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GOST ISO 17727-2017 Cork. Cork stoppers for still wine. Sampling plan for the quality control of cork stoppers RUSS287253
GOST ISO/TS 17728-2017 Microbiology of the food chain. Methods for sampling food and feed for microbiological analysis RUSS287404
GOST R 50779.27-2017 Statistical methods. Weibuii distribution. Data analysis RUSS287520
GOST R 56226-2014 Resources saving. Sewage sludge. Methods of sampling and sample preparation RUSS287704
GOST R 56237-2014 Drinking water. Sampling on watertreatment stations and in piped distribution systems RUSS287710
GOST R 56248-2014 Liquid hydrogen. Specifications RUSS287720
GOST R 57111-2016 Specialized food products. Order to control the content of nanomaterials used in agriculture RUSS288051
GOST R 57135-2016 Ferroalloys. Sampling and sample preparation for chemical analysis. Part 1. Ferrochromium, ferrosilicochromium, ferrosilicon, ferrosilicomanganese, feromanganese RUSS288075
GOST R 57199-2016 Fermentative preparation. Protosubtilin G3x. Specifications RUSS288141
GOST R 57232-2016 Fermentative preparation Amylosubtilin G3x. Specifications RUSS288177
GOST R 57480-2017 Poultry slaughtering products, poultry meat products and environment production objects. Salmonella identification by quick method RUSS288437
GOST R 57481-2017 Poultry slaughtering products, poultry meat products and environmental production objects. Pathogen microorganisms identification (Salmonella spp., L. monocytogenes) by molecular analysis method RUSS288438
GOST R 57514-2017 Rubber-or plastics-coated fabrics for water-resistant clothing. Specification RUSS288471
GOST R ISO 15202-1-2014 Workplace air. Determination of metals and metalloids in airborne particulate matter by inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry. Part 1. Sampling RUSS289303
GOST R ISO 17693-2016 Footwear. Test methods for uppers. Resistance to damage on lasting RUSS289378
GOST 10633-2018 Wood chipboards and fibreboards. General rules for the preparation and conduct of physical and mechanical tests RUSS353401
GOST 10636-2018 Wood-shaving and wood-fiber plates. Strength definition method at stretching perpendicularly plate layer RUSS353402
GOST 14921-2018 Liquefied hydrocarbon gases. Methods of sampling RUSS353437
GOST Nature protection. Soils. General requirement for sampling RUSS353445
GOST Nature protection. Soils. Methods for sampling and preparation of soil for chemical, bacteriological, helmintological analysis RUSS353446
GOST 31290-2018 Refined platinum. Specifications RUSS353536
GOST 31291-2018 Refined palladium. Specifications RUSS353537
GOST 34400-2018 Refined palladium in briquette. Specifications RUSS353647
GOST 34401-2018 Refined platinum in briquettes. Specifications RUSS353648
GOST 34454-2018 Dairy products. Determination of protein content by the Kjeldahl method RUSS353691
GOST 34455-2018 Dairy products. Determination of fat content by the Weibull-Berntrop method RUSS353692
GOST 34456-2018 Мilk and dairy products. Determination of sterols by high-performance liquid chromatography RUSS353693
GOST 34457-2018 Starch. Methods for determination of acidity RUSS353694
GOST 849-2018 Primary nickel. Specifications RUSS353749
GOST ISO 16000-20-2017 Indoor air. Part 20. Detection and enumeration of moulds. Determination of total spore count RUSS353889
GOST ISO 1839-2018 Tea. Sampling RUSS353899
GOST R 50779.70-2018 Statistical methods. Sampling procedures for inspection by attributes. Introduction to GOST R ISO 2859 series of standards RUSS353974
GOST R 50779.82-2018 Statistical methods. Combined accept-zero systems and process control procedures for product acceptance RUSS353978
GOST R 50779.83-2018 Statistical methods. Acceptance sampling procedures by attributes. System zero acceptance on the basis of the quality reserve principle RUSS353979
GOST R 52361-2018 Analytical control of the object. Terms and definitions RUSS353987
GOST R 58116-2018 Steel wire and wire products for fencing and netting. Part 4. Steel wire welded mesh fencing RUSS354080
GOST R 58117-2018 Steel wire and wire products for fencing and netting. Part 5. Steel wire woven hinged joint and knotted mesh fencing RUSS354081
GOST R 58118-2018 Steel wire and wire products for fencing and netting. Part 6. Steel wire chain link fencing RUSS354082
GOST R 58119-2018 Steel wire and wire products for fencing and netting. Part 7. Steel wire welded panels for fencing RUSS354083
GOST R 58120-2018 Steel wire and wire products for fencing and netting. Part 8. Welded mesh gabion products RUSS354084
GOST R 58132-2018 Steel wire and products thereof. Steel wire for ropes. General requirements RUSS354098
GOST R 58146.1-2018 Steel wire and wire products for fencing and netting. Part 1. Zinc and zinc-alloy coated steel barbed wire RUSS354112
GOST R 58146.2-2018 Steel wire and wire products for fencing and netting. Part 2. Hexagonal steel wire netting for agricultural, insulation and fencing purposes RUSS354113
GOST R 58146.3-2018 Steel wire and wire products for fencing and netting. Part 3. Hexagonal steel wire mesh products for civil engineering purposes RUSS354114
GOST R 58185-2018 Sample purchasing for consumer goods testing. Guidelines on diligent practice RUSS354156
GOST R 58228-2018 Continuous cast steel billet. Testing and assessment methods of the macrostructure RUSS354199
GOST R ISO 105-D02-2018 Textiles. Tests for colour fastness. Part D02. Colour fastness to rubbing. Organic solvents RUSS354343
GOST R ISO 13935-1-2018 Textiles. Seam tensile properties of fabrics and made-up textile articles. Part 1. Determination of maximum force to seam rupture using the strip method RUSS354352
GOST R ISO 18871-2018 Mining. Method of determining coalbed methane content RUSS354357
GOST IEC 62321-2-2016 Determination of regulated substances in electrical products. Part 2. Dismantling, disconnecting and mechanically preparing the sample RUSS371963
GOST IEC 62321-5-2016 Determination of regulated substances in electrical products. Part 5. Determination of cadmium, lead and chromium in polymers and electronic parts of systems, as well as cadmium and lead in metals by AAS, AFS, ICP-OES and ICP-MS methods RUSS371965
GOST ISO 23065-2015 Milk fat from fortified dairy products. Determination of the content of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in milk fat by gas-liquid chromatography RUSS372168
GOST ISO 1736/IDF 9-2014 Powdered milk and dried milk products. Determination of fat content. Gravimetric method (control method) RUSS372211
GOST R 12.4.295-2017 Occupational safety standards system. Individual protective devices for legs. Test methods RUSS372280
GOST CEN/TS 15568-2015 Food products. Analysis methods for the detection of genetically modified organisms and derived products. Sample selection RUSS372290
RD 24.031.121-2012 Equipping steam stationary boilers with devices for sampling steam and water RUSS164324
RD 52.18.766-2012 Guidelines for the Radiation Examination of Environmental Components in Territories that Have Been Contacted by Radioactive Pollution Due to the Accident at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. NGO "Typhoon" RUSS166094
RD 52.18.770-2012 The order of observation of the content of pollutants in the components of the natural environment in areas where hazardous production facilities are located. NGO "Typhoon" RUSS166096
RD 52.18.826-2015 Manual of hydrometeorological stations and posts. Issue 12. Observations on the radioactive contamination of environmental components RUSS304852
RD 52.18.854-2016 The procedure for sampling seawater and pre-concentration of technogenic radionuclides RUSS304861
RD 52.44.588-2016 Mass concentration of organochlorine pesticides and the sum of polychlorbiphenyl isomers in air and precipitation samples. Method of measurement by gas-liquid chromatography RUSS304896
PNST 272-2018 Russian system of quality. Comparative testing of knitted underwear for children of preschool and school age RUSS354729
PNST 273-2018 Russian system of quality. Comparative testing of knitted underwear for newborn babies and infants of nursery age RUSS354730
PNST 274-2018 Russian system of quality. Comparative testing of shirts for children and teenagers RUSS354731
PNST 285-2018 Russian system of quality. Comparative testing of trousers for boys of school age RUSS354742
PNST 288-2018 Russian system of quality. Comparative testing of sarafans and skirts for girls of school age RUSS354745
PNST 305-2018 Rolling stock working on liquefied natural gas. Methods for taking samples and analyzing the content of oils and impurities in the used liquefied natural gas RUSS354762
RMG 109-2011 State system for ensuring the uniformity of measurements. Oil. Sampling from the pipelines RUSS150417
ST SEV 4384-83 Solid fuel. Methods for determining the selection and preparation error RUSS169579

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