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GOST 8239-89 Steel hot-rolled I-beams RUSS15718
GOST 2590-88 Round steel bars. Dimensions RUSS16427
GOST 2591-88 Square Hot-rolled Steel Bars Dimensions RUSS16428
GOST 2879-88 Hot-rolled hexagonal steel. Range of sizes RUSS16475
GOST 14637-89 Thick sheet rolled stock of normal quality carbon steel RUSS17244
GOST 5521-93 Shipbuilding rolled steel RUSS18086
GOST 10885-85 Hot-rolled two-ply corrosion-resistant steel sheets RUSS18700
GOST 3559-75 Steel band for armoring cables RUSS18771
GOST 4543-71 Structural alloyed steel RUSS19322
GOST 15891-70 Hot-rolled fashioned strip two layered steel for plough-shares. Specifications RUSS49956
GOST 2879-2006 Hexagonal hot-rolled steel bars. Dimensions RUSS54574
GOST 2591-2006 Square hot-rolled steel bars. Dimensions RUSS54930
GOST 2590-2006 Round hot-rolled steel bars. Dimensions RUSS58401
GOST 103-2006 Hot-rolled steel strips. Dimensions RUSS60232
GOST 21022-75 Chromic steel for precise bearings. Specifications RUSS65291
GOST 10243-75 Steel. Methods of test and estimation of macrostructure RUSS69449
GOST R 52927-2015 Rolled of normal, increased - and high-strength steel for shipbuilding. Specifications RUSS139906
GOST 27772-2015 Structural steel structure rolled products. General specifications RUSS241480
GOST 6422-76 Steel strip for nuts. Specification RUSS252106
GOST 6713-53 Steel, carbon, hot-rolled for motors. Specification RUSS252746
GOST 8706-78 Expanded steel sheets. Specification RUSS257341
GOST 24244-2018 Сold rolled low carbon steel sheet for enameling. Specifications RUSS353476
STO ASChM 20-93 Rolled shaped sectioned iron. Rolled steel sections. I-beams with parallel edges of flanges. Specification. RUSS16537

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