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GOST 24648-90 Pig iron for castings. Sampling and making the specimen for mechanical testing. RUSS15788
GOST 3822-79 Bimetallic steel-copper wire RUSS17196
GOST 2517-85 Crude oil and petroleum products. Methods of sampling RUSS17247
GOST 30515-97 Cements General specifications RUSS17747
GOST 7564-97 Rolled products general rules of samples, rough specimens and test pieces selection for mechanical and technological testing RUSS18234
GOST 7449-96 Salted salmon fish RUSS18419
GOST 13200-75 Copper oxychloride 90 % RUSS18596
GOST 4645-81 Rubber condoms RUSS18772
GOST 10181-2000 Concrete Mixtures Test method RUSS18916
GOST 25046-81 Disposable injection needles RUSS19299
GOST 2990-78 Cables, wires and cords RUSS19420
GOST 30459-96 Concrete additives RUSS19839
GOST 7268-82 Steel. Method for determination of ability to mechanical aging by impact bend testing RUSS20840
GOST 28515-97 Copper. Method of test for sample spiral elongation RUSS20933
GOST 30975-2002 Ferroalloys. Experimental methods for the evaluation of the quality variation and methods for checking the precision of sampling RUSS43660
GOST R ISO 13909-1-2010 Hard coal and coke. Mechanical sampling. Part 1. General introduction RUSS44231
GOST R ISO 5089-99 Textiles. Preparation of laboratory test samples and test specimens for chemical testing RUSS44237
GOST ISO 6611-2013 Milk and milk products. Quantitation of colony-forming units of yeasts and/or moulds. Method of the quantitation of colonies at the temperature 25 °С RUSS44503
GOST ISO 707-2013 Milk and Milk products. Guideline on sampling methods. RUSS44504
GOST 10749.1-80 Ethyl alcohol for industrial use. Method for determination of the appearance RUSS44818
GOST 10749.9-80 Ethyl alcohol for industrial use. Method for determination of dry residue RUSS45104
GOST 10749.12-80 Ethyl alcohol for industrial use. Method for determination of furfural RUSS45162
GOST 10749.4-80 Ethyl alcohol for industrial use. Method for determination of alkali RUSS45562
GOST 12174-76 Cables. Method of testing the metallic sheath for elongation RUSS45623
GOST R ISO 1390/1-93 Maleic anhydride for industrial use. Methods of test. Part 1. General RUSS45792
GOST 18276.0-88 Machine-made textile floor coverings and carpet products. Method of sampling RUSS45826
GOST 10749.3-80 Ethyl alcohol for industrial use. Method for determination of carbonyl compounds RUSS45959
GOST 17817-78 Graphite. Methods of sampling and preparation of samples for testing RUSS46501
GOST 16489-78 Wood pulp. Rules of acceptance. Sampling methods RUSS46652
GOST 12524-78 Paper. Method of determination of free chlorum RUSS46657
GOST 13868-74 Chrome upper leather. Method for determination of the flexing resistance of finish RUSS46695
GOST 25284.0-95 Zinc alloys. General requirements for methods of analysis RUSS46743
GOST 10749.6-80 Ethyl alcohol for industrial use. Method for determination of esters RUSS46769
GOST 10749.13-80 Ethyl alcohol for industrial use. Method for determination of fusel oils RUSS46974
GOST 19711-74 Enamelled rectangular winding wires. Method of the flexibility test RUSS47071
GOST 6674.0-96 Copper-phosphorus alloys. General requirements for methods of analysis RUSS47082
GOST 12604-77 Paper. Method for the determination of absorption by full immersion RUSS47256
GOST 10749.14-80 Ethyl alcohol for industrial use. Method for determination of methyl alcohol RUSS47324
GOST 15634.1-70 Magnet wire. Method of the elongation test RUSS47374
GOST 24047-80 Half-finished products out of non-ferrous metals and their alloys. Sampling for tensile test RUSS47420
GOST 8049-62 Paper. Line method of sizing degree determination RUSS47491
GOST 26528-85 Powder materials. Impact test method RUSS47529
GOST 15634.0-70 Magnet wire. Test procedure for the dimensions and increase in dimensions due to the covering measuring RUSS47625
GOST 9627.2-75 Glued plywood. Method for determination of heat resistance RUSS47637
GOST 2891-78 Rubber for shoes bottom. Method for determination of pulling out pin resistance RUSS47793
GOST 16189-70 Sorbents. Method for reduction and dispersion of samples RUSS47797
GOST 8693-80 Metal pipes. Method of flange testing RUSS47869
GOST 21547-76 Brazing and soldering. Method for determination of sealing-off temperature RUSS47904
GOST 9211-75 Fur skins and dressed sheepskins for fur-coats. Method for determination of colour fastness to light RUSS48040
GOST 10749.5-80 Ethyl alcohol for industrial use. Method for determination of acids RUSS48116
GOST 20681-75 Corrugated board. Method for determining the resistance to flat compression ( Flat crush test) RUSS48163
GOST R 50556-93 Hydraulic fluid power. Particulate contamination analysis. Extraction of fluid samples from lines of an operating systems RUSS48275
GOST 18228-85 Powder metallurgy. Determination of bending strength limit RUSS48284
GOST 12596-67 Activated carbons. Method for the determination of ash content RUSS48313
GOST 15818-70 Cotton yarn and blended. Method of grading according to appearance RUSS48396
GOST 4979-49 Water of economical-drinking and industrial water supply. Methods for chemical analysis. Sampling, storing and transportation of samples RUSS48402
GOST 24024.8-81 Phosphorus and inorganic phosphorus compounds. Method of total phosphorus pentoxide determination RUSS48443
GOST 14203-69 Oil and petroleum products. Capacitance method of determination of water content RUSS48529
GOST 16218.0-93 Small wares. Rules of acceptance and sampling method RUSS48563
GOST 16483.21-72 Wood. Methods of testing for determination of physic-mechanical characteristics after technological treatment RUSS48566
GOST 28083-2012 Biological medicinal remedies lyophilized for veterinary use. Method of control of vacuum in ampoules and bottles RUSS48738
GOST 28876-90 Spices and condiments. Sampling RUSS48753
GOST 16747-80 Condenser paper. Method for determining number of current-conducting insertions RUSS48892
GOST 13979.8-69 Oilcakes and oilmeals. Methods of determination for free and combined hydrogen cyanide RUSS49030
GOST 16680-79 Processed kaolin. Method of brightness measurement RUSS49161
GOST 9778-78 Film covered paper bookbinding material. Method of determination of abrasion resistance RUSS49190
GOST 12603-67 Paper and board. Determination of surface absorption by drop method RUSS49206
GOST 13587-77 Non-woolen sheets and piece-goods textile. Acceptance rules and sampling-method RUSS49227
GOST 26450.0-85 Rocks. General requirements for sampling and sample preparation for determination of collecting properties RUSS49228
GOST 13979.6-69 Oilcakes, oilmeals and powdered mustard seed cake. Determination of ash content RUSS49284
GOST 11307-65 Chemical threads. Method of the determination of winding density RUSS49299
GOST 7585.1-94 Paper and board. Machine direction and wire side definition. Part 1. Methods for machine direction definition RUSS49342
GOST 7585.2-94 Paper and board. Machine direction and wire side definition. Part 2. Methods for wire side definition RUSS49456
GOST 9779-77 Binding material with film coating. Method for determination of stability to multiple bending RUSS49488
GOST 15613.5-79 Glued massive wood. Method for determination of ultimate tensile strength of finger glued joints RUSS49530
GOST 8756.11-70 Fruit and vegetable products. Methods for determination of transparency of juices and extracts, extract solubility RUSS49605
GOST 16296-79 Pulpwood. Preparation of samples for physical and mechanical test RUSS49626
GOST 12764-73 Iron ores, concentrates, agglomerates and pellets. Method for determination of moisture RUSS49639
GOST R 51492-99 Canned fish. Method for determination of oil deposit fraction of total mass RUSS49641
GOST 13341-77 Dried vegetables. Rules of acceptance and sampling RUSS49646
GOST 26999-86 Metallic manganese and nitrated manganese. Methods of sampling and sample preparation for chemical and physical-chemical analyses RUSS49660
GOST 25439-82 Packing materials. Method for determining waterproofness in hydrostatic pressure RUSS49772
GOST 25207-85 Ferrotungsten, Silicocalcium and Ferroboron. Methods for sampling and sample preparation for chemical and physico-chemical analyses RUSS49824
GOST 23363-90 Texturized synthetic threads. Method for determination of crispiness indices RUSS50024
GOST 17073-71 Artificial leather. Methods for the determination of thickness and mass of 1 sq m RUSS50038
GOST 25699.1-90 Rubber compounding ingredients. Carbon black shipment sampling procedures RUSS50074
GOST 24024.9-81 Phosphorus and inorganic phosphorus compounds. Method of monophosphate determination RUSS50125
GOST 27109-86 Synthetic rubbers. The methods of sampling and sample preparation RUSS50156
GOST 28495-90 Microbiological products. Acceptance regulations and methods of sampling RUSS50199
GOST 10637-2010 Wood particle boards. Method for determination of resistivity to nail and wood screw withdrawal RUSS50367
GOST 17823.1-72 Wood chemical products. Method of acid number determination RUSS50464
GOST 23234-2009 Wood particle boards. Method for determination of resistivity to separation of surface layer in direction normal to a plane RUSS50488
GOST 12867-77 All-wool and half-wool fabrics for dresses. Method for determination of linear dimensional change after wet ironing RUSS50724
GOST R ISO 7513-2012 Instant tea. Determination of moisture content (loss in mass at 103 °С) RUSS50867
GOST 12580-78 Latex films. Method of the determination of elastic and tensile stress-strain properties RUSS50910
GOST R 54252-2010 Carbonaceous materials used in the production of aluminium. Sampling. General requirements. Part 1. Bottom blocks RUSS50956
GOST 32170-2013 Tea. Acceptance rules RUSS50999
GOST R 51144-98 Products of wine industry. Acceptance rules and methods of sampling RUSS51086
GOST 12573-2013 Sugar. Method for determination of ferrous foreign matters RUSS51109
GOST R 55326-2012 Tea concentrate in liquid form. Sampling RUSS51130

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