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GOST 22291-83 Silica glass. The method for determination of chemical stability RUSS53465
GOST 22092-76 Polyamide fibres. Method for determination of colour unevenness in RUSS53512
GOST 12645.12-86 Indium. Method for determination of tellurium RUSS53522
GOST 12645.7-77 Indium. Method for determination of zinc RUSS53523
GOST 8972-78 Artificial leather. Methods for determination of wetting and shrinking RUSS53529
GOST 15027.19-86 Tintless bronze. Methods for determination of tellurium RUSS53541
GOST 20996.10-82 Selenium. Methods of tellurium determination RUSS53556
GOST 25559-82 Liquid petroleum paraffin. Method for determination of impurities content and calculation of n-alkenes content RUSS53621
GOST 12551.1-82 Alloys platinum-copper. Methods for the determination of copper RUSS53694
GOST 22519.3-77 Thallium. Method for the determination of silver RUSS53716
GOST 20996.12-82 Selenium. Atom-absorption method of determination for copper, iron, tellurium and plumbum RUSS53721
GOST 21058-75 Aviation hydraulic fluids and lubrication oils. Method for determination of foaming characteristics RUSS53728
GOST 30038-93 Tobacco and tobacco products. Determination of alkaloids in tobacco. Spectrophotometric method RUSS53753
GOST 12068-66 Mineral oils. Method for determination of demulsification time RUSS53763
GOST 14048.15-80 Zinc concentrates. Methods for the determination of calcium oxide and magnesium oxide RUSS53772
GOST 9803-75 Reagents. Maleic acid. Specifications RUSS53774
GOST 10760-76 Electrical insulating varnish ВЛ-941. Specifications RUSS53804
GOST 11884.9-78 Tungsten concentrate. Method of determination of molybdenum RUSS53848
GOST 15483.7-78 Tin. Method for determination of sulphur RUSS53894
GOST 24024.11-81 Phosphorus and inorganic phosphorus compounds. Method of ferrum determination RUSS53917
GOST 11884.7-78 Tungsten concentrate. Method of determination of tin RUSS53946
GOST 24523.2-80 Electrotechnical periclase. Method for the determination of aluminium oxide RUSS53962
GOST 22386-77 Synthetic fatty acids and alcohols. Method for determination of acid value RUSS53966
GOST 21639.5-93 Fluxes for electroslag remelting. Method for determination of titanium dioxide RUSS53979
GOST 11884.10-78 Tungsten concentrate. Method of determination of calcium oxide RUSS54014
GOST 27981.0-88 Copper of high purity. General requirements for methods analysis RUSS54017
GOST 13151.11-77 Ferromolybdenum. Method for the determination of arsenic content RUSS54040
GOST 17789-72 Petroleum bitumens. Method for determination of paraffin content RUSS54058
GOST 20996.4-82 Selenium. Method of arsenic determination RUSS54089
GOST 1293.6-78 Antimonous lead alloys. Method for the determination of sodium RUSS54632
GOST 5855-78 Reagents. N,N-dimethylanyline. Specifications RUSS54642
GOST 12697.2-77 Aluminium. Methods for determination of magnesium RUSS54667
GOST 21876.4-76 Ferromanganese. Method for the determination of silicon RUSS54728
GOST 9816.2-84 Technical tellurium. Methods for determination of selenium RUSS54733
GOST 10163-76 Reagents. Soluble starch. Specifications RUSS54782
GOST 9816.3-84 Technical tellurium. Methods for determination of sulphur RUSS54803
GOST 13144-79 Graphite. Methods for the determination of specific surface RUSS54810
GOST 22760-77 Milk products. Gravimetric method for determination of fat content RUSS54826
GOST 12645.1-77 Indium. Spectral method for determination of gallium, iron, copper, nickel, tin, lead, thallium and zinc RUSS54837
GOST 12645.6-77 Indium. Methods for determination of iron RUSS54838
GOST 14638.3-81 Ferrotungsten. Method for the determination of phosphorus RUSS54840
GOST 3759-75 Reagents. Aluminium chloride 6-aqueous. Specifications RUSS54865
GOST 18249-72 Plastics. Method for viscosity determination of diluted polymer solution RUSS54933
GOST 23859.11-90 Heat-resistant bronze. Determination of chromium, nickel, cobalt, iron, zinc, magnesium and titanium by method of atomic-absorption spectrometry RUSS54947
GOST 11884.1-78 Tungsten concentrate. Methods of determination of tungsten anhydride RUSS54993
GOST 13047.3-81 Nickel. Methods for the determination of sulphur RUSS55011
GOST 13193-73 Wines, wine materials and cognac spirits. Spirit fruit-berry juices. Methods of volatile acids determination RUSS55012
GOST 13301-67 Organic chemical products. Method of test for microdetermination of nitrogen RUSS55014
GOST 14048.3-78 Zinc concentrates. Methods for determination of copper, lead, cadmium RUSS55026
GOST 14250.13-85 Ferrotitanium. Methods of manganese determination RUSS55027
GOST 14638.13-84 Ferrotungsten. Methods for determination of tin content RUSS55035
GOST 1652.13-77 Copper-zinc alloys. Methods for the determination of phosphorus RUSS55047
GOST 17421-82 Sugar beet for industrial processing. Requirements for state grain purchases. Specifications RUSS55055
GOST 17824-81 Polyamides, polyamide yarns and fibres. Methods for determination of extractable materials RUSS55059
GOST 194-80 Diphenylamine for industrial use. Specifications RUSS55080
GOST 20573-75 Reagents. Potassium dicyanoaurate (I). Specifications RUSS55097
GOST 24977.2-81 Tellurium high purity. Spectral method for the determination of impurities RUSS55150
GOST 25794.3-83 Reagents. Methods of preparation of standard volumetric solutions for precipitation titration, non-aqueous titration and other titrimetric methods RUSS55162
GOST 10820-75 Pulp. Method for determination of pentosans fraction of total mass RUSS55811
GOST 22698-77 Organic dyestuffs. Basic violet K. Specifications RUSS55812
GOST 14638.12-84 Ferrotungsten. Method for determination of antimony content RUSS55875
GOST 24655-89 Synthetic rubbers. Methods for determination of diphenyl-n-phenylendiamine fraction of total mass RUSS55893
GOST 23327-78 Milk. Methods for determination of the total protein content RUSS55915
GOST 13210-72 Benzenes. Determination of plumbum content by complexometric titration RUSS55954
GOST 1652.12-77 Copper-zinc alloys. Methods for the determination of silicon RUSS55967
GOST 14048.17-77 Zinc concentrates. Method for the determination of indium RUSS55972
GOST 12041-82 Seed of farm crops. Method for determination of moisture content RUSS56025
GOST 13047.13-81 Nickel. Methods for the determination of cadmium RUSS56066
GOST 3777-76 Reagents. Barium nitrate. Specifications RUSS56101
GOST 20996.7-82 Selenium. Methods of aluminium determination RUSS56108
GOST 5211-85 Lubricating greases. Method for determination of soap, mineral oil and high-molecular organic acids percentage RUSS56120
GOST 8980-75 Auxiliary compounds for textiles. Stearox-6. Specifications RUSS56128
GOST 3521-81 Optical glass. Method for determination of unstriae RUSS56142
GOST 9600-78 Auxiliary compounds for textiles. Levelling agent A. Specifications RUSS56154
GOST 10275-74 Reagents. Lead (II) carbonate. Specifications RUSS56221
GOST 5818-78 Reagents. Aniline sulphate. Specifications RUSS56233
GOST 4214-78 Reagents. Silicic acid aqueous. Specifications RUSS56305
GOST 11736-78 Plastics. Method for determination of water content RUSS56317
GOST 12697.12-77 Aluminium. Methods for determination of arsenic RUSS56409
GOST 24991-81 Ferrochromium, Ferrosilicochromium, ferrosilicon, ferrosilicomanganese, ferromanganese. Methods of sampling and sample preparation for chemical and physical-chemical analyses RUSS56475
GOST 20447-75 Organic dyes. Active brilliant blue KX. Specifications RUSS56486
GOST 13217.1-90 Ferrovanadium. Method for determination of vanadium RUSS56497
GOST 10539-74 Reagents. Lead sulfate. Specifications RUSS56515
GOST 11739.11-98 Aluminium casting and wrought alloys. Methods for determination of magnesium RUSS56533
GOST 11739.12-98 Aluminium casting and wrought alloys. Methods for determination of manganese RUSS56534
GOST 11739.13-98 Aluminium casting and wrought alloys. Methods for determination of copper RUSS56535
GOST 11739.23-99 Aluminium casting and wrought alloys. Methods for determination of zirconium RUSS56537
GOST 11884.4-78 Tungsten concentrate. Method of determination of phosphorus RUSS58166
GOST 14047.10-78 Lead concentrates. Determination of silicon dioxide. Photometric and gravimetric methods RUSS58206
GOST 21822-87 Petroleum fragile bitumens. Specifications RUSS58209
GOST 8115-73 Black technical albumin. Specifications RUSS58222
GOST 22519.5-77 Thallium. Method for the determination of copper, cadmium and zinc RUSS58243
GOST 14361-78 Oil ФM-5,6 AП for refrigerating machines. Specifications RUSS58288
GOST 13346-72 Paper. Methods for determination of lead fraction of total mass RUSS58300
GOST 3204-76 Reagents. Calcium hudrogen phosphate dihydrate. Specifications RUSS58301
GOST 9721-79 Cobalt powder. Specifications RUSS58304
GOST 7927-75 Butyl and ethyl potassium xanthates. Specifications RUSS58458
GOST 4170-78 Reagents. Ammonium sodium hydrogen phosphate 4-aqueous. Specifications RUSS58471
GOST 27973.2-88 Gold. Method of atomic-emission analysis with inductive plasma RUSS58501
GOST 7143-73 Greases. Method for determination of ultimate strength and thermostrengthening RUSS58525

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