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RD 31.06.01-79 Instructions for the collection, disposal and disposal of garbage seaports RUSS164465
RD 31.27.43-81 Instructions for determining the content of oil and petroleum products in marine waters for various purposes using infrared spectrophotometry RUSS164519
RD 31.40.21-97 System of organizational and technological documentation on the processes of loading and unloading. General provisions RUSS164539
RD 31.41.08-82 Instructions for typical methods and methods of loading and unloading operations when loading and unloading gondola cars (platforms) RUSS164545
RD 31.41.11-82 Instructions for typical methods and techniques of loading and unloading operations in the storage of goods RUSS164548
RD Spare parts. Fuel equipment of ship diesel engines. Nozzles General technical conditions. Part 1 RUSS164562
RD Spare parts. Fuel equipment of ship diesel engines. Pressure valves and shut-off fuel pumps. General technical conditions. Part 1 RUSS164565
RD 31.75.01-93 Training course for crews of ships and units of the State Marine Rescue Service of Russia to eliminate the consequences of marine accidents RUSS164579
RD 31.81.82-88 Methods of measuring overloads and determining the allowable descent heights by the free fall of marine collective rescue equipment RUSS164582
RD 31.87.03-95 Regulations on training and instruction on labor protection for employees of enterprises, organizations and institutions of maritime transport RUSS164588
RD 3112199-0199-96 Guidelines for the organization of the transport of dangerous goods by road RUSS164599
RD 3112199-1089-02 Standard service life of starter lead-acid rechargeable batteries of motor vehicles and forklift trucks RUSS164602
RD 32 TsT 527-2005 Medium and current TR-3 repairs of shunting locomotives TEM2, TEM2U, TEM7, CHME3. Technological equipment regulations RUSS164611
RD 34.01.206 Nomenclature of production and technical documents for the master section of the area of heating networks RUSS164639
RD 34.02.404.3-92 Water waste thermal power plants. Method for the determination of sulfates RUSS164645
RD 34.03.104 Sanitary standards and rules for performing work under the influence of electric fields of industrial frequency (50 Hz) RUSS164648
RD 34.03.202 Safety regulations for electrical installations RUSS164651
RD 34.03.230-88 Standard labor protection instruction for electrician on repair of overhead power lines RUSS164659
RD 34.03.603-92 Rules for the application and testing of protective equipment used in electrical installations, their technical requirements RUSS164665
RD 34.04.501 Model Regulations for the Production and Technical Department RUSS164668
RD 34.04.520-87 Regulations on the gas service and persons responsible for the gas economy of power plants and boiler houses RUSS164671
RD 34.04.613 Job description for the person overseeing the safe operation of lifting machines RUSS164674
RD 34.09.317-87 Method of calculating the reduction of the cost of production and transmission of electricity when performing repairs under high voltage lines 35-750 kV RUSS164688
RD 34.10.109-88 Norms of demand for small-scale mechanization, mechanized, hand-held tools and special devices for repair and maintenance work at thermal power plants, hydropower plants, electrical and thermal networks RUSS164694
RD 34.10.203 Standards for the consumption of spare parts for the repair of thermal automatics and measurements used at enterprises of the USSR Ministry of Energy RUSS164702
RD 34.10.304 Temporary consumption rates of materials for welding in the repair of power equipment of thermal power plants RUSS164705
RD 34.10.361-94 Standards for the timing and composition of maintenance, spare parts standards for auto-regulating devices "Protar" of the MZTA plant RUSS164711
RD 34.11.305 Measurement procedure for measuring the total emission of sulfur dioxide with flue gases at thermal power plants using the gas analyzer GIAM-10 RUSS164725
RD 34.11.308-86 Methods for measuring the temperature of cold air in power boilers RUSS164728
RD 34.12.204 Technical Assignment for Training Programs for Operational Personnel for Developing Switching Skills in Power Supply Computer-Based Switchgears RUSS164745
RD 34.15.093-91 Distribution of construction and installation works between general contractors and subcontractors RUSS164748
RD 34.17.301 Departmental instruction for radiographic control of welded joints of steel structures, pipe systems of boilers and pipelines in the manufacture, installation and repair of equipment of thermal power plants RUSS164751
RD 34.20.223 Temporary instructions for corrosion protection by metallization coatings of equipment and pipelines of thermal power plants RUSS164765
RD 34.20.406 Rules for organizing and accepting commissioning at thermal power plants RUSS164768
RD 34.20.543-87 Guidelines for calculating and accounting for power plant capacity limitations RUSS164774
RD 34.20.546 Instructions on how to draw up and use schedules to limit consumption and turn off electrical energy in the absence of electrical energy and power in power systems and their associations RUSS164777
RD 34.20.641 Design guidelines for the organization and mechanization of the maintenance of equipment and facilities of hydroelectric power plants RUSS164788
RD 34.21.122-87 Supplement Manual to the Instructions for the installation of lightning protection of buildings and structures RUSS164791
RD 34.21.261 Temporary instructions on waterproofing technology of the underground part of the racks of power transmission line supports with bitumen mastics RUSS164797
RD 34.21.541 Standard instruction manual for hydraulic structures of riverbed (near dam) hydroelectric power stations RUSS164805
RD 34.22.501-87 Guidelines for preventing the formation of mineral and organic deposits in turbine condensers and their cleaning RUSS164808
RD 34.23.501-91 Standard instruction manual for fuel oil facilities of thermal power plants RUSS164811
RD 34.26.203 Volume 2 Instructions for the production of brickwork at the installation of boilers and energy technology installations. Volume 2 RUSS164817
RD 34.26.506 Standard operating instructions for gas-oil water-heating boilers of the type PTVM RUSS164820
RD 34.30.302-87 Guidelines for the commissioning and operation of steam jet ejectors of condensing installations of TPP and NPP RUSS164828
RD 34.30.603 Guidelines for balancing turbine rotors in their own bearings RUSS164831
RD 34.30.703 Supplement In addition to the "Typical energy characteristics of the turbine PT-80 RUSS164834
RD 34.30.731 Typical energy characteristics of a gas turbine unit RUSS164837
RD 34.31.301 Guidelines for testing hydraulic turbine control systems RUSS164840
RD 34.31.603-97 Standards for maintenance and repair of hydro-power equipment (reversible hydraulic machines) of pumped storage power plants (PSPP) RUSS164851
RD 34.35.507 Regulatory material for operation and repair of instruments of series KC2 and KP1 RUSS164868
RD 34.35.604 Standards for the timing and composition of maintenance, spare parts standards for automatic control equipment "Kontur" of the MZTA plant RUSS164871
RD 34.35.609 Regulations for the timing and composition of maintenance, spare parts standards for KC4 series devices RUSS164874
RD 34.35.612 Standards for the timing and composition of maintenance, spare parts standards for standardizing converters W-71, W-72, W-73, NP RUSS164877
RD 34.37.305.10-97 Determination of alkali and ammonia concentration by acidimetric method RUSS164888
RD 34.37.305.13-97 Determination of hydrazine concentration by iodometric method RUSS164891
RD 34.37.305.1-97 Determination of suspended matter by gravimetric method in washing solutions RUSS164894
RD 34.37.305.4-97 Determination of zinc by the complexometric method in industrial solutions RUSS164897
RD 34.37.305.7-97 Separate determination of the content of calcium and magnesium in the presence of iron and copper by the complexometric method with an indicator of acid chrome dark blue RUSS164900
RD 34.40.510-93 Standard operating instructions for the condensate tract and low pressure regeneration system of power units with a capacity of 100-800 MW at CHP and KES RUSS164914
RD 34.41.706 Typical energy characteristics of the nutritional pump PEA850-65 RUSS164917
RD 34.44.205-89 Guidelines for the input quality control of solid fuel entering power plants using mechanical samplers RUSS164923
RD 34.45.305 Instructions for determining the emergency probability of breakdown (method of statistical monitoring of the state of the case insulation of the windings of the stators of large generators) RUSS164931
RD 34.45.607 Technological service manual for repair of thermosetting insulation of the front parts of rods (coils) of the windings of stators of high-voltage electrical machines RUSS164937
RD 34.45.615 Electric motors reversible type RD and synchronous type SD. Overhaul Guide RUSS164943
RD 34.47.608 RND-2-500/2000 Overhaul Repair Guide RUSS164951
RD 34.50.503.2-93 Methodology for determining the content of chlorides in the electrolyte of electrolysis plants of thermal power plants by the potentiometric method RUSS164954
RD 39-1.10-089-2004 Regulatory equipment of linear maintenance services (LES) and emergency recovery trains by road, road construction and special equipment for maintenance and emergency repair of gas pipelines and product pipelines RUSS165080
RD 45.007-97 Time-based telephone call accounting systems. Metrological provision. Main provisions RUSS165215
RD 45.015-98 Specialized equipment for measuring radio communication, broadcasting and television parameters. Guidelines for the calibration of IPI transient noise meters and IPD-1M reliability loss meters RUSS165223
RD 45.022-98 Specialized measuring instruments. Guidelines for the calibration of the measurement of the loss of reliability of the IPD-1 RUSS165226
RD 45.030-99 General technical requirements for radio relay equipment of digital trunk radio relay lines of ARIA of Russia RUSS165229
RD 45.035-99 Synchronization equipment of the second level of hierarchy. Secondary master oscillator - VZG. Technical requirements RUSS165232
RD 45.040-99 Telecommunication Measurement Instruments. Methodical instructions for checking analyzers of errors in bits PF-30 RUSS165235
RD 45.072-99 Telecommunication Measurement Instruments. Guidelines for the calibration of digital error meters PF-4 RUSS165243
RD 45.076-99 Telecommunication Measurement Instruments. Methodological guidelines for the calibration of SPM-15 level meters RUSS165246
RD 45.082-99 Telecommunication Measuring Instruments. Guidelines for Verifying Digital Analyzers K4315/K4305 RUSS165249
RD 45.093-97 General technical requirements for a terrestrial station for satellite communications lines operating with a satellite in geostationary orbit in the frequency bands 6/4 GHz and 14/11-12 GHz RUSS165252
RD 45.09-89 Instructions. Organization and procedure for the metrological examination of technical specifications, design, technological, design and regulatory and technical documentation RUSS165255
RD 45.134-2000 Technical telematics services. General technical requirements RUSS165263
SP 11-105-97 Part 1 Engineering geological investigations for construction. Part. I. General regulations for carrying out work RUSS19081
MP 48164-11 144LD/LVD and 244LD/LVP buoy measuring level converters. Verification methods RUSS142822
VSN 39-1.10-003-2000 Aboveground Crossings Examination and Control Requirements for Trunk Gas Pipelines RUSS142830
TSN 12-318-2003 Amur region Acceptance and commissioning of completed construction projects RUSS142836
TSN 12-323-2003 Arkhangelsk region Acceptance and commissioning of completed construction projects RUSS142839
TSN 12-307-99 Acceptance and commissioning of completed construction projects in Irkutsk region. Basics RUSS142842
TSN 12-304-99 Murmansk region Acceptance and commissioning of completed construction projects. Basics RUSS142850
TSN 12-309-2000 Acceptance and commissioning of completed construction projects. Basics RUSS142853
SP 236.1326000.2015 Acceptance and commissioning of railway transport infrastructure RUSS142856
R 50-110-89 Acceptance control of product quality. General provisions RUSS142859
R 50.4.001-96 Accreditation system in the Russian Federation. Works order on accreditation of certification bodies, test and measuring laboratories RUSS142873
STO RZhD 1.07.007-2010 Acoustic screens for railway transport. Procedures for acceptance, commissioning and maintenance in the course of life cycle RUSS142876
GESNm-2001 Volume 40 Additional relocation of equipment and material resources in excess of foreseen in reference-book of territorial billing rates for equipment assembling RUSS142879
TERm 2001-40 Dagestan Republic Additional relocation of equipment and material resources in excess of foreseen in reference-book of territorial billing rates for equipment assembling RUSS142882
FERm-2001 Volume 40 Additional relocation of equipment and material resources in excess of foreseen in reference-book of territorial billing rates for equipment assembling RUSS142885
GESN-2001 Volume 31 Aerodromes RUSS142893
TER 2001-31 Moscow region Aerodromes RUSS142896
TER-2001-31 Rostov region Aerodromes RUSS142899
TER-2001-31 Yaroslavl region Aerodromes RUSS142902
SMPS Agreement on International Passenger Traffic RUSS142905

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