination of crystallization ability in compression RUSS55674
GOST 11884.2-78 Tungsten concentrate. Method of determination of manganese protoxide RUSS58533
GOST 18986.4-73 Semiconductor diodes. Methods for measuring capacitance RUSS55714
GOST 3956-76 Silica gel technical. Technical conditions RUSS58558
GOST 27163-86 Dissolving pulp. Flame atomic adsorption spectrometric method for determining of elements in pulp RUSS55745
GOST 5211-85 Lubricating greases. Method for determination of soap, mineral oil and high-molecular organic acids percentage RUSS56120
GOST 8980-75 Auxiliary compounds for textiles. Stearox-6. Specifications RUSS56128
GOST 18613-88 Hydraulic fluid of grades 132-10 and 132-10Д. Specifications RUSS58771
GOST 3521-81 Optical glass. Method for determination of unstriae RUSS56142
GOST R 51469-99 Caseins and caseinates. Photometric method for determination of lactose content RUSS56163
GOST 4960-75 Electrolytic copper powder. Specifications RUSS59162
GOST 25101-82 Milk. Method for determination of the freezing point RUSS56173
GOST 16756-71 Butyl methacrylate. Specifications RUSS56651
GOST 13047.12-81 Nickel. Method for the determination of tin RUSS52713
GOST 9621-72 Laminated glued wood. Methods for determination of physical properties RUSS52733
GOST 22291-83 Silica glass. The method for determination of chemical stability RUSS53465
GOST 11010-84 Synthetic fat for leather industry. Specifications RUSS60440
GOST 25559-82 Liquid petroleum paraffin. Method for determination of impurities content and calculation of n-alkenes content RUSS53621
GOST 9780-78 Bookbinding material. Method of determination for light fastness RUSS53672
GOST R 54465-2011 Meat and meat products. Detection of polyphosphates RUSS57676
GOST R 54741-2011 Juice products. Detection of the presence of glucose and fructose syrups addition by gas chromatography RUSS57700
GOST 26904-86 Radio beacons for short range radio engineering navigation systems. Flight test methods RUSS58006
GOST 3626-73 Milk and milk products. Methods for determination of moisture and dry substance RUSS60689
GOST 15114-78 Telescope system for optical devices. Visual method of resolution limits determination RUSS60855
GOST 14048.5-78 Zinc concentrates. Method for determination of arsenic RUSS58034
GOST R 51470-99 Caseins and caseinates. Method for determination of protein content RUSS58035
GOST 5100-85 Soda ash technical. Technical conditions RUSS58049
GOST 13938.9-78 Copper. Methods for determination of silver RUSS58537
GOST 8313-88 Technical ethylcellosolve. Specifications RUSS58570
GOST 1652.1-77 Copper-zinc alloys. Methods for the determination of copper RUSS58740
GOST 6794-75 Oil АМГ-10. Specifications RUSS61247
GOST 17051-82 Alloyed and high-alloyed steels. Methods for determination of tantalum RUSS58755
GOST 18635-73 Hard coals. Method for the determination of the yield of chemical coking products RUSS58772
GOST 14250.8-80 Ferrotitanium. Methods for determination of vanadium RUSS61262
GOST 22552.2-93 Quartz sand, ground sandstone, quartzite and vinyl quartz for glass industry. Methods for determination of ferric oxide RUSS58825
GOST 5744-85 Abrasive grains from boron carbide. Specifications RUSS59174
GOST 8226-82 Fuel for engines. Research method for determination of octane number RUSS59253
GOST 13236-83 Electrotechnical periclase powders. Specifications RUSS62350
GOST R 51465-99 Caseins and caseinates. Determination of scorched particles content RUSS59415
GOST 31640-2012 Feeds. Methods for determination of dry matter content RUSS57019

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