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GOST 27883-88 Industrial process measurement and control equipment. Reliability. General requirements and test methods RUSS16091
STO ASChM 20-93 Rolled shaped sectioned iron. Rolled steel sections. I-beams with parallel edges of flanges. Specification. RUSS16537
GOST 4.224-83 System of product quality indexes. Construction. Quality ratings system. List of characteristics RUSS16785
GOST 4.211-80 Rock building materials and porous aggregates for concrete RUSS16982
GOST 4.432-86 Product-quality index system. Stationary gas-turbine plants. Index nomenclature RUSS17011
GOST 16270-70 Fruit and berry cultures RUSS17117
GOST 13109-87 Electric energy. Requirements for quality of electric energy in general-purpose networks RUSS17515
GOST 30495-97 Wood protection agents RUSS17675
GOST 4.395-85 Devices of alphanumeric data transmission and signal conversion (modems) RUSS18017
GOST 21122-75 Fresh late apples RUSS18145
GOST 4.58-85 Pressure gauges, vacuum gauges, pressure-vacuum gages, draft gages, pressure-head gages and draft-pressure-head gages RUSS18208
GOST 4.456-86 Press-forging equipment RUSS19160
GOST 27.003-90 Reliability in engineering. Make-up and general rules for assigning reliability requirements RUSS19527
GOST 27.002-89 Industrial product dependability. General principles. Terms and definitions RUSS19800
GOST 20.57.406-81 Electrical equipment, devices for electronic technology and quantum electronics RUSS20072
GOST 21623-76 System of technical maintenance and repair of equipment. Characteristics for evaluation of maintainability and rapairability. Terms and definitions RUSS20488
GOST 2.116-84 Product technical level and quality map RUSS20812
GOST 1583-93 Aluminium casting alloys. Specifications RUSS20901
ST RK 1027-2009 Kazakhstani coals for people domestic needs. General technical requirements. Put into effect in substitution of ST RK 1027-2004 KAZA22015
ST RK 1028-2009 Kazakhstani coals for fuel-bed firing. General technical requirements. Put into effect in substitution of ST RK 1028-2004 KAZA22016
ST RK 1092-2007 Kazakhstani coals for brick manufacturing. General technical requirements. Put into effect in substitution of ST RK 1092-2002 KAZA22072
ST RK 1093-2007 Kazakhstani coals for lime manufacturing. General technical requirements. In substitution of ST RK 1093-2002 KAZA22073
ST RK 1157-2002 Higher professional education. Educational institutions quality control systems. General provisions KAZA22135
ST RK 1325-2005 Milk product with iodine additive Sheten. Specification KAZA22304
ST RK 1326-2005 Combined butter with impoverished fat content. Buckthorn KAZA22305
ST RK 1328-2005 Sweet, vanilla with raisin and without raisin cake cheeses. Specification KAZA22307
ST RK 1329-2005 Kazakhstani cow's butter. Specification KAZA22308
ST RK 1336-2005 Fermented milk product for children Baldyrgan. Specification KAZA22316
ST RK 1352-2012 Social responsibility Requirements KAZA22328
ST RK 1381-2012 Coals and derivatives. Storehouse sampling KAZA22356
ST RK 1383-2010 Coals of Ekibastuz coal basin. General specification. Put into effect in substitution of ST RK 1383-2005 KAZA22358
ST RK 1526-2012 Coals of Shubarkolsk coal field. General specification KAZA22503
ST RK 1650-2007 Equipment of railway automatics, telemechanics and communication. Specification KAZA22628
ST RK 1688-2011 Coals of Borly coal field. Specification KAZA22665
ST RK 1689-2-2007 Coals of Maykubinsk coal basin. Part 1. Sarykolsk coal field. Specification KAZA22667
ST RK 1689-3-2007 Coals of Maykubensk coal basin. Part 1. Taldykolsk coal field. Specification KAZA22668
ST RK 1922-2009 Coals of Priozernoe coal field. General specification KAZA22916
ST RK 1923-2009 Karaganda basin coals. General specification KAZA22917
ST RK 1924-2009 Coals of Kulansk coal field. General specification KAZA22918
ST RK 1936-2010 System of quality indices of stationary phone network services. Parameters and communication service quality characteristics for telecommunication networks of public use KAZA22930
ST RK 2.168-2009 State systems of measurement assurance of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Immaterial goods quantitative assessment (qualimetry). General provisions KAZA23066
ST RK 2075-2010 Coals of Zhalyn coal field. General specification KAZA23338
ST RK 2076-2010 Coals of Alakolsk minefield. General specification KAZA23339
ST RK 2146-2011 Coals convertibles. Coal average-temperature tar. General specification KAZA23415
ST RK 2147-2011 Coals convertibles. Boiler fuel of average-temperature coal resin. General specification KAZA23416
ST RK 2235-2012 Anti-icing liquid. General specification KAZA23499
ST RK 2244-2012 Solid fuel. Coke of coals of Karaganda basin. General specification KAZA23508
ST RK 2399-2013 Coals of Zhamantuz coal field. Specification KAZA23620
ST RK 34.004-2002 Information technology. Methods of determination of software quality parameters basic values KAZA23726
ST RK GOST R 50779.11-2003 Statistical methods. Statistical quality control. Terms and definitions KAZA24363
ST RK GOST R 50848-2010 Requirements at raising and feeding of young cattle stock for meat to produce food products for children. Standard technological process. KAZA24390
ST RK GOST R 52113-2010 Services to the public. Nomenclature of quality indices KAZA24564
ST RK ISO 11465-2013 Soil quality. Determination of content of dry substances and water by weight. Gravimetric method KAZA25043
ST RK ISO 11632-2010 Stationary source emissions. Determination of sulphur dioxide weight concentration using an ion chromatography method KAZA25052
ST RK ISO 15928-1-2008 Buildings structures. Performance characteristics description. Part 1. Construction safety KAZA25336
ST RK ISO 16000-3-2010 Work area air. Determination of formaldehyde and other carbonyl compounds. Part 1. Active sampling method KAZA25339
ST RK ISO 22263-2012 Construction works information structure. Construction site data management essentials KAZA25527
ST RK ISO 5667-12-2013 Water Quality. Sampling. Part 11. Guidelines on sampling from bottom sediments KAZA25768
ST RK ISO 5667-6-2008 Water Quality. Sampling. Part 1. Guidelines for sampling from rivers and streams KAZA25770
ST RK ISO 5667-9-2013 Water Quality. Sampling. Part 1. Seawater sampling guidelines KAZA25771
ST RK ISO 7708-2010 Air quality. Determination of factions according to particles size for sampling for health care KAZA25909
ST RK ISO 7890-3-2006 Water Quality. Determination of nitrate. Part 1. Spectrometric method with the use of sulphasalicylic acid KAZA25916
ST RK ISO 8199-2006 Water Quality. General requirements for calculation of micro-organisms cultivated on a nutrient medium with seeding technique KAZA25929
ST RK ISO 9297-2008 Water Quality. Determination of chloride content. Titrating with silver nitrate with chromate indicator (Maxweel-Mohr method) KAZA25992
ST RK ISO 9697-2006 Water Quality. Measuring of general beta activity in drinking water KAZA26005
ST RK ISO 9963-1-2008 Water Quality. Determination of alkalinity. Part 1. Determination of total and composite alkali content KAZA26015
ST RK ISO/IEC 14598-1-2011 Information Technology. Evaluation of a software product. Part 1. General review. Date of introduction from 2013.01.01 KAZA26058
STB 2266-2012 Expert auditors. Requirements for the professional competence BELA27450
STB 2371-2014 Forest certification auditors. Requirements for the professional competence BELA27533
STB ISO 10523-2009 Water quality. рН determination BELA29268
STB ISO 10695-2007 Water quality. Determination of some organic nitrogen and phosphorus compounds. Gas chromatography methods BELA29284
STB ISO 15586-2011 Water quality. Determination of tracer quantity of elements by atomic absorption spectrometry with applying in graphite furnace BELA29450
STB ISO 7393-1-2011 Water quality. Determination of free chlorine and total chlorine content. Part 1. Titrimetry with using of N, N-diethyl-1, 4-phenylenediamine BELA29747
STB ISO 8467-2009 Water quality. Determination of permanganate value BELA29813
DSTU 281-95 Conserves. Delicate sauces. General specifications UKRA31308
DSTU 3768:2010 Wheat. Technical conditions UKRA32559
DSTU 3984-2000 Stored and pre-cooked food (semi-finished products). General specifications. UKRA32768
DSTU 4074-2001 Water quality - Determination of the acute lethal toxicity of substances to a freshwater fish (Brachydanio rerio Hamilton-Buchanan (Teleostei, Cyprinidae)) - Part 1: Static method(ІSO 7346-1:1996. MOD) UKRA32861
DSTU 4075-2001 Water quality; Determination of the acute lethal toxicity of substances to a freshwater fish (Brachydanio rerio Hamilton-Buchanan (Teleostei, Cyprinidae)); Part 2 : Semi-static method ІSO 7346-2:1996. MOD) UKRA32862
DSTU 4076-2001 Water quality - Determination of the acute lethal toxicity of substances to a freshwater fish (Brachydanio rerio Hamilton-Buchanan (Teleostei, Cyprinidae)) - Part 3: Flow-through method (ІSO 7346-3:1996. MOD) UKRA32863
DSTU 4107-2002 Water quality. Sampling. Part 16. Instructions on biotesting (ІSO 5667-16:1998. MOD) UKRA32895
DSTU 4417:2005 Kefir. Specifications. UKRA33272
DSTU 4497:2005 Natural honey. Specifications. UKRA33376
DSTU 4662:2006 Propolis (bee glue). Specifications. UKRA33544
DSTU 4667:2006 Commercial bee wax. Specifications. UKRA33549
DSTU 7171:2010 Dewberries. Cultivation technology. General requirements. UKRA34283
DSTU 7172:2010 Honeycomb foundation. Specifications. UKRA34284
DSTU EN 1316-1:2005 Hardwood round timber - Qualitative classification - Part 1: Oak and beech UKRA34994
DSTU EN 1316-3:2005 Hardwood round timber - Qualitative classification - Part 3: Ash and maples and sycamore UKRA34996
DSTU EN 942:2003 Timber in joinery - General requirements UKRA35818
DSTU GOST 78:2009 Wooden sleepers for full gauge railways. Specifications UKRA38530
DSTU ISO 10260:2007 Water quality -- Measurement of biochemical parameters -- Spectrometric determination of the chlorophyll-a concentration UKRA39492
DSTU ISO 10301:2004 Water quality -- Determination of highly volatile halogenated hydrocarbons -- Gas-chromatographic methods UKRA39503
DSTU ISO 10304-1:2003 Water quality -- Determination of dissolved anions by liquid chromatography of ions -- Part 1: Determination of bromide, chloride, fluoride, nitrate, nitrite, phosphate and sulfate UKRA39578
DSTU ISO 10304-3:2003 Water quality -- Determination of dissolved anions by liquid chromatography of ions -- Part 3: Determination of chromate, iodide, sulfite, thiocyanate and thiosulfate UKRA39580
DSTU ISO 10381-4:2005 Soil quality -- Sampling -- Part 4: Guidance on the procedure for investigation of natural, near-natural and cultivated sites UKRA39602
DSTU ISO 10693-2001 Soil quality -- Determination of carbonate content -- Volumetric method UKRA39668
DSTU ISO 11074:2009 Soil quality -- Vocabulary UKRA39729
DSTU ISO 11262:2005 Soil quality -- Determination of cyanide UKRA39772
DSTU ISO 11263-2001 Soil quality -- Determination of phosphorus -- Spectrometric determination of phosphorus soluble in sodium hydrogen carbonate solution UKRA39773

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