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GOST R 50396.1-2010 Poultry meat, edible offal and ready-to-cook poultry meat. Method for quantity determination of mesophilic aerobic and facultative-anaerobic microorganisms RUSS55408
GOST R ISO 1762-2013 Pulps, paper and board. Method of determination of residue (ash) on ignition at 525°C RUSS54762
GOST 14326-73 Woven fabrics. Method for determination of pilling RUSS54850
GOST 15634.3-70 Magnet wire. Method of the bending test RUSS54903
GOST 10213.0-2002 Staple chemical fibre and tow. Rules of acceptance and method of sampling RUSS54974
GOST 12036-85 Seeds of farm crops. Acceptance rules and methods of sampling RUSS55002
GOST 26809-86 Milk and milk products. Acceptance regulations, methods of sampling and preparation for testing RUSS55173
GOST 13711-82 Knitted fabrics. Method of determination change in linear dimensions after wet treatments RUSS55020
GOST 31290-2005 Refined platinum. Specifications RUSS55233
GOST ISO 6734/IDF 15-2012 Sweetened condensed milk. Determination of total solids content (reference method) RUSS55394
GOST R 53067-2008 Instant coffee in cases with liners. Sampling RUSS55499
GOST R 53236-2008 Cotton fibre. Methods of sampling RUSS55503
GOST R 53764-2009 Soil quality. Determination of soil water content as a volume fraction using coring sleeves. Gravimetric method RUSS55529
GOST R 54105-2010 Polymeric films and sheeting. Method for determination of wetting tension RUSS55544
GOST R ISO 15859-12-2010 Space systems. Fluid characteristics, sampling and methods of analysis. Part 12. Carbon dioxide RUSS55639
GOST R 54255-2010 Carbonaceous materials for industrial use. Sampling. Terms and definitions RUSS55554
GOST R 54374-2011 Poultry meat, edible offal and ready to cook products. Methods for detection and quantity determination of coliform bacteria RUSS55560
GOST R ISO 15859-11-2010 Space systems. Fluid characteristics, sampling and methods of analysis. Part 11. Ammonia RUSS55638
GOST 9900-2013 Glass and glass products. Methods for determination of mechanical properties. Determination of elasticity modulus at cross static bending RUSS55662
GOST 9213-77 Fur skins and fur coat sheepskin. Method of determination of aluminium content RUSS55730
GOST ISO 5089-2001 Textile materials. Preparation of samples for chemical testing RUSS55754
GOST 10820-75 Pulp. Method for determination of pentosans fraction of total mass RUSS55811
GOST 7975-2013 Fresh food pumpkin. Specification RUSS56112
GOST 3521-81 Optical glass. Method for determination of unstriae RUSS56142
GOST ISO 8573-3-2006 Compressed air. Part 3. Test methods for measurement of humidity RUSS63980
GOST R 53665-2009 Poultry meat, edible offal and ready-to-cook poultry meat. Method for detection of Salmonellae RUSS64174
GOST 12422-78 Silk technical fabrics. Test methods RUSS55835
GOST R 54744-2011 Juice products. Determination of quinic, malic and citric acids in products from cranberry and apples by high-performance liquid chromatography RUSS55855
GOST 9792-73 Sausage products and products of pork, mutton, beef and meat of other kinds of slaughter animals and poultry. Acceptance rules and sampling methods RUSS55925
GOST 12569-99 Sugar. Acceptance rules and sampling methods RUSS55949
GOST R 55083-2012 Paper. Determination of surface strength. Wax rods pick method RUSS56019
GOST R ISO 1839-2011 Tea. Sampling RUSS56192
GOST 31978-2012 Caseins and caseinates. Method for determination of pH RUSS56259
GOST R 52997-2008 Chrysotil. Acceptance rules, methods of sampling and preparation of samples for tests RUSS56308
GOST R 55763-2013 Unproductive animals. Method of retrospective diagnostics of feline viral rhinotracheitis via red cell-linked-antigen test (RNGA) RUSS56379
GOST 24991-81 Ferrochromium, Ferrosilicochromium, ferrosilicon, ferrosilicomanganese, ferromanganese. Methods of sampling and sample preparation for chemical and physical-chemical analyses RUSS56475
GOST 13380-81 Petroleum products. Method for determination of sulphur microadmixtures RUSS56590
GOST 16362-86 Wood flour. Test methods RUSS56638
GOST 16483.0-89 Wood. General requirements to physical and mechanical tests RUSS56643
GOST ISO 1924-1-96 Paper and board. Determination of tensile properties. Part 1. Constant rate of loading method RUSS57299
GOST R 51355-99 Vodkas and special vodkas. Specifications RUSS57371
GOST 1820-2001 Matches. Specifications RUSS56679
GOST 22838-77 Heat-resistant alloys. Methods of testing and estimation of macrostructures RUSS56771
GOST 23509-79 Rubber. Method for the determination of abrasion resistance under slipping an a renewing surface RUSS56790
GOST 26226-95 Fodder, mixed fodder and mixed fodder raw material. Methods for determination of raw ash RUSS56848
GOST R 55546-2013 Solid biofuels. Fuel quality assurance. Part 5. Firewood for non-industrial use RUSS65214
GOST 30459-2008 Admixtures for concretes and mortars. Determination and estimate of the efficiency RUSS65357
GOST R 53215-2008 Cashew kernels. Specifications RUSS65510
GOST R ISO 10396-2006 Stationary source emissions. Sampling for the automated determination of gas concentrations RUSS65573
GOST R ISO 15713-2009 Stationary source emissions. Sampling and determination of gaseous fluoride content RUSS65585
GOST R ISO 16000-2-2007 Indoor air. Part 2. Sampling for formaldehyde content. Main principles RUSS65586
GOST R ISO 2859-4-2006 Statistical methods. Sampling procedures for inspection by attributes. Part 4. Assessment of declared quality level RUSS65592
GOST 31929-2013 Medicine remedies for veterinary use. Acceptance rules, methods of sampling RUSS57048
GOST 3622-68 Milk and milk products. Sampling and preparation of samples for testing RUSS57075
GOST 8699-2013 Cigars and cigarillos. General specifications RUSS57215
GOST R 52244-2004 Refined palladium. Specifications RUSS57480
GOST R 52684-2006 Medicine remedies for veterinary use. Acceptance rules, methods of sampling RUSS57512
GOST R 52945-2008 Rectified ethanol. Spectral-luminescent method of identification RUSS57544
GOST R 53194-2008 Vodkas and special vodkas. Spectral-luminescent method of identification ethanol RUSS57572
GOST R 53989-2010 Essential oil floral and herbal raw material. Methods of sampling, moisture and impurities determination RUSS57640
GOST R 54062-2010 Cigarettes and filter rods. Determination of nominal diameter. Method using a laser beam measuring apparatus RUSS57653
GOST R 54187-2010 Solid biofuels. Sampling. General requirements RUSS57658
GOST R 54760-2011 Milk products and infant milk products. Method for determination of mass concentration of mono- and disaccharides using high performance liquid chromatography RUSS57701
GOST R ISO 15859-5-2010 Space systems. Fluid characteristics, sampling and methods of analysis. Part 5. Nitrogen tetroxide propellants RUSS57834
GOST R ISO 15859-6-2010 Space systems. Fluid characteristics, sampling and methods of analysis. Part 6. Monomethylhydrazine propellant RUSS57835
GOST 12712-2013 Vodkas and special vodkas. General specifications RUSS57900
GOST 32222-2013 Product for reproduction. Semen. Methods of select sample RUSS58047
GOST 15820-82 Polystyrole and copolymers of styrole. Gas chromatographic method for determination of residual monomers and non-polymerizing impurities RUSS58058
GOST R ISO 16000-15-2012 Indoor air. Part 15. Sampling strategy for nitrogen dioxide (NO2) RUSS66361
GOST R ISO 6497-2011 Animal feeding stuffs. Sampling RUSS66379
GOST R ISO 7870-1-2011 Statistical methods. Control charts. Part 1. General guidelines RUSS66383
GOST R ISO 13937-4-2012 Textiles. Tear properties of fabrics. Part 4. Determination of tear force of tongue-shaped test specimens (double tear method) RUSS66450
GOST ISO 3960-2013 Animal and vegetable fats and oils. Determination of peroxide value. Iodometric (visual) endpoint determination RUSS66541
GOST R ISO 8007-2-2014 Carbonaceous materials used in the production of aluminium. Sampling plans and sampling from individual units. Part 2. Prebaked anodes RUSS66545
GOST 30813-2002 Water and water-preparation. Terms and definitions RUSS66715
GOST 32190-2013 Vegetable oils. Acceptance rules and methods of sampling RUSS66759
GOST R 51447-99 Meat and meat products. Methods of primary sampling RUSS58165
GOST 9212-77 Fur skins and sheepskin fur coat tanned. Method for determination of chromium oxide content RUSS58526
GOST 13496.17-95 Forage. Methods for determining carotene RUSS58698
GOST 16598-80 Manganese ores, concentrates and agglomerates. Methods of sampling and preparation of samples for chemical analysis and determination of moisture content RUSS58741
GOST 22292-76 Silica transparent glass. The method for determination of stability to darkening after thermal treatment RUSS58821
GOST ISO 2170-97 Cereals and pulses. Sampling of milled products RUSS59324
GOST ISO 8573-5-2006 Compressed air. Part 5. Test methods for oil vapour and organic solvent content RUSS59329
GOST 30039-98 Cigarettes. Sampling RUSS58962
GOST 30134-97 Fodder yeast. Method of accelerated determination of salmonellas RUSS58966
GOST 30145-94 Essential oils and products of essential oil production. Acceptance rules, sampling and methods of organoleptic tests RUSS58967
GOST 31413-2010 Seaweeds, sea grasses and products of their processing. Acceptance rules and sampling methods RUSS59022
GOST 31468-2012 Poultry meat, edible offal and poultry meat ready-to-cook. Method for detection of Salmonellae RUSS59028
GOST 31584-2012 Milk. Spectrophotometric method for determination of total phosphorus content RUSS59044
GOST 31730-2012 Wine products. Acceptance rules and methods of sampling RUSS59075
GOST 31862-2012 Drinking water. Sampling RUSS59090
GOST 31979-2012 Milk and milk products. Detection method of vegetable fat in lipid phase by gas-liquid chromatography of sterols RUSS59105
GOST EN 1482-1-2013 Fertilizers and liming materials. Sampling and preparation of samples. Part 1. Sampling RUSS73364
GOST ISO/IEC 17025-2009 General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories RUSS73443
GOST R ISO/IEC 17025-2006 General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories RUSS73466
GOST R 50779.80-2013 Statistical methods. Attribute agreement analysis RUSS73475
GOST 30515-2013 Cements. General specifications RUSS73489
GOST R ISO 17735-2012 Workplace atmospheres. Determination of total isocyanate groups in air by the method of liquid chromatography using reagent 1-(9- anthracenylmethyl) piperazine (MAP) RUSS73517
GOST R ISO 11648-1-2009 Statistical methods. Sampling from bulk materials. Part 1. General principles RUSS73611
GOST R ISO 3951-2-2009 Statistical methods. Sampling procedures for inspection by variables Part 2. General specification for single sampling plans indexed by AQL for lot-by-lot inspection of independent quality characteristics RUSS73624

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