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GOST Nature protection. Soils. General requirements for contamination control and protection RUSS15657
GOST 12.1.009-76 Occupational safety standards system. Electrical safety. Terms and definitions RUSS15682
GOST Hydrosphere. General requirements for surface water protection against pollution RUSS15693
GOST 12.4.173-87 Occupational safety standards system means for personal protection from alkalis RUSS15699
GOST 21508-76 Icing protection of aircrafts and helicopters. Terms and definitions RUSS15706
GOST Nature protection. Soils. Requirement for fertile layer conservation in performing earth-moving RUSS15712
GOST 12.4.041-2001 Occupational safety standards system. Fil tering respiratory protective equipment. General requirements RUSS15743
GOST 12.1.002-84 Occupational safety standards system. Power frequency electric fields. Permissible levels of field strength and requirements for control at work-places RUSS15764
GOST 12.1.007-76 Noxious substances. Classification and general safety requirements RUSS15772
GOST 12.4.034-2001 Individual respiratory protective devices RUSS15796
GOST 12.3.046-91 Occupational safety standards system. Automatic fire-fighting sets. General technical requirements RUSS15838
GOST 12.1.018-93 Fire and explosion safety of static electricity. General requirements. RUSS15878
GOST 12.1.010-76 Explosion safety. General requirements RUSS15892
GOST Nature protection. Hydrosphere. General rules for water pollution protection over well drilling and oil and gas extracting on land RUSS15898
GOST 30331.4-95 Electrical installations of buildings. Part 4. Protection for safety. Protection against thermal effects RUSS15909
GOST 30331.7-95 Electrical installations of buildings. Part 4. Protection for safety. Insulation, switching off, control RUSS15920
GOST 30331.6-95 Electrical installations of buildings. Part 4. Protection for safety. Protection against undervoltage RUSS15924
GOST R 50571.6-94 Electrical installations of buildings. Part 4. Protection for safety. Protection against undervoltage RUSS15925
GOST 12.1.006-84 Occupational safety standards system. Electromagnetic fields of radio frequencies. Permissible levels at work-places and requirements for control RUSS15926
GOST 21046-86 Waste petroleum products RUSS15932
GOST 30331.8-95 Electrical installations of buildings. Part 4. Protection for safety. Applisation of protective measues for safety. Measures of protection against electric shock RUSS16046
GOST 12.0.002-80 Occupational safety standards system. Terms and definitions RUSS16050
GOST 30331.5-95 Electrical installations of buildings. Part 4. Protection for safety. Protection against overcurrent RUSS16073
GOST R 50571.5-94 Electrical installations of buildings. Part 4. Protection for safety. Protection against overcurrent RUSS16074
GOST Nature protection. Hydrosphere. Procedures for quality control of water in reservoirs and stream flows RUSS16089
GOST Nature protection. Land reclamation. Terms and definitions RUSS16098
GOST 12.2.016-81 Occupational safety standards system. Gas compressing equipment. General safety requirements RUSS16103
GOST Ecology-Certificate-Industrial-Enterprise RUSS16106
GOST Nature protection. Atmosphere. Sources and meteorological factors of pollution, industrial emissions. Terms and definitions RUSS16109
GOST R 50761-95 Marine, locomotive and industrial diesels. General safety requirements RUSS16112
GOST Environmental conservation. Atmosphere RUSS16155
GOST R 50739-95 Computers technique. Information protection against unauthorised access to information. General technical requirements\ RUSS16243
GOST Nature protection. Hydrosphere. Utilization of water and water protection. Basic terms and definitions RUSS16262
GOST 13862-90 Blowout prevention equipment. Standard schemes, basic parameters and technical design requirements RUSS16280
GOST 16557-78 Mineral powder for asphaltic-mixtures. Technical requirements RUSS16298
GOST 12532-88 Direct-acting safety valves. Main parameters RUSS16319
GOST Compressor equipment RUSS16339
GOST 12.2.071-90 Container cranes RUSS16341
GOST 12.4.041-89 Personal means of protection of respiratory organs, filtering type RUSS16345
GOST 12.4.133-83 Chamber gloves RUSS16346
GOST 12.4.176-89 Special clothing for protection against thermal radiation RUSS16347
GOST Environment protection. Atmosphere RUSS16377
GOST 12.1.003-83 Noise. General safety requirements RUSS16575
GOST 12.1.033-81 Occupational safety standards system. Fire safety. Terms and definitions. RUSS16577
GOST Nature protection. Hydrosphere. Indices of state and regulations for valuation survey for fishery waters RUSS16582
GOST Compressor equipment RUSS16671
GOST 9.307-89 Unified system of corrosion and ageing protection. Hot-dip zinc coatings. general requirements and methods of checking RUSS16831
GOST 12.1.001-89 Occupational safety standards system. Ultrasound. General safety requirements RUSS16853
GOST Compressor equipment RUSS16899
GOST Compressor equipment RUSS16900
GOST 23118-99 Steel construction structures General Technical Specifications RUSS17031
GOST 6799-2005 Glass articles for furniture. Specifications RUSS17042
GOST Compressor equipment RUSS17070
GOST 12.4.121-83 Industrial filtering gas-masks RUSS17094
GOST 18102-95 Medical castor oil RUSS17128
GOST 20494-90 Operative insulating rods and portable grounding rods RUSS17138
GOST 12.4.010-75 Means of individual protection protective mittens RUSS17243
GOST R 51263-99 Concrete with polysterene aggregates. Specifications RUSS17255
GOST 19177-81 Rubber porous sealing gaskets RUSS17353
GOST 28288-89 Light fixtures with built-in RUSS17420
GOST 27824-2000 Industrial burners for liquid fuel. General technical requirements RUSS17536
GOST 12.4.172-87 Individual screening set for protection from power frequency fields RUSS17563
GOST 15155-89 Products made of wood for regions with tropical climate RUSS17584
GOST 15530-93 Ducks and double-threads RUSS17585
GOST 19747-74 Transportation of explosives in containers RUSS17610
GOST 20010-93 Industrial rubber gloves RUSS17611
GOST 26820-86 Auxiliary power plants of passenger and transport airplanes RUSS17648
GOST Nature protection. Atmosphere. Automatic gas analyzers for air pollution monitoring. General technical requirements RUSS17765
GOST R IEC 60050-195-2005 Earthing and protection against electric shock. Terms and definitions RUSS17779
GOST R 50571.21-2000 Electrical installations of buildings. Part 5. Selection and erection of electrical equipment. Section 548. Earthing arrangements and equipotential bolding for information technology installations RUSS17909
GOST 28507-90 Safety leather footwear for protection against mechanical action RUSS18008
GOST R 50571.16-99 Electrical installations of buildings. Part 6. Verification. Chapter 61. Initial verification RUSS18051
GOST 12.4.002-97 Vibration protection means for hands RUSS18104
GOST 12.4.028-76 Respirators шб-1 "lepestok" RUSS18105
GOST 8056-96 Food soybean extraction cake RUSS18240
GOST 30331.3-95 Electrical installations of buildings. Part 4. Protection for safety. Protection against electric shock RUSS18268
GOST R 50571.3-94 Electrical installations of buildings. Part 4. Protection for safety. Protection against elecric shock RUSS18269
GOST 12.4.004-74 Filtering protective mask RPG-67 RUSS18308
GOST 29057-91 Costumes mens for protection against a not toxic dust RUSS18390
GOST R 51330.15-99 Electrical apparatus for explosive gas atmospheres. Part 16. Artificial ventilation for the protection of analyzer(s) houses RUSS18434
GOST 9.301-86 Unified system of corrosion and ageing protection. Metal and non-metal inorganic coatings. General requirements RUSS18445
GOST 22999-88 Portable hand-driven sprayers RUSS18508
GOST 29058-91 Women’s suits for protection against nontoxic dust RUSS18526
GOST 12.4.101-93 Special clothing for a limited protection against toxic substances RUSS18592
GOST 12.4.111-82 Men's suits for protection against oil and products of oil processing RUSS18593
GOST 21-94 Granulated sugar RUSS18620
GOST R 51330.3-99 Explosion protected electrical equipment. Part 2. Filling or purging of the pressurized enclosure P RUSS18678
GOST 11928-83 Automated diesels and gas engines systems of alarm-and-warning signaling and protection RUSS18702
GOST 12.4.040-78 Industrial equipment controls RUSS18707
GOST 25263-82 Calcium hypochlorite is neutral. Technical conditions RUSS18747
GOST 14254-96 Degrees of protection provided by enclosures (IP Code) RUSS18803
GOST 27651-88 Women's suits for protection against mechanical damage, water and alkalis RUSS18875
GOST 27653-88 Costumes mens for protection against mechanical effects, water and alkalis RUSS18876
GOST 19433-88 Dangerous goods. Classification and marking RUSS18908
GOST 12.1.041-83 Fire and explosion safety of combustible dusts RUSS18940
GOST 12.4.112-82 Women’s suites for protection from oil and oil products RUSS19025
GOST R 51330.13-99 Explosion protected electrical apparatus. Part 14. Electrical installations in explosive gas environments (other than mines) RUSS19086
GOST R 51330.8-99 Explosionproof electrical apparatus. Part 7. Type e protection. RUSS19103
GOST 22782.2-77 Explosion-proof electric equipment RUSS19131
GOST 22-94 Refined sugar RUSS19133

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